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Action Figure

Action Figure.

A dream where you see an action figure could indicate that you are being manipulated by people in waking life.

It could also imply that you always do what others ask and expect of you. It is a dream of “action” and focus in life. If you are playing with an action figure in your dream, it could suggest that you are manipulating someone who trusts you and you need to try to find a better way to communicate - without control! Otherwise, you will lose that person’s trust. If you’re dreaming of a TV action figure: such as batman or superman, it could indicate that you need to maximize your full potential in order to improve your life and help others. It could also imply that you need to stop looking for easier ways to get what you want and chose the more robust path in life.


If you were the action figure in your dreams, it could foretell that you need to stop asking for validation from other people and care less about their opinion of you. You should care more about your own opinion of yourself and listen to your gut. That’s what you dream is telling you.

If you dreamed of star wars action figures or Marvel comic action figures, it implies that you feel the need to be more appreciated and you should always compete with other people - try to aim high in life! You are valuable, and that’s what your dreams are trying to tell you. You don’t need to compete with anyone else, except with the person you see in the mirror every day.

If you dream of a WWE action figure, it could imply that you are doubting your strengths. However, you shouldn’t because you are the strongest person among everyone you know. Dreaming of a WWE action figure could also mean that you are able to overcome the challenges coming on your way soon. You just need to believe in yourself more.

In your dream…

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  • You dreamt of characters from the film, tv, video games or comic books.
  • You had a dream of Superman figure.
  • You had a dream of Batman figure.
  • You were the action figure in the dream.
  • You visited a toy store in your dream and could see action figures.
  • The action figure was boxed in the dream.
  • Children were playing with the action figure in the dream.
  • You dreamed of star wars action figures.
  • You could see WWE action figures.
  • The dream featured action man.
  • The dream was associated with Marvel comics action figures.
  • You could see transformers action figures in the dream.

Action figure dream meaning…

To see a superman figure in a dream suggests new primal energy and also a deep spirituality. It is all about helping others. To be superman can trigger some inspiration, dedication and strength to a task at hand. Think about your intuition and imagination. Dreaming of being and acting in a cartoon in a dream is rather rare but it is associated with ambition and growth. To visit a toy store in the dream is connected to your childhood memories. Try to manage the level of awareness of your childhood dreams. Think about what's significant to you.

To see the action figure boxed in a dream is indicative of something in life you want but are finding it difficult to achieve. Transformers in a dream is associated with your inner thoughts, initiatives. To see a “bad” character from a film or action movie suggests egocentric behaviour, impulsiveness, and problems in life.

More detailed meaning of action figures in dreams...


You could see Transformers action figures in the dream: In these dreams it can suggest that you feel trapped in your own cage and you need to find a way to get out. In other words, your values and life goals have changed but you have difficulties in accepting that and start a new life. Your dream is encouraging you to do what’s necessary in order to improve your life and grow even more.

You dreamt of characters from the film, tv, video games or comic books: You need an escape from reality and you better consider taking a trip somewhere in order to relax your mind.

You dreamt of children playing with action figures: It could suggest that you see other people in a different way - and you need to stop judging the unknown. It could also mean that you feel like under pressure from your boss at work.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of Action Figure…

Fear. Encouragement. Excitement. Strength. Weakness. Petrified. Overwhelmed. Hurt. Pressure. Trapped.



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