Metal Dream

Metal Dream meaning

Metal Dream Meanings

Metal featured in a dream is connected to our inner feelings in waking life. Metal in the dream state can be an object that is typically shiny, hard, fusible, malleable, and ductile. In order to turn to the dream meaning of metal we need to Not only look at the typical uses of the metal in the dream but also the fact that the metal is focused on being tough and possibly durable in the dream state. Nevertheless, metal is an excellent electrical and thermal conductor! As we have already suggested it is important to understand the context in which the metal was used to dream.

What do mental dreams mean?

If you see sheet metal within the dream this indicates that you are not feeling that you are achieving what you wish in life. Ancient dream dictionaries denote that metal objects appearing in the dream can indicate wealth and also be a successful omen. If you dream about using sheet metal it foretells the feeling of being hopeless, worthless, or worried about things. If the metal sheet is old and rusty, it could be a warning that the situation you are about to undertake will have disadvantages in the long run. You need to meditate to find the best solution.

If you dream of silver metal it symbolizes the lack of feelings that come from being self-protective or being somewhat “hard-faced.” If you see a rusty metal bar, it can signify an old way of approaching difficult problems. You may be trying to sort out issues that are not currently the best “road for action” alternatively, it can suggest that the present situation in life is not what you hoped for. In most cases, metal objects (such as a saucepan, keys, bolts, watch, etc) in the dream foretell that you will encounter someone that is too hard emotionally, similar to the king of swords in the tarot deck. When you see metal objects in your dream, it could also imply that there are some unyielding aspects of the personality.

The metal in your dream could also signify that you have taken some action in a situation that is currently happening in your life. It is also important to consider the context of the metal in your dream before you conclude the analysis.

What does it mean to dream of metal objects?

In almost every home around the globe, metal objects play are part in our everyday life. Objects made of metal in dreams are often seen as symbols of strength and protection, indicating spiritual barriers. Amulets, amulets, and jewelry made from metal have been used to protect against harm or evil influences for centuries. Metal objects featured in dreams are about how we need to be realistic about what we need to commit to. The metal in a dream can also indicate that you may be thinking about taking proactive steps. Dreaming of metal cans and machinery can indicate that there is a phase in life that you are embarking on. Various metals are used to make metal objects, including iron, steel, aluminum, tin, nickel, and many others. Of course, in dreams, all types of shapes and sizes may appear. I’m sure you know that objects made of metal are generally strong, durable, and long-lasting because of their properties. Metal objects are commonly used as tools, furniture, jewelry, and decorative items, and seeing these in dreams is about your own career, just be mindful of biting more off than you can chew. 

What does dreaming of gold mean?

Many people dream of gold, which can denote your ambitions in life. Are you striving for wealth or purity? You will strike a perfect balance between gaining what you wish and grabbing forward with new opportunities. To see a symbol in your dream which is gold (such as a gold key or rock) can suggest that you will work hard and behave yourself when it comes to spending money. You are poised to achieve in life and a fabulous life is predicted but it will require hard work.

What does dreaming of silver mean?

A dream where a silver object is seen can foretell excellence in a task you will undertake in life. Silver is connected to our inner drive. There is nothing special or blisteringly significant about this object per say, but the silver color can indicate that you will take pleasure in daily existence. On a negative note, if the silver is dirty or scratched in the dream this can suggest that you will encounter a toxic mixture of jealousy and nastiness in life. This will be due to your immense success. No one will be able to take away your efforts in life.

What does a metal ring mean in your dream?

A metal ring symbolizes the inner character and strength as well as the inhumane side of your life. When you dream of wearing a metal ring it denotes a strong character. You are single-minded and unbiased in life. A metal ring seen in dreams has many spiritual concepts and ideas like other jewelry worn to express one's beliefs. Metal rings may symbolize protection, strength, eternity, or unity, depending on the design and materials used. In many cases, metal rings are worn to express faith or devotion to a particular spiritual path or deity. Some people hold their own belief systems and use metal rings to remind them of their spiritual goals and to focus their energy during meditation. It is possible to connect with the divine after having this dream.

