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Jail in a dream is a representation of confinement and feeling remorse or guilt in your waking life.

Consider your own emotions, past lessons that you have learned, and the importance of the situation or stress in your life that you are dealing with when interpreting a jail dream. The meaning can often be double edged and complex without a simple solution.

Jail or prison represents feeling concerned about your own actions and usually is a dream where you know what you have done to cause the dream to happen. Usually the dream is actually an exaggeration of a true happening in your waking world but sometimes can simply express your own pent up feelings. Consider why you are in jail and if the reason makes sense to figure out the interpretation and what your psyche is trying to tell you.

In this dream you may have

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Detailed dream meaning

If you have gone to jail in your dream for a silly or absurd reason then consider other things in your life where you are feeling judged or where someone is out to get you. Do not ignore areas of your life that you feel trapped. Often the person jailing you will be an indicator of why you are having a dream as well.

When the dream is about feeling guilty about an action then your mind will work out your behavior and offer up a symbol of punishment. Now is the time to make amends and truly apologize for your behavior. Even if it takes two people to tangle that caused the problem initially, also remember that the focus is on you and you still did something. Even if the other person is unwilling to own up to their part in a problem you are still responsible for yourself. Take step to clear your own conscious for your own peace and not because you expect them to as well.

Feeling trapped in the waking world will also lead to prison dreams. When you find yourself in a situation where you can’t get out and you have little choice over the direction in your life then you want to focus on what you can do to free yourself. Right now there may not be an opportunity for change – perhaps you have to be at a certain job because you need money or you can’t afford to move out of your current living situation.

When you dream of a jail you need to consider what you have done to get in the situation you are in and how you are going to get out of it.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Feeling trapped
  • Being guilty
  • Being responsible for your actions

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of jail

Trapped. Confined. Guilty. Grief. Loss. Unsure. Confused. Scared. Unloved. Convicted. Angry. Upset. Unhappy. Mad.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012