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Dreams and Nightmares can come in many forms, one nightmare that has been experienced many times is to be possessed by a demon. Many cultures report "demon" type of nightmares.

I have provided an overview of demon dreams below so you can understand why you have had such a dream. I personally have seen one demon that appeared during sleeping and waking and he was trying to squash me, I found this demon on top of me when I awoke. Obviously, I know how to remove such beings as I am a forty year old psychic and having been learning about dreams and the occult for many years. The most memorable experience that I have had was when I was doing a ougi board at 15 years old.

The devil that I had accidentally summoned appeared on the board - I asked him to leave by saying a protection rite. The front door opened and closed as he left. To me, demons exist. Through my many years of psychic experiences, I hope to uncover clues here as to what the demonic possessions represented in your dream.

Often, many people experience either seeing a demon at night or alternatively dreaming that people are possessed. Has this happened to you? From all the comments below, it is clear this is a popular dream and I hope that this will help you uncover clues of how your own emotional mechanism is involved when trying to decode this dream or experience.

The first question I’m going to ask is how can a demon appear in the dream state?

In order to answer this, we need to understand the ego. Basically, this is your emotional state. If you’re anxious, stressed or worried in life then it common to dream of demon possession. By analyzing the vast amount of dreams regarding demon possession I have come to the conclusion that demonic infestations can take place in our dreams.

A great book by Patrick McNamara looked at a collection of demon dreams and he analyzed at many "demon" dream accounts posted online. The strange thing about demon dreams is that they seem to all have similar creepy characteristics. Even I have noticed the same “themes” occurring on a regular basis. It is these themes that I will look at during this interpretation. Some people have reported waking up with bruises and scratches, even with dirty feet. It is not comfortable reading I am sorry, these dreams can leave you feeling frightened and overwhelmed. Don't worry you are in the right place so just scroll down to find your dream.

The word "nightmare" derives from the Anglo-Saxon word "marc." meaning demon, which is related to the Sanskrit words "Mara," meaning destroyer, and "mar," meaning to crush. The word "night-mare," therefore, carries with it connotations of being crushed by demonic forces. In this particular type of dream, the dreamer often feels helpless in the face of danger and experiences overwhelming fear and anxiety. Originally, this was thought to be caused by an actual visitation of a night demon. Dreams of being possessed by a demon may alarm you as a person. It may represent stress and anxiety about life. It can also mean that you lack confidence and you need to build your inner self-confidence.

What is the detailed dream interpretation of demon possession?

Dreaming about demon possession can be rather frightening. Because of the common belief in devils prior to the contemporary period. To have this dream reoccurring would frequently be described as the invasion of demonic forces. This explanation is common, there are ceremonies meant to safeguard the sleeper from evil. Regardless of the many revelatory dreams. If one has this dream on a regular basis it is advised to sleep with a bible under the mattress. The Christian tradition has generally taken an adverse attitude towards dreaming. Some medieval churchmen denounced all dreams as masterpieces from the Demon. Speculation around the demonic status of bad dreams with Christianity dates back many years. Going back to the actual dream, for one, the dream is also dependent to the color of the demon because different colors mean different things. The dream can be positive or negative.

What does it mean to be possessed by a red demon?

Anger will present itself in many ways. Red is the most intense color in the spectrum of the rainbow, it has the longest wavelength and is connected to love, anger, sex and it can symbolize one's life force. If you dream, for example, that you are bleeding, look to see what areas in your life is literally sapping your energy and vitality. If you are a red devil in your dream you are feeling vital and alive in that situation. Dreaming of a demonic possession when the demon is red may mean a depressed mind. It can also mean that you are facing life’s frustrations. Dreaming of a demonic possession may result in certain feelings or emotions which you find it difficult to express. To become a demon with sharp teeth it means that you have fear about your health. To see a demon which is light in color, such as yellow, blue or white is an omen of great fortune.

What do black eyes mean in regards to demonic possession?

