Dreams of snakes meaning

Dreams About Snakes

The snake in dreams represents our life cycle. We are born, live, and then finally die. If the snake was aggressive in a dream is often connected to hidden enemies, due to the coil of the snake in dreams it represents our life-cycle and that you need to take note of spiritual symbols in waking life.

What is the symbol of the snake in dreams?

As I have said above the snake itself can be a symbol of life and death and is connected to how we are perceived by others. Many occult writings include the snake as a symbol of energy, the energy and life force of life itself. In ancient history, we associate negativity with snake symbols. For example the goddess and snake priestess. The snake in this sense is often symbolically connected to a rebirth of life this is due to the fact that it sheds its skin. Where there is Hindu mythology the snake is associated with the rebirth process of the dead. Snakes can also be connected to fertility and wisdom in life.

A snake in a dream is a symbol of change and transformation according to dream psychologists. If we look at a more general interpretation of the snake dream this can be associated with how we handle life's difficulties, it can suggest that our waking emotions are going to be unsettled for a period of time and predict that an enemy will come to light. There is, however, a positive side to this dream interpretation in that snakes also represent healing and overcoming adverse problems and difficulties in waking life.

Many dream dictionaries online and in books have many interpretations of the snake, from seeing snakes on the floor, snakes entangled in your hair or even being chased by snakes. This interpretation is generally used when you require any interpretation of the snake alone.

Snake dreams indicate; relationship frustrations, finding it hard to cope, hidden emotions, transformation and the need for focus in life. Sigmund Freud stated in his famous book that the snake is connected to our internal energy. Feud identified that a person's dreams are connected to their subconscious mind. So we can conclude that according to Freud the presence of a snake or serpent in your dream means that this dream is about connection!

In Jewish-Christian scriptures (in biblical times) the snake (known as a serpent) is considered a form of the devil. In dreams the snake could be used to symbolize healing, deception renewal, and a new life.

Every snake dream holds a different meaning so scroll down to find yours.

What is the general dream interpretation of a snake?

If you have encountered any threat from the snake in your dream, this is an indication that you are finding it difficult to cope with your subconscious mind. You may find in life everything is content and happy, but underneath there are some things that are concerning you. There are various factors that you need to consider when seeking a dream interpretation. Generally, the image of either a snake or serpent represents your power within. If the snake is large in the dream this can suggest that there is somebody that wishes to do you harm, the good news is that you are powerful enough to take this on.

Snakes are a common symbol in dreams, especially in different cultures around the world. Like many symbols in dreams, the meaning of snakes can vary depending on your individual circumstances and cultural beliefs. Generally, a snake dream suggests that something is happening within you or your life that you need to pay attention to. This could be an emotion, thought, situation or even an unconscious urge that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. The snake might represent knowledge and transformation – a difficult journey toward inner wisdom and growth.

What does it mean to be frightened by a snake in your dream?

If the snake is frightening you in any way, then this dream relates to trying to overcome a difficult problem or a troublesome person. Often this dream occurs when you are suffering some kind of grief or separation in your life. The symbolism of the snake means it is time to close the door on a period of your life and move on. If you see a snake in the grass or in the sand, then this dream is connected to a particular person or situation that is likely to harm you in your waking life. Often the other factors of this bizarre dream are important to interpret. In occult work, snakes have often been associated with death and coldness, and this is because they are associated with poison and fear.

What is the spiritual meaning of a snake dream?

To dream of a snake from an Anacortes perspective is all about the requirement of security in life. Perhaps you have been feeling that a situation is getting out of control. Do you feel happy in your job at work or is your home life the sort of environment you want? Snake dreams can often appear when there has been a period of struggle. The Gypsy interpretation of the snake dream is that the snake indicates that a “great opportunity” will be yours in the future. because snake lives on the ground it could also represent the fact that you need to meditate in order to ground yourself in life.

You may feel powerless when you see many snakes in a dream, twirling along like loads of ribbons dancing through air; captivating you with its mesmerizing movements. In some ancient societies such as Egypt or Greece, there was the symbolic meaning given to the caduceus - two snakes twisted together on a staff or pole held up by heaven itself which may indicate perfect harmony between mind body, and soul; suggesting perfect balance within ourselves when these forces entwine so delicately together – beautifully intertwined like those two serpents dancing up high upon their staff of power. Snakes can also suggest primal energy towards personal transformation and deep knowledge from our subconscious mind needing attention now before bigger problems arise later down the line.

What does the snake signify in dreams?

In ancient mythology, the snake was a symbol for immortality this was due to the snake being able to shed its skin, it is also the emblem of the Graeco Roman god of medicine. This emblem with its tail in its mouth represents the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

If you see in your dream a dead body and a snake or worm inside the corpse, according to Freud this is directly associated with a passion that has not been recognized in the waking life. If the snake is on the floor performing, or on a carpet, this shows the bitterness and emptiness that you are currently feeling will soon pass. Dreaming of a snake in the grass means that you are going to hear the news that will upset you, and which involve frustration, regret, and depression.

If you are swallowed by a snake, then this means you need to consider your reasons for thinking negatively, and you need to return to the real world and be content and happy. If the snake is surrounding your body, then this dream is a direct interpretation of entrapment, which may be connected to a love affair. If you see a snake in the countryside on the grass, river or field, this dream indicates that somebody in your life is currently being disloyal and that you need to be able to recognize it. Now, to be swallowed or eaten by a snake in a dream shows that you have upset too many people around you at the moment, and it is time for you to seek space.

If the snake is poisonous, then this is a direct representation of your fear. Do you recall the mythical figure of Medusa with her head surrounded by snakes, and she turns people to stone, then this dream represents you have conflicting feelings inside, and they are starting to harm your inner peace. It is important to make sure that you totally forget about the past, and ensure that you are on the journey of self-healing.

If you find yourself in ancient times visualizing snakes in your dream, this means it is time for you to embrace a situation and transform the good from it, in order to progress in life. To dream of a viper, it indicates that forces in your working life are threatening you. If you dream that the snake attacks you, then your enemies are going to encircle you in order to find your weak points, and they will try to ruin you. It is important that you recognize any problems with the responsibility that you have.

To dream of many snakes, it means that a person is going to make sure that you are displaced. If your dream involves a domesticated snake, then this indicates you are in the process of overcoming difficult times. The fact that the snake is domesticated indicates that you have been able to maneuver yourself in difficult situations and overcome any obstacle in your way. 

If you see children playing with snakes, or that you are playing with a snake, this dream indicates that you are going to be able to distinguish between enemies and true personalities in the future. If you hit a snake, then you are likely to be able to overcome enemies that intend to do you harm. To see a snake rising up in the air is a direct indication of conspiracy. Somebody is trying to be extremely brave in their life, and it is important that you recognize this action so that you can congratulate the person for overcoming his anxieties.

