Illness dream meaning

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Oh no... you wake up in the morning after having a dream of being ill and you are wondering what does being ill in a dream mean?

Well look no we have not only one, but two detailed meanings of what illness means in the dream state. Did you know there is a theory which is actually supported scientifically that holds that all physical illness of the body is caused by inside inner mental conflict and is connected to our emotions. The main message of this dream is to look after yourself.

We are always looking for the why behind our dreams. What do they mean…are you curious?

Let’s face it in life we are all busy busy busy. But you may have a little thought about what does it mean to dream of seeing or being ill. Did you have a cold, did you see yourself poorly. Was you nursing someone in the dream? 

Ok let’s summarize the top meaning of dreaming of an illness

A dream of being ill normally occurs when one is stressed out in waking life. Are you feeling stressed? It is only understandable with the pressing demands of life and the fact that you need to think about risks to your health. What can you influence and how can you change your possible direction in life.

Are you feeling particularly hurt by somebody?  Old dusty dream books, and we have around 2000 here in auntyflo towers, indicate that to dream of an illness suggests that you could be harbouring feelings of conflict and indecisiveness. These feelings can often be expressed in the dream state and can be associated with the attention you need in order to focus on yourself. The optical message is to try to release yourself from the difficulties in life. 

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By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012