There are certain characteristics of demon possession such as black eyes. We all know the term the “eyes are the window of our soul” and any changes in the pupils or retinas of the eyes can be a sign of being possessed. Both angels and demons are suppose to communicate through our eyes and it is common to see in dreams people whom are possessed with black eyes. In regards to interpretation this raises the question of how many people appeared possessed. If you could see groups of people with black eyes then the dream can indicate that you are suffering minor anxieties. Spirit possession of any form that includes black eyes indicates external pressures in life - normally by superiors.

What is the charlie charlie game?

If you have ever heard of Charlie Charlie it is a game to summon demons. I am reporting this because many people have used charlie charlie to understand what their dream means. If you summon a spirit using this method don’t blame me I am not saying do this game because people have had to have therapy after carrying this out. People after having a demon dream have used this method in order to gain answers. If you have not heard of Charlie Charlie then I will explain what the game means - and how it can be used in order to understand your dream better but it comes with a warning. The charlie charlie origins are unknown, but it basically comes from Spanish game which is known as “Juego de la Lapicera” which is a game the pens. This game is extremely popular in Spain as well as central and South America it is particularly used by teenagers and is rather similar to consulting the Ouija board the most important thing when consulting anything such as the Ouija board or charlie charlie is that people fail to draw a white light of protection around them.

In April 2015 in the Dominican Republic, it was reported on the TV news that the game was all over social media and consequently banned in schools. This ban was expanded to Jamaica and also Fiji. I am not giving advice here so please use this part of the dream meaning as entertainment only. This game is supposed to bring spirits into communication. In order to play the game, people draw on paper a four grid - “yes” or “no” then balance two pencils across each other - saying “charlie, charlie” can we play? Charlie can be a ghost, spirit or demon and one of the pencils is suppose to go into one of the boxes when you ask the question. The pencil is supposed to rotate on the sheet of paper. Who is charlie? Charlie is supposed to be a “spirit” that is connected to a child that has black and red eyes.

What is the dream interpretation of being possessed?

In literature, this is connected to the occult dreams to be possessed in a dream can be connected to an actual visitation of a demon at night. I have had many comments left by users where people have been left alarmed, and the dream has caused people to suffer anxiety and stress but I am here to tell you not to worry. I would urge you first of all to put the dream in the context of your life. A good nights sleep allows us to recharge our batteries and experience thoughts on a subconscious level. From a psychological point of view Freud and Jung believed demon dreams are associated with our inner confidence and you need to build your self-confidence to be strong.

1920’s meaning of dreaming of a demon possession:

Dreaming about demon possession does not always mean negativity. It also means that you are going to be ready to face problems. The dream will encourage you to conquer your fears in life. Dreaming about demon possession will make you feel stronger and confident.

What does it mean to dream of a possessed child?

If an evil spirit is possessing a child in a dream this can be rather worrying. I don’t really want to go into too much detail here about child possession as it is uncomfortable and I am sure you are still worried about your dream, but to see a child in your dream who is possessed indicates that you yourself are feeling vulnerable. The child is “your inner child” even if you dream of your son or daughter being possessed in a dream. The reason that you might have seen such a demonic assault is that you are having changing beliefs about your relationship to others. To see the child’s eyes turn black in a dream indicates that you may get verbally attacked. The symbol in dreams is connected to a spiritual battle within. I have researched many sources of child possession such as the Nyndge, a book about the declaring the fearful vexation. In conclusion, dreaming of children possessed indicates that you will encounter difficulties and I want to emphasize that the manner of the possession in your dream will also have an effect.

What is the dream interpretation of seeing many people demonic possessed?

Seeing a large group of people possessed can indicate that you are feeling alienated from others. If people were "zombie" like this can indicate wanting to move away from others in society. This dream reminds me of the Netflix series black mirror where people were possessed so I don't want to freak you out but it can just be your own mind as you have been feeling "left out" in life. Yes, it is a scary dream and thought especially if you are pursued by people in the dream. It is very likely that in your dream you are being chased by people possessed and it can indicate the need for approval of other people. To see people trying to carry out exorcistic actions to others in a dream indicates possible humiliation of others.