What does it mean to dream of metal balls?

Metal balls in dreams is about navigating your life. Your values are the ideas, moral codes, and personal qualities that you hold dear are all represented by the metal ball. Only by being authentic to yourself can you feel at home and seeing rolling metal balls in a dream is about rolling with life. In a general context, the metal ball can indicate the possibilities open to you in life. It can also denote that you may need to limit things if you see many metal balls. Dreams of metal balls can be associated with bearing balls or just big round balls. This dream can signify that you may need to roll with it in life. 

What does zinc / alloy mean in a dream?

If you are working with zinc in your dream, there is a possibility that your business will undergo a transformation process and become better. If you taste zinc in your dream or “metal” it is a sign that you may require a food supplement to correct any deficiency. Alloy in a dream denotes that your business will cause some complications. If you are a woman and you dream of alloy it signifies trouble and sorrow and you will find a job that will suit you down to the ground. The sorrow will come from a partner denying you pleasure. If you dream of alloy, it denotes a happy marriage and love. Steel is a symbol of eternal friendship or true love in a relationship. Iron metal is a symbol that suggests that you might have some problems.

Dreaming of steel symbolizes feeling hardened and cold in waking life. This is simply due to external circumstances. You will be fascinated by an outstanding opportunity if you see large thick blocks of steel in the dream. It could also represent resistance, strength, and endurance. Steel in dreams denotes being patient, feeling brave or being more determined in waking life.

What do metal bars in dreams signify?

If you dream of an iron bar it can suggest exaggerated obeisance. You are about to encounter obstacles and you need to change or analyze your goals and direction in life. A dream of seeing iron could symbolize great determination or strength; or a need for more iron supplements. Iron is a symbol of friendship and reconciliation. If you are a man and you dream of iron, you are likely to establish a new relationship with a new partner. Your impeccable judgment will be challenged if you see iron figures in your dream.

Purchasing iron in your dream denotes that you are establishing relationships. To give an iron bar to a friend in a dream foretells an improved financial position. This will only be better with time. You will be sensible enough to gain the freedom to complete some work if you are killed by an iron bar, you may not have this “time” due to feeling unmotivated or having dependents. If you see an iron bar on the floor it denotes that, you are not satisfied with your sexual life which is causing you personal problems and also troubles at work, and thus, you feel a need to change your partner.

If in your dream you see yourself buying metal bars, it indicates that there is a possibility that you are going to have financial gain shortly. Selling metal bars in your dream is an indicator that, you are about to experience hardships.

A dream of a single metal bar could also denote self-awareness. It could be that you are feeling a threat to your life whereby people around you are causing you to feel nervous. If the metal bar is used as a weapon in your dream, it could mean that you are exposing your worries in life. If someone attacks you using a metal bar, you will have to take advice from someone in your waking life.

What does a metal machine mean in your dream?

If you could see a metal machine in your dream this is an omen that indicates that you must correct a situation. It could symbolize dissatisfaction in life, envy, or hatred. A situation where you see yourself dropping an iron bar on the floor in the dream could imply that you are frustrated or angry in life. You are being controlled by someone. Be careful - you could end up losing mutual understanding with those people close to you. In ancient dream dictionaries seeing an iron bar is a sign of an unexpected proposal.

What does brass mean in your dream?

Dreaming of brass denotes that, you might be engaged in a conflict in waking life. There is little doubt that this conflict will worry you. Dreaming of brass can also suggest that you will engage with others, it is up to you how you can keep the peace and improve your prospects. Try to remain open and stable. For the brass to be a yellow color represents that you are a proud person and you worry about keeping your worldly possessions.

Seeing “traditional brass ornaments” in a dream, especially on a fireplace indicates hidden dangers. If you see yourself being hit by a brass stick it can suggest that you are on a path to worldly gains. In ancient dream dictionaries seeing brass foretells seeing an imposter in waking life, someone who takes money from people - so be careful. Brass in dreams can also imply that one will rise rapidly at work.

