House Dream Meaning

Dreams about houses

House Dream Meaning

We have endless POWER to change our lives. Houses in dreams are about how different situations will impact the outcome. Remember, that different actions produce different results. Why? Because every action is a cause that has been set in motion. Just like a room in the house, we can build what we want in life. This is what the dream of houses is all about. Effect builds on the past. Our effect on life -- helps propel us in a specific direction. Each direction leads us to our ultimate destination, our destiny. The house in the dream is your direction. Which direction do you want to go.

Dreaming of a house is about making sure we must control our actions and take control of how we live our lives. Our lives are not shaped by what we do every once in a while, but by how we act consistently. All of our actions are preceded by one fundamental question: What precedes them? Why do we act the way we do? Where does action come from and where does it go?

Of course, the answer is what I have been referring to all along is in your hands my lovely. This is the power of decision. Every aspect of your life, including what you love and what you find challenging, began with a decision. This is your house, made up of everything that you need in life. The day after your house dream there is a message here, your destiny will be shaped in the moments you make decisions. Your decisions today, and every day, will determine how you feel in the future. So let’s make sure the decisions you make today reflect your house, your time, and your soul.

This is an exciting dream and I can't wait to share why. A house represents the temple of the mind a reflection of our mental state. The house is a reminder to look after yourself and that you need to think about the exterior of your life. An empty house means missed opportunities. The upper floors can imply your own mind and brain. The middle floor is the chest, the first floor indicates your digestive system, and the ground floor is your legs and feet. That is the most powerful message. This house in your dream is about YOU! It's strong. It's about how you now change.

Are dreams about houses good or bad?

Dreams about houses are generally positive dream omens, they can include many things, it could be a past house, new house, moving house, purchasing a house or even just a house that you have never been in before. There is a question that is often left with you after waking “what does the house mean!” I have experienced dreams of houses throughout my life.  Dreams about houses are extremely common. The truth is, everyone has a house dream every now and then. In dream lore, the house represents our internal thoughts. Every room is associated with how we are “feeling.” The housing dream might range from a frightening experience to an inspiring or enlightening dream. This is due to the fact that houses are a part of our everyday life.

Is this a future premonition of a house move?

I remember when I was about 10 years old I had a dream of a house. About a year later we moved into that house. I must say, as I have got older (in my forties) I rarely now dream of houses I am going to live in. I last had a dream about a house 6 months ago, I dreamed of a detached house by a river with flats in the back garden. Later that month, I visited a friend and saw that house. The reason why I mention this is because at times the house in your dream could predict a house you may live in. Houses and rooms in dreams can appear in many ways and have different meanings.

What is the spiritual meaning of a house in a dream?

A house in a dream can symbolize infinite spiritual possibilities. To dream of your own house reflects your desire to spiritually move, buy a new house, or take on a new project that will encourage you to use your spiritual imagination to manifest your desires. However, this dream also reflects your internal unconscious experiences. Ask yourself how you felt during the dream. What caused you to feel that way? By doing this you can’t interpret your dream and enrich your knowledge. Don’t just focus on one dream symbol but explore the entire house, your emotional state, and experiences you’ve had while dreaming. 

What is the dream symbol of a house?

When you dream about houses, it is symbolic of your “spiritual self” houses are a representation of you and your life. I like to think that dreams about houses generally mean that no matter what happens in life try to look after “you.” No matter what other circumstances and imagery will present in the dream, a house is the representation of the expression of the unconscious of your sense of personal identity. Whatever the dwelling, whether a hotel room, an apartment, grass hut, a trailer, or any other type of house.

What do the parts of the house mean to your life?

How you perceive the house view in your dream matters greatly. I have touched on this previously, but let's be sure of the dream meaning understanding. This relates to your life path. The back of the house is the hidden or private part of your life. The front of the house connects to the persona, what you display to the world around you. What is in your house in the dream is a representation of various, compartments aspects of life. Alternatively, the dream of alternate angles or side views, it could mean that your connection to the world is limited, inaccurate, or partial. Consider what emotions are evoked when you see the house in your dream and what comes up when comparing it to your home in your waking life.

Dreaming of your own house

The house itself as I've already mentioned is an avenue for your subconscious mind it represents the self. The ground floor represents how you're perceived by others, the kitchen is connected to our own creativity and the bedrooms are where we want to keep things to ourselves. There is a distinction between the bathroom and toilet where we desire privacy. The loft or roof is our conscious mind which is exposed to other people.

There was much work from Carl Jung about the symbolism of seeing our own house in a dream. If in your own house the rooms were different or unexplored this could signify that there are areas of your life where you need to compartmentalize. The dream foretells that your reputation may be threatened if the house dream is adverse in any way. Dreaming of something trying to get into your house (could be zombies, murderers, water) indicates emotions are high and you are trying to run away from something in waking life. 

Sometimes we prefer to keep our ideas or fantasies only to be accessed through the dream world, it is like a traveler who enjoys travel but doesn't want to arrive anywhere, for to arrive is to finish and to have done all that we are bored to do. In dreams, we want to bring back loss. Or suppose a prefectural we hold onto some projection of what we think life should be. If we experience in a dream house patterns, furniture, structures or even emptiness of our own home in waking life - this is directly connected to our comfort levels. 

Bodies become vulnerable to forces that are external which is one of the reasons people dream about being in their own house. If you picture your own house as your human existence, it is easy to see that if any danger is apparent in the dream this could be your subconscious mind feeling threatened. Remember, the house itself is you. The body has five limbs and five senses. Simply speaking, these senses act in a conscious way. To dream of outside your house, or looking out of the window in a dream can suggest that you are trying to protect yourself against outside forces. 

Dreaming about your old house

We have all had dreams about a childhood house, or a home that you lived in the past. This dream can indicate that you are having feelings of the past. An old house seen in a dream is quite a positive omen it is like a bridge that connects us to a new horizon. There can be fulfilled if the old house was in good shape. This can imply that you will think about actions that you have set yourself. 

If you dream of a previous home earlier in your life it doesn't necessarily mean that you are focused on the past. It can mean you want to think about the future and remove any past problems or experiences. Dreaming of previous homes we have lived in often becomes symbolism is for various factors in our current daily lives. Dreaming of homes from the past can also show that at times you may respond to issues in your daily life that are being pushed away. Think about your feelings of when you lived in that previous property. Often we have this internal tendency to try to discount our own emotional feelings. The most common past home that we dream of is our childhood residence. This is a natural dream to happen, it can indicate that we need to feel safe in our waking life. Consider the dream as an opportunity for spiritual guidance the roots of the previous house are not only limited to the physical side but also the roots of our past memories and soul is embedded in our childhood home. 