What does it mean to dream of a family member being possessed?

A demon in the real world represents negative thoughts and energies. This dream could be from your dark side, inside you, or from forces beyond your control. To dream that someone you know is possessed by the devil or demons could imply from a psychological viewpoint that you are your own worst enemy. The demons in you could be dragging you down and bringing out the darker side of the real you. If you feel confused and you don’t know what to do, you have an option of turning to your spirit guide and asking them for a way forward. Alternatively, this dream could imply that you need to turn to someone you trust if you have to encounter a difficult situation.

What does it mean to see black demons in a dream?

The black demon seen in dreams can indicate that there is a spiritual battle going on for the possessions of minds and spirits. The biblical scripture is clear and outlines Satan and his existence. Indeed, in my research I found many old occult books referring to black demons. To see a black demon or are possessed by one is an indication of our own temptation. If you dream of a demon in any shape or form, traditionally this is interpreted as an alarming dream - and according to ancient dream, books is a negative omen. There is a possibility of a hostile and powerful external force of deterioration in your life. It could be complicated and be seen across: work, friendship, or an imbalance at home. Often, after such dreams, the dreamer will experience something that threatens them and causes anxiety and confusion. This dream is like the tower in the tarot deck, something is going to hit your stable and calm life. Though, it is not all gloom! Through negative experiences, we learn to grow and develop.

What does it mean to be unable to move in bed and seeing demons around you?

A dream whereby you are unable to move in bed can be associated with sleep paralysis – it means that you are having something shadowing your mind in real life which could be as a result of two forces of thinking or dealing with a situation. The dream seems to present irrational desires and thoughts which conflict with more practical, and rational reasoning. The demons around you in a dream could mean that you will find problems related to finances or money. To move forward, you will need to decide as there is no middle ground in your current situation.

What does it mean to meet a possessed woman?

If you are pregnant, and you dream of being possessed then this implies that you have hidden fears. Pregnancy seen in dreams (when you are not pregnant in real life) often denotes that you are experiencing some difficult time in your life with your lover or spouse. To see a possessed woman acting strange represents your future relationship with your lover or spouse. The woman could be a symbol of the pain and hardship you are going to go through in future and thus, you should consider whether you want to move on with a relationship.

What does it mean to dream of a grandmother being possessed?

When you dream of a grandmother, it is a positive omen as it means that, you are going to easily overcome the troubles which you are currently going through and that, at any given time, you are going to have a shelter. Your grandmother being possessed in the dream is an indicator that, you are feeling unhappy. The symbol of love and stability is your grandmother. It is an indicator that at the moment, life is tough and thus your inner demons are at work.

What does it mean to dream that you are bowing before a demon?

If you dream that you are bowing in reverence, submission or shame to demons, it is a sign that there are going to be significant changes at your workplace which will likely be concerning your direct supervisors or directors, managers, or owners. Due to the shift, the powers are going to affect your future and even your current status, and thus, it is important to stay alert and make sure that you seize an opportunity during the upheaval to your benefit.

What does it mean to dream of dancing with a demon?

If you dream that you are dancing with a demon, it can imply that you are likely to assume a position of great power. You will have authority and influence over those around you. Regardless of the changes that are going to happen, it is impossible for this dream to predict if it will be beneficial for your life or bring about suffering and hardships into your life.

What does it mean to be chased by a people who are possessed in your dream?

If you dream that you are being chased by a demon in your dream, it is a vision which is reflecting on your inner concerns and disquiet relating to a certain project or goal that you view as illegal or wrong and which you have already joined unwillingly or willingly. Alternatively, the dream could be an indicator of your being worried about embarking on a project late and unable to finish it on time. It could be a project, an exam, duty or any task or responsibility assigned to you.

What does it mean to dream of having to leave a house because it is possessed?

