Snow Dream Meaning And Dreaming Of Snow

Dreaming of snow is mysterious and magical. Winter and snow are a time of hibernation in relation to our inner being. Snow dreams are a symbol of spiritual awakening and inner awareness. It is the season of winter when the spirit gradually releases itself from daily, earthly concerns. Snow dreams allow us to forget the rules of space and time, allowing us to travel to a distant faraway land - even if we have never been there physically. The dream can be connected to our emotions due to the frozen crystalline water that is made within the snow life cycle. 

Spiritual dream meaning of snow

The way you view the snow will be affected by where you live. It is important to recognize that our psyches also go through seasonal cycles throughout our lives. These cycles could be of rest, growth, death, and/or growth. If the winter is significant in your dream, think about whether it reflects an inner cycle that you are currently going through or need to enter. Snow is naturally translucent in color, this indicates that light does not pass through it, but is reflected. Snow is made up of ice crystals that are almost suspended in the environment, within the clouds. From a spiritual perspective dreaming of snow is about how you reflect on events in your life. Wavelengths bring color to objects and these are opaque and semi-opaque in nature. The key element of this dream is to remember why you are really here and what is it that you want.  

Quick Snow Dream Meaning

  • Pure white snowy landscapes in dreams indicate releasing negative energy 
  • Seeing others in snow during the dream can suggest cold emotions towards others
  • As snow is translucent it indicates reflecting your own personality or spiritual development
  • Snow falling in dreams is about cleanness, clarity, and a new start or beginning, as each snowflake is unique it can incite intricate patterns of behavior from others
  • Driving or seeing deep snow is about our own challenging in life
  • If snow was represented as fun then this is a positive dream meaning that you will have a great number of weeks ahead
  • If the dream was negative in any way or the snow was a danger or hazard it represents that a situation will require your commitment.
  • Fluffy snow or playing in the snow is about your inner child
  • Freud wrote that in dream psychology snow is about love and relationships
  • Biblically snow in dreams indicate a refreshed lifestyle according to scripture
  • The warning of this dream is that snow is translucent it often indicates a problem in life that you just cannot see and is about spiritual development.
  • Snowy landscapes in dreams are connected to our wants and how we navigate life itself.
  • To dream of positive spiritual adventures in the snow (sports, skiing, etc) indicates that you will spend time with people you love.

My advice from this dream

I have some advice from a general snow dream. Today you have a choice to do the best that is required, take care of yourself, talk to your guides, medicate and produce. The snow has appeared as this is a time of spiritual reflection. Bear in mind that those around you who naturally fear change may challenge you. This could be due to a number of reasons. If you are able you can strengthen your mind. You have a choice to learn, this is your choice and the snow featured in your dream indicates that it is your personal responsibility to plant and care for your garden of life. 

Is the dream of snow good or bad?

If you are “snowed under”, it means that you are at a loss in your current circumstances. When the words of snow are uttered, I automatically cross-check a distant memory of seeing snow. It is really a perceptual spiritual experience in dreams. Dreaming of snow is associated with cleanness, clarity, and a possible fresh start ahead. A stage in your life is over and there is a new beginning coming. Since snow is water in solid form, it symbolizes something in life will take shape and be more concrete going forward.

The water connection makes the snow appear in dreams in association with our inner feelings, maybe because you have been suppressing your thoughts lately and they remained frozen, which means it is time to reanimate them. Spiritually, the snow represents your beauty and serenity, as well as the melting of your problems. There is different types of snow such as hard snow, soft snow, powder snow (which is light and generally fluffy), and of course artificial snow. I will cover all these meanings in this dream interpretation, I’m Flo, and welcome to my website, just scroll down to find your dream.

