Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Dream interpretations of having trip is defined differently on the basis of different aspects like depending on the mode of your trip, the area you will be passing through, your destinations and company you are with.

Trips in your dreams commonly symbolizes with your status in personal affairs.

In your dream you may have

  • Meet an accident while having the trip.
  • Trip in a straight and winding roads.
  • Gone into a trip alone in a car.
  • Pleasure trip to resorts.
  • Trip with your family or alone.
  • Trip outside your country.
  • Travelled across time.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Having fun trip together with your family.
  • Passing to a renowned and luxurious subdivision.
  • Having to fly on air in your trip dream.
  • Sailing trips.

Detailed dream interpretation

To dream on having trip has something to do with your career. To dream of trips is a reminder that there is a need for extra efforts to be done, promotions and good reputations in business or in workplace is not just simply being awarded but rather earned through tedious jobs. This dream tells you to beware of factors that may be contributory to failure of your economic indulgence. You are able to know what lies ahead never lost hope for the result can still be changed depending on your persistence and willingness to come up with the necessary tasks that will be helpful to make a difference in your chosen fields.

To dream that you had a trip and traveled leisurely in a resort denotes of your body and mind’s need for rest and recreation. You may be overworking yourself and it will be healthy unwind for a while to renew your strength.

Just like for real, man’s life is full of turns and array of directions. Learn to have a safe trip and knowing your vision or goals in life can make you have the right choice of turn and direction. To have safe trip dream is commonly associated with success and prosperity. To dream that you met an accident in your trip is a warning with regards to difficulties and hardships that may come your way during the next few days. Dreaming of going alone to a trip in a car denotes that you will be facing difficult situations. A trip outside your beloved country is a reminder for you to prepare in having a journey in life that will not give you any fulfillment.

If in your trip dreams, you passed along a very rich and famous place means to meet a good opportunity and good future awaits you. Trip with your family and loved ones tells you of having a wonderful life ahead of you. It denotes fortunes and having to widen the circle of friends.

To dream of seeing a plane in your trip or you fly in that plane means success is coming and you will experience peace of mind. To dream of sailing trip foretells fulfillment of dreams and desires.

Your unconscious led you to repressed painful moments if you dream of trips to past years. It urges you to give attention to unsettled matters in the past. Trip leading towards a certain future talks of desire for adventures.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a trip

Relaxed and worry-free, joyful to see yourself with family and loved ones, self-fulfilled, excited in taking different trips, tired in long journey, pleasurable.

By Florance Saul
Mar 21, 2013