If you are hypnotized by a snake, this indicates that your rights are going to be maintained. Snakes can often reflect a situation that is currently in your life. Perhaps it is time that you face up to reality. If you find the snake cut in half in your dream, this is an indication that you need to adapt better to social situations. The key message is that you can never be too nice. Consideration and respect for others are recommended. The color of the snake may also provide additional interpretation to your dream.

If you see a baby snake in your dream, then this is a direct indication of your child's light. It is a symbol to show that it is time for you to act better with money. If the snake in your dream changes itself into another person, this can indicate that it is time to give up a bad habit. If the snake bites you and the bite is not fatal, then the dream relates to patterns that you have formed in your life. If the bite was fatal, then you have an enemy around you at the moment.

To see the snakes near you in a dream or if you are handling a snake, this indicates you are going to have a strategy to overcome obstacles. Noticing the snakes moving across your indicates that struggles are likely to develop in your life. If you kill a snake, then you are going to have a great opportunity to advance yourself with respect to others around you. This is a positive dream in that you are going to overcome all obstacles that stand in your way.

If you find yourself walking over snakes in the dream, then this indicates you are going to be able to change your own visions and destiny. If the snake fights you, then influences in your life are going to take over affairs. These influences are positive. If you dream that a snake is spotted, then you are likely to be deceitful, and this dream is a warning to the subconscious mind. The message is to treat people the way you like to be treated. If you step aside or avoid a snake or let the snake pass, this dream indicates that your efforts will help you overcome any obstacle that may stand in your way.

What is a snake as a phallic symbol?

The snake is a phallic symbol according to Sigmund Freud’s theory. For him, snake dreams are closely related to your unconscious desires. From another perspective, Carl Jung viewed snakes as a representation of some conflict you’re facing. He also believed that snakes are symbols of life forces and the inner healing you’re experiencing.

Freud claimed that the snake in dreams represents your drive. If you’re a female, it represents only your relationship and some person you find highly attractive in waking life. His interpretation of your snake dream is associated with your love life and the male figures you’re attracted to. If you’re a male, it shows that you’re having desires. As I have said before, the snake symbolizes a penis, meaning your snake dream is associated with your love life. Maybe it represents how you experience your own manhood. It’s possible that you’re having difficulties with expressing yourself or getting your needs fulfilled.

Jung perspective on snake dreams is a bit different. When analyzing a snake dream, remember that he thought of the presence of something wild in your dream means you will acquire greater wisdom from nature. Don’t take the shorter and easier way to success but the harder and longer one. Sometimes, it’s not all about the destination but the journey and the obstacles you overcome on the road. This dream includes experiences you may find dangerous but useful. Also, according to Jung, the snake in a dream represents danger.

In summary, when we dream of snakes it can indicate that we have a situation on our hands in waking life. Every single snake dream has slightly different meanings depending on the context of the dream itself which I hope you enjoyed reading. Maybe you had a dream of snakes biting you, vomiting snakes or even snakes in the grass all have different meanings. Despite the fact that the snake is considered an archetypical symbol, it is often connected to progress in life.

Snake symbolism in a dream is connected to rebirth and transformation in waking life. If you have dreams of snakes and you are looking for the meaning - then this indicates that you are going to face in challenging times ahead. If we look at the interpretation of famous dream psychologists, Freud believes that the snake is connected to a masculine figure. This could possibly be a male energetically or alternatively the sexual organ of the male organ. Freud believed that snakes are a rich symbol that is associated with our dreams.

What does it mean to see a dream about poisonous snakes?

You might freak out if you had a dream about a rattlesnake, viper, cobra, mama, coral snake, or any other venomous snake, in fact, I am not surprised as there are 700 different species of venomous snakes. the king cobra is probably the largest snake, I am not sure if you have seen this in real life but I have — and they are long. Vipers can inject venom, anyway no matter what snake was venomous in your dream I want to explore the meaning. 

There is no denying that dreams about poisonous snakes can be a really freaky and weird dream experience, not to mention an unnerving one. In most cases, it’s believed that dreaming of a snake bites you, then this dream is symbolic of your challenges in life, or hidden fears or worries that are being brought to the surface. If you were afraid in the dream then the snake’s venom may signify inner fear. I also feel that some people suggest such dreams mean that new growth is coming into your life and possibly healing as well.

When it comes to poisonous snakes specifically, the folklore around this dream is about believing our shadow self - things we hide away inside ourselves such as fear or anger which bubble up at unexpected moments and strike unexpectedly like venomous snake bites. I also feel this dream could serve as a reminder for us to take extra care of ourselves during times of stress because these dark emotions can surface without warning if we don’t give our minds time to rest and recharge regularly through activities like yoga or meditation. Seeing a poisonous snake in the dream world is a sign and motivation towards making a change in life. And, to thank all the situations that really rocked us and made us feel worried.

What does it mean to see a dream about snakes of different colors?

Dreaming of snakes can be very complicated to interpret, as it is hard to come by a single snake meaning for any given snake dream. Some cultures believe that seeing a white snake in your dream can suggest newfound wisdom and understanding, while other cultures view black or brown snakes as ominous symbols.

For me personally, whenever I've had dreams about multi-colored snakes, I want to stay connected with the dream and take an actionable lesson away from it. It's usually an indication that something of great importance is about to happen - or has just happened - in life.

Interestingly enough, Asian cultures specifically associate certain colors with dragon symbolism; yellow/gold for wealth and luck; blue for success; red for power; green for fertility and growth - so when you see multiple colored snakes in one dream, there could be many layers of interpretation behind it.

Is this dream of a snake good or bad?

If we look at shamanism the snake itself can be seen as an important animal guide. The snake is connected to how we interact with other human beings. This could be how we communicate or deal with difficult and unsettling situations in waking life. There is a number of different elements that you need to undertake in order to determine what the dream of snakes signifies. Firstly the general dream meaning should be defined - followed by the aspects that are featured/included in the dream. Consider the general meaning of the snake found in dreams. Many people are fearful of snakes and this is not uncommon in the dream state. If you see a snake attacking you in the dream this can be connected to having a sense of shock in defeating an enemy. If the snake appears friendly in your dream then this can be a suggestion that you are likely to face some difficult problems in the near future - but you will have help in overcoming these going forward.

The snake itself can symbolize our psychic energy. It's basically a production of our energy in the world. Depending upon the color of the snake it can signify passion, anger, conflict, upheaval, and rebirth. Equally, the snake can also be associated with kindness, healing, and a new start or beginning in waking life. The snake itself is associated with force and survival. In occult terms, the snake can suggest the unfolding of different events which ultimately will have a successful outcome.

The snake can certainly cause serious injury or death in the dream. If the snake does attack you in the dream state and you are able to escape from the snake in your dream then this indicates powerful growth. It can suggest that you may be in relationships in which you are likely to grow. If we look at life itself everything has a cycle.