Scroll down as I have covered the following dreams

  • Dreaming of deep snow
  • Dreaming about fluffy snow
  • Dream psychology of seeing snow
  • Biblical meaning of snow in dreams
  • Dreaming of a blizzard
  • Dreaming of cleaning up and shoveling snow
  • Dream of an animal in the snow
  • Dream of being trapped or escaping the snow
  • Dreaming of melting snow
  • Dream of a hill or mountain with snow on top
  • Dream of seeing snow for the first time
  • See snowy roads in a dream
  • Dream of eating snow
  • Dream of snow sports
  • Melting snow in your dream
  • Cable car and snow dream meaning
  • Cars, driving, accidents and getting stuck in the snow
  • Sledding on snow in your dream
  • Lost in the snow in your dream
  • Snowfall in slow motion in your dream
  • Flying over a snow landscape
  • Falling on snow and big snowbanks
  • Walking on snow
  • Dying in relation to snow
  • Seeing both snow and ice in your dream
  • Dreaming of dirty snow and snow falling irregularly
  • Snow melting in your hands in your dream
  • Snow at work, rain and snow, and a whiteout in your dream
  • Snow in summer and Christmas time
  • Footprints in the snow and an animal’s fresh tracks in snow during a dream
  • Walking and struggling to walk in snow during a dream
  • Dream of snow falling on the ground in a hot country
  • Dreaming of snow inside or outside a house
  • Dreaming of skiing or snowboarding
  • Trapped in a house due to snow in a dream
  • Snows then rain in a dream
  • Walk barefoot on snow in your dream
  • Spectator of a snow-induced sports activity in your dream
  • See a backyard covered with snow in your dream
  • See your hair covered with snow
  • Dream of being a child in the snow
  • Dream of clearing your driveway of snow
  • Snowman, snow fight, log cabin and 
  • Seeing a log cabin covered in snow in a dream
  • Dreaming of a snowy road, looking out a window seeing snow
  • A snowy road in your dream and driving in snow
  • Trees covered with snow in your dream
  • Dreaming of an avalanche and brushing off snow in a dream
  • What does it mean spiritually to get stuck in a snowbank in your dream
  • Snowballs and what they mean in your dream
  • Flying over a snow-covered ground in your dream and the general meaning of snow on the ground
  • Dreaming of a blizzard or wall of snow
  • Feel snow touch your body in your dream
  • Snow glittering in the sun in a dream
  • What does it mean to shovel snow in your dream
  • What do large snowflakes in your dream
  • Falling into snow in your dream
  • Dreaming of seeing yourself caught in a snowstorm in your dream
  • Recurring dreams of snow
  • Dream of someone in the snow
  • Dreaming of playing in the snow
  • Dreaming of snow in a school setting

Ancient (1930s) Snow Dream Meanings And Interpretation 

I have many dream books that are old and from the 1930s and feel it is important to convey the meaning when analyzing a dream. In order to understand the dream from an ancient perspective, I have consolidated the general older meanings below.