If you dream of seeing bronze bars or railings connected to a political dream it could indicate greater meritocracy. If the brass is excessively soft in the dream this denotes your imagination may inspire others. If you see an animal figurine made of bronze, it is an indication that you are envious of others, it can also suggest property loss but in the end, you will reach “riches” of the highest level. A damaged bronze item implies that plans will be delayed. To see antiquities made of the bronze suggests you passionately desire to improve a relationship. On the negative side, bronze in one's dream can symbolize unstable health issues and tough financial times. A dream where you see bronze being mined is an indication of feeling lazy.

A bronze snake appearing in your dream is an indicator that, you are always envious of other people’s success. A bronze statue of animals foretells that someone may harm your financial state of affairs. If the statue made of bronze seems to be alive in your dream, it is an indication that you are going to experience a short “love” adventure. Seeing yourself with a bronze suntan implies that you are going to be betrayed by your partner or have some minor disappointment.

What do metal railings mean in a dream?

To see metal railings that are sharp indicates others are going to gossip about you. If you see someone die by falling on sharp railings in the dream - implies others will help you but stab you in the back in the future.

What copper means in a dream?

Dreaming of copper symbolizes that you have the ability to revitalize, renew, and regenerate your emotional and physical inner self. It could also be a representation of innovations, imagination, and invention. Copper in dreams represents creativity and beauty sense, sensitivity, cultured life, joy in luxury, and the need to be competitive. You could be feeling the intensity of having to compete with others. A dream of copper saucepans denotes firmness or warmth. Looking at this wonderful metal, Copper is durable yet impressive and soft. In most cases, from a spiritual perspective, it is linked to “love” this is due to the focus on the color of copper in a dream. To dream of copper water pipes indicates you need to direct your energy or emotions correctly. Copper is not considered as a precious metal, if seen in your dream, it could denote that you will take pleasure in life and be “happy” but materially you will not gain much. This is due to copper being somewhat low in quantity.

What does lead metal signify in a dream?

Dreaming of lead metal appearing in a dream indicates that you have a situation in life that is causing you difficulty. There is a possibility that you are not coping in life. Think about your own enjoyment or happiness. Other people will have their own opinions on how you should approach life. Shared love will blind you closer together and nothing will tear you apart if you dream of finding led metal. You are a heavy-hearted person at the moment. In spiritualism, if you dream about Lead metal, it could symbolize the consciousness of the physical realm as compared to the spiritual.

What do dreams of mercury mean?

Dreams of Mercury denote an intention or a project that needs to be bought to a conclusion. To see the planet mercury indicates a message from someone in life. Mercury the metal indicates speed and the desire to conclude things in life.

If you see yourself giving mercury to someone else or if you hold it in your hand it means that you have failed a task in life. Alternatively, mercury could foretell a discipline at work. To see mercury in a thermometer indicates betraying others, It can suggest a hoax or a person of treachery. If you eat mercury in your dream suggests a person that is not to be trusted. Religiously, mercury is considered to be an alchemical symbol that represents yin. It is used as a symbol of the undifferentiated and passive state that is normally found inside the psyche.

What does a nickel mean in a dream?

Seeing a nickel in a dream denotes the importance of financial sums of money. If you dream that you are looking or holding a nickel it foretells that you will have financial stability. Make sure that, you are taking care of your bookkeeping and important expenditures. Remember to budget where financial matters are concerned. The presence of nickel in your dream could be a forewarning that you need to care less about the way you spend your money. If in your dream you are given, or you find a nickel, it implies that you will have financial prosperity. This will benefit you in the long term. To lose a nickel in a dream indicates small expenditures. Alternatively, a nickel in your dream is an omen that symbolizes that you are going to receive gains in life. At the same time, these gains will come with great responsibilities to you. It also is a dream of self-reflection.

What does it mean to work with metal in the dream?