Many fear the snake due to their venom so in dreams this is associated with your inner energy rising up. Most psychologists identify that the snake dream is connected to our mind, and how we navigate life. How we interpret intimacy and bonding with different human beings. If we look at ancient South Americans they connect the snake with being a messenger, they believe that snakes are used to send a message to others - which is negative in nature. In our dreams, the snakes deliver us a message. Another interpretation of a snake's dream is that of healing. If we look at some of the ancient statues of snakes around the world we see many that use the symbol of the snake as rebirth. The snake can represent different advice depending on the details of the dream itself. As we have already outlined the snake is representative of our life cycle in the world.

There appears to be little universal meaning the symbol of the snake in a dream. We look at the Christian religion it defines the snake Satan in disguise. Equally, in Judaism, the snake is also considered evil. Some religions (pre-Christian) considered the snake sacred this was due to the fact it sheds its skin which is associated with rebirth. In Egypt the snake is representative of positive and negative energy this is cosmic energy.

To see two snakes twisting in a dream is associated with healing. If we look at the symbolic meaning the two snakes twisting is similar to the Roman staff of Mercury that creates a healing symbol - used by doctors throughout the world. In the Hindus tradition, the snake represents a force of life known as the kundalini which lays at the base of the human spine. In this tradition, snake energy provides mental illness or spiritual development. If we look at the occult meaning of the snake the Greek goddess Hecate and Artemis carry snakes.

What does it mean to see a dream about a black snake?

Black snakes typically have strong symbolic meanings, often signifying transformation, fear or threat. In some cases, they can even represent something entirely different. Seeing a dream about a black snake can mean major changes in your life. It could indicate that you are ready to head into the unknown and take a risk for something greater. This could be anything from leaving behind an old job and starting anew to simply trying new things outside your comfort zone. The dream may also signify that you’re having trouble reconciling two sides of yourself—darkness and light—or coming to terms with feelings like pain, fear or insecurity in order to move on with your life journey.

Black snakes in dreams can also indicate danger or bad omens —especially if there is more than one at once (like in the popular HBO series Six Feet Under). Depending on what happens during the dream this could signal upcoming turmoil or threats from other people - though it might not necessarily be dangerous for you personally; rather someone close by may face difficult times ahead. If the snake appears aggressive then it could mean that someone feels threatened by what they perceive as possible danger and thus tension builds up around them too.

If you confront the black snake(s) it could reflect self-empowerment and assertiveness towards any problem at hand - no matter how big or small! Black snakes may even warn us when we are ‘thirsty’ for love, affection or recognition so it is vital we understand our subconscious messages before acting upon them mindlessly!

What does it mean to see a dream about a white snake?

In my research, throughout various cultures, white snakes appearing in dreams are often thought to symbolize creative delight and renewal. For example, according to some interpretations, if you see a white snake in your dream, it is said that you will soon experience something new and exciting which could bring out an entirely different level of joy from within you.

Now let me pass this by you. You could have seen a spirit animal snake -- this may also be associated with spiritual rebirth and transformation, signifying the beginning or end of a cycle in life. Don’t freak out this could just be something ending in life.  When experiencing such profound changes emotionally or spiritually, harbingers like these can be seen as guidance from higher powers telling us we are on the right path towards growth; teaching us how to prioritize ourselves, and reminding us that we deserve all kinds of successes. The Netflix series White Snake (an animated fantasy movie) is inspired by Chinese folklore about two young snakes who embark on an adventure together and friendship is connected to love, it is a great program if you have not seen it. The reason I mention this is that the dream of a white snake can occur when we watch things or see pictures of snakes in real life.

What does it mean to see a dream about a green snake?

To dream about green snakes is often symbolic of nature (as green is about grounding spiritually) it can be connected to your relationships or your sense of self. When we go into our dream world, we can access information out there that our conscious minds may have blocked off or forgotten. By keeping doing this kind of introspection every time you wake up after having a dream with a green snake in it, it means you are going to have some clarity in life. 

Lao Tzu said: “The journey of 1 thousand miles begins with one step." so when a white snake appears in a dream it can mean you want to understand spiritually what is going to happen going forward and the “white” is spiritual light to help you move forward.

What does it mean to see a dream about a yellow snake?

Dreaming about a yellow snake can be interpreted in many different ways, but it typically indicates transformation and change on an inner level. It could mean something significant is happening inside you that you need to acknowledge, such as the activation of your “inner goddess” or feeling empowered. The yellow color suggests optimism and energy, so the dream may also represent a newfound sense of confidence or enthusiasm for life.

When we see a dream about a yellow snake it can also refer to the symbolism of the sun tarot card; which stands for new beginnings and hope. In this context, seeing a vision of yellow-bellied water snakes might symbolize rebirth—a reminder that we have the power to make positive changes in our lives no matter how bleak things might seem at first.

Most importantly, it’s important to remember what matters when we come across these types of dreams: Are you coming back more aware? Do I feel differently? What has changed? These are all questions worth asking since they will help us better understand why we had this dream in the first place. 

What does it mean to see a dream about a red snake?

In the Christian tradition, dreaming of a red snake can be seen as a warning - either to take caution in some current situation or to pay attention to something positive coming your way. It could also suggest that you need to look at things more closely in order for you to gain clarity and understanding about the issue at hand.

Dreams often point us towards our subconscious needs – if we take time out of our physical realm and into our dream realms we can learn valuable lessons from our meaning found within; this is why it’s important to pay attention when your dream involves a red snake.

The color of the snake has considerable influence over its symbology: while a black snake is typically indicative of something negative, such as depression or other difficult emotions, dreaming of a brightly colored red snake is connected to passion. The most common red snakes are corn snakes are one type of North American rat snake which come in many different shades of reds, they can be combined to oranges and even yellows — and I feel this means enthusiasm and energy.

What does it mean to see a dream about an orange snake?

In dreams, an orange snake can be a sign of crazy times ahead. It often indicates that you are about to have more badass experiences and that your life is taking an exciting turn! But it also may suggest something else – fear or anxiety about the unknown.

in this case, the orange color suggests enthusiasm and aggression. In some cases, dreaming of an orange snake could signify a warning from your unconscious mind to prepare for potential conflicts or challenges that may arise soon.

To see orange and another colored snake can mean transformation and new beginnings. If you could see the snake sliding around on the floor in a dream can suggest renewed passion for life or ambition concerning personal goals and projects you've been working on lately — such as learning new skills, exploring unfamiliar territories, finding creative solutions to challenging problems — anything related to growth and progress would make sense here!

Venomous cobras, corn snakes, coral snakes are generally orange. Cobras signify power while corn snakes spiritually feed off others’ energy by taking advantage of them emotionally or spiritually — so if it was indeed an orange cobra in your dream then try not be overly ambitious as success at all costs doesn't necessarily lead to fulfilment; if it was a corn snake however take heed not to feed off others' energies more than necessary in order achieve desired results quickly!