  • The snow can represent a cold personality or even frigidity and loneliness, but also spiritual development and a new start.
  • Snow falling in the older dream dictionaries represents a cold person coming into your life.
  • Seeing a snow-filled landscape in a dream means in several books that a visitor will come with bad news
  • A snow fight is a positive dream. However, sinking in snow could mean that your feelings for someone you used to love have cooled off. It is possible that dreaming of snow foretells a change in your personal relationships. Having a hard time walking through deep snow means that you will soon worry about someone unnecessarily.
  • Sometimes seeing snow in a dream is the sign of growing old, this is the “general” meaning in ancient dream books.
  • For a man, this could refer to his fear of being impotent.
  • If the snow melts, this portends softening of the heart.
  • In general, snow, hail, or ice could portend that your most secret desires will not come true.
  • Dreaming of melting snow tells you there is something you do not pay attention to and slowly gets out of control. This dream is an omen for dangers and temporary difficulties.
  • Dreaming of yourself playing in the snow suggests that you might be cheated by a woman.
  • If you see snowflakes in your dream, it means unhappiness ahead.
  • Seeing dirty snow in your dream indicates anxiety, emotional confusion, stress, fear of rejection or failure, being misled, and confusion.
  • Clean snow is an omen for strength, economy, stagnation, waiting, rigidity, and passivity. If you are walking in the snow you are sure of yourself, this refers to your trust in other people or in your loved ones.
  • If you are running in the snow you are unsure of yourself, this means caution, especially in relation to others, distrust, doubt, and a fear of being wrong.
  • To see powder snow is positive it denotes according to Sigmund Freud a way to approach problems that are troubling your subconscious mind.
  • If you experience the fear of freezing in a snowy landscape, this suggests that you probably are in situations in which you not only feel your close relationships could freeze or even come to an end, but also that you might have a hidden fear of life or failure, especially in regard to finances and your love affairs. This dream could also make a reference to a possible cold attitude in a relationship with others, your tendency to isolate yourself, and not express any warmth and love to other beings. You should change quickly if you do not want to end up lonely. Dreaming of being surrounded by snow in your dream is an indicator that you are an observer of difficulties and hardships which you may be encountering.
  • To see a ski pole, or lose one in deep snow indicates that you will coach others.
  • To ski in deep snow in dreams means you are going to coach and find this personally gratifying, it doesn't matter if you win or lose this is a positive dream.
  • To see a snowy mountaintop indicates our sharing in life. Maybe you need to share with others to enjoy the real “happiness” that being on earth can offer us. If you are an athlete in the dream and conduct sports in deep snow this can indicate that you plan to engage in a new phase of life. Deep snow can also look blue in some cases this is due to the fact the snow has multiple layers and appears to absorb the red and blue light. To see snow a different color indicates changes are on the horizon!
  • To see yourself in the middle of a frozen lake fishing through a hole indicates an enjoyable time in life. To catch a fish can often mean a new phase of life is on the horizon. To scoop slush from the hole indicates that you are trying to remove obstacles in your life right now!
  • In dreams to see yourself surrounded by snow indicates a new phase of life.

What does it mean to dream of snow falling?

There are 1 septillion snowflakes that fall on the United States every year that is (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) Snow is synonymous with our perceptions of past experiences of snow. Do you remember as a child playing in the snow? This dream could just be a memory of the past. Every single snowflake is unique and if you look at the snowflake you will see intricate patterns. They are actually beautiful. Did you also know that the snow is not white, it is rater a translucent but the reflection does result in us thinking it is white? Ok, I am getting carried away with the wonderful facts of snow. But, this all means something in a spiritual context to see snow falling in your dream.

Snow can fall at speeds (up to 9 mph) it indicates that there is something that is worrying you that is just around the corner. If you dream about snow sports, you may desire relaxation and freedom. Hazards are plenty in the snow. We can experience closed roads, damage, and blizzard-like winds. If you are currently experiencing a snowy winter, and you're stocking up on hot chocolate and Netflix then this dream is just symbolic. It is what Freud described as a symbol of our own perception. Scroll down to see some spiritual meanings of this dream because you will never know the dream might actually mean something!

What does it mean to dream of deep snow?

Deep snow and foot-high drifts of snow can indicate in dreams an adventure on a deeper level. Spiritually, it indicates your soul and spirits will be renewed if you dream of deep snow. It is inherent of the challenges that you will face in life. Just like the breathtaking beauty of snow. To see an avalanche in a dream indicates that you will be completely thrown into a task. To be buried in snow indicates a situation that will require you to realize some great gifts in life.

What does it mean to dream about fluffy snow?

Fluffy snow is associated with feeling light and fluffy with your inner child. The air is normally cold, and if the snow was not wet or sludgy spiritually this is about releasing your anxiety. All of us have an inner child. Your inner child can be found when you are feeling happy, silly, or creative. You may feel ill, defenseless, or neglected. The inner child is often represented by fluffy snow. 

What is the dream psychology of seeing snow?

In winter people gain a bit of weight and the libido is lost, this is important when looking at the Freudian interpretation of this dream. He believed most dreams are connected to our sexual urges. In the book, Cambridge Companion to Freud by Jerome Neu it mentioned that the phrase “the snow is white” is just the same as drinking water when we are thirsty. It could just mean therefore, you would like it to snow in waking life. According to a famous dream interpreter, Carl Jung indicates that the presence of snow can give a brand new perspective on a situation in waking life.

