Jewelry Shop (Store)

Jewelry Shop (Store)

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A jewelry shop is a place that sells jewelry of all kinds.

Specifically dreaming about a jewelry store is a sign that there is potential in store for you. Often these dreams have reflections of hopes or wants in the waking world. When you dream of a jewelry shop, consider what kind of item you are purchasing or looking at. When you dream of shopping in a store it is also important to note whether or not you wanted to be there (sometimes you can feel pressured to be there, such as if your partner is making you look at rings for example) and if you actually buy something. Another thing to consider about jewelry shop dreams is what kind of items the store has. Was the store and upper scale kind of establishment or trashy or dodgy – the kind of place where there would be stolen goods or pawned items?

What is the dream interpretation of a jewelry store?

Dreaming of being in a jewelry store can be a very happy experience and very often dreams of a place like this are a good omen for your waking world. When you have a dream about planning the future in any capacity and it is pleasant, often this is a positive dream indicating that it is time to take the next step in your life. When you are prepared to put money on the line and willing to take the next step in a relationship, this indicates that your psyche is recognizing that it is time to do this in the waking world. While sometimes these can be fantasy dreams and you simply hope to get to that point with a person, more often than not if you are with someone in your waking world and considering marriage and then have a dream about buying a ring for them… then it is truly time. Consider taking the next step.

When you are surrounded by expensive items that you can’t afford, this can indicate that you have expensive taste. On the flip side, if you have a dream about your partner forcing you or pushing you into looking at rings and you either don’t want to be there because you don’t feel the same way or you can’t afford the things that your partner is looking at then it is a good time to consider your relationship. This is also usually a prophetic sign that you are being bullied in your waking world. Sometimes this can indicate a mixing of values with you and your other half.

When you are noticing jewelry shop or want to buy jewelry in a dream, simply because something is pretty or because you have a taste for the expensive, this is not always a positive dream. Dreams like these can call attention to you spending your money beyond your means and even other times is a lesson that you are overextending yourself financially. Be careful in your waking life with your money. When dealing with a jewelry clerk that is overbearing or pressuring you, this is a sign that you are going to be cheated in some way. Usually, this is a dream relating to losing money or taking a risk and having it fail.

What does a robbery of a jewelry store mean in a dream?

Whether you are there while one is being committed or you are robbing a jewelry store… these are both signs to take care of your finances. Typically a windfall can be expected but it is a sign that someone around you is trying to take advantage. You will run into a small amount of money but someone will try to scam you out of it or you are on a path that you are about to make a bad business investment of some kind. Jewelry stores often are signs that you need to save money as they are places that keep the goods in one spot and a lot of money is accumulated in one area. This can be a sign not to take a risk with your finances right now. This is a bad time to lend money.

What’s the 1930s dream meaning of jewelry store?

After researching many sources I thought it interesting to include some more ancient meanings of a jewelry store dream. To dream of visiting a jewelry store in a dream signifies wealth and status. It also represents a place where you feel safe and free to be yourself. Jewelry can appear in dreams are many different ways. Costume jewelry is generally quite inexpensive and often influenced by the trends of today. Many different jewelry stores that could appear in your dream. Visiting a store that you know well is in an association of your self-worth and prospects in life. The symbolism of jewelry in ancient dream dictionaries indicate are rapid growth in career. There is no doubt that jewelry itself is a symbolism of material wealth. Jewelry stores often cater for the different tastes of the consumer, as well as fashions. If the jewelry was of high value then this can suggest feelings about others. How valuable do you feel about the quality of life. When was the last time you bought some jewelry? If you are a woman, it is not uncommon to have these types of dreams, it could be that you just need to treat yourself. Maybe it’s time you re-visit. However, if you don’t have a safe place where you can rest and recharge, perhaps you should look for one. Your dream may symbolize something that’s valuable to you, and you fear of losing it. The jewelry store also represents happiness, a wedding, or some other important celebrations coming.

What’s the Islamic dream interpretation of jewelry?

A few users have contacted me about the Islamic meaning of a jewelry store. The Islamic interpretation of earrings or necklaces in a dream represents a gift that you could be about to receive from her or his spouse. It also signifies that someone very close to you will betray your trust. If you’re a female and you dream of buying jewelry, it means that you will be adored by someone of the opposite sex. However, if you’re a male and dream of buying jewelry, it denotes new responsibility. Or fulfilling an important duty or sacred purpose in waking life. This dream also symbolizes power. If you’re an unmarried male or female and dream of silver jewelry, it denotes a possible wedding. You will be introduced to a person that might become your spouse. Or you will make new friends. I hope this provides clarity from an Islamic perspective.

What does it mean to dream of receiving gold jewelry?

In life, we can be somewhat fascinated by becoming rich and if things have felt like they have been moving at a snail's pace lately buying gold can indicate a new career opportunity. To receive gold jewelry as a gift in your dream signifies opportunities and wealth. Buying gold jewelry can imply a valuable period of life. It’s up to you if you seize these opportunities. The dream indicates you are safe and can change your life for better.

What’s the dream meaning of a jewelry box?

To dream of a jewelry box in the store symbolizes precious secrets. Boxes in dreams normally encourage us to look within, it could indicate that you are hiding something valuable inside of you in order to protect yourself. Are you preventing yourself from being hurt? Do you have hidden secrets? The box as a symbol is all about the feelings we have. Buying a jewelry box from a store indicates new conversations and secrets revealed.