Each individual person can temporarily manifest their expression of childhood through viewing their past home. If you had a happy childhood and this can mean that you would like to revisit those fun times again. The question here you have fun in daily life? If you dream of a past home that you no longer own, maybe you can see yourself living in that property once more. This type of dream is often connected to the feelings that are resurfacing from the past. If for example, you had a difficult divorce or separation you lived in that house with a previous partner it can often represent that you are feeling a lack of disconnection in your love life. This is just an example of how past houses can prompt us to think about ways of how we focus our style of life. If the house was a property you bought alone when you were younger it can indicate that you have felt in the past that you must focus on. What is holding you back in life?

Dreams of looking at a house

To see a house from afar can indicate that you are wanting more comfort in life. The house can indicate your comfort levels. The world you live in is your creation. You are creating a path for yourself with every thought, feeling, and expression you make. If you drop a rock in water, you will create a ripple. This movement will cause a change in the surroundings. Waves in your life are created by your thoughts. The ripples in your mind are like waves of the tide that return in waves. What you want is thoughts that work for you rather than against you. To not step in the house during the dream is about the fact that you are thinking of how you can move your life in a different direction.

We all know that thoughts are expressions of feelings. Whenever we think about something we like, we feel good inside. There is nothing worse than being haunted by the past. Keeping thinking about it can lead to being worried in life - don’t worry is the message I am giving you.

Dreams of an unfamiliar house

To see yourself staying at a house you do not know in waking life can often indicate your own internal status in life. This is a positive dream and indicates you are going to surround yourself with new friends and acquaintances. The larger the house the more positive the dream. To see yourself in a room during the dream, and you don't recognize this in daily life can signify your desire for expressing yourself towards others.

If the unfamilar house was your home but you do not recognize this is the dream state it could suggest there will be problems in your family life. Switching homes in the dream state and for something to present itself (that you are not aware of in waking life) could often be connected to different dimensions. An unfamiliar house that you do not own featured in a dream can suggest that other people will turn to you for advice. It is about giving others the time needed if they are going through an emotional problem. There is also a danger of trouble and threaten the loss of reputation to dream of danger in an unfamiliar house. If something was trying to get into the house that was adverse it can mean you are not settled where you are living. Perhaps you are worried about paying the mortgage, or a financial situation in regards to the house?

Dream about someone else's house

To dream of being in somebody else's house can often symbolize people around you. Some dream characters have no resemblance to anybody we know in waking life. Any character featured in your dream needs to be analyzed. If you dreamt of being in somebody's house that you do not know them, then this can suggest the character is an intrapsychic symbol. What this means is that it does not represent anybody in waking life but actually represents yourself. Therefore, to dream of somebody else's house that you do not know can be interpreted as your own house in the dream. 

If you dream of somebody else's house such as a friend's house or family members can indicate that there are certain qualities within yourself that those people within the dream can recognize. When you dream of your friend, child, parents, best friend, or co-workers house - these people are often called core connections and they only appear in our dreams when they are representing themselves. 

Therefore, if you find yourself in someone else's home during a dream it could be connected to the emotional and psychological attachment that you have to these people. Do you have a good relationship with these people? In moments of rivalry, we can sometimes dream of being in another person's house even if we do not know them that well. Do you trust them? 

The other aspect of the dream to be considered is if the finer details were negative in any aspect. If you do indeed dream of being in somebody else's house which is negative of nature represents (I once dreamed a friend threw a spider at me in her home) that a new start in that relationship is on the horizon. Dreaming of a house of an old boss or co-worker can represent career changes and new beginnings. If you find yourself in your parent's house then this can be connected to your past feelings in your childhood, which I have covered in my dream meaning on the old house above.

What’s the dream meaning of a house?

As I have already mentioned above, in health the house can represent parts of the body. So take note, of what you could see in the dream and the rooms.

  • Dreaming of your own house foretells that you are looking inward in order to understand yourself and your personality.
  • Dreaming of someone else's house indicates the relationships around you depending on whose house you found yourself inside.
  • To dream of a ruined house indicates your own personality and it is time to think about how you can become more relaxed and prepared for any situation with minimal anxiety.
  • To see a house on fire in a dream illustrates something that needs repair and points to poor health. To dream of a house denotes dissatisfaction in your “home” life. In older dream lore, this dream indicates a desire to start a new life or change something and represents “you.”
  • To dream that the house is chasing you means that you’re running away from something you’re carrying inside. If the house was flying or floating, it represents your hidden feelings. This dream means you are currently in the process of soul-searching. However, it can mean that you are struggling with feeling enlightened or aware. This dream means that you will have high expectations for yourself, even if everyone else expects nothing from you.
  • A luxurious house can represent your own ambitions and advancement to reach your goals. Watching a house collapse in a dream can indicate not reaching goals.
  • A balcony is connected to how people see us.
  • A glass house in a dream can be a reflection that things are going to succeed in the future.
  • To clean a house in a dream implies you wish to clean up your goals. Seeing cleaners cleaning a house represents a future that is bright
  • A bird in a house in a dream indicates that you are feeling trapped in life.
  • Water or floods inside a house indicates that you are feeling emotional about problems going forward.
  • A dusty house in a dream according to my older dream books indicates you are trying to cover up something important.
  • A water leak in a dream or a burst pipe can suggest that someone will provide some emotional complications going forward.
  • A house that is falling down or “falls” in a dream can indicate that something is not what it seems.
  • Moving house in a dream is a suggestion you will move from one phase to the next. Someone breaking into a house in a dream can indicate that you feel “threatened” in waking life.
  • To dream of a glass house can suggest that you are listening to gossip according to old dream lore. If the glass house is somewhere you are living it can mean that you will be reflecting negativity in life. Just like the glass everything will become clear.

What is the meaning of the specific size and condition of houses in dreams?

If you remember the size and condition of the house it might help you interpret your dream and understand its meaning better. Was the house in ruins or abandoned? Maybe neglected? If yes, perhaps, your dream is trying to warn you to take better care of yourself. Are you feeling neglected by someone? Or hurt because something has ended in waking life? In dream psychology, the house represents the “self” often the reflection of the house in your dream are your thoughts.

