Hitting A Rat Dream Meaning

Hitting A Rat Dream Meaning

Hitting A Rat Dream Meaning

Your "rat" dream might be vivid, confusing, and even surreal - especially if you hit the rat. I know, I know .... a bit over the top maybe and this could have been a crazy dream. Dreaming about hitting a rat is one of those weird dreams where you wonder if you woke up or not. Dreams where you hit a rat or many rats is a sign from your spirit team that it is time to simply "knock something on the head." Rats are spiritually associated with disgust, fear, or illness (and in the dreamworld) but in some cultures like China, the rat is a good luck omen.

To me, a dream about "hitting a rat" represents a subconscious effort to confront those negative emotions or associations. Of course, it also depends on what you used to hit the rat with: was it a hammer, chair, fist, or simply your hand? If you dream of hitting the rat with something significant then this dream is about how to get something back in life. Pulling back your energy maybe.

Hitting rats in dreams could represent stealth or betrayer, survival or someone around you is, well, quite salty. A rat biting or even hitting in your dream may then represent a situation in which you are or feel you have to defend yourself against sneaky or betrayed actions. Or it may be your resolution to fix problems that have been eating at your soul.

Just what does it mean to hit the rat using your hands?

If you hit a rat with your hand in the dream, this is about how you navigate things in life. Hands in dreams usually represent tools we use to manipulate others in life (not physically). Thus hitting a rat may be a personal, direct effort to fix something in your waking life.

This dream might also be about your inner drive to tackle those tough jobs - the scary or unpleasant ones too. It may also signal a need to act directly or confront problems you might otherwise avoid.

What does it mean to hit loads of rats in ur dream?

In a dream, if you keep hitting (multiple) rats it may represent ongoing problems or seemingly never-ending battles. This dream may represent problems in your everyday life that need attention or action. It may also show the feeling of being overwhelmed by many little problems instead of just one or perhaps anxiety about contamination and infestation of a psychological kind, where negative thoughts or influences spread out uncontrollably.

Recurring dreams about hitting many rats --- maybe in a sewer --- may also be a signal from your unconscious mind to remember something. Perhaps it is a chance to examine patterns in your life that have served you badly. These may be habits, relations, or thoughts you have in life.

What does keep hitting the rat in the dream mean?

If you keep hitting rats repeatedly in a dream it could be about ongoing battles or problems you feel are never ending. This dream may represent problems in your daily life that need attention or action. It could also signify feeling overwhelmed by lots of little issues instead of just one big problem or anxiety regarding something that usually has to do with work. Maybe it is an invitation to examine patterns in your life that limit your growth. Those might be habits, relationships or thoughts you have to face and face like rats!

Conclusion of dreams of hitting a rat

Though dreaming about hitting the rat might be traumatic, it may be empowering too. It represents your ability to take on something unpleasant or harmful. Whether it's over phobias of your own, deception in general, or just plain anxiety, such a dream may just be the ticket to getting the house cleaned for some nagging vermin in your life.

The dream of hitting rat can be disturbing but liberating. It represents your resolve to take on what you find disagreeable/harmful. Whether it's overcoming personal fears, dealing with deception, or a load of crazy worries, such a dream may very much represent having the ability to do the dishes when you have unwanted people in your life. I do think it might be time for reflection on waking life circumstances that are making you sad.

By Florance Saul
Mar 4, 2024