Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Dreaming of hurdles of your lives is a common thing; sometimes you yourself have might build those hurdles just to protect yourself and your family from any outer dangers.

Many of take these hurdle very lightly only after we know their real meaning in our lives. This is the best way to bring smooth changes in your lives. Tickle is a psychological sense which lightens our mood. Tickle can originate form a person as well as from a situation.

Dreaming of tickle means you might have a deep sense of humor and you certainly do enjoy it in your waking life. Who doesn’t? If it is not this way, you should at least try to lighten up your mood through small ways. Seeing your child grow safely could create tickles, which means you are calm and know which way their life is going. So the basic importance of getting tickled in our lives is to cheer up from the daily tensions and see life from a lighter perspective.

In your dream you may have

  • Tickled somebody.
  • Got tickled by someone else.
  • Was making a plan to tickle somebody or were seeing someone getting tickled.
  • Was getting tickled by the same or opposite sex.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You are being tickled; it means that you need a dose of laughter in your life by someone close to your heart.
  • Tickling results to a spiritual awakening, off course guided by a lightened mind.

Detailed dream interpretation

To dream tickling somebody in your dream signifies that may be somewhere somehow you are insulting that person in your waking life. May be this was because they insulted you in the past. Whatever the case is seeing yourself get tickled or you tickling someone mean that you might be having a discreet relationship with that person or this could be warning for something like this.

Alternatively you could be romantically inclined to that person. To dream that you are being tickled also means that you need to invest some time to lighten up your mood by allowing humour in your life. You might be taking things too seriously in your life. Alternatively this also means someone might be tickling your fancies. Tickling also has spiritual meaning, a healthy approach of humour reaches to a point of your spirituality when you see yourself getting tickled. It is actually considered that tickling is not that tragic, you might reach your successes with a little bit of cheerfulness.

Tickling is related to higher spirits of yourself. A tickle feel is supposed to clear misunderstandings. To dream that someone tickles you on the nose or on the neck means one should be aware of his future. To dream that you are tickling someone purposely to hurt those means you might open you stupidity and weakness in front of others. This is also related to showcasing your problems and worries to others. Tickling is also connected to one’s inner child, it means you might be very young at heart and you are looking for someone with similar nature.

To dream of being ticked means you have lot of things going on in your mind, like worries and illness. If you tickle others, perhaps you are trying to hide these problems. This enjoyment you derive by tickling others is a barrier in finding your true happiness. Dreaming of being tickled without showing a response is a sign that you don’t much care about what’s happening, may be what others enjoy doing you are least bothered with it.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of tickles

Happiness, fearfulness, does not care attitude, worries, illness, fear of problems getting your way of happiness.

By Florance Saul
Mar 21, 2013