Regarding the size, if the house is too small to get into in your dream, it indicates how you feel about yourself. One can relate to the size of the house to feeling small and weak at the time. Often “smaller” houses in dreams indicate feel like there's not enough space for personal development and spiritual growth. To dream about a large house denotes how you feel inside. I do feel that large houses in dreams indicate that in time you will need to focus on “yourself” more. To dream of a larger house often symbolizes emptiness. But it all depends on how you felt about the house during your dream.

If you felt content and happy this dream means you’re satisfied with your personal growth and career achievements. But if you felt like there was something missing, it represents the emptiness you feel inside. If you dream of an abandoned or haunted house? it might reflect on how you feel at the moment – empty. Are you overwhelmed by emotions in your waking life but still can’t get rid of the numbness inside your heart? Are you a hypersensitive person who’s tired of being sick and tired? To dream of an old house means you need to focus on transformation. You should apply the changes in your life that you wanted for so long. When dreaming of an old and abandoned house, ask yourself: “Have I abandoned myself? What change will make me feel good about myself again?

A recurring dream of a house - the same house pops up over and over

To have these kind of dreams repeatedly indicates you are feeling unsettled in daily life. The dream itself is associated with your own softness and vulnerability. The dream of the same house urges you to think about how you can grow. Many different houses featured in the same dream can indicate you are confused about your self-identity and if you find yourself moving constantly to try to keep up with your busy lifestyle. A reoccurring dream of houses can be reflective of an opportunity to bring aspects of yourself back to life, we generally lose our creative talent after a time and this dream can be a reflection of what you have lost. If you are confused about where you're living in the dream means that you are frightened in life about change. It has come to your dream state to symbolise a reminder to stay with your quest, feed your freedom and return to the part of you that is authentic.

Dream meaning of a detached house

Over 70% of families in America reside in a detached house so it is not uncommon to dream about this type of house. A detached house featured in a dream can mean just that. You feel detached, and this represents our challenge is usually related to the achievement of some kind in life we seldom realize how hard we don't have to work until we get through a project. Then it's too late to reverse the situation.  The detached house could also be in a suburb, could be familiar to you alternatively mean you need to consider healthy living if you see greenery in the dream. 

As the house is detached it can suggest that you will start to understand what is motivating the people around you, and how they see various situations. Our dreams of homes always have little to do with our real-life residences, instead, they are a clue to our present circumstances and our emotions going forward. As I said before, the house is detached this is how you are feeling in real life. Perhaps detached from other people. If you live in a detached house in waking life then if you dream of your own house the fact it is detached has no real bearing on the dream interpretation. The dream is about your subconscious mind reminding you of your safety and making life. Your own property may symbolize a quality or characteristic you’re having to encounter in waking life. Seeing a house alone sometimes symbolizes the closest connection of others, particularly in regards to getting more understanding with some part of your own personality.

Dreams about a large house

Dreaming about a large house is often connected to our own space in life. Dreams like these are positive as it symbolizes your confidence. If you think about the house itself and how you are represented In the world this can give you a clue to the meaning. The larger the house the more positive the dream symbolism. It can indicate that you are trying to build your own life going forward. If you have had a productive day then you can quite often dream about large houses. Spiritually, this dream is connecting to your higher self. In life, we sometimes need to create space and meditate in order to guide ourselves into the spiritual realm. Clearing your mind in daily life will create a positive foundation to manifest your dreams and goals. If you dream of a mansion then this can predict happiness. In fortune-telling literature dreaming of a larger house is connected to our ambitions, positions, and power in life. If you are living in a mansion or large house in your dream then this can represent that you will be fulfilled in life. We often feel that we are not satisfied with certain things that occur and this is a dream omen that positivity will be yours. 

What does it mean to dream of a mansion?

This dream meaning is similar to the above. A mansion though is quite grand. I kept having a dream of a mansion. This had a library and piano. The house in dreams symbolizes your current mental state and your self-image. Seeing or being inside a castle or mansion symbolizes your endurance and determination. The moment you decide to realize your dreams will be the moment you start a new life.

Dream of trying to find your house

If you are searching for your house and cannot find it this represents your own persona. It can indicate you are feeling lost in life, when we think about the house it represents our self soul. Being absent from the house that we know exists is connected to our organic brain changes during sleep. This is often demonstrated and if we are feeling a loss in any way it could be associated with feeling overemotional in waking life. It has been abundantly demonstrated by dream psychiatrists that if we are looking for something to dream then this could be related to our own judgement or internal thoughts about our abilities.

Dreams of being unable to find a house could be connected to the fact that you’re feeling unprepared in waking life. Try to think about what feelings and emotions experienced in dreams. Some symbols up in the dream give you a clue. If you finally do find your dream this is a more positive interpretation. It can mean that some of the emotions your feeling will be redirected so you will not be judged by others but finding the house mean you will understand your own emotions that you are feeling at the moment. If you find you cannot find your keys or get into your house in a dream indicates you may have battled with authority figures in life, or felt like an outsider these are all traits of having a dream of searching for something connected to yourself.

What does do dream about a house fire mean?

Dreams about a house fire can represent that you are feeling areas of your life not as a sea. It can be quite a worrying dream but it is common to see your house burning down. The flames spiritually connected to protection and purification. If you set your own house on fire it indicates you wish to change. Seeing a house on fire that you do not know in real life suggests that you are content with your life you are suffering from a lack of energy. To be inside your house when it is on fire, in a dream, indicates that there is something that you need to take note of immediately. If firefighters entered the home in a dream it can suggest you are going to be rescued by a hero. If you escape the house fire it can suggest that you are on the road to a better future. The biblical meaning of a house on fire can represent cleansing as well as destruction. If we turn to dream psychology, Sigmund Freud believed that fire is connected to our thoughts and desires in life and that you need to review these. The home as I already mentioned is a representation of the "self." So, bringing this together the dream about a house fire can indicate that you need to start something fresh in connection to work.

What is the Islamic interpretation of a house in a dream?

Many of you have contacted me about the Islamic meaning of a house dream so I have carried out some research to find out the meaning. The Islamic interpretation of seeing or buying a new house in a dream is associated with abundance and progress. You will experience success on both personal and professional levels. Houses in dreams also represent how you see yourself. To get the right interpretation, you must pay attention to details such as the color, the size, and the type of house. If you dreamed of the front of a house like a front door or porch, it represents the part you’re showing to the world. It can imply that you are pretending to be something you’re not and people see you as mysterious and calm. However, if you dream of the back of a house, it denotes the secrets and emotions you’re trying to keep to yourself. If the house was brand new in your dream, it also represents some new beginnings and expanding your horizons. To move into a brand new home indicates transformations on a personal level. The new house also reveals your wish to change or upgrade your life.

