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Many people have contacted me about dreams of having no eyes. I thought I would write what this means from a spiritual perspective. So, read on!

The meaning of having no eyes in a dream is connected to the following: spiritual blindness, deception and not being able to see the true intentions of somebody that is close to you. To dream about having no eyes (yourself) means that you might express pain, hurt and sympathy in waking life. This dream state represents your fear of acknowledging the truth. I like to reference the tarot card the two of swords, where a women is sat balancing two swords blindfolded. This card indicates balance and not being able to see the future. I like to connect dreams to the tarot cards so you can get a more deeper meaning. The dream of having no eyes, or seeing people without eyes can refer to not seeing the true picture in life. I’m Flo and I am here to help you understand your dream of no eyes. Scroll down to decode your dream. Just as our eyes in real life see our own psychical reality, the spiritual eyes in dreams indicate that you’re at the realm of spiritual sight. Put simply, this means that the eyes are associated with how you really see life.

Alternatively, to have no eyes in a dream symbolizes your spiritual blindness. Your attitude is based on old-fashioned, hard-core beliefs. This dream can also mean that you need to open your mind.  According to dream psychology, to dream of having no eyes, is about feeling blinded. It symbolizes in older dream books feeling disappointments. To dream of seeing other people with no eyes can indicate refusing to acknowledge a problem, but with time, there will be a choice to accept the truth. You will have a bad experience. Eyes in a dream indicate your health and well-being. This dream could originate from difficult circumstances in life, if you don’t have any eyes this can denote wisdom which you feel is lost. Eyes can also indicate judging something, so the lack of eyes on yourself or someone else in a dream can indicate confusion.

What does it mean to dream of someone having no eyes?

This dream can indicate that you will gain confidence in life, it is time to take on life’s challenges. Someone not having any eye sockets can indicate that you are hiding something. It is connected to not seeing everything in black and white. This dream can also mean that you will have more energy to face something that is blinding you in life. Eyes themselves in dreams are connected to if we look at the difference between being awake and also being asleep, the differences that your “brain waves” are somewhat active. When you are awake you have what is known as “better ways” that can control your waking thoughts and also physical movements. If you close your eyes in real life and “go to sleep” you move to what is known as “alpha waves.” I’m sure you’ve heard of the term REM sleep, which I want to quickly go over in connection to this dream. REM stands for rapid eye movements and REM is a stage of sleep we normally dream. The reason I am mentioning all this is that a user once contacted me about feeling that they did not have any eyes while they were falling asleep. This can be associated with the fact that you are just falling asleep and you were trying to shut down the stimuli. As I’ve already mentioned dreams seem to occur when we are entering the REM sleep, and as you have spent all day looking at other people’s eyes this dream could also be what Sigmund Freud mentioned as a “stimuli” dream.

What does it mean biblically to dream about no eyes?

Biblically, to dream of having no eyes indicates that you are going to encounter envy. If we look at Mark (7:13 - 23) this states that the evil eye will be mentioned in the bible. The Bible generally uses the term “evil eye” and that people can cast this eye to create a conscious will.

What does it mean to dream about having no eye sockets?

As humans were born in a drive to motivate and explore our surroundings. Sometimes, in dreams, if we see a creature without any eyes it can often represent that we are trying to accomplish things but are blinded to the truth. We are vulnerable in life, and spend a huge amount of time on technology, including protecting our computers and also lives. The dream of having black eyes or holes can represent protection is required. Having no eye sockets can indicate that you need to put your guard up against any breaches or threats in life.

What does it mean to dream about somebody having no eyes?