What does it mean to see a dream about a red and black snake?

Seeing a dream about a red and black snake could have several meanings depending on the context of the dream itself. In some cultures, particularly in India, dreaming of a red and black snake is considered to be an auspicious sign, as it is believed to represent positive energy.

In many cultures, snakes - and cobras in particular - are seen as powerful symbols of protection. In India, people who were believed to possess extraordinary powers were known as "nagas," or cobra kings. In fact, it was common for Indian warriors facing off against over a dozen deadly enemies to claim the protection of nagas before battle!

Other interpretations in my dream books state that seeing a dream about a red and black snake may be realted to your own internal strength being unleashed; it could also mean that you may have unfinished business left unresolved from your past life which needs addressing in this one; or even that you're experiencing dark times, but believe me --- this shall pass.

What does it mean to dream of a blue snake?

The color symbolism is based in part on nature’s own versions of vibrant snakes – one of the craziest wildlife encounters ever captured on film was when amateur photographer Barry Hellens filmed an electric blue snake while exploring a beach in Florida earlier this year. The rare sight caused quite a stir among snake enthusiasts around the world because there hadn’t previously been any documented sightings of such an exotic species before, and the blue snake was connected escape. I do feel blue is about comfort and escape when it appears in dreams.

What does it mean to see a dream about colorful snakes?

I always feel that dreams are a reflection of our subconscious minds and so can often be quite hard to interpret. If you had a dream about colorful snakes, it could suggest as I have said before a kind of inner transformation and emotional growth. It may also mean that you have been presented with new ideas or insights recently which have enabled you to gain more self-awareness.

What is the ancient spiritual dream interpretation of a snake or a serpent (Pre 1920s)?

If you are a woman and you dream of a dead snake biting you, this shows you are going to suffer some type of defeat in a situation connected to a friend. This dream usually foretells evil in different forms and stages. For a man, this is a warning to not look into situations too deeply. If you dream that the snake coils itself around you or other people, this means you are likely to be in a position of power in the future, but which will be taken away from you very quickly. If you see snakes turning into different animals or different objects, this dream symbolizes that any difficulties are likely to be destroyed by you in the future. If your dream involves seeing a snake attacking another person, this foretells that a friend is going to hurt your feelings. If you see small snakes, then this is directly associated to joy in the future.

What does it mean to see a dream about snakes in the house?

Seeing snakes in your house is a sign that something is wrong in your life and needs to be fixed right away. You might find yourself feeling unsatisfied with work, relationships, friendships, hobbies or things along those lines and need a change of scenery --- maybe a holiday is in order? It can also mean that you're stuck in a rut and it’s hard to get out of it because you don't know what else to do for more excitement in life. This usually happens if we stay too long doing boring professional jobs without any promotion.

Houses in dreams represent you as a person, therefore seeing a snake can predict looming danger or some form of unwanted visitor to your home. Don’t freak out… It might be helpful to think about what’s going on in your life right now and how these changes affect you emotionally; this dream can also suggest that other people will be offering you some advice going forward.

What does a two-headed snake dream mean?

A two-headed snake is externally rare, normally 1 in 10000 snakes actually have two heads. The actual name of a two-headed snake is known as bicephalic or dicephalic. Surprisingly, these snakes still make decisions as two separate snakes. In dreams seeing a polycephalic snake (more than one head) can indicate that you have multiple options in life. If we turn to both Greek and Roman mythology, the two-headed snake is normally connected to demonic connections. For example in Hercules, Lernean Hydra was killed, which is a person with many heads. To dream of a two-headed snake has a mysterious significance associated with your security. In ancient dream dictionaries, this dream indicates danger and multiple threats. To dream of a two-headed snake denotes you’re going to encounter a difficulty or a conflict with a person you once cared about. Maybe you’ve hurt the person and now they’re planning some kind of a revenge. You know who this person might be and it’s better to solve the issue before it becomes complicated. Communication is the solution. My advice is to talk openly about life.

What do dreams mean for certain species of snake?

The various types of snakes that are featured in your dream are important to the meaning. If the snake in your dream is an Adder, then this is directly associated with a friend. This dream has an ancient interpretation: the Adder is likely to mean that you are going to encounter money problems. The Asp is the modern Anglicization of the word "Aspis", which in antiquity referred to one of several venomous snake species found in the Nile region. If your dream involves seeing an Asp, this is a negative dream for a woman, and it indicates that she has a few enemies that want to do her harm. If you are a man, this indicates that you are going to overcome any difficult problems in regard to a masculine situation. Cleopatra tested a wide range of deadly poisons on condemned people and animals for her entertainment, and she concluded that the bite of the Asp was the least terrible way to die. Therefore, in dream terms, it is important to understand that bad times are not that bad in the bigger light of things.

To dream of a boa constrictor, it generally indicates that stormy times are likely to be in your life in the near future. If you kill this type of snake, then it is a positive dream, indicating that you can overcome any difficulties you face, and that you have a strong character. According to the ancient oracles, a snake is generally a warning of troubles and difficult times to come, especially if the snake is injured. If you kill more than one or two snakes, this indicates that you are in danger from enemies that wish to do you harm. Ensure that you are not cheated by someone you trust in the future. If you harm or get rid of all the snakes in your dream, this is an indication that you can overcome any hostile or difficult people in the future. If you walk over snakes without trying to kill them it suggests that in the end the tables can be turned, and justice is going to run its course. If you dream that the experience of handling the snakes is positive, then you are likely to be led astray by somebody. If your dream featured a professional snake charmer at work or someone who is on a carpet controlling the snake, this indicates there is likely to be gossip in the future.

What does it mean to see a dream about boa constrictors?

Seeing a dream about boa constrictors can be deeply symbolic and provoke strong emotions. Boa constrictors are large, heavy snakes found in tropical climates that hunt at night by squeezing their prey to death. They may symbolize feelings of stress or anxiety due to the pressures you feel in life. It could be related to feeling stuck living in an exciting city, but not being able to truly enjoy it on the weekends. Or perhaps you don’t feel like what you’re doing is particularly fun, and the boa constrictor could represent the struggle with trying to stay articulate and motivated when it feels hard. 

Regardless of the specific craziness in a dream, it can often be helpful to consider whether there are any areas of your life where change needs to happen in order for you to live more freely and authentically as yourself. Boa Constrictors have adapted well over time.

What does it mean to see a dream about rattlesnakes?

The first thing to mention is that the distinctive rattle is often associated with warning signs – so if you find yourself confronted with a rattlesnake in your dream world, it could well indicate some kind of looming danger. I also feel it could also mean that you feel threatened by something happening in your real life; depending on how quickly or slowly the snake moved during the dream.

In all snake dreams (or perhaps additional to) dreaming about a rattlesnake might denote a time for transformation – something which might signify both good times ahead along with any potential challenges coming down the road too. In essence then, when we encounter the rattle of the snake make sure you prepare for any crazy times ahead.

