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Dream dictionary meaning  Anima


The term Anima was developed by Jung to illustrate the opposite-sex. This can sometimes mean the inner female of a man or the inner male of a female.

These are terms which Jung developed to illustrate different personality traits. Jung believed that everyone holds both masculine and feminine personality characters. If you are male, the anima may be the womanly element dwelling in the depths of your mind. Jung's interpreters felt that the anima/animus persona could only be understood by people who have known true love.


Nevertheless, each of our opposite-gender selves may provide male or female feelings. Whenever you desire somebody of the opposite sex, they may represent your own personal internal anima tendencies. Carefully consider individuals in your dreams against your own anima.

If you found tendencies of the opposite sex during your dream, such as cross-dressing, or simply displaying a personality trait of the opposite sex then this dream meaning will apply. A female will be predominantly female, but she still holds some male hormones. Emotionally, we might simply express our feelings dependent upon our sex. In a women, the powerful, intellectual as well as socially challenging personality is often associated with male traits, for example assertiveness and also career progression. Evidently this just isn't correct for the contemporary women.

In your dream you may have...

  • Seen a person of the opposite sex appear in your dream e.g. (rapist, witch, wizard, policeman, father, mother, vicar etc).
  • Merged with a figure (male or female in your dream).
  • Met a lover in your dream.
  • Expressed female / male tendencies.
  • Wearing accoutrement commonly associated with the opposite sex - cross dressing.

Positive changes are afoot if…

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  • You were aware of the male or female influence but overall dream was positive.
  • Good lessons were learnt in the dream.

New beginnings in your life are needed if in your dream…

  • You expressed negativity to the situation within your dream.
  • The situation was not making you feel comfortable.
  • The dream involved fear or not being things beyond the obvious.

Detailed dream meaning...

Generally speaking we can say the male in a woman’s desires symbolizes the actual woman’s psychological and also sociable power, her capability to work creatively in ‘the world’ is due to the male hormones she holds. The actual animus is a functionality of all the men that this women has known. So the whole realm of her experience with males can be displayed through the man that she desires the most, her lover or father. Femaleness or perhaps maleness should not be mistaken for individuality. Jung tried to describe this as someone having a dream as a person; they may show traits of being male or female, regardless of what the body says.

The actual animus can be portrayed in a desire by a heroic or perhaps non secular male figure, through her sibling or father, or a male animal such as the lion or bull. The particular animus can be wonderfully creative or even incredibly harmful, based upon ones relationship with it. Ethnic symbols can also be interpreted during the dream state; any male dwarf; a medicine man such as a shaman, a rapist, or even the gentleman the woman is getting married to, can appear in the dream. The actual negative part of the animus might be present if this hurts the woman during her dream. In waking life, the women may show male traits such as being hard-nosed, stubborn, and also inaccessible. An example of a woman by using these traits is Joan Arc. The particular unfavorable animus might also direct a woman into destructive behavior in relation to her husband or children.


Jung referred to four elements that make up the definition of the animus that appear in a female. He first appears in the female's dreams and fantasy because the embodiment of physical energy, a sports athlete, footballer or policeman. Within the second stage, the animus gives the female an idea for action. This provides the convenience of getting the women to want masculine things. Jung believed a women's desire to have independence in regards to a career of her own, is due to the masculine personality traits. The third stage of the animus is the "words," which is frequently be used in dreams, these words could be associated with males such as a policeman or clergyman. Within the final stage of the animus this is the highest level of spiritual meaning.

Some males will notice females within their dreams. In terms of the male's body it will be mostly male, but every man generates several feminine hormones. Inside a male, the nurturing side in connection with children will be there. Aside from this, traits such as intuition and also conscious creativeness can also be located. These secondary or perhaps hidden features tend to be portrayed by the woman within dreams of the male. The actual femaleness or perhaps manliness should not be confused with individuality. Generally we could say the female signifies the particular man’s inner thoughts, such as the actual strength to protect and nurture children, and also the natural side of themselves. The actual anima is acquired because of the female influences on the male in the dream. These can include the dreamer's mother.

The actual aspects of the anima may be wonderfully innovative and beautiful, strongly featured, or even magnificently dangerous. So this female influence may appear in a dream as a witch, a granny, a good enigmatic woman number for instance a woman with the forest, or a sacred lady. Sometimes it is represented simply by a graphic like a tigress, lioness, a female inside a cavern, a ship or the ocean.

An element from the anima that is often overlooked is if the male encounters a virgin during his dreams. It represents a certain and unexplainable part of the human brain. The actual virgin symbolizes the opportunity to release preconceptions, and thus open the doors to pure intuition. This particular pure intuition can lead not just in becoming mindful of the particular facet of awareness but a deeper, higher self.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of delivering of seeing an anima...


Fear, anxiety, doubt, unpreparedness, happiness, confidence, reborn and trust are the feelings you might feel during the dream and these are also the same feelings that you may realize in a real life situation.

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