What does it mean to see gold jewelry in a dream?

To see gold jewelry in your dream symbolizes improved finances and physical valuables. The golden jewelry also signifies greed and temptation. Are you positive you have ordered your priorities right? The gold jewelry in your dream also predicts good results at work as a result of your previous efforts.

What does it mean to wear silver jewelry in a dream?

To see silver jewelry in a dream symbolizes wealth. It’s always a good sign that predicts new beginnings. You’re about to earn someone’s trust. However, it also predicts health problems.

What does it mean to wear gold jewelry in a dream?

Wearing dazzling gold jewelry can denote switching up a fresh approach to life. To wear gold jewelry in a store during your dream means that you’re an independent person and capable person. You have built what you have from scratch. Do you find yourself refusing other people’s offer to help, but you’re always there to provide help when it is needed?

What did Sigmund Freud say about jewelry or valuable objects in a dream?

The father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud had his own opinion of valuable objects in dreams, or more specific – jewelry as an object of value. According to his theory, the jewelry represents the female genitalia and the process of having sex in waking life. If you’re a female, it means that you’re preoccupied with how you perform sex. However, if you’re a male, it means you’re obsessed with the female genitalia. Maybe you’re having too little sexual activity in the recent period. Also, you constantly think of finding someone who will fulfill your wildest fantasies and sexual desires.

What does buying a ring mean in a dream?

Buying rings in dreams is connected to temptation and how to battle it, much like the Included theories. Buying a gold ring in a dream indicates wealth and riches. It is connected to possible addictions and battles with the ego. To buy a ring in old dream lore symbolizes unity, love, promise, completeness, and commitment. The ring has such symbolism in the spirit world. Making promises that you can’t deliver on. And also stop giving false hope and love to new people.

What does buying a necklace mean in a dream?

To buy a necklace in a dream foretells new romance. Someone special will enter your life. However, be careful. If you see yourself trying on a necklace this can indicate a relationship that is built it on strong and fertile grounds, and not on lies from the start.

What does it mean for jewelry to be stolen in a dream?

If your jewelry was stolen in your dream, it means that someone will try to steal your energy and positivity. Sorry, this is not more positive. Stolen jewelry from a store can indicate that there is a buzz in the air the something that is forthcoming. It indicates that you are physically grounded but you may be focusing on many different tasks at the same time. To dream of yourself stealing precious jewelry in a dream represents false aspirations. Are you trying to chase something invaluable and not worth having? Why not focus on what’s really important in life? What’s really important to you? Try to think of these questions they will remind you of how important it is to do things for yourself.

What does it mean to take off jewelry in a dream?

If you are trying on jewelry in a dream then this indicates you are multi-tasking. To take off jewelry in your dream state your wish to give up on something you already have in order to get something better. Is it your current partner? Or your steady job? Maybe you’re tired of someone telling you what to do and you need to let yourself free. To see other people taking jewelry in the store can suggest the overall you may be working overtime. Sparks of insight will be welcoming if you focus on the opportunities ahead. The meaning of this dream is that you should not spread yourself too thinly.

What does seeing earrings mean in your dream?

To see earrings in your dream foreshadows something that will happen right in front of you, but you won’t notice anyway. Earrings bought in a store represent what you hear spiritually. The pace is likely to pick up in the near future and you will find yourself listening to many people communicate. Buying earrings and a dream is a positive omen and can indicate that you may receive money or cash.

What does putting on jewelry mean in a dream?

To put on jewelry in a dream represents your wish to feel valuable to someone. You want someone to look at you and say: “I care about that person and I would do anything to protect her/him.” However, you don’t actually need everything in life. What you really need is someone boosting your self-confidence with reminding you of your life achievements. Appreciate yourself more and admire your strength. And once you do, the right person will walk into your life.

In conclusion, buying jewelry from the store in a dream can indicate riches, wealth and also help friends. There may be a possible act of kindness from another person the dream was positive in nature. Try not to be afraid to do the expected, an innovative solution will soon be yours and opportunities come your way. You never quite know what is around the corner, a possible job opportunity or more confident financial future. I hope this provides some clarity to your dream. If there is anything missing then please get in touch through the Facebook comments.

In this dream you may have

Shopped for jewelry. Been in a jewelry shop while it was being robbed. Been forced to go ring shopping. Picked up something from a friend or family member. Looked longingly for rings and thought of your own wedding or considering proposing to someone. Took jewelry in to have it sized or fitted. Had your jewelry inspected or appraised? Needed to have your jewelry cleaned. Passed by a jewelry store (such as in a mall) but took special notice of it. Rob a jewelry store.

Positive changes are afoot if

Consider proposing to someone or buy a ring in hopes of proposing or getting married. Get a good price on nice or expensive jewelry.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

Losing money. Being cheated. Getting married – thinking of taking the next step in a relationship. Gaining money but having it spent or wasted.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of Jewelry Shop or Store

Happy. Content. Bored. Outraged. Annoyed. Curious. Hopeful. Nice. Pleasant. Interested. Scared. Frightened. Nervous. Terrified. Determined. Busy. Edgy.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012