What does it mean to dream of a garter snake?

Sometimes it’s hard to not know what snake we saw, the garter snake is stripy. Dreams of garter snakes can represent a multitude of things, from fear to passion. They often signify in dreams there is something unknown or mysterious is approaching and potentially causing feelings of anxiety or even excitement. Symbolic of curiosity and the unknown, garter snakes in our dreams can also indicate that we have more questions than answers at this time.

Garter snakes may also be associated with people who are passionate about all aspects of life - from relationships to work, they’re seen as adventurers who take risks and seize opportunities when they arise. This may suggest that the dreamer needs to take on a similar attitude towards whatever situation they’re confronted with in order to succeed.

Finally, these snakes have been known for centuries as symbols of wisdom and tranquility due to their ability to remain calm even during times filled with question marks; something which resonates strongly within many cultures around the world. Garter snake dreams could therefore suggest the need for contemplation before taking action - those with the biggest hearts are able to think twice before making any decisions, allowing rational thought and consideration ahead of emotional impulses.

What does it mean to see a dream about boa constrictors?

Seeing a dream about boa constrictors can be deeply symbolic and provoke strong emotions. Boa constrictors are large, heavy snakes found in tropical climates that hunt at night by squeezing their prey to death. They may symbolize feelings of stress or anxiety due to the pressures you feel in life. It could be related to feeling stuck living in an exciting city, but not being able to truly enjoy it on the weekends. Or perhaps you don’t feel like what you’re doing is particularly fun, and the boa constrictor could represent the struggle with trying to stay articulate and motivated when it feels hard. 

Regardless of the specific craziness in a dream, it can often be helpful to consider whether there are any areas of your life where change needs to happen in order for you to live more freely and authentically as yourself. Boa Constrictors have adapted well over time.

What is the Freud dream snake interpretation?

Freud believed that the dream of the snake is directly related to some aspects of emotional passion. He believed that the dreamer needed to come to terms with his or her own personality that has been suppressed due to his or her urge in life. On a more basic level, this dream also has a direct relationship with the penis. If we look at ancient history, the snake or serpent signifies the evil as illustrated in the Garden of Eden. Yet Freud thought this dream was a direct interpretation of an uncontrolled passion. The snake or serpent also suggests some type of temptation and search for spiritual power.

What does it mean to see a snake speak in a dream?

As a snake is a wild animal, it is directly associated with dangerous situations. It is important to recognize there may be some negative forces arising from your subconscious mind. These forces may threaten your inner peace, and this dream is a direct indication of trying to cope with your anxieties. If the snake spoke words in your dream, then it is important to recognize that this is instinctive wisdom. The greater spiritual power is trying to tell you to stop and think before you rush into situations. Most cold-blooded animals such as snakes generally represent destructive situations in the waking life. The message of this dream is that you need to recognize negative energies have existed, and it is time to clear the air and move on with your life. 

What is the biblical meaning of a snake dream?

If we turn to the Christian interpretation of the snake it is considered a dark omen, bringing evil and worry. But don’t take this literally! This interpretation is very much based on the fact that God created the snake for temptation and to gain knowledge from Adam and Eve. It is my belief that snakes can often represent hidden fears in life.

In the Old Testament, a snake is associated with evil or enemies of God's people. For example, when Moses made his staff rise up and turn into a snake, it was an act of faith which forced Pharaoh to release the Israelites from slavery (Exodus 7:1-12).

To explore this further, in the New Testament, Jesus uses snakes as symbols of faith and healing. In Matthew 12:34, he says “For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.” In this context, it is meant to represent what we say and our actions will be based on our beliefs and intentions. Other passages that I have read mention snakes also refer to our own “faith” in one way or another (John 3:14-15; Mark 16:18).

The most famous reference regarding snakes in scripture comes from Adam and Eve in Genesis 3:1-5 where a serpent tempts Eve with fruit from the Tree of Knowledge (I’m sure you have heard of this). This passage is seen as either a cautionary tale against temptation or one which marks that we eventually fall in life. Some believe that this could also mean that sin brings power for both good or ill depending on how it is used ultimately by its wielder hence invoking many underlying themes found throughout scripture about morality and choices we make as humans living in free will environments versus those subjected by external forces like oppression.

If the big snake was attacking you (or you felt worried) then this dream is about healing power due to the staff known as the Rod of Asclepius, we need to understand as well that snakes often shed their skin which is a sign of renewal and this also carries implications for rebirth which is both spiritual or emotional.

What is Carl Jung’s dream interpretation of snakes?

Carl Jung tried to make a connection between earth and heaven, and he believed that snakes mean a representation of the end of a problem. This dream shows the balance between evil and, which has led most dream interpreters to mix this dream with things that are likely to influence the dreamer's sexual power. The fact that snakes shed their skin it also represents the importance of change in your life, and that you may be forced to make a change in the future. Carl Jung believed that there is a hidden area in our unconscious mind known as an archetype. What is an archetype? This is just a symbol of your dream - such as the snake.

Carl Jung believed that symbols are themes of our dream. Another way that I like to put this is that an archetype is really a symbol or a theme that is deep in our minds, Ok, now you understand. We can turn to folklore, spirituality and also religion where archetypes are prevalent. In his book, a handbook of theory and practice of dream interpretation. Carl Jung covers the famous snake dream in quite some detail. He agreed with Freud's theory that the snake itself could possibly be a phallic symbol. Now, bet you’re wondering what this means.

Basically, Freud believed that snakes represented the penis. That the whole snake dream is focused on our own desire and possible frustration. So are you up for some action? Going back to Jung, on a spiritual level archetypes are always associated with a higher self if we relate this to the snake dream and Jung believed that snakes were archetypical. What does this mean I hear you say! Basically, Jung believed that the snake itself represented our awareness of life and it was connected to our inner energy and personality.

From Carl Jung’s book, he believed that snakes represent our own energy and life. Especially when they’re presented in large numbers in the dream state. Jung believed that the serpent in the dream is connected to wisdom and also healing. This is because of the staff of Asclepius, which is widely used as the symbol representing the medical world. Interestingly, when reading his book I was quite surprised to read that he also thought that a snake was connected to poison and danger. Carl Jung said that snake dreams occurred during REM sleep, He also connected this dream to our outer egos. additionally, Carl Jung believes that the possible symbolic meaning of the snake could be a reproduction of what you have experienced in waking life.

Why am I having a reoccurring snake dream?

It is not uncommon to see a snake in our conscious mind every day and not even be aware of it. This may be the reason for your recurring dream. Perhaps you have this dream because you saw a statue or picture, or even watched a snake on the television. I’m not saying that your dream does not mean anything because it definitely does, but sometimes “external” influences do affect the dream state. As our dreams unfold it is very rare to remember each and every dream. The fact that you remember the snake dream is a great sign. Having covered that, let’s now review the history of snakes in different cultures.