Dream of destroying a house

To destroy property or house in your dream indicates your internal ability to completely transform your viewpoint on the situation without it becoming too much of a burden to you. The house essentially is the way that you are thinking. For the house to be destroyed means breaking down barriers in life in order to start afresh. If you have been in a situation where you have lost some creative thoughts due to feeling stressed in a dream of destroying a house is often common. If you are blowing the house up then this can point to an argument or a deeper understanding of the situation. To set a house on fire essentially means that you have the power to change all areas of your life, if you want of course. To find yourself destroying an unfamiliar house indicates you feel the need to protect yourself against remarks. If you are destroying somebody else's house then this can be connected to a situation where you choose to take direction. If something or someone destroyed your house in a dream - such as a person or natural disaster then this dream is about how you are going to control your plans and ideas going forward. It can signal opportunities to increase your chances for success, by taking a new approach in exercising perspective.

What does moving house mean in a dream?

What does moving house or seeing yourself in an “unknown house” in a dream mean? Houses in dreams is quite interesting. It can indicate the feeling of “moving” from one situation to another in a symbolic way. The dream could include many aspects of the house. A dream could feature: moving to a new house, moving into a new apartment, packing and moving, moving in with someone or even moving to a new city. The dream of “moving” does indicate a change. Changing one's way of thinking and the obstacles we find when going through life. Often, I have come across moving dreams like this that are related to changes in relationships with a partner. This can indicate either an argument or your subconscious telling you how to “deal with fears” in life.

House keys in dreams

Dream of losing keys to the house indicates that you are fighting difficulty to understand your true emotions at the moment. Naturally, dreams bring up a huge amount of strong emotions and images from past situations (where you felt perhaps he was being judged by other people often occur). The symbolism of your house keys during a dream can indicate that you are making good progress and will embrace a happier sense of well-being go forward. If you feel wiser and freer when you wake up then this is a positive sign. If you are finding it difficult to find the keys and this can indicate that you need to find something internally to build your resistance to change. To not find the keys means you need to work on your own self-confidence. To try to lock doors to a house but you can't indicate you are locking out your emotions. The house is yourself remember. To lock up your house in a dream can mean you want to escape others. If you dream of not being able to lock the doors of your house in a dream can signify that others are expressing concerns to you. Dreaming of open doors with keys in a dream can be a great spiritual omen. It means you are about to embark on a new beginning.

What is the dream meaning of building a new house?

If you are building a new house or someone else is building a home for you in your dream, it implies that you need to work on aspects of your personality and improve your attitude. Sometimes, seeing a construction site can indicate that you need people to help you improve life and upgrade your career. I like to say: a little help never hurt anyone. Often, these dreams appear when we need relaxation to cope with the emotional chaos.

Alternatively, such a dream represents your transformation from someone carefree into a matured, responsible person. The construction of a new house in your dream denotes the transitional phases you’re going through. Maybe you are becoming more aware of your emotions? A new home indicates that you are ready to enter the world with a completely different mindset than the one you’ve had before. Everyone will be very surprised by the positive changes you will apply in your life.

What does it mean to see an unfinished house in a dream?

To dream of an unfinished house reveals the things you keep postponing in your waking life. It can mean you are waiting for someone else to do the job for you, but no one will because you need to do this on your own. If you are exhausted then this dream is common. We all get tired in our modern life. Keep your head above water and continue swimming through life until you reached the right focus in life. And once you do, everything will become a lot easier. Alternatively, this dream might represent the unspoken words and feelings you keep inside.

What is the dream meaning of house construction?

To dream of construction on your house symbolizes a busy mind. A building is a positive omen that indicates you are trying to figure out something on your own. Or you are trying to understand how something works. Maybe you’re too focused on an idea. The dream also denotes some inner transformation. You’re working on yourself in order to improve your education in life. This dream can imply leaving your past behind and that you are creating the “new you.” A brick building in your dream often symbolizes your personality and behavior. It also represents your family and how you’re trying to improve your relationship with some family member. The dream also signifies your comprehension or intellect.

What does a wooden house symbolize in a dream?

To dream of a wooden house indicates misunderstandings in dream lore. Wood is a natural material and can also imply that grounding is required. One minute you will feel proud of yourself, while in the next one, you will feel sorry for the mistakes you’ve once made and let your guilty conscience take over your mood. To live in a wooden house foretells some problems in your love life. It can represent feeling “stale” or not being able to communicate. A log cabin in a dream can indicate a new phase in life. A log cabin in the dream can indicate that you have certain expectations, hiding in a log cabin means focus is required.

To see someone else’s wooden house in your dream suggests that you should work on your attitude around new people. Running to a wooden house implies changing for better. In older dream lore seeing a house (that is not yours) but is wooden indicates becoming more aware. A derelict wooden home in dreams implies learning new things, acquiring wisdom and knowledge. To build a wooden house or have someone build it for you in your dream refers to the questions you want to ask your partner but don’t have the courage.

What does it mean to see a tree growing in the house during the dream?

This is quite an interesting dream and a user emailed me to ask what it means to see a tree inside a house, if you see a tree growing in a house it can imply that you are trying to ground yourself. Spiritually it is important to “ground” yourself once in a while. I like to sometimes meditate thinking that I am a tree and my roots go into the earth. This clears away negative energy, If the tree is green and it is growing inside a house this can signify happy and content times in the future. If the tree is dying and this represents your current mental state and that you need rest and recuperation to move forward in life.

Dream meaning of a house shaking or moving or turning over

Dreaming about a house that moves or shakes moving or shaking during the three can suggest something is going to hit your life. This dream often reflects frustration and anxiety. The shaking of the house in a dream suggests changes occurring in the dream of life and that you may experience some sort of confusion threat. Despite this, you will be able to accomplish all your goals. In this dream, if you are in an unfamiliar house and it moves or shakes for any reason and this can represent another person who is trying to exert their power over you. If you are in your own house and you feel movement was the house is shaking or turning in any way then this can suggest that you are feeling threatened by somebody. The shock that you fill in the dream upon realizing that you are moving is reminding you not to get too caught up in details in life. Strategies like planning ahead, completing things in advance making sure you feel more settled in daily life are important.

