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There are several different references to vices in dreaming.

This could either describe a piece of machinery which squeezes you or squeezes something else in your presence violently, pressing you against something else or just squeezing you like a grape or it could describing something which you indulge in, also known as a vice.When dreaming of being squeezed by a vice, this is representative that the dreamer is feeling stuck in their work life and has no idea where to turn for help.

The slow crunching of the vice in the dream shows how the dreamer is feeling about their lack of control. They feel as though they can’t move forward with a big project. A vice can also be an addiction or something that is used as a crutch. Dreaming of not being able to cope is a sign of losing control and can also be indicative of going to go through a time of ignorance in work endeavors.

In this dream you may have

  • Dreamed you were squeezed by a vice.
  • Discovered that alcohol was your vice.
  • Saw an animal being crushed by a vice.
  • Destroyed a vice.
  • Discovered that drugs were your vice.
  • Found that sex with men is your vice.
  • Found that sex with women is your vice.
  • Were addicted to alcohol.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You broke the vice before it had a chance to squeeze you.
  • You saved and injured animal from the vice.
  • You went to a 12 step program for your vice.
  • Sought help from friends or loved ones with your vice.

Detailed dream meaning

Dreaming of being trapped by a vice, of being squeezed, or of being threatened by a vice indicates losing in your waking world. Usually the loss that you are going to experience is one of social or connective status with others. The pressure that is represented with the dream can indicate outward pressures that you are experiencing. When you have dreams where you are being threatened this can actually be somewhat prophetic indicating tough times coming your way.

Because of the unpleasantness of the dream you want to understand that the dream that you are having is directly linked to you and your own life. Pressures, stress, and When dreaming that one is in charge of the vice and are squeezing someone else to torture them, this means the dreamer is going to get in a fight with someone they care about.

When you dream about someone else in a vice this is a positive sign that your own life is going to get easier in the future. This is a positive sign of change and progress in your life. Dreaming of an animal in a vice is a sign of moving forward in your own life and positive progress regarding progressive movement going forward.

Dreaming of breaking a vice in order to free oneself or free someone else this means that the dreamer will soon take hold of the pressures of their life and let go of what does not serve them. This is symbolic of trouble going away.

When you have dreams of avoiding a vice from catching them, this means the dreamer is using excellent evasive maneuvers in getting out of a sticky romantic situation.

Dreaming of their personal vice being a variety of drugs or just one kind, this means the dreamer is feeling like a victim and needs to overcome their personal addictions and battles. Usually these kinds of vices control the life of the person, which means that there is something in the life of the dreamer that they feel they have no control over.

Sexual vices have their own meanings in dreams. These dreams are indicative of having a taste or a lust for another. Usually the dreams will be representative of someone else and in these dreams there are longings for other people. If you have a specific person that you are thinking about you may want to consider the honest connection to that person. When you have a dream of being intimate with someone this doesn’t constitute a vice. These dreams – where sex is a vice – is indicative of the constant need for attachment with another and can represent unhealthy relationships with other people.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Tense work relations
  • Uncertainty in finances
  • Fear of restriction, enclosures or obstructions in any way.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a vice

Constriction. Fear. Worry. Contempt. Uncertainty. Unmovable. Stubbornness. Unhappiness. Lack of Vision.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012