In both Greek and Roman cultures, the symbolism was associated with healing. From a biblical perspective, the snake in the Bible illustrates the source of temptation as well as forbidden knowledge. Moving onto the modern symbol of a snake. If we look at cartoons, TV shows and even movies the snake represents deception. The snake is normally portrayed as the baddie!

What does it mean to fall into a pit of snakes in a dream?

Falling into a pit of snakes is a warning. The pit of snakes itself represents many worries that you are experiencing in life. As snakes can symbolize difficult times this dream can be connected to how we are perceived by others. Are you happy with the way that you arbitrate work? Falling into snakes indicates that you will need to review how you approach your connections at work.

What does it mean to dream of entwined snakes?

Okay, I’m going to quickly give you an overview of what the Greeks believed entwined snakes mean. The Greeks believed that the entwined snake symbolizes healing. This comes from the Greek Mercury’s caduceus, which is a symbol of the medical world, so the interpretation of this dream is quite obvious. If you see entwined stakes it means that you need to look after your health, try and watch your diet and eat better.

What is the dream meaning of snakes attacking?

If a snake attacked you in your dream or attacked someone else it can suggest your fragile mental state. Are you feeling worried? If you’re feeling anxious and stressed then don’t worry things will work out in the end. To see multiple snakes attacking you in a dream means you should become more aware of a situation that can harm you in the near future. Maybe you’re entering a dangerous relationship with someone you like but you know you should focus on yourself. Now, the good news is that your dream is also a symbol of spiritual revitalization. You are going to become a much stronger person through any difficulties in life.

In many cultures, snakes are seen as symbols of transformation or growth; a sign that something brand new is about to take place in one's life. Seeing yourself being the victim of a snake’s attack could also mean fear of change or transformation. I also feel this dream could indicate feelings of vulnerability—you may feel like you're being attacked by forces outside your control that you can't protect yourself.

On the other hand, some of my dream books view snakes as representing temptation and seduction; a way for someone to treat their desires without thought for the consequences—a kind “snake in the pocket”, and it can suggest that there is something destructive taking place in your life which needs addressing before it spirals out of control and causes real damage. There is another message here, don’t try to run away from frightful encounters or situations–face them boldly despite whatever anxiety or apprehension we feel inside ourselves… because only then do our chances soar up high!

What does it mean to see a dream about a dead snake?

Seeing a dream about a dead snake can be quite unsettling, but it's important to not immediately jump to any conclusion that something is going to die in life. 

In my opinion, dreaming about something dead can mean the release of old ideas or desires in your life. Snakes usually represent transformation or change - so when you a dead snake in the dream, it normally indicates that something significant may have come to an end within yourself. Not that you are dying (but something needs to be set free).

I believe this interpretation applies especially if you were the one responsible for hitting the rock and killing the snake - as this could mean that you are actively taking steps towards letting go of a problem or person from your past that no longer serves you.

I also believe seeing the body of a snake --- could signify fear or anxiety  - because snakes have long been seen as symbols of rebirth or renewal due to their ability to shed their skin multiple times during their life; therefore -- this dream indicates radical transformation through time in life. Now, sometimes dreams involving dead snakes might reflect feelings related to some form of injustice occurring around us - like if we feel powerless against certain situations and our subconscious could be warning us to just focus on ourselves.


What is the dream interpretation of snakes biting?

If you dreamed of a snake biting you it implies that you may be having second thoughts in life in a situation in life. The “bite” is a representation of the anxieties that you are suffering in life. The snake bite itself is telling you that you need to suddenly turn around and the fact what is coming. Additionally, if the snake bit you on the legs it can denote spiritually that you may encounter a time to review your life. I have already focused a specific dream meaning on snake biting by clicking here so don’t forget to check this out. Now to some degree seeing a snake bite someone else or attacking is a reminder of the difficulties in your past and often a reminder.

To find yourself with a bite mark on your body or to see scars can remind you that you should not lose focus in life. It’s time you leave your past behind and move forward to your future with happiness. To see other people bitten by snakes in a dream indicates you can’t fix other people’s attitudes. Work on your self-confidence and rebuild your life. You can do it and still be proud of your scars of past problems and worries. The snake may also be the wake-up of facing a threat in life.

Biting snakes in dreams stem from ancient symbolism, where snakes represented transformation and healing. Seeing a lot of snakes biting in the dream suggests that you’re currently on a journey to discover or rediscover something important to you. In Greek mythology, Hermes was often depicted with two fangs - this logo has since been adopted as the medical symbol used for doctors today - so the reason why I mention this is there a connection between spiritual healing and medicine.

It is also possible that dreaming about a snake biting has more modern interpretations, such as warning signs surrounding your current life situation. It could be related to anything from risks posed by external forces like competitors or even just internal fears. More recently, there is some evidence that suggests dreaming about snake fangs could indicate suppressed emotions like guilt or resentment.

What does it mean if a snake bites on the left hand?

If a snake has bitten you on your left hand, it represents your weakness in life. You feel vulnerable or weak in someone’s presence and you want to overcome your fears of getting hurt. You also fear you will make a wrong choice and you’re concerned about your mental health. My advice is to try to overcome your fears by facing them. Focus on becoming an independent person in life. Once you do, you won’t fear people will hurt you or betray you anymore. You will feel confident enough to continue living your life even if it happens.

What does it mean to dream of a snake bite on the right hand?

If you dreamed of a snake bite on your right hand, it indicates a negative experience will soon happen in near future. You won’t be able to avoid it but you will overcome it thanks to your strength. I believe that the snake bite on the right hand is about how you approach your goals in life. After All, the right hand is what we make our life according to palmistry! If the snake bite was deep on the right hand it can indicate a hidden pattern of behavior. This may be your own or others.

What does it mean to dream of poisonous snakes?

If you dreamed of poisonous snakes, it means you’re in some kind of ‘poisonous’ relationship. A person you believe is improving your life, is actually doing the opposite. Try to think about who this might be! Do you already know who the person is? Keep your distance until you review and understand the relationship.

What does it mean to be surrounded by snakes in your dream?

In my opinion, to be surrounded by snakes that are wriggling and slithering often indicates your own anxieties in life. Perhaps you fall over the snakes or they crawl on you. This can be a rather disturbing dream I know.If you are surrounded by snakes it indicates that there have been a number of possibilities to progress your life. The fact that you were dreaming of snakes indicates that even though you have that opportunity for change were worried about the future.

So how can this help interpret your dream? The way you felt in the dream is equally important to do not cause you any harm at all. I want to end with an important message. In my view, you don’t need a psychologist to interpret your dream. If you remembered the dream well you can think about areas of your life that could have resulted in this dream. I’m asking you to pay attention to your intuition when you translate what your snake dream means. I truly believe that you will find the solution to your dream by looking deep inside yourself.

