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Wanting something in your dream indicates that you have reached a stage of spiritual development where you have become impatient in your life with the never-ending search of trying to understand who you are. This feeling is often highlighted in your dream. If you want something specifically within your dream, this indicates that your needs are likely to be repressed.

Feelings of wanting or needing in a dream are often highlighted with intensity. If you are yearning for love or for a lover, this dream indicates that you have chaotic feelings at the moment. Ancient dream dictionaries indicate that yearning for a lover means you are likely to receive a proposal in the near future. If you let the partner know that you are yearning for him or her in your dream, things in your life will be positive. If that partner does not know that you want him or her, it is likely that the partner will never become yours.

I have taken these dream meanings from ancient dream books, so please note that the information should only be used for entertainment purposes only. The spiritual advice is from the sources found at the bottom of my article. To dream we want something, usually refers to your feeling somewhat repressed! My name is Flo and welcome to my dream website. Our dreams however they occur are meaningful experiences, they can reveal hidden elements in life. I believe the dream of actually “wanting” something can indicate that there is something in waking life that you want. I consider myself as a psychic and half scientist. I have been studying dreams for twenty years and I appreciate that every dream we all have has a hidden meaning. So what does wanting something really mean in your dream?

Dreaming that you want something shows you are normally a person who takes care of others more than you take care of yourself. Yes, this dream normally happens when you are taking care of the family or having a baby. You should change that and put yourself first - if you want to improve your life. My advice is to pay attention to what you wanted in your dream because it says a lot about your current mental state and what you should do next in life. Wanting in dreams is rather difficult to interpret. I have packed some possible dreams into this meaning. If you want basic things like food or water in the dream this can just be a reflection of being hungry or thirsty in your sleep. This is just the beginning of your dream’s interpretation so enjoy and scroll down to uncover the meaning.

What does it mean if you wanted to have a baby in your dream?

If you wanted to have a baby in your dream it denotes you’ve encountered someone who is selfish and maybe acting as a child recently. Poor you, it is hard to manage relationships. You believe that this person needs to grow up and take charge of the responsibilities in life. You want to find something to take care of, which explains why you had a dream of wanting to give birth to a baby. The baby in your dream represents a big responsibility as a symbolism. This proves that you feel like you need to take on a bigger responsibility that will force you and others to simply grow up. All you have to do is just listen to your inner intuition. Your intuition will guide you in life and pave the way for the right path. Yes, you need to also start acting mature as you will gain much from life. On the rare occasion, this dream can simply mean you do in fact want a baby in life. If you are trying for a baby it is not uncommon to have this dream and as Freud has stated in many of his dream books, that sometimes our subconscious mind transfers to our sleeping mind.

What does it mean to “want” someone in your dream state?

If you wanted a specific person in your dream, it means you’re feeling neglected or unnoticed by that particular person in waking life. You have suppressed feelings that are causing you issues. Maybe there is something that this person has been doing and you are expressing emotions. Instead of waiting for the person to make the first step, take the situation into your own hands and talk to this person. You will be positively surprised by the final outcome. Your dream is also a sign of suppressed anger. If you have something to say to the person, say it before things get too complicated. If you wanted someone new or unknown in your dream, it foretells a new, exciting relationship in the near future. You will have the time of your life.

What does it mean if someone wanted you in your dream state?

If someone wanted you in your dream, it can suggest that many people want to be part of your life. It is not uncommon to have this dream when there are many people that want to have your time. If someone wanted you from a sexual perspective, maybe they asked you out in a dream this indicates that you are being pulled in many directions. Yet, the person doesn’t know that. You should talk openly and try to communicate you are feeling pressure if that is how you feel in real life. If an unknown person wanted you in your dream, it means you will meet a person who will be crazy about you. You will wonder if this is your soulmate. You will have doubts and questions. However, at the end, your heart will give you the right answer to everything.

What does it mean to want your Mother in a dream?

We sometimes dream of being a child and wanting our Mother. Our mother is connected to how people care for us. Think about the relationship with your Mother, this may be why you had such a dream. Communication is very important in every relationship. If you are crying for your mother in your dream and wanting her, but she does not come it can suggest repressed feelings in your dream. Your Mother is also connected to your own inner caring nature. If you Mother does appear in the dream it indicates that you will feel secure in the future.

