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demon dream meaning

Demon Possession.

Dreams and Nightmares can come in many forms, one nightmare that has been experienced many times is to be possessed by a demon.  Many cultures and all time periods report these types of nightmares.

The word "nightmare" derives from the Anglo-Saxon word "marc." meaning demon, which is related to the Sanskrit words "Mara," meaning destroyer, and "mar," meaning to crush. The word "night-mare," therefore, carries with it connotations of being crushed by demonic forces. In this particular type of dream, the dreamer often feels helpless in the face of danger and experiences overwhelming fear and anxiety. Originally, this was thought to be caused by an actual visitation of a night demon.


Dreams of being possessed by a demon may alarm you as a person. It may represent stress and anxiety about life. It can also mean that you lack confidence and you need to build your inner self-confidence.

You may dream of the following...

  • A demon as an enemy.
  • You are a demon when you face in a mirror.
  • You are possessed by a demon and you have a strange energy around you.
  • A demon that haunts you each time you feel at peace.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • You were able to overcome the demon.
  • You could see a priest and was able to help the demon.
  • You got over being possessed by the demon.

Detailed dream interpretation...

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Dreaming about demon possession can be rather frightening. Because of the common belief in devils prior to the contemporary period. To have this dream reoccurring would frequently be described as the invasion of demonic forces. This explanation is common,  there are ceremonies meant to safeguard the sleeper from evil. Regardless of the many revelatory dreams. If one has this dream on a regular basis it is advised to sleep with a bible under the mattress. The Christian tradition has generally taken an adverse attitude towards dreaming. Some medieval churchmen denounced all dreams as masterpieces from the Demon. Speculation around the demonic status of bad dreams with Christianity dates back many years.

Going back to the actual dream, for one, the dream is also dependent to the color of the demon because different colours mean different things. The dream can be positive or negative.

To be possessed by a red demon…

Anger will present itself. Red is the most intense color in the spectrum of the rainbow, it has the longest wavelength and is connected to love, anger, sex and it can symbolize one's  life force. If you dream, for example, that you are bleeding, look to see what areas in your life is literally sapping your energy and vitality. If you are a red devil in your dream you are feeling vital and alive in that situation.


Dreaming of a demonic possession may mean a depressed mind. It can also mean that you are facing life’s frustrations. Dreaming of a demonic possession may result in certain feelings or emotions which you find it difficult to express. To become a demon with a sharp teeth it means that you have fear about your health. To see a demon which is light in color, such as yellow, blue or white is an omen of great fortune.

1920’s meaning of dreaming of a demon possession…

  • Dreaming about demon possession does not always mean negativity. It also means that you are going to be ready to face problems.
  • The dream will encourage you to conquer your fears in life.
  • Dreaming about demon possession will make you feel stronger and confident.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of demon possession...

Fear, anger, frustrations, anxiety, shock and choked are the usual experience felt by those who encountered this kind of dream. It is not easy to be haunted by a dream like this. Most of the time, it is very important that a person must conquer such fear. Disappointment is also a dominant feeling after this kind of dream.


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