If you had a dream of being surrounded by snakes as I have already outlined it can be a concerning dream, the snakes themselves in a dream represent fake friends. So, if the snakes are everywhere it represents people are not being themselves! Yes, I know that is not what you want to hear! So if you are surrounded by snakes it indicates you are among people who don’t deserve your trust and friendship, and you know it. At times, we always come across people that have the power to change us. Small things become big and remember that winter turns to spring. The greatest change I ever saw was after I had this dream. It meant that I had to review the people around me, remember It’s always better to be alone than with the wrong people in life.

What is the connection with a snake dream and lottery number?

The connection between a lottery number and a snake dream is spiritual. If you dreamed of a specific number of snakes, it means you should play the lottery with the number and try your luck. It is very uncommon to dream of winning numbers so please be vigilant that you may not win! Snake dream lottery numbers: Now, according to my dream book: Aunty Sallys dream book on lucky numbers, If you dreamed of a viper the number you should play is 67, to dream of multiple snakes the number is 6, to dream of a green snake the number is 34, a red snake the number is 23. If in your dream you dream of a white snake then the number is 13. Obviously, this is just for entertainment purposes, so don’t read too much into it! Good luck!

What do green snake dreams mean?

Green snakes in a dream represent hope and your connection with your own soul. You’ve been experiencing some inner conflicts but you’re going to solve them on your own soon. Always look for peace within yourself, not in someone else, or someplace else. Green from a spiritual perspective is connected to grounding in life. You need to review how you focus on your own spiritual development. To read more about a green snake in a dream click here.

What does it mean to kill a snake in a dream?

If you killed a snake in your dream, it foretells you’re going to successfully avoid danger in waking life. You will also end a relationship with a toxic person who’s doing more harm than good in our life. Often, in many psychological dreams meaning books regarding snake dreams killing a snake is connected to our desires in life.

What does it mean to dream of eating snakes?

If you ate a snake in your dream state, it means you feel content and happy with your life. Your dream also signifies a desire for someone you know you’re not allowed to have. You’re not satisfied with your love life and you wish you had someone to fulfill your biggest desires. The actual "eating" a snake can also be connected to how you are feeling inside. Maybe you want more or are feeling a sense of helplessness in waking life? Eating snakes on a plate, for example, can indicate that you are wanting a new partner. So go out and get one!

I want to share a secret with you before I go. When I was 11 years old I started to begin to dream of snakes. This would be at least once a week, there would be hundreds of white snakes everywhere in my garden, bedroom and on the sidewalk. The snakes weren’t threatening to me at all. But as I was so young it did cause me some concern. Why was there so many snakes in my dream? I would sometimes half open my eyes in the morning and wonder if a snake was under my bed and I can remember feeling that I just wanted the snakes to go away. If I opened my eyes in the black of the night I could sometimes feel the movement of the snake. The dream at this time was extremely vivid and this led me to the path of dream interpretation that was nearly 30 years ago! So yes, I feel well-placed in order to decode your dream and I’m so grateful and thankful that you have found the website.

What do old dream books say about snake dreams?

Now, I have many spiritual magazines, research papers, and books, in fact, a whole library full of material related to the snake dream. In order to understand what this dream means I turned to the 1930s occult dream meanings. This is what they say: If you have a snake around your body, this can show some type of entrapment and ongoing problems in a relationship. This can signify marital difficulties and divorce. Even though it may be a negative situation and cause problems, the feeling of happiness will return eventually. If you see a snake on top of a dead body, this represents love, but can also show control.

Why is the snake dream so popular?

The dream of snakes appears more than once during this tremendous timespan. What I find even more fascinating about all the dreams that I have decoded about snakes is the fact that generally in waking life we do not encounter snakes on a regular basis! This has led me to believe that perhaps the fact that we subconsciously see snakes may be why the dream is so popular. Snakes also represent an opportunity to change and the ability to grow dependent upon the details of the dream.

What is the Chinese interpretation of dreaming of snakes?

In the Chinese culture, the snake is connected to intelligence, mystery, and manipulation. Unlike Islamic and Christian meanings, the snake doesn’t have an evil connotation in the Chinese culture. If you see a snake in your dream, the Chinese interpretation of your dream is associated with your personal growth, inner strength and acquiring power in waking life. If you’re being attacked by a snake in your dream, it’s a sign of endurance and mental strength. Your dream reveals your preparedness to deal with unexpected challenges.

What did snakes mean in ancient cultures?

Many ancient cultures viewed snakes as a symbol of immortality because they believed snakes reincarnate themselves when changing their skin. They’re also associated with immortality because of their ability to bite their tails and form a circle without a problem. In the process of forming a circle it looks like they’re forming spirals, and we all know that spirals and circles symbolize eternity and immortality. The circle was seen as an important symbol to Dahomeyan myth where the snake Danh was represented as a god, circled the world like a belt, preventing it from flying apart in splinters.

According to Egyptian myths, the state of existence before the creation of everything was symbolized as Amduat – snake from which Ra the Sun and all of the creation arose, returned every night, and was reborn each morning. The snake biting its tail symbolized the sea as the infinite ring which held the world tight. In Egypt, snakes have healing abilities and supernatural power. Egyptians actually believe that their gods manifest through snakes.

A snake is seen as the Devil in Christian traditions because of her involvement in Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. The Biblical story says that Adam and Eve disobeyed God by eating the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. And the one tempting them to do it was a snake. First, Eve took a bite of the forbidden fruit which in the case was an apple, and then she convinced Adam to do as well. You probably know the rest. God banishes both of them from the Garden of Eden and curses the snake. Meaning, in Christian traditions, a snake is a manifestation of the Devil.

What is the meaning of seeing dreams about snakes in Hindu astrology?

Snakes are a fascinating topic to explore in Hindu astrology. Let’s look into history a bit and understand the symbolism behind this powerful creature. Interestingly enough, dreaming about a snake in hindu astrology has been considered a sign for believing in focus in life. It is believed to be an omen of good luck and success in life when the snake appears in dreams. But,  if you dreamed of being bitten by a snake then unfortunately it was understood as bad news. Ancient Hindus believed that bites from snakes as highly perilous, and thus anything involving them should be taken with grave caution (at least symbolically).

When interpreting these dreams today, however, many modern astrologers interpret them differently - seeing them more as warnings rather than omens for luck or misfortune. I feel that from what I have read in my books is that dreaming about snakes can help us with certain aspects of our lives; relationships could become strained if we're not careful; finances may come under stress if we are too reckless; health issues may arise if we don't take proper precautions. To put it simply: pay attention!  As these dreams serve more so as advice rather than curses or blessings (regardless of whether they bite you or not). I feel that understanding one's own subconscious mind is important when attempting to interpret any kind of snake dream. 

What is the cultural meaning of seeing a dream about snakes?