What does a big house mean in a dream?

Seeing a big house in a dream often represents the fact that you may expect to receive communications in the future. I have already covered the dream meaning of a large house and mansion but this dream would be if your house is a skyscraper or something massive. There is an association with problems involving money if the house was particularly large. To dream you enter a big house is a very good sign, it is a sign that you’re going to set goals for your career. To dream, you see yourself or other people in a big house foretells that you will shortly receive some joyful news according to older dream lore.

What does dreaming of a small house mean?

Small houses are positive in the dream state. Dreaming of a doll's house represents false prospects as long as the house itself was in good order. Seeing a lovely garden along with the small house can indicate a change is coming. This dream often reminds me of small houses in Alice In Wonderland. In dream psychology “small houses” in dreams can represent we are not reaching our goals and can imply you will solve issues and problems going forward.

What does seeing a red brick house mean in a dream?

Red bricks spiritually represent our own building blocks. It can imply that you are safe and you are feeling content. As a house is normally built of bricks, the red brick shows us that in life we need to build our own desires and objectives. A brick is rectangular in shape and spiritually this means that you need to hold things together in a durable state. An old red brick house can indicate feeling worried about the future.

What does buying a house in a dream mean?

As I have already mentioned the house represents you. Buying a house in a dream can suggest that you will focus on clear goals and buying a new property is connected to a new start. If you are single then buying a house in a dream could represent a new lover. If your dream involved arranging a mortgage on a home this can mean that your finances will improve. To view a new house or move into a new house can also represent a better future in life. To buy a new house in a dream can represent something unexpected.

What’s the significance of a pink house in a dream?

As you might assume, pink is associated with sweetness, love, joy, happiness, affection, kindness but also fakeness. Why fakeness? Well, a Barbie is often dressed in pink and she’s made out of plastic, meaning people have already accepted the concept of plastic dressed in pink clothing. However, pink also represents your feminine qualities such as sensitivity, the strong intuition that’s never wrong and compassion.

If you had a dream that features the color pink means you’re trying to transform your attitude into a more pleasant one. In other words, you’re trying to become a better person for you and the people you love. This dream also foretells benefiting from your past actions. If you dreamed of a pink house, your dream has a totally different meaning. As you know, the house in dreams reveals how you see yourself. To see a pink house means you’re enjoying the perfect image but you’re not acting according to your instincts and desires. To live in a plastic house also symbolizes your naivety and future transformation.

What is the meaning of yellow house in a dream?

A yellow house in dreams is linked to lightness, hopefulness, clear intellect, strong intuition and positive mindset. You’re the person who always looks at the bright side of everything, even when things seem impossible to handle. You never give up because you’re born a fighter. To dream of yellow symbolizes your shining aura. You’re a walking inspiration and believe it or not, people admire you for who you are, even if they won’t admit. The yellow color is also associated with jealousy and obsession. You don’t want others to touch what’s yours. And perhaps, this is your only personality disadvantage. This dream can mean being obsessed with the people you love.

What does an unfinished house mean in a dream?

To see a half-built house, or that a house is not complete represents you are feeling incomplete. You must learn how to enjoy your own company more. Learn how to survive on your own. There is a message in this dream of not depending on other people. Otherwise, you might end up hurt and devastated. You can’t understand jealous people but you don’t even realize that you’re one of them.

What do dreams about a haunted house mean?

Dreaming about a haunted house can relate to your life, the haunted house often appears when we are feeling afraid or worried about the future. To walk into a haunted house illustrates emotional confusion. If you are seeing the haunted house from a spectator’s perspective it can often indicate deception. Haunted houses often connected to somebody’s fear and signify the there is something that frightens your life. Haunted house dreams are relatively not that, and you need to take note when the haunted house pleasing your dream.

What does it mean to dream of many houses?

To dream of multiple houses can indicate that you're aware of the new opportunities and possibilities. Think of the house which symbolizes your inner self, meaning that many houses signify other parts of your personality. Alternatively, your dream might symbolize different time periods in your life along with the endless options for future change. To dream of your grandparent’s house or your childhood home means that you’re still attached to your past life. These dreams increase your awareness and remind you that it’s time you let go of your past. To see many different houses in your dream might seem a bit confusing. But once you wake up, your dream can be easily interpreted. Obviously, you're under pressure to chose between many options and new opportunities.

What does it mean to see snakes in a house?

It might seem like a horror movie in your dream, but if you see snakes in a house it can suggest you will be tempted by something in life. Seeing snakes hiding in a house can indicate there is hidden deception. Seeing multiple snakes is also connected to emotional wellbeing. Slithering snakes in a house can imply that you should not be afraid to create your own objectives in life. Being trapped in a house full of snakes symbolize deep drive to focus on a new life. A single snake in your house can be a representation of someone who is dishonest.

What does it mean to dream of extra rooms in a house?

To dream of extra rooms or other places and objects in a house that don't actually exist in your waking life might symbolize new developments. Or it might reveal a part or aspect of yourself that you didn't know existed. These dreams can make you feel confused, alarmed or existed at the same time. Alternatively, your dream might represent the right time to do self-research and explore your soul.

What does it mean to dream of a bathroom?

To dream of a bathroom represents your way of letting go. No matter if it's a person or something that no longer serves you or makes you feel happy. Your dream reveals how you deal with things that no longer belong or don't want to belong in your life. As you already know, a bathroom is a place where you practically "let go" and become the most vulnerable and authentic version of yourself. Meaning, if your dream of a busy bathroom, it denotes the lack of privacy in your life. Same goes for abandoned, flooded or rundown bathroom. This can mean you are practically putting other people's needs before your own. And it might have a negative effect on your life.

If you dream of a nice, well-functioning bathroom, it can indicate that you're taking good care of yourself. You're not allowing anyone to tell you what to do or when. You put yourself first. You're doing the right thing because if you don't put yourself first, who else will? This type of dream is also helping associated with not being judgemental to other people.

What does it mean to dream of a bedroom?

To dream of a bedroom will help you understand the most intimate and private parts of your personality. The bedroom in your dream reflects your emotions, deep desires and the way of thinking. These dreams help you identify whether you're feeling insecure or confident about yourself.