Working with metal in the dream denotes restrictions in life. It could represent your basic attributes and abilities in life. At the same time handling metal in the dream represents the hardness of emotion or feeling of rigidity. It is normally a symbol of good luck for success and wealth. If you buy metal in your dream it means that you are going to have an increase in your wealth. If you dream of using metal to make something. To work in a metal factory during the dream indicates your effort is going to pay off.

What do specific metals mean in a dream?

Brass is a warning that you have to be careful in identifying friends who are negative and you will start to eliminate them from your life. Bronze suggests that you are going to be successful. Copper indicates that you are going to consult a good friend who will be helpful and loyal to you. Lead suggests that you have repressed emotions in life - due to setbacks at work. Aluminum herald metal in the dream is a symbol of luck and wealth; aluminum matte foretells monetary loss. Polished and bright aluminum is a sign of good luck for wealth.

Seeing a metal bar in your dream is an indication that, you are finding it hard to communicate with others at the moment. A metal bar in your dream denotes your inner strength and suggests that you have the tools and the ability to build a foundation that is solid for the future. If you encounter this type of dream, you will need to meditate in life. Alternatively, it could mean that you are supposed to take some action in life. It foretells of impending obstacles in life.

To see sheet metal in your dream could be an indication of hopeless, worthless, or unimportant events in daily life. It could be a warning for you to avoid making empty promises which you are sure you cannot keep. If you see yourself working with metal sheets in your dream, it indicates that you are wasting your precious time. It could also mean that you are undertaking complicated and restless work which will not bring any benefit to you. If you see a metal sheet it is a dream which foretells that you are lost between worthless things. In the case you see many metal sheets in your dream, it is a warning that you should not promise too much. A dream where you sit on a metal sheet is an indicator that you need to focus on your own efforts in life.

What does gold mean in a dream?

Working with gold in your dream reflects the qualities of material gain. It foretells that you have patience and you are caring. It reflects your spiritual qualities rather than your emotional ones. It is a good omen in a dream as it indicates that you are going to achieve success in your endeavors. A woman who dreams of gold suggests you will meet a man who will be wealthy through a mercenary. If in your dream you are searching for gold it can mean that you will be rewarded for your efforts. A gold item of jewelry in a dream suggests wealth and honor. If the gold is misplaced or gets lost, it suggests that you are going to lose an important opportunity in life due to sheer negligence.

If you discover gold you will likely receive a gift in waking life that you will be excited about. If you see yourself working as a gold miner it denotes that, you are likely going to uncover a valuable skill in waking life. Make sure that you avoid domestic quarrels as they are likely going to bring disgrace to you if you dream of losing gold in a dream. To be trapped in a mine in your dream indicates feeling trapped in a job in waking life. Gold coins in dreams indicate wealth.

Seeing gold in your dream means that you are experiencing the anointing nature of the spirit whereby you have a blessing of prosperity. When you see the gold in your dream it is positive. Gold can be identified with the acquisition of material wealth. There is a possibility that, your family won’t be in need of any material goods in the future because you will be wealthy. You have achieved this wealth through hard work. Try not to become irresponsible with your wealth. It is important that you make sure to protect what you have in life. Try to invest in the future by investing in businesses. Use your wealth sparingly.

To see a gold rock in a dream indicates financial success. A gold item in a dream could also denote that you will recollect a past event. If you lose gold in your dream, it suggests that you will not be able to succeed in a work project - be prepared. Seeing yourself holding gold in your hand is a good sign as it indicates that you are going to be successful in business. There are chances that in life gold will bring beneficial riches to you. Goldfields in your dream could imply that you will gain opportunities - where you will be able to reveal your talents.

What do buildings of gold mean in a dream?

Buildings made from gold could denote that you value your existence. Buildings are associated with how we approach matters in life. Buildings are associated with our own body and represent you. Thus, a gold building in a dream indicates your wealth and ambitions. You can gain in life. If the gold building falls in the dream this can indicate learning aspects of yourself in the future.

What do metal buildings mean in dreams?