Take note of the other symbols in this dream when trying to determine its meaning. Occasionally, snow can be associated with love, so it is crucial to understand the context of the dream. Psychologically, snow in dreams indicates coldness, and in this context, the dream may end up indicating the need for you to unfreeze your emotions. Snow can symbolize purity, attractiveness, and gentle consistency.

What is the biblical meaning of snow in dreams?

Snow was rare in Palestine times, in the mountains there were flurries of snow that used to melt straight away. A heavy snowfall would only happen every 10 years, and this meant that the roads were blocked. In Lebanon, the higher mountains snow would fall for the entire window and all year long. In poetic books and the bible snow is mentioned in regard to forgiveness of sins (psalm 51:9) Also snow-fed mountains are mentioned in relation to being refreshed in life. In the bible, snow is mentioned a total 23 times. Snow is believed to have made drinks cool in the hotter times of the year. (Proverbs 25:13) The snow in the bible is often connected to how white something is, such as the leprous skin. 

What does dreaming of a blizzard mean?

Blizzards in dreams is about situations in waking life, as blizzards that are severe normally alter our visibility in life. This leads me to wonder if the dream is about how you visually see yourself through positive change. If the blizzards occurred with snowfalls, high winds, whiteouts or snowdrifts this can suggest that you will be seeking advice to be supportive to a family member or a friend. 

Everybody in life always goes through various difficulties, if you are traveling by car during the dream and you are seeing a blizzard then this can be a direct spiritual indication of an urge to protect a friend who can't visually see what is going on. 

If you are traveling by foot in blizzard conditions then this dream is associated with memories that perhaps relate to how you visualize where you should be right now. This may be a dream that reflects your own mood, maybe you are feeling empty and you're not able to understand why certain things are the way they are. This is the message of your dream, that you need to try to uncover your freedom and keep your mind clear and be observant of any dangers in life.

What does dreaming of cleaning up and shoveling snow?

During the winter months, we sometimes long for the spring or summer temperatures. You could have dreamed of dangerous driving conditions or that you were shoveling your driveway then there is something you need to clean up in your life. The snow has a direct impact on your own well-being. This is a dream that is in connection with change and clearing out old beliefs. If you are shoveling the snow off your driveway for example then this is connected to your own anxiety. In dreams, you may find yourself in various situations or reliving the past. Drawing upon the associations of snow cleaning up the snow can represent that the cold days are over.

Perhaps your dream is your unconscious mind reflecting that worries and despairs are going to be something of the past. In uncertain times we often dream about clearing or cleaning in some aspects of our dream state. Therefore, my advice to you is that if you dream of clearing snow and this can represent you're going to enter into a new phase of life and channel your own assertiveness going forward.

What does it mean to dream of an animal in the snow?

A power animal is one that can give you the energy, insight, or protection you need. You may need this animal for a specific time or it can be something short-term. It is possible to find an animal in the snow during your dream that will be your totem animal for the rest of your life. This animal is one that you feel is most important and which will often appear in your dreams. This animal can help you balance your energies by acting as a guide.

What does it mean to dream of being trapped or escaping snow?

When we think of snow we often are connected to the cold climate, if you are escaping the snow in the dream this is connected to trying to escape our own subconscious mind. There is a vast amount of emotional development that is required when you dream of being trapped in snow. If you are seeing the fluffy white stuff in your dream then this is connected to escaping a negative situation.

Being trapped in snow during your dream could be rather worrying, especially if the dream actually turned out to be a nightmare. There are many reasons could see us being trapped in snow, it could possibly mean that there are problems that surround you at the moment.

What does dreaming of melting snow mean?

To see water or snow melting in your dream indicates that new changes are on the horizon - and this dream is connected with your emotion. If you see the snow melting into freshwater, perhaps floating in a river or lake and this can suggest that you will find challenging ways to overcome problems. To dream that snow is melting and evaporating can indicate you're offsetting a change in your career.