A dream where you dream of your childhood home carries with it positive sign comfortability. Demons inside the house is a powerful sign representing your acknowledgment of the dark feelings you are harboring. It is about time you looked inside yourself and find out why everyone is running away from you. You will need to take steps and try to improve your attitude so that you will attract others to you in the future and be happy again in life.

What does it mean to dream of feeding a demon?

When you dream that you are feeding a demon then in old dream books this means that you will encounter ill luck. It could be foretelling of impending problems. Feeding a demon your own energy or soul can sometimes occur and it just means psychologically that you are closing yourself off to new opportunities. After such a dream try to stay alert and away from possible dangers.

What does it mean to dream of being scared of a demon?

A dream where you see yourself scared of a demon is a reflection of insecurity and worries that are deep within you. You may be worried about what the future holds. Though it is impossible to know the source of the worries, there is a likelihood that they are caused by possible overlooked and underestimated tasks or duties in your life.

What does it mean to hear demon whispers in a dream?

This dream is not uncommon. To dream of hearing demon whispers can be unsettling. These whispers could appear to be our bedrooms or alternatively in the dream state. For example, if you dream of a demon whispering to you - or softly speaking then this can have a broad interpretation as many different dream dictionaries say many different things. To summarize demon whispers can denote: dark forces, difficult times and trying to understand your surroundings. To hear a demon whisper to you during the dream indicates that you need to literally cleanse yourself of negative energy. We might by accident invite negative energies to our life and be susceptible to this kind of “demon” contact. A salt bath can do wonders in order to clean your energy

What does it mean to see a demon disguised as someone else?

At times, in dreams, we can sometimes see a demon possess someone we know. This could be a family member, friend or a child. In many dream dictionaries, this type of dream denotes conflict. There is a high probability that you have had this dream because you are trying to find answers in waking life. This is not to say that the person you dreamed of is possessed. I have read a lot about this subject and demon possessions are suppose to happen at pre-birth and there are many circumstances when we can grow as individuals in order to overcome negative energy patterns. Often demons are known as fallen angels. You should try to be instinctive of your own feelings if you have a reoccurring dream of people you know turning into demons. It could just indicate that you are facing someone that you do not trust.

What does it mean to see someone else possessed by a demon in your sleep?

Dreaming of seeing someone possessed by a demon could denote that, you are going to be deceived or someone will take advantage of you. This will be through meeting a dishonest or immoral person. At times these types of dreams crop up when there is a criminal gang in your locality. Use this dream as a precaution and make sure that you are careful about what is happening around you to minimize the possibilities of such happenings. Alternatively, the dream could imply that you are going to have a long and prosperous life.

What does being possessed by a demon feel like?

The first question to ask is the fact of being possessed by demons true? For that, I cannot answer. In Victorian times it was commonplace for people who were suffering from depression and so forth to be labeled as being possessed. As time and the modern work has changed we are generally more dismissive of demonic possessions. In order to answer this question, I researched a number of older books. When you are possessed by a demon, it is an experience which can only be explained by those who have the unfortunate experience of going through such trauma. According to those that were “possessed” in the past, it occurs somewhat slowly. You will encounter shuffling sounds, items disappearing, objects moving from where they are stationed. After such an experience there are normally a few decisions that one must make. You can decide to close yourself off the demons and gain protection or welcome them into your life, your home, and your mind. If you happen to welcome them in, they will come and not want to leave again. In some older occult texts, it has been suggested that demons will present themselves as a mental block of the mind. The way you interact with others, your mood, and the feeling you have about your own actions will change and by the negative feeling will now arouse your own thought processes.

One does not have the energy to fight back because the demons have become a part of them. One’s blood, bones, eyes, and brain are covered with the demon’s hands, and they will continue drawing you closer to the edge of a cliff which is very dangerous. At that point, they will stop because they know, there is no turning back for you and you are going to focus on your own life but things may be difficult for a while. Reading some other accounts, people have been filled with a dangerous lust, which cannot be described. This lust has later on made people isolate themselves from the rest of the world.

