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Games in dreams are associated with our ambitions in life.

The game Monopoly is connected to property and this is what the dream is all about. It is focused on your finances in life.

In the dream…

  • You might be the one playing monopoly.
  • Someone you know might be playing monopoly.
  • You win a game of monopoly.
  • A stranger is playing monopoly.

Detailed dream interpretation...

Monopoly is an old game dating back to 1903. To see this board game in a dream denotes taking a chance on something. To see any graphics of monopoly in your dream suggests riches. To see the “go space” or just the monopoly board in your dream suggests that you are going to be more demanding of others. There are thirty-two cards in community chest and chance cards. To see the chance or community chest cards in your dream suggests that you are going to experience a minor depression.

To see Monopoly money in your dream is an indication that actions can be important going forward. You will require openness in a given situation. To see the luxury or the tax space or income space in the dream indicates that you are going to have to pay some taxes in the future. If you go into the jail area of monopoly suggests that you have unique qualities of character. If you see free parking in your dream this indicates that you are going to lose important lessons in the future.

The deeds of each property if feature your dream suggests that you are going to have challenges and ownership of a project going forward. There may be some issues with your mortgage buying building houses. There are 22 streets within the Monopoly board if you see any of these in a dream can indicate that you are finding life too demanding. To see any of the railroads within your dream suggestion that you may wish to review how you are perceived by others. To see any of the utilities within a dream is associated with is your anxiety levels. You must stop stressing out. To see the small hotels and houses which are generally green in color within the tree is an indication that you need to form some important standards.

When you find yourself playing monopoly in your dream suggests that you are a strong person who has been able to handle strong decisions in your life without asking assistance from anyone. Your personality is what has made you be a leader in your career, and turned you into a respectable people - well done! Don't throw this away by becoming irresponsible and failing to tackle situations which your friends involve you in. Some of them are just to test how powerful you are. Handle them with the best wisdom you can because it is through other people will continue appreciating and they will hold you in high esteem.

If you see a familiar person playing monopoly in your dream it foretells that you will have to use the services of a relative or a friend to sort out issues which are beyond your control. Make sure that you respect a decision others make because that is what will make a difference in your life.

To throw dice in the game of monopoly in your dream indicates that you are used to handling the tough decision. To buy "hotels" in your dream of monopoly suggests financial gain. You need to have respect and trust in others and what they are telling you because everything will be working to your advantage.

A dream where you see a strange person playing monopoly implies that when it comes to making decisions which are tough things seem impossible.

To lose the game of monopoly means that you need to rely on outside support to make things work for you. Go out of your way, out of the comfort zone and make sure that, things get better for you. No-one is born knowing everything, we must learn from each other and as time goes by, we will, therefore, become more professional.

Feelings associated with your dream...

Profession, tough, friendly, respectable, smooth

By Flo Saul
Jun 11, 2017