A building made of metal in a dream denotes that, your physical body is strong. If the building has stairs and you find yourself on the upper floor, this represents accomplishments, awareness, consciousness, or understanding. The main floor of the metal building would symbolically represent your present life while the basement of the metal building represents your unconscious mind. A building could represent a creation of a new beginning in your life. The erection of a metal wall around a building can symbolize the invisible barriers you are trying to create around yourself so that you can feel protected; it could also symbolize boundaries or obstructions, or limitations that you have encountered in some aspect of your life.

What do gold items mean in dreams?

If you see other household items made of gold, it denotes free spending. If you happen to handle items of gold in your dream you will be extremely successful in the enterprise you are engaged in. If you are a woman and you dream that you have received something made of gold, you are going to marry a wealthy person. A situation where you see a goldsmith in your dream represents joy, celebrations, happiness, or mixed truth with falsehood; alternatively, it could foretell lies, falsehood, cheating, defrauding, or forging.

Seeing gold being used in your dream could indicate guidance, poetry, or knowledge. Seeing bars of gold means that, you are going to gain more wealth or be a leader in the community. If you find gold in your dream, it implies that you are going to be in competition with another. This type of dream could leave you feeling anxious, but in the end, you will gain. To lose gold in a dream means possible financial problems. If you touch anything made of gold in your dream, it is high time that you look for a new hobby. Gold symbolizes anything that you greatly value, and are currently concerned about. If you lose it, it is a sign of your anxiety due to a missed opportunity in life.

What does Zinc mean in a dream?

To see zinc in your dream is an indication that, there is energetic and substantial progress. If you are in business, you will experience varying successes; it is a sign of eventful success. If you see or work with zinc in your dream it denotes that your business is going to undergo a process of renewal and become a more “successful” enterprise. If you see yourself tasting zinc in your dream, it denotes that you are in need of food supplement tablets that will help you correct an existing health problem.

What happens when you take zinc supplements before bed?

Alternatively, zinc can denote dishonesty and a lack of trust in a relationship. If you take zinc supplements before going to sleep, it will help your sleep better - but they may result in strange dreams. It will improve your testosterone levels and at the same time, provide you with a great dreaming experience.

What does a dream of zinc mean?

A dream of zinc can be associated with stature, growth, and aspirations. It is an element associated with calmness and water so if you dream of taking contaminated zinc it could mean that, you are going to have a rough time and expect delays in your undertakings.

What do metal nuts mean in the dream?

Seeing a metal nut in your dream is an indication that, you are feeling crazy or confused. It could also denote that someone is annoying you. It could be that you are approaching your waking life with the wrong attitude. Alternatively seeing metal nuts in your dream can be highlighting your ability to construct your life in such a way that you can gain more in life. It means that you have the ability to overcome obstacles and make a new start. Nuts represent the feminine in the engineering world while bolts represent the masculine. Thus, the bolt and nuts featured in your dream could represent a new activity. A metal nut is symbolic of holding one’s life together in a constructive way.

To carry out metalsmithing in your dream signifies the eternal and infinite and represents protection. If you dream you are metalsmithing with zinc, it represents advances in life. It could be the impending success that is coming your way in the form of achieving your life goals. Metalsmithing in general symbolizes the passive and undifferentiated state which is found deep within your psyche. Metalsmithing with an alloy indicates you need to be stronger in life.

What does working in a metal factory mean in a dream?

Working in a metal factory and seeing metal reflects the feelings or issues which are connected to work. It could also be a reflection of the memories you have in life. Your life seems to lack individualism. The metal factory could represent productiveness, your body, industry, and its activities such as digestion. It could be associated with your own productivity in life. Or the way you are working hard. To see metal machinery in the dream denotes that you are not satisfied with your hard work and you will be forced to start afresh.

To see a car manufacturing plant in a dream reveals your own mental state. A car, in general, symbolizes your physical body, ego, mind, personality, consciousness, and life in general. It can also stand for our social image and social status. The car manufacturing plant in one's dream shows how much control or power over your life as well as how successful you are at moving from one stage of life to another. The type of car being manufactured represents your attitudes and approaches to life situations which involve decisions and controlling outcomes. It could also reflect how you feel as you go about making certain decisions in life. Certain car models being manufactured in a dream could reflect the psychological style that you want. A run-down vehicle being repaired in the car plant denotes vulnerability or a lack of resources.