I have had many dreams about the bedroom, seeing someone in your bed can indicate that you need to feel comfort towards other. To be in someone else bedroom in a dream also reveals how you feel about relationships. If you dream of yourself alone, it means you're not ready for a serious relationship, even if you might be a part of one already. Married people who dream of being alone in their bedroom often miss their privacy and freedom. But if you're single and dream of being alone in the bedroom, it means you miss having someone around. If you dream of being with someone unknown from the opposite sex, you're questioning your own identity. The bedroom reflects your suppressed sexuality and needs.

What does it mean to dream of a living room?

The living room is the place you bring friends and relatives to hang out with. It's where you watch TV with your family, play with the kids or your pets, relax while reading a book on the sofa, or simply watch a movie with your partner on Sunday night. But what does it mean in dreams? To dream of a living room represents your social life and the part of yourself that you invite others to see or experience. Try to remember the items present in your living room in the dream. Was there something missing or added in the room? These details can help you interpret your dream and show you what to focus on improving your social life.

What does it mean to dream of a kitchen?

The kitchen is the heart of the home and has multiple functions. It’s the place where you share food with family and friends. To dream of the kitchen reflects your soul, heart, your spiritual beliefs, and how you take care of your mind, body, relationships and inner peace. However, the kitchen might symbolize other things as well. When dreaming of the kitchen, ask yourself: "What plans am I cooking for myself? Are these plans right? If you dream about the entire kitchen, except the kitchen sink, it means you have everything in excellent order. If your dream of too many cooks in a kitchen, it says that you allow too much outside influence to determine your life. Someone is trying to leave a negative impact on your life and sabotage your success. To ask what's cooking in your dream foretells new opportunities you will create for yourself. I did come across quite an interesting dream meaning, "cooking" in your kitchen represents fraud and dishonesty. I am not sure how true this is. Seeing yourself cooking a meal in a dream can indicate a fresh start.

What does it mean to dream of a dining room?

The dining room is the social area of your home. It relates to the kitchen and the living room. It’s where you associate with nourishment and food. To dream of the dining room represents the way you take care of yourself, your spirit of close ones. These dreams reveal your emotional state. Are you feeling disconnected or deprived somehow? If yes, leave aside the superficial relationships that make you feel lonely and focus on establishing deeper connections. It can also imply lacking real connection in life.

What does it mean to dream of a basement?

The basement is a common symbol in dreams because it often represents the unconscious mind. The characteristics of the basement in your dream might give you some clues on your dream’s interpretation. If you saw a dark basement, it means you lack motivation and inspiration in waking life. Also, it means that you're not seeing something just yet.

If you explored the basement in your dream, it indicates that you should explore your soul and the emotions you've been hiding for so long. The objects you saw in your dream often signify your mental state. How the basement was organized in your dream reveals how you deal with your emotions in waking life. Seeing many boxes means you're hiding too many secrets and act opposite of what you're feeling. According to some dream experts, to dream of a basement means you're hitting "rock bottom" in waking life and you are ready to embrace a new beginning ahead. In most of my older dream books, seeing a basement in a dream is a symbol of protection. If you dream of a basement, it means you're protecting yourself from some threat, conflict or emotional storm.

What does it mean to dream of an attic?

A basement is a place where you store your unconscious feelings, while the attic is often the place where you put away unconscious thoughts. Dream experts associate the attic with what's "in the back of your mind". Meaning, the memories you're trying to forget. Also, it represents the storage place for unwanted messages and feelings received by others in waking life. After dreaming of an attic, it’s good to review what your attic is used for. How your attic affected your emotions in the dream?

There is a hidden message here: you need to review and make peace with your memories. If you dream of a crowded attic, it means that your dream is practically begging you to face what you've been ignoring for so long. Find a way to let go of what's hurting you in silence.

What does it mean to dream of windows?

To dream of windows reflects your perspective and outlook. For example, if you dream of windows tightly closed with blinds and curtains, it means that you're acting cold to the outside world. Closed curtains can represent a closed person who refuses to get much involved with people. An open window, on the contrary, represents your openness to new relationships, and outside information. If you could see the moon through a window in your dream, it reflects the feminine energy and overwhelming emotions.

To dream of seeing darkness through the window reflects how you view the world and life in general at the moment. It can mean you lack awareness and motivation. To dream of watching the stars through a window reflects your great potential and endless hope. If you saw a broken window represents vulnerability, healing, and distorted view. Also, the broken window in your dream denotes an opportunity to make thing right. To see the sun through a window represents joy and enlightenment.

What does it mean to dream of a hallway?

To dream of walking down a hallway filled with closed doors is one of the most common dreams. If you had such dream, it reflects your wish to explore life, yourself and everything that draws your attention. It also represents your potential options for the future. To find yourself unsure which door to open reveals your insecurity in waking life. There are some decisions you need to make around. But to make the right decision, you must listen to your intuition which you rarely do. The hallway in your dream state symbolizes your overall health and how you feel in your own skin. If the hallway was neglected, it means you're not feeling comfortable with the person you've become. When you dream of a hallway, try to remember the details that might help you interpret your dream. Explore where the hallway is leading you, where you want to go next, what obstacles you're facing and how you feel while walking down this hallway. Did you feel scared or insecure? Or maybe excited and determined? If you're not sure where the hallway is leading you, it might reflect your lack of self-awareness in your waking life. You're in desperate need to know yourself more.

What does it mean to dream of a porch?

The porch is a social spot of the home, greeting walkers and welcoming guests. To dream of a porch might reflect how outgoing you are. Are you more comfortable with people or you feel better in your own company? To see a porch swing might reveal your playfulness. To see chairs on a porch reveals your openness with people. To have no chairs on your porch in a dream represents your limited social interactions and closed character.

What does it mean to dream of closets?

We use closets to hide or store things. This is why we think of a closet as a very personal space. To dream of one represents your awareness. Unlike the basement and attic where you hide your thoughts and memories, the closet represents the things you consciously hide from the world.

For a closet to feature in a dream is often associated with anxiety and fear because of the possibility for someone to discover a secret. To sort your stuff in a closet in your dream has a positive interpretation. You have your mind in order and you are ready to reveal whatever you've been hiding from the world. You’re finally comfortable in your skin.

What does it mean to dream of a roof?

A roof is what separates you from the outside world. It appears in dreams to remind you how well you are sheltering yourself from your spiritual, social, psychological or physical environments. If you dream of a leak on your roof, it means that there's a possible danger ahead. Your attention is drawn by something or someone at the moment. To dream of a roof represents the need to increase insight into your spirit. A thatched roof in a dream can indicate that you need to get back to nature.