So, being possessed by a demon results in being angry, bitter, frustrated and a narcissistic person. It is hard to think of your own persona in such a way. There have been accounts that others will no longer recognize you at all. Demons will affect your mind and this could work towards focusing on isolating yourself in life. The advice from occult books is to try to spend some time alone. You may find that doors close without anyone closing them and the phone and electrics may be sluggish or switch on and off. The demons will affect your own personal grooming and basic needs are no longer a requirement. Often, in many books being possessed indicates that you may go inside yourself and ignore others – even those who are close to you. If someone mentions Jesus Christ, crucifixes, Christians, church and priests will make you feel irritable.

What can you do if you feel you may be possessed?

There are a number of recommendations on what to do when you believe you are possessed. Breathing in fresh air will help you as well as being in the sunlight. Prayers and seeking expert help.

What does it mean to dream of being possessed by a ghost?

Most people tend to think that dreaming of ghosts is worrying and consequently a nightmare. The dream may make you sweat, talk in your deep sleep and even experience strange movements such as kicking. You might even wake up gasping for air with a heart that is pounding heavily. With such symptoms, we can then determine that this dream qualifies to be a nightmare. The dream about being possessed by a ghost originates from your subconscious. The dream of being possessed by a ghost generally happens to people who are going through a traumatic experience in life. The ghost in your dream can be a representation of your inner thoughts.

What does it mean to be possessed in your sleep?

When you dream that you are possessed in your sleep, don’t be scared because this dream is common – look at the end of this article at the number of comments I have regarding these dreams. The demon could hold you down, grab you by the throat, sexually contact, or the demon can sit on your chest. People suffering from sleep paralyzes often dream of demon possession, and when waking up, they find out that they are partially paralyzed. Common feelings in your sleep: Feeling that you are being strangled and the demon is crushing you. Pressure on your chest or forehead which is caused by the brain coming through to the conscious mind. Often, you could sleep for hours but you wake up and are still tired. To avoid these feelings, you can sleep on your side other than your back. Tiredness then leads to emotional vulnerability and intellectual weakness.

What does it mean to dream of your girlfriend being possessed?

Dreaming of your girlfriend being possessed is indicative of how you truly feel about your relationship, and how this is faring on. You are deeply compatible. Alternatively, it could represent a temporal lapse of self-control which is overriding your own rational thinking. Negative urges and emotions are overcoming you.

What does it mean to dream of your boyfriend possessed?

To dream that your boyfriend is possessed could denote the powerful feelings you have about him - and are unable to control your emotions or sexual urges. You could be out of control or overcome by the emotions that you feel. It could be that you have experienced jealousy, anger, or negative emotions.

What does it mean to dream you are possessed by the devil, satan or a demon?

Dreaming of being possessed by a demon, satan or the devil could be bringing out the negative side of you which you are always in denial of. It could also be a representation of a negative viewpoint to a problem or a situation you are dealing with during your waking time. Alternatively, there is a possibility that, there are some thoughts or actions you got involved in the recent past and which you are guilty of.

What does it mean to dream of a demon transforming?

To see a demon transforming is an indication of a concealed part of your emotions or personality which you might not be fully aware of problems in your life. It could be an expression of unexplained fear. It is common to dream of “transforming” into a demon and if this appeared in your dream can indicate that you need to investigate a matter of emotion more closely. This dream can signify your own conscious mind and will help you evaluate any obstacles that you need to face.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of demon possession:

Fear, anger, frustrations, anxiety, shock and choked are the usual experience felt by those who encountered this kind of dream. It is not easy to be haunted by a dream like this. Most of the time, it is very important that a person must conquer such fear. Disappointment is also a dominant feeling after this kind of dream.

You may dream of the following:

A demon as an enemy. You are a demon when you face in a mirror. You are possessed by a demon and you have a strange energy around you. A demon that haunts you each time you feel at peace.

Positive changes are afoot if:

You were able to overcome the demon. You could see a priest and he was able to help the demon. You got over being possessed by the demon.

By Flo Saul
Mar 22, 2013