If the car being manufactured is powerful and expensive it reflects direction or effectiveness in life. This is unstoppable. If your car is being fixed in the garage during the dream, it foretells your attempt to get back on track with your life. Have you been sidetracked in your waking life? This could be due to problems or delays.

What does seeing a rag-and-bone man mean in a dream?

To see a rag-and-bone man indicates a new start. To see scrap metal in your dream foretells that, you need to be ingenious, creative, and patient with situations or people in your life. It could also indicate that it is high time that you walked away from a situation or a person in your life to avoid condemnation. Alternatively, scrap metal in your dream could imply that you do need to protect your material or monetary items. You could be worried about a problem, and your inner self is picking up troubles that are coming. To dream of rusty scrap metal is a good omen. If you dream of searching through scrap metal in your dream, it is an indication that you have old things in your possession which are going to assist you in resolving some financial needs or are worth a fortune if you decide to sell them off. It could also imply that you are trying to search for the good - in a bad situation. Going through scrap metal to get spares for your car indicates that you must focus on the positive. Evaluate a situation. Try to turn a bad situation into something more positive.

What do metal fences mean in a dream?

To see metal fences in your dream denotes unforeseen obstacles in your life. If you manage to jump over the fence, it denotes that, you are going to be successful in whatever you are working on. If you fall off the fence, it predicts that you are taking whatever you are working on is not equal to your abilities thus your effort is in vain. If the metal fence suddenly breaks while you are climbing it foretells of an upcoming accident with someone you are familiar with. If there is a hole next to the fence it means that, for you to achieve your goals, you will have to use illegal methods. If you break the fence and cross over, it implies that you are actively involved in overcoming challenges that prevent you from achieving your goals. Seeing yourself constructing a metal fence in your dream it shows that, your stubbornness is preventing a foundation for prosperity in the future; if you are a young lady, this type of dream promises that you will be lucky in love.

But if the fence in your dream was ruined or you fell from it, it foretells failed love relationships. To see a metal fence around a prison in a dream denotes lost love. To escape across a metal fence indicates a new start in life. If you could not escape through a metal fence denotes that, there are social barriers that are barring you from progressing and you have feelings that are keeping you from others. Barriers like social class, economics, or religion is making it impossible for you to move ahead. To see a barbed wire or to be trapped by a metal fence could denote that, you have fears which are becoming a barrier to your progress in life. It could also mean that you have a sense of social barriers, class barriers, or attitudes that are used to segregate the races, sexes, or classes in work, relationships or opportunities. It is time to have more privacy. You have social rules which you are using to give others respect, or you are building fences to ward off danger in life.

What do metal roofs mean in a dream?

To see a flat metal roof denotes your happiness and health. If in your dream you see yourself standing on a flat metal roof it suggests that you have been successful. Make sure you continue working hard in order to gain the maximum amount of success. You will enjoy prosperity eventually. Be daring without fear and tackle everything that is presented before you with vigor. Metal roofs in dreams can also denote that you are a broad-minded person. You are not supposed to fear the unknown and find it difficult to relax. The same dream could also denote that drastic changes will occur in your life. You could be moving to a new place, changing jobs, or having a pay increment. If you see yourself sleeping on the metal roof, don’t pay attention to others too much.

There is no need for you to worry about the intrigues and gossip which are being spread by friends or foes. Determine who really should remain your true friend. If you are standing or sitting on a roof, it denotes that, you are satisfied with your life. And in case you come across a roofless house in your dream, it foretells a situation that will upset or deeply shock you. If in your dream you see a roof of a house is blown away by the wind, it denotes that, there is a possibly unpleasant surprise in store. A friend of yours is proving to be unfaithful, and you should be ready to confront them with dignity.