The roof in your dream might give you insight on your personal limitations, just like the rest of the house exterior. If you dream of a fortified house, it represents your closed personality. For the roof to be missing from the house in a dream can imply keeping your fears and insecurities very well from the world. But hiding your flaws from the world won't make you feel better. Accepting yourself will. To dream of a porous house with many breaks and leaks denotes your vulnerable personality and the limitations that you feel. These dreams occur to remind you to re-evaluate yourself and seek for new actions that will restore your life balance.

What does it mean to dream of a floor or the ceiling?

Dreams which involve the ceiling or the floor might help you identify what is influencing you in your waking life. If you see a leak in a ceiling in your dream, it represents the memories of past and the thoughts related to it. Your past is demanding your attention in order for you to forgive and let go. The ceiling also reflects your personal self-imposed limitations. It's there to make you wonder if you're happy with those limitations and all the boundaries you're not crossing.

The floor, on the other hand, reflects your stability. It shows if you're a grounded person. To see holes in the floor in your dream represents an unconscious feeling that are influencing your thoughts and actions in your waking life. If you find bumps coming up through the floor it represents something that's "bugging you."

What does it mean to dream of a backyard?

The backyard of a house represents your unconscious mind, inner peace, and the secrets that you choose to keep to yourself. A scruffy backyard can imply changes in life. I always say, pay attention to the objects in the backyard. They can help you interpret your backyard dream better. The condition of the backyard in your dream can help you gain insight into your soul. If you saw a fence in the yard, it represents the boundaries that could either leave you feeling trapped or vulnerable – depending on the condition of the fence. If you see some of your childhood objects in the backyard, it’s related to how people affect your life. If you saw a garden, it helps you gain insight into your personal development. What are you growing in the garden? If the garden is neglected in your dream, it means you're neglecting your personal growth. What is the dream you've given up on and you knew you weren't supposed to? If the garden was wild and overgrown, it reveals the wild side of your personality.

What does it mean to dream about multiple houses?

The meaning of houses appearing in a dream can be rather interesting. In my experience, you may come across someone with a malevolent nature if you dream of multiple houses in a dream. You are probably visiting this page as you had a dream about a house and you're wondering what earth it means. Seeing rows of houses can indicate your own mental toughness and achievement in life. I believe strongly that this dream is positive, it is a message to embrace your own confidence and the fact you are taking on challenges for growth. The dream essentially underpins how we see ourselves and others. Not so long ago I kept dreaming of houses and walking around homes that I have never seen in real life.

What do dreams about houses with many rooms mean?

Dreams about houses with many rooms hidden indicate that you have many options open to you at the moment. As I already mentioned the rooms can indicate parts of yourself. Rooms hiding in a dream related to aspects of your personality that are “hiding” from you.

What do empty rooms in dreams mean?

If you are observing the empty room from afar in your dream, then it denotes that, your current wishes and desires are not going to materialize even if you try hard to accomplish them. Alternatively, an empty room could be a sign that you are feeling empty inside you. It seems like everyone has abandoned you and thus, no shoulder to cry on. If you succumb to the negative feelings and you start having self-pity, the depression might last for a while.

What does it mean to dream of a mansion?

A mansion on a grand scale in your dream could mean that you are currently opening yourself up to abundance which is greater than what you are on at the moment. I once dreamed of a mansion and this had a library which is where my dream was focused. It was all about educating myself. Depending on your current level of self-esteem, the dream could reveal a level of inappropriate grandiosity. Alternatively, it could be symbolic of deeper humility level emerging within you.

What does a dream about an abandoned house mean

A ruined or creepy house in a dream can be associated with things / or problems in the past. When you have a dream about an abandoned house, it represents people who were in your past life and who are no longer in your present life. You are all ready to embrace the future with its challenges without having to look back into your past. If there was any negativity, it will definitely remain in your past.

What does it mean to dream of a wrecked house?

A wrecked house in your dream is a sign that, currently, your life is in chaos. I’m sorry you had this dream. You could be going through emotional or psychological problems which are making you feel angry or depressed. In order to regain control of the current situation, you will need to get rid of the negative feelings. Otherwise, it might make it impossible for you to operate normally. If the house fell over or was crumbling this can indicate that you are feeling “on edge” at the moment.

What does it mean to dream about a dirty or smelly house?

Many times I dreamed of a dirty house. A dirty house in your dream represents hurt, probably from the past. Your current situation or relationship could be the reason for this dream. Maybe you are feeling like certain difficult times are not going to end because, the problems keep on coming. In order to get rid of the problems, you will need to think of the good times you had and have a positive mindset. To dream of a nasty smell in your dream, or that you go to someone elses house and it is dirty indicates that people around you will form negative opinions. To clean the dirty house represents that you will try to clean up things in life. The dirty house is also connected to how you will gain a deeper meaning in life about your stages of development. The dream of your own dirty house can indicate that you need to make some profound changes in your life.

What does it mean to dream of moving in with someone?

Having a dream where you are moving in with someone is an indicator that, you are yearning to have a deeper relationship with this particular person. In case the person in question is your emotional partner, the dream denotes that, you would like your relationship to go to the highest level possible.

What does it mean to dream of someone's house?

Someone’s house seen in your dream is an indication that, you have a lot to learn about yourself. You could be having feelings and memories which are buried deep down on you and you are trying to force yourself to forget them. If you are unable to get help from friends and family, you will seek professional help and your insecurities will be a thing of the past.

What does it mean to dream of a childhood house?

If you dream that you are visiting a childhood house, consider it a very common dream which allows you to transform as you explore the patterning you adopted from your family. You will need to consider the aspects that make the home different from what it was when you used to live there. Noting the difference is important as it will make you recognize the difference between yourself and your childhood family. It shows that you are a unique variation of the line you carry forward. But if there were no variations, then it means that you are no different from the line you carry, you inherited everything from your parents.

What does it mean to dream of being homeless?

If you dream that you are homeless, it means you are going to be disappointed and your authority will be undermined. Your confidence will be lost due to something unexpected happening to you which you least expected. To regain your confidence, you will need to get in touch with your family and friends and stop thinking about the past.

What does it mean to dream of changing houses?

