Dreams About Lion attacking

Dreams of lion attacking

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Mountain lions are likely to attack people in real life.

When you see a lion attack you in your sleep, it symbolizes assertiveness, strength, power, and courage. At the same time, a lion can represent predatory feelings that you might be harboring deep within you like aggression that you end up directing to those around you. Maybe you were traveling in a group in your dream or alternatively, you were trying to prevent a lion attack. If you could see the lion prowling and suddenly attacking you this dream can imply hidden anger and range that is inside you. Generally, such a dream can indicate that your subconscious mind is storing up processes that you have in daily life. The lion can indicate emotion and that you are feeling a lack of power in a situation. Many of you have contacted me about dreams of a lion attacking. What could this mean?

I believe that you have encountered a rather powerful dream. And, the symbolism is important. Leo is the Latin word for Lion. Spiritually speaking the lion has a connection to the Persia, Mesopotamia, Greece, and India mythologies. The lion has represented the Greco Roman culture and is one of the twelve symbols of the Zodiac. There is so much symbolism around the lion, but above all, I will say that seeing a lion attack can indicate you are feeling that your power is being attacked.

What is the general meaning of a lion attacking you in a dream?

I'm sure you are getting a broad view of this dream from my opening statement. I will now expand this dream meaning. Sometimes the lion buries its prey under dirt which hides the food from other animals. This is specifically, the mountain lion who comes back to the prey to feed. To see yourself attacked and killed by a lion can be quite horrific, to say the least! This dream can indicate that you have hidden emotions. As I am sure you know, a lion is classified as the king of the jungle and it is one of the most powerful animal’s to appear in a dream. Its spirit has a range of symbols. The lion represents gold and is a symbol of the sun which makes it possible for different symbolic messages to be communicated to you in the dream state.

Sometimes the lion appears before us in a dream because it indicates that you have this as your animal totem. It means that you will be strong and courageous in various situations in your life. Animal totems in dreams sometimes mean you need to understand the aspects of their character in your own personality. Seeing a lion means you need to deal with tension you’re feeling. Alternatively, if you’re scared of your lion spiritual animal in your dream or in reality, it means you’re being forced to face your biggest fears to feel free and easy again.

To be stalked by a lion can indicate that you are going to leap into a new phase of life. To see lions sharp teeth can imply that someone will turn to you for advice. There is ancient history as far back as 325 BC of Alexander’s army who was attacked by lions while they were traveling to Greece.

What does dreaming of female lions attacking mean?

Out of all lions, the lioness is more likely to kill humans, but the recorded instances of lion attack in real life are mild compared to tigers. Female lions represent that you are feeling isolated in a relationship. Maybe you have to always be the strong one? In order to understand this dream I like to look at the facts. At the age of between three to four years, the female and male lions are ready for mating. The gestation period for the female is four months after which, she will give birth to her young ones away from the rest of the pack. And for the first six weeks, the young ones will be hidden away. When they are born, the cubs normally weigh around 1.5 kilograms. Thus, spiritually this can indicate that you are feeling someone is dependent on you. As you see the lioness as attacking it can mean that someone dependent on you may cause you problems and confusion.

What does it mean to dream of lion cubs attacking?

To dream of lion cubs attacking is a sign of making excellent choices due to the fact that, they are proud and beautiful. After this dream, do not be surprised if you get a visit from someone younger than yourself (according to dream lore). Alternatively, the dream can be symbolic of a possible situation that is tender, innocent, and this can result in feeling anxiety. If the small cubs attacked each other in the dream this can imply moving away from difficulties or problems that could occur in your day to day life. Dreaming of a lion cub could also be a warning that, you should avoid anyone acting immature. This dream brings out the fondness, love, and happiness in our inner child.

What does it mean to dream of fighting a lion?

If a lion is fighting you and you are fighting back this could denote that, you might be driving yourself to self-destruction. It is time that the challenges and obstacles that may be coming your way are tackled well. It could also mean that your sense of leadership and power is affecting your self-confidence.

To see yourself fighting a lion that is trying to eat you is a sign that you may ensure a string of unlucky endeavors and you may need to take unnecessary risks. This dream means that you should refrain from such activities like gambling. If the lion is biting you and you are fighting back then this dream can be connected to being bitten by a situation. To feel or see your leg bitten indicates that someone close to you is using their power over you. For example, it could be a possible boss who is asking you to work extra hours. Seeing two lions fight each other indicates a focus on control.

What does it mean to be chased by a lion and then attacked?

If you dream of being chased by lions or a single lion, it symbolizes your inner struggles. Are you practically trying to run away from yourself? This is impossible for anyone to do and can imply that you need to face problems head-on. This dream can also indicate the need to avoid personal problems, you must confront what you’re feeling. If a lion suddenly appears in your dreams, it means you’re scared of someone or something in waking life. You may be feeling hopeless and trapped. To be chased by a lion in your dreams may indicate a warning to stop avoiding your emotions and show how you actually feel about someone or something. The lion might reveal your inner issues and difficulties you’re NOT dealing with. And reminds you that you should take time to get to know yourself or others better. I do think that being chased by a lion can imply your power is being challenged.