This dream can be rather shocking to dream that you are seeing somebody without any eyes. Often, this could be a monster, animal or alternatively an alien. To analyze the dream, look at the other symbolism that is presented. If it is somebody you know who does not have any eyes is a symbol of our own energy and life force. Maybe this dream is about strong emotions and passions towards a person in real life - but you cannot quite understand what their desires. Because of the associations with blindness, seeing somebody else without any eyes can also indicate a blockage of your emotions towards a certain person. Perhaps your inability to communicate with the person without any eyes in your own waking life could affect your dream state. Either way, the dream of seeing somebody or something without any eyes, can suggest that you are feeling blinded in the situation. If the dream was pleasant and even exciting then this can represent part of your creative self. Seeing a friend without any eyes is a symbolism of protection which is needed in regard to the relationship. if you dream that your partner does not have any eyes this can suggest a loss of strength in your emotional, spiritual or physical love life. To dream of somebody unknown (who does not have any eyes) illustrates that there are issues of authority and power in your life. It can mean that you are seeking obedience from other people.

What does it mean to see no eyes on strangers in a dream?

Having no eyes on strangers can signify you need to take more controlling life. In addition, it can be a sign of feeling deceit or that you want security after following somebody's rules. One person contacted me last year, in the context of seeing no eyes on groups of people in their dream. It was clear that this person was having difficulty at work and “people” having no eyes in the dream meant they were blinded to company gossip, which they later discovered.

What does it mean to dream about your eyes falling out?

My first encounter with this dream is what I associate with social engineering. When I was in high school I kept having dreams that my eyes were falling out. I use the term “eyes falling out” but the dreams included other people whose eyeballs fell on the floor. Turning to psychology, to dream of eyes falling out indicates the need to bypass steps to get a job done quickly. Eyes in dreams as I have already mentioned in this dream meaning article denote, seeing the spiritual power in life. Some people get out of bed dreading their day, and associated work routines. Dreaming of eyeballs falling out can indicate the challenge, reward and pleasures that you are worried about in life. For me, my dream was not difficult to decode, it can mean that one needs to influence others and persuade people to do the right thing.

What does it mean to dream about having your eyes removed?

Oh dear! What a dream. This is all about the inclination of deceiving people, it can mean someone is trying to deceive you for some reason. Seeing yourself having your eyes removed by someone can indicate that you may encounter someone who swindles or cheats in life. Someone who essentially user’s deception, influences and tricks. There is a focus on misdeeds and the fact that someone in life will be motivated by curiosity. An operation featured in your dream of removing your eyes can indicate that a person is trying to hide something from you. If your eyes were being removed (surgically) it can imply a new phase in life after problems.

What does it mean to dream about missing eyes?

Missing eyes is very similar to dreams that feature no eyes. Seeing an animal with missing eyes can illustrate that you are not feeling comfortable in waking life if in your dream the eyes of the person (or animal) suddenly disappear this can delay that you’re feeling somewhat blind to a situation you’re trying to understand the context. If you are suffering from stress and anxiety in daily life it is not uncommon to dream of somebody’s eyes suddenly going missing. If you dream of, for example, an alien, and it has dark holes or alternatively missing eyes this can illustrate that there is something pressuring you in life and you feel that you wish to escape.

What does it mean to dream of your eyes bleeding?

Bleeding eyes Illustrates that you are going to avoid efforts. This dream can mean malicious information that will be stored, maybe in connection with someone trying to deceive you. There is an ancient belief in regard to “bleeding eyes” in the bible. There are various saints and religious figures that have been seen (by people) to have bleeding eyes. There is a Catholic term known as Stigmata which indicates recurring bleeding that begins and ends in regard to religious statues. So, what does this mean in a dream? Bleeding eyes can mean being hurt over someone else’s actions.

In conclusion, seeing no eyes in a dream indicates you need to see things clearer. The dream of having no eyes is common, but you need to stop thinking about the worst-case scenario in life. Sometimes other people's problems affect us too much and this can be the case if you see someone you know have strange or no eyes. It can be that you are feeling overwhelmed, and above all you wish to escape problems that this “person” is sending you. Eyes in your dream are connected to your soul the interesting saying is that we can see allot through our eyes. Often, I would say that overall having no eyes in a dream can mean you are not seeing things clearly.

By Florance Saul
Jun 17, 2018