duck dream meaning

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A duck in a dream can be both a bad and a good omen, depending on the context.

Ancient Persians believed that if you see a duck or many ducks in your dream, you may have some trouble in life, while if you dream that you are catching a duck, someone may speak badly of you.

Eating duck meat is however a good omen, it usually foretells something good coming your way. You may get lucky.

A duck in a dream demonstrates happy times with children and younger people. If you have been thinking about undergoing a trip, then this refers to the fact that the trip will bring happiness.

The connection between the duck and water can refer to the death by drowning of an acquaintance, but not a close friend or relative.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen a duck on water.
  • Seen a duck or ducks in a strange place.
  • Seen a flying duck.
  • Seen a flock of ducks.
  • Eaten duck meat or jerky.
  • Caught a duck.
  • Heard loudly quacking ducks.
  • Seen ducklings with their mother.
  • Seen ducklings on water.
  • Encountered a wild duck.
  • Seen a running duck.
  • Shot a gun at a duck.
  • Seen ducks swimming on a lake.
  • Found a duck’s nest.
  • Seen a dead duck.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The ducks traveled with ducklings.
  • The ducks in your dream were tranquil.
  • The dream was positive.
  • You fed the ducks in your dream.

Detailed dream interpretation

If in your dream you are shooting a duck, it means that somebody envies you. A dream of quacking ducks means that some good things will happen to you. Eating duck is a good sign that something positive will happen to you. If you eat duck meat in the company of a woman, this symbolizes happiness in your love life.

A running duck means an important secret will be reveled. If in your dream you wear a duck outfit, it refers to magic. If you shoot a duck, it usually means gossip and bad words. If you catch a duck, you will be told some lies, but you could also take possession of a property that does not belong to you. If you are cutting a duck’s neck, it means possible danger. If the duck is wild, you will be disappointed.

Ducklings on water is a sign of happiness. They symbolize new beginnings. If you find a duck’s nest, you may lose a trial. A flock of ducks indicates unexpected luck and good news in your finances. Things are going to improve. Ducks swimming on a lake foretell good luck in business. A couple of ducks means a wedding will occur soon. A flying duck foretells happy but short events. There will be some joy as well.

A duck on dirty water refers to your capability to overcome emotions. Emotional problems will come your way. To see a rubber duck means that you will have power to overcome any obstacle. If the duck is dead, you will be overwhelmed with negative emotions, strong emotionality, and failure in love.

Flying ducks in your dream suggest that you are using your logic in a skilled way to overcome obstacles. You can easily develop intelligent solutions in life. A duck in the grass symbolizes difficulties in solving current problems. To see a giant duck means you are not yourself at the moment. It can also refer to hindrances, frustrations, and delays in solving the problems. If the duck suddenly flies away in your dream, any problems will be solved at the blink of an eye, and better times are on the horizon.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a duck

Happy. Intrigued. Entertained. Whimsical. Amazed. Scared. Alone. Content. Emotional.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012