What does a nightmare involving a lion mean?

Seeing a lion in a nightmare and other scary dreams can be connected to one's emotional state, especially according to Carl Jung. A lion roaring in a dream can indicate feeling uneasy in life. Sometimes, nightmares can express our own mental state and how we actually feel. In dream lore, to keep dreaming of lions repetitively indicates that you may feel overburdened in waking life by someone or something with some kind of authority over you. Being annoyed by a lion in the dream symbolizes the strong emotional and psychological tensions you’re experiencing in waking life. To dream about being terrorized by a lion represents an invitation to explore what’s actually going on that’s causing you so much tension, frustration, and worry. Is it your job? Maybe a relationship? Try to think of events that could represent the lion. I would say, this dream occurs when you are likely to face a new situation or confronting something new.

The lion in your dream is trying to boost your self-confidence and encourages you to face whatever comes on your way. If the lion happens to be your animal totem, this is also warning that you may need to pay attention to some situation or person who’s concerning you lately. And, I will say, that Ignoring it won’t make it disappear.

Alternatively, the lion appears in your dream because it is a sign of power and courage is needed in life. However, if the lion bites you in the dream, it indicates a warning. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your emotions and worries in waking life, this dream can indicate facing a hard situation or someone with a challenging attitude. Are you feeling like your life is jeopardized? You feel endangered and overpowered by someone you don’t like.

What does it mean to dream of a lion biting you?

If a lion bites you in your dream, it might signify your dominant nature and the need to get your life in order. This is all about bringing back the balance in waking life. Frightening images of a lion such as the teeth or if the lion bites your body, in dream lore is connected to the “shadow self” If you feel scared by the lion while dreaming, it might be an invitation to review your own “shadow self” – a part of yourself that you tend to keep private or as the word itself says: “in the shadow.” In other words, such a dream indicates that it is time to explore the unknown aspects of your personality that you ignore.

What does it mean to be chased by a lion in a dream?

If you dream that a lion is chasing you, it implies that you are really struggling to control your own anger and feelings. If the lion is aggressive, it could be a sign of an arrogant person in your life. This could be your partner, boss, or even a close friend. Once awoken will need to review anyone that is dominant in your life.

What does the lion totem mean?

I have spoken at length about animal totems on my website but a quick recap, if a lion appears in a dream it could represent an animal totem. If you have a lion as an animal totem, then this symbol implies personal struggles to deal with power. The lion, if he comes to you (as he did in this dream) it is a warning about a threatening situation or event in your life. If a lion appears in your dream or during your real life, it is symbolic of something important happening. However, you may not have any control over this. Consequently, a lion is a symbol of anger and fear. I will say that this dream could mean that you are in a threatening and dangerous situation in your life and a warning so that you take precaution henceforth.

In addition, as I have already mentioned a lion symbolizes personal determination and power and as a wild animal is a symbol of anger and aggression and you could be acting somewhat strong, aggressive and focused and at the same time, powerful. A lion can be a representation of parts of your own mind. It could be that you are trying to hide something due to the fact that those around you find someone’s behavior unacceptable. Sometimes this dream appears when we need to keep our feelings to ourselves. Are you are afraid of what others will say? If you feel afraid of a lion in a dream it is time for you to come out of hiding and review how other people respond to you.

Seeing a lion eating you after an attack in a dream could mean that, you are angry about something or somebody in your life. it could also be a warning that, you need to control your aggression and anger before it controls you. To be frightened of the lion indicates that you must try to start listening to other people’s viewpoints and taking into consideration what they say in a calm matter. For the lion to attack you in your dream and you are able to kill the lion can signify irrational thinking. A lion can also be symbolic of the personal struggles you are encountering in your life. It could be that you are feeling threatened and having a desire to escape. You might be going through a struggle and you don’t know how to go about it. Hope you enjoyed our interpretation of lions as spiritual animals and totem. As you can notice, the symbolism of lions is special and screams out courage and strength.

What does it mean to be a lion in a dream?

As a symbol of independence and loyalty, a lion means that you are a person who is very loyal and for the love of your family, you are ready to put your life on the line to grow and reach your desires. Alternatively, it could imply that, when you are around, everything is always under control due to your independence. Seeing the lion attack others (if you are the lion) can imply that you should not rely on others that much. Your creativity allows you to run your life the best way you know how. Your self-confidence has improved. Things are under control and in the right balance in your environment.

What does it mean for a lion as your spirit guide?

I want to mention this because the fact the lion appeared in your dream could imply he is an animal totem. A lion as your spirit guide implies that that you are born a leader both at work and in your private life. It is a well-known fact that a lion is an animal which is dominant in its habitat, therefore it can be domineering over others in relationships and even at your place of work. As I have already mentioned the lion is a symbol of domination, authority, and power. As your spirit animal, the lion can give you the courage and strength to tackle the challenges that come your way in life and you can conquer difficult situations going forward. A lion spiritually speaking is a message of prudence, you may need to maintain balance in your life and help you stay calm. In the spirit world, the lion is also known to be a protector of the family, health, and home.

By Florance Saul
Apr 30, 2018