What do metal spheres mean in dreams?

To see metal spheres in your dream is a symbol of completeness and entirety. You have a wish for mental balance and overcoming problems in life. It is foretelling your relationship with the environment and the power others have over you. You feel that you have the strength to form a successful living - with material prosperity. A metal sphere also foretells a warning. If you watch a metal sphere in your dream it refers to the fact that you recognized a bigger goal in life. If you are a narrow-minded person. The dream is implying that you need to see things differently and in the process to become more prosperous than you have ever thought possible. Spiritually, metal spheres in the dream symbolize the idea of the universe and heavenly perfection, meaning that, the dream is placing you high regarding your spiritual well-being.

Large metal balls denote that people are thinking about you and if for the last few months, you have struggled in your life, there is a possibility that, happiness is around the corner. Alternatively, it could denote that, you will focus on a trip and enjoy this trip. If the metal ball is thrown in the dream it means that you are going to prosper regarding a business.

Your social interactions will increase. You will become an important person in society. If you are a man and you are pushing a large metal ball in your dream it means that you need to try and be a gentleman; start being more considerate when it comes to the needs of others especially the ones who feel inferior to you - try to respect others. Pushing a large meatball in your dream is a sign that, most of your goals are reachable. If you see yourself bouncing a metal ball in your dream, it implies that you are trying to understand yourself better. You might be in a situation whereby you need to make a decision. If you happen to kick a metal ball in your dream, it denotes that, very soon, life will become carefree with fewer worries.

What do heavy metal rock bands mean in a dream?

To see a heavy metal rock band in a dream is a positive sign. It refers to a high level of spirituality in your life that brings contentment and inner peace. If you are participating in the heavy metal rock band in your dream it denotes harmony on a physical and spiritual level which can be accessed through meditation. If the music being played is enjoyable and is great to listen to the music this dream denotes that, your life is going to run smoothly for a while. If rock band music is boring, it implies that you are going to need answers to questions in your life. If you are the one playing music in the heavy rock band, it implies that you should stop suppressing your feelings in life.

If in your dream you see yourself with friends playing in a heavy metal rock band, it implies that you are going to be excited to meet some old friends from your past. If a rock band is playing outside your house it implies annoyance at the news you received recently, but if the sound comes from a distance, then it means that you are going to experience frustration or sadness. To be in a bar or nightclub with a rock band playing signifies a positive time with friends and family. To attend a party and hear a rock band in a dream denotes happiness and success in the future.

In your dream, you could have possibly experienced the following in connection with metal

  • Dreams of an alloy.
  • Dreams of Steel.
  • Dreams of iron.
  • Dreams of brass.
  • Dreams of bronze.
  • Dreams of copper.
  • Dreams of lead.
  • Dreams of Mercury.
  • Seeing nickel in a dream.
  • Working with metal in the dream.
  • Seeing a metal bar.
  • Seen sheet metal.
  • Worked with gold.
  • Seen zinc in your dream.
  • Seen gold in your dream.
  • Buildings were made of gold.
  • Seen a metal nut.
  • Carried out metalsmithing.
  • Worked in a factory and seen metal.
  • Seen a car manufacturing plant.
  • Seen metal rag and bone men.
  • Noticed scrap metal.
  • Seen metal fences in your dream.
  • Could not escape a metal fence.
  • Was trapped by a metal fence.
  • Seen a flat metal roof.
  • A building made of metal.
  • Seen metal spheres.
  • Large metal balls.
  • Heavy metal rock bands.

Feelings Associated with the Dream of Metal

Surprised. Lost. Amazed. Confused. Upset. Proud. Insecure. Contented. Feeling old. Worried. Afraid of time. Discontented. Frenzy. Tired. Happy. Excited. Encouraged. Fertility. Confident. Secure. Excitable. Busy. Excited. Trying. Considerate. Hot. Searching. Questioning. Picky. Self-conscious. Energetic. Amused. Doubtful. Apprehensive.

By Florance Saul
Jun 28, 2017