What does it mean to dream that people wanted you to do something in the dream?

If people wanted or forced you to do something in your dream, it means you feel trapped. You feel like you can’t live your life the way you want. It’s time you realize that you’re the only master of your life. It’s up to you how will you live your life. You make all the choices. My advice is to practice independence.

What does it mean if you wanted someone to do something for you in a dream?

If you wanted someone to do something for you in your dream, it foreshadows your wish to be the one in control. You want to control each situation in your life, including the people who you socialize with. However, that’s not possible and it’s not right to force people to act according to your wishes. Everyone has their own life and you need to accept that before everyone walks out of your life forever.

What does it mean if you wanted sex in your dream?

If you wanted sex in your dream, it reveals your wild spirit and suppressed wishes. You want to live your life at the edge, but somehow, you accepted to live an ordinary life. It’s time for adventure. Your dream also foretells your current sexual state. You want to have your sexual desires fulfilled. Freud always believed that our dreams were connected to “sex” and frustration. This is a common dream to have, so go get that early night with your partner!

What does it signify to want to kill someone in your dream?

If you wanted to kill someone in your dream, it reveals your short temper and aggression in waking life. I know, it can be rather worrying when you wake up after having such a dream. There is a focus on anger that you must control. Are you feeling cross at a certain person in waking life? Instead of allowing negative energy take over your spirit and fill you with worry and anger try to forgive and forget. Think about the people that really matter to you, talk openly and express your anger, sadness, disappointment in a calm way. My advice is to try to find a compromise. If you want to kill someone you do not know in a dream it can suggest that most people around you look up to you. The fact you want to kill that unknown person indicates you wish to diminish some bad traits in life.

What does it mean if you wanted something but you did not know what it was in your dream?

Sometimes in dreams, the details are not clear, it is normally slightly hazy! If you wanted something in your dream but didn't know exactly what, it denotes you have an inconsistent problem at the moment and you are finding it hard to reach a solution. You believe you want something or someone, but in the next moment, you change your mind. This is because you’re not familiar with any problems and wish to turn a blind eye. In ancient dream books, the advice is to try to get to know yourself better. If you do you will find out what you want from life. Your dream also symbolizes a suppressed wish or problem that you tend to ignore. Or a wish you’re not even aware it exists in your mind. You need to find out what you really want in life.

What does it mean to dream of wanting something but you couldn’t get it in your dream?

If you wanted something in your dream, but you couldn’t get it then this dream denotes that you’re feeling limited. You know your potential and what you can achieve, but something’s stopping you. Maybe it’s your own mind and self-confidence in waking life. Maybe it’s your low self-esteem. Or you surround yourself with people who do not want you to succeed. Find out what’s in your way and stop it. I believe that in life there’s always a way to get what you want.

What does it mean if you get what you want in the dream state?

If you wanted something in your dream, and you were able to get it, it means you’re a confident person and you know how to get the best from life. This dream occurs when the dreamer has high expectations! Do you want to be the greatest? You would like people to admire you and follow your steps. It can also suggest that you enjoy education and like people to learn from you. You want to help yourself become better by helping other people to become better themselves. You’re on the right path in life.

Quick Wanting dream meaning

  • You wanted to get married in the dream:It means you want to settle down in life. However, before you make any decisions ask yourself – ‘Is this what I really want in life?’
  • You wanted to travel in the dream: It denotes you need isolation. Maybe your current life and the people in it are draining you and stealing your negative energy. Take some time off.
  • You wanted a tattoo in your dream state: It indicates something that’s left a lasting impression on your memory. Maybe a person, or a moment you want to capture forever in your heart. Why not revive it instead? You also want to find something that will be worth living for. How about yourself?

In your dream you may have

  • Wanted or yearned for something.
  • Yearned for love.
  • Wanted or yearned for food.
  • Wanted water.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You get what you want or yearn for.
  • You want or yearn for love and respect in your dream.
  • You receive something equally important to your desires in the dream.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of wanting / yearning

Craving. Greedy. Having strong desires. Anticipation. Excitement. Disappointment. Surprised. Confusion. Unsuccessful. Helpless.Hopeless.


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By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012