Let me explain the cultural meaning of seeing a dream about snakes, there are some universally accepted meanings -- as I have already said these are symbols of transformation, healing, and knowledge. Snakes have been featured prominently in mythology for centuries; their significance can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome with the mythical snake-entwined staff (often referred as the serpent-staff) known as the Caduceus (or kerykeion). This staff was held by messengers of gods like Hermes or Mercury in Greek religion who were considered guardians of travelers on journeys through heavenly realms or underworlds filled with magical creatures. The double serpents entwining up a rod (like the one associated with doctors) represent duality – good versus evil, male versus female energies – which can lead us toward harmony and balance within ourselves if we heed its warning signs.

Seeing a snake in the dream world could also imply that something is hidden from you or that you need to pay extra attention to certain areas of your life where you may feel out of control or vulnerable. It could signify fears around commitments or an intimate relationship that needs further examination before continuing into more serious territory. A fear-related dream involving snakes can also indicate our own intuition telling us not to take an action we might regret later on down the line - so don’t ignore these warnings! Finally for some people dreaming about snakes serves as a reminder from our subconscious to take time off from our regular daily routines and pursue inner peace through meditation practices - something often overlooked but highly important for mental wellbeing in today's crazy world! 

What is the symbolism of seeing a dream about snakes?

In most cultures, a snake is seen as a sign of good things to come. This belief dates back well before modern times; for example, in Greek mythology snakes were associated with the god Hermes who was a symbol for communication, travel, trade, and commerce.

In many cases, seeing a coiled snake in your dream indicates that you feel trapped or unable to move forward due to some challenge or obstacle in your life. It may also mean fertility as snakes have been symbolic --- since ancient times because they have the ability to shed their skin and take on new forms every season. When it comes to what type of 'good' is going to come from seeing a dream about snakes depends entirely on the context in which it appears. If you see an uncoiled snake (that is not threatening you) then it could suggest potential success and prosperity — if however, one sees an angry or venomous snake then it's likely indicating danger in regards to someone’s words --- someone can’t be trusted. 

What does it mean to see a dream about a lot of snakes?

I’m not sure you know this but dreams about snakes are some of the most common and powerful dreams that everyone experiences. It is believed that they often represent our feelings about something in our life or significant changes taking place within us. When we dream of a lot of snakes, it typically shows fear, transformation, and power struggles that may occur in waking life.

I also feel that this dream may signal to us the presence of Hermes the trickster god who is known for using his staff to fight off serpents like dragons and other such creatures. This god represents not only protection but also change and he is happy to deal with dangerous encounters head-on. I have no doubt that if you have these “snake” dreams then it's telling you it's time to take decisive action in your life so you can move forward instead of feeling stuck in a situation where fear has taken away your ability to see solutions for any problems.

I also believe when we experience this kind of dream, it’s a call from our subconscious mind telling us pay attention because a difficult yet necessary transition may be headed our way soon which could possibly bring out inner strength we never thought was possible before. In this time of challenge no problem is too big or small to overcome. 

I believe seeing snakes in our dreams gives us strong reminders related to understanding how powerful transformation can be.

What do snakes mean in Greek mythology?

In Greek mythology, snakes are respected creatures. They’re associated with healing and the ancient myth of Aesculapius, whose snake-familiars crawled across the bodies of sick people at night and licked them. This affected their health in a positive way. Allegedly, they were all waking up healed in the morning. In parts of South Asia, snakes are seen as possessing creatures with aphrodisiac qualities. According to myths in Greek culture, those who could not see or hear we're supposed to get licked on their eyes or ears by a snake in order to acquire back their sight and hearing.

What do snakes mean in Aztec tradition?

The Aztec culture is one of the most mysterious but also most successful cultures around the world. And as in many cultures, the primary and crucial gods in Aztec culture were the snakes. They’re seen as symbols of health, creation, and vitality. Snakes played an important role in the Aztec culture that can be noticed in the surrounding buildings. The Coatepec or as many like to call it “hill of the serpents” is considered as holy ground. Allegedly, It’s the birthplace of the god Huitzilopochtli, which makes the ground sacred. Western cultures responded negatively to venomous snakes because, in the mind of people, snakes were dangerous and negative creatures. However, in Aztec culture, people admired snakes and their power to kill with their venom, instead of fearing them and their presence.

What does it mean to see a dream about snakes in the water?

A dream about seeing snakes in water can be quite perplexing. It’s natural to feel a jolt of fear upon seeing these slimy creatures slithering through the water, but dreams pop up for various reasons and oftentimes our dreams reflect our deepest hidden emotions.

In general, dreaming about snakes in the water could indicate your own emotional journey – that you are going somewhere new, or developing in some way and exploring your inner depths. If the snake appears out of nowhere then it might just mean that your subconscious mind is communicating in your dream. On the other hand, if you're actively chasing the snakes in water --- then it could mean there is something that is coming back around into your life after a period of absence or sleeping dormant within you.


If a river or ocean forms part of your dream, the water is associated with emotion flowing in your body. This dream if the water is turbulent (currents) reflects the fact we may not be able to progress forward because our thoughts become muddled up with crazy things - just like when fish swim against strong currents or swim upstream when exhausted by the current --- both literally and figuratively speaking!

Summary of a snake dream

The snake has both male and female aspects. Consequently, in the dream state, the snake is associated with female power. Many old dream dictionaries foretell that the snake symbol is associated with deceit. In the Indian tradition typically the Badaga dreaming of snakes represents a new threat in the home. In Mexico the snake dream is connected to quarrels, feeling trapped, wealth and also money. The snake dream is also connected to shamanic power and a sign that the dreamer is strong. A famous theory of the snake by Sigmund Freud is that the snake represents the male reproductive organ.

The snake can represent different advice depending on the details of the dream itself. As we have already outlined the snake is representative of our life cycle in the world. The snake itself can be a symbol of life and death and is connected to how we are perceived by others. In many occult writings the snake itself is a symbol of energy, the energy and life force of life itself.

In order to understand the basic dream interpretation, it is important for us to look at the different elements of the dream. In life sometimes we dream vividly, in black and white alternatively we dream in colour. The snake dream is often connected to nightmares, thus, can be terrifying or worrying. It may be that you wake up and are worried about your subconscious mind? It is important to recognize that the snake is connected to our subconscious hidden emotions and in terms of the occult the snake symbolizes healing.

 In many ancient dream dictionaries, the snake represents discontentment and also the importance of healing. If you are bitten by a snake then this is generally associated with an enemy in life. If we look at the snake as a symbol it sheds its skin and is a sign of rebirth/transformation. To see more than one snake in a dream can suggest that you have a number of enemies that are against you at the moment. 

 In your dream

  • A snake was seen in the dream state.
  • You were frightened of seeing a snake in your dream.
  • Other people were frightened of seeing a snake in your dream.
  • You killed a snake in your dream.
  • Other people killed a snake in your dream.
  • A snake with many patterns was featured in your dream.

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