Walking backwards Dreams

Walking backwards Dreams

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To dream of walking backward indicates that you are feeling as if you’re losing in life.

It could be connected to work or alternatively business venture where you feel that you are just trying to make the effort but it is difficult to progress and move forward. Walking backward indicates the need for complete control over your life. Walking backward is also connected to your spiritual well-being and life. Sometimes life can provide many problems and difficulties and to walk backward indicates you feel that you are not getting to where you want to be in life.

To walk backward on a train indicates that you want to move forward but you are having difficulties. To dream of unable to walk forward indicates that you are finding problems in the future. It can signify that you are unable to understand what blocking you in life. To walk backward in a dance move suggests tranquil times ahead are you looking to change your residence or to look after other people. If you are running back then this can indicate that you are going to encounter an adventure in life. This eventually is likely to provide great prosperity and wealth. To walk backward on an escalator suggests that you want to protect something in life.

There are a number of hurdles that will be put in your way of your life pursuit. Do you have goals identified? You may want to protect your goals at the expense of others. To walk backward like Michael Jackson suggests that need to ask yourself questions about how you progress in life. To do the moonwalk indicates that will automatically feel a sense of passion in your work atmosphere.

Dream meaning of walking backward in your dream state

Are you focused on your objectives in life? If you are stepping backward in your dream then this can suggest a new beginning or a new start is on the horizon.

In your dream

  • In your dream, you were walking backward.
  • You were going backward on a moving platform (escalator) in a dream.
  • Walking backward down the road.
  • Unable to walk forwards in the dream.

Feelings associated with walking backward in your dream

Unable to move. Difficulty walking. Unhappy with the difficulty of walking in your dream.

By Florance Saul
Aug 22, 2017