Tall Hotel

Tall Hotel

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Interpreting a dream implies assigning a “meaning” to it - that is replacing the literal meaning with a spiritual one.

Hotels are wonderful places – but are normally only temporary accommodation, thus, a dream of a tall hotel means that one would like to change their residence in waking life with something more grand. The “tallness” of the hotel means that you want a home that is much bigger than others. The tallness is a way of “looking down on people” in real life. It can also mean that you see other people will have less than you in life. This can be temporary rather than permanent. As the hotel is temporary.

Many people may see a tall hotel in their dreams when they want something more in life. Tall hotel’s can tantalize us with their mystery. So, the question of this dream is: What are they? Why do we have a dream of a tall hotel? Where do they come from? What do they mean? A tall hotel is associated with temporary residence. Each room that you see in your dream is a sign of a short-term situation in life. To see any grand stairs or wonderful features in the tall hotel means that situations will work out for the better.

In your dream you may have seen

  • Seen a tall hotel.
  • Seen a porter in the hotel.
  • Traveled in a lift in a tall hotel.
  • Seen a fleabag hotel.
  • A skyscraper hotel.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • In your dream you were happy and content in the hotel.
  • The hotel experience was nice.
  • People helped you in the dream.

Detailed dream interpretation

Seeing more than one tall hotel in a dream may represent being diametrically in opposition to something. When you see the tall hotel from the street and this features strongly, this may also indicate insufficient thoroughness. A tall skyscraper hotel is association with excessive material wealth. For the tall hotel to be swaying, or moving in the wind is connected to how one feels about life in general. It can mean being insecure.

Another interpretation indicates a project that's incomplete, imperfect, getting vague intention, not fully dedicated to something.

An inexpensive hotel can suggest an epitome of tackiness and indecency, while an expensive or luxurious hotel may suggest that one requires elegance, wealth, and romance. Most hotels have an internal elevator, to see yourself traveling in this in your dream can mean possible ups and down. To visit an expensive tall hotel means that one requires awareness of who they are. Either one is hiding their emotions or they are basking in the energy of prosperity or romance.

Another interpretation of a tall hotel means that people think highly of you. Try to remember what happened in the tall hotel, the interpretation of one’s dream can be associated with what you are doing. Are you visiting a friend in the hotel? Are you looking out of the window? Are you sleeping in the tall hotel?

The hotel is associated with how one is connected to others. Also, how you are feeling about the world around you.

When the hotel is a residential or transient hotel, this means you feel insecure about your economic situation. To see a run down tall hotel means that one needs to govern their existence, they want to achieve something but are scared of the future.

To go to a hotel and see it has no vacancies means that it is going to be difficult to fulfill an objective in life. Seeing a porter in a hotel suggests that others will help you.

An elevator in a tall hotel can mean that things are going to be positive or negative. If anything adverse happened in the dream, such as the lift breaking, shooting up, the tall hotel falling over suggests that others will try to stop you from completing your goal in life. To see a fleabag (run down tall hotel) is associated with how you see your life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a tall hotel

Worried. Happy. Concerned. Nervous. Scared. Bored. Idle. Waiting. Impatient. Helpful.

By Florance Saul
Apr 7, 2013