It should be obvious that dream symbols can have multiple meanings. There are some common meanings of melting snow. Dreaming that snow is melting indicates that you feel out of control and that you have to be aware of dangers in life. Every snowflake is unique and the intricate appearance of the snow can indicates that areas of your life will be unique. Melting snow can indicate out of control and may see countless issues or problems in life.

What does it mean to dream of a hill or mountain with snow on top?

If you climb hills that are covered in snow during a dream -  it means you will reach higher places, which will give you a better view. These hills can be difficult to navigate and may pose a challenge. You will be able to get over them quickly if you have confidence in your ability to overcome obstacles. Think about the snow as barriers like gates and fences. These mountains can be a sign of emotional problems. The mountain in a dream can be oppressive, worrying, or even suffocating. The message here is that situations can hold you back. 

What does it mean to dream of seeing snow for the first time?

The first fall of snow is a magical event, and when you go to bed knowing it is snowing it brings about enchantment. If you saw snow for the first time or observed the translucent snowflakes in a dream then it means you must tune into the mystical part of your nature and understand how other people can help you. 

What does it mean to see snowy roads in a dream?

If you see yourself driving on snowy roads the dream means you are fully aware of your surroundings and you will overcome problems on your journey in life. If you could see snow falling on the road in a dream it implies you will succeed but without an emotional impact. Your alertness will serve as a guide to make you feel self-assured and relieved of all events in your life.

What does it mean to dream of eating snow?

If in your dream you see yourself eating snow, it denotes that, you are receptive and open-minded to the opinions, ideas, beliefs, and ideologies that others have. Your education or upbringing could be the reason as to why you have a high awareness that you are dependant on others as well as you need to help them too. It is a dream which symbolizes that you understand the concept of unity in diversity.

What does it mean to dream of snow sports?

Snow sports can come in many different varieties. From skiing to snowboarding. This dream generally indicates there is a dilemma on whether to help someone in a difficult predicament which will include many different things. To be on a snowboard or to see yourself skiing on the snow indicates something will positively occur and make you feel positively awestruck! There is a renewal of your should due to an experience you are likely to undertake in life.

What does it mean to see melting snow in your dream?

Melting snow in your dream implies that you are hanging onto irrational fears and anxieties of some unimportant things in your life at the moment.

What does it mean to dream of a cable car and snow mean?

Seeing snow when on a cable car in the dream is a sign that, you have a great ambition. It indicates that you could be achieving goals in life. The goals, though not yet achievable, could make it possible for people who would otherwise not respect you, to do so. To climb a snow-covered mountain in a cable car indicates your goals will be realized.

What does it mean to see sledding on snow in your dream?

To see people sledding on snow in your dream is a symbol of hardships and difficulties which you would go through to attract a man or women for a relationship. It is a sign that there is stiff competition for the same lover and thus it is a dream which is reminding you to be prepared to apply your best tactics to win him over to your side.

What does it mean to get lost in the snow in your dream?

Seeing yourself lost in the snow in your dream is a sign that you are going to get involved in long personal and professional struggles. It could be a result of wrong decisions made and miscalculations regarding relationships, undertakings, or family life in the past which have caused you to undergo what you are incurring.

What does it mean to observe snowfall in slow motion in your dream?

Observing slow falling snow in your dream can suggest something or someone has brought sadness into your life, I am sorry this is the ancient meaning. Discouragement and disappointment have been featured in your life recently, according to old dream books. This may be due to a relationship that failed to kick off or failed in some way.

What does dreaming of flying over a snow landscape mean?

Dreaming of flying over snow can indicate that you will surely feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you the most. The fact that you are flying above the snow can suggest that you will grow in life. This can sometimes be a crazy dream depending on the details,  it strikes the powerful symbolism in the characteristics of feeling “above” your own universal focus in life. 

If you are facing a decision in waking life that requires power and determination - then often a snowy landscape will appear. Perhaps you’re even close to a deadline or you’re worrying about up-and-coming events. 

Dreams that focus on being above in any landscape point us back to being in tune with your higher self. Perhaps in your dream, you are reaching