Changing house in your dream is an indicator that, you could have a change in your belief system and some personnel changes. You are likely going to have a different perspective on life and the way you used to view some things. You will need to embrace these changes because it is something you actually need in your life.

What does it mean to dream of a house that does not have walls?

A house that does not have walls in your dream is a sign of lack of privacy in your life. You have this feeling that, your business is always invaded by other people, but you find it hard to chase them away. After the dream, you will need to set boundaries in your life before the same people cause havoc in your life.

What does it mean to dream about an old house?

Seeing an old house in your dream is a sign of your old life and your way of thinking which is all in the past now. Whatever you are currently doing could make you lapse back in this old ways and habits. It could be an addiction or a bad habit which you could have been involved in in the past. You will need to be strong and resist these habits from re-entering your life.

What does it mean to dream of a damaged house?

A damaged house in your dream, then it means that you are having worries about your family. Alternatively, the dream could reflect how your family is faring on and it looks like if not all is well with it. You will need to work harder to keep your family’s life in order.

What does it mean to dream about a disappearing house?

A disappearing house in your dream is a sign that you are not grounded in your life. Certain relationships or circumstances in your life are making you feel hurt. You are feeling helpless because you don’t know how to overcome the feelings and at the same time, you don’t want to disclose to people that you are hurting and that you are unappreciated by your partner. You will need to take a stand in your life and stop letting others control you in any way.

What does a flooded house mean?

A dream where your house is flooded completely, it is a sign that your emotions are overflowing at the moment. You could have done something which triggered this feeling and you already know what it is. You will need to embrace the feeling of getting in touch with your feelings is not bad, and you will need to understand your emotions.

What does it mean to dream of a house robbery?

When you have a dream where you see someone breaking into a house, it is a sign that you are undergoing some financial difficulties. You are going to have money issues in the days to come which will make your life to be very difficult. At the moment, you will need to refrain from investing money in any project as it will not come out well instead, you will just have to count losses.

What does it mean to dream of not having a house?

Not having a house is a representation of bad luck. Your career and personal life will face some challenges. You will need to be patient, wait until this period is over before engaging in anything meaningful because all your engagements will be followed by bad luck. The good thing about it is that the period will not last for a very long time.

Types of dwellings in the dream

  • Dream of a log home: Dreaming of a log home or cabin can suggest you are feeling somewhat threatened by others oddly enough, the vision of a log cabin can indicate passages to spiritual development. The wood featured in the dream is connected to growth and opportunity. Once you understand where you can develop yourself you can confront any difficulties in life. Well-meaning friends over the years are likely to come to the surface if you dreamt you lived in a log cabin.  If there were animals outside the log cabins in this can indicate that sometimes you will have a choice to manage the difficulties which arise,  it can suggest that you go inwards when you are faced with challenges. If the animals were frightening or dangerous in any way and this can suggest that you are feeling uncertain about certain areas of your life.
  • Dream of a ranch:  To dream of a ranch is a positive omen. If you dream of living in a ranch it can be connected to the fact that you face a crisis in life well. Choices are either dictated by your internal programming or inspired by others if you see yourself moving to a ranch in your dream.
  • Dream of a semi-detached or terrace house: In some countries, they have semi-detached houses, and to dream of this can signal a new friend coming forward according to old dream lore. Dreaming that you are living in a semi but you do not in daily life can indicate that you will depend on one friend. If you dream of a terrace house this can indicate many friends around you. An unfamiliar terrace house can indicate a new social connection.
  • Dream of a townhome or terrace house:  if you dream of a home in the city,  this can indicate that you need balance in life. Everything needs to feel right, in the right place and then the right actions at the right time can be made. The city is often very busy in waking life, this could reflect how you’re feeling at the present time. If you don’t currently live in a townhouse in you dream about moving to the city then this can indicate that a busy period is going to be experienced in the future.
  • Dream of a cottage:  Dreaming of a cottage is connected to aspects of your caring character. The cottage can be a symbolism of your deepest needs. You need to understand that you need to give yourself permission to recognize your own talents rather than letting other people take credit for your work. If this dream was relaxing, and the cottage was a nice place to be then this could suggest an aspect of your character that will help you explore the practicalities of a major life transformation that will give you more comfortable going forward.
  • Dream of a cabin:  if you are living in a cabin in your dream then this indicates you have the opportunity to fulfill your deepest desires. It often reflects the fact that you feel quite claustrophobic in life, and the only way to remove yourself from that feeling is to try to form an opportunity to be more aware of your freedoms. If you don’t live in a cabin in daily life, and you dream of an unfamiliar cabin then this is a dream which means that you will exceed your expectations.
  • Dream of a chalet or caravan:  when we go on holiday we often stay in a chalet or caravan if you find yourself in holiday accommodation, or you are living in this accommodation permanently then this indicates your ability to gather creative talents, it is important to do this I shall continue to develop and release the full value.
  • Dream of an apartment:  to see yourself living in an apartment or flat during the three can suggest the potential to fulfill your ambitions by taking a more considered approach instead of always appearing to be demanding to others. If you live in an apartment in daily life and dream about this, it is connected to your own opportunities to express yourself by letting the feelings flow instead of thinking that you have to protect these feelings going forward and hide them from people.
  • Dream of a mobile home:  Dreaming of a static mobile home or temporary accommodation such as this, interim psychology means that you have an instinctive ability to show unconditional loyalty and affection to others. In aging dream books, a mobile home appearing in a dream is connected to your own personal ambition and drive. Because the accommodation is mobile it means that you are flexible and more receptive to developing your own inner self.
  • Dream of a treehouse:  To dream of a treehouse, whether this is visited during your dream or your permanent residence is connected to grounding. Spiritually we will need to be grounded in order to accomplish our journey in life. The emphasis of this dream is on fear, if you feel anxiety then it can mean that you need to explore your own self-trust, love, discovery, and ambitions going forward. The dream is all about self-identity, purpose, and life’s impulses. In life, there are all new beginnings and endings constantly.

Summary dream about houses

Dreams about houses are extremely common. You may have various themes that feature house, in dream psychology the house is a representation of yourself. Sometimes we can dream of moving house, seeing home but we don’t recognize, living in a property that we don’t know alternatively childhood house. Depending upon the actual home, this represents our internal thoughts. Every room is associated with how we’re “feeling.” The house dream might range from frightening to inspiring or enlightening. This is due to the fact that houses are a part of our everyday life. In fact, we live in rooms most of the time.

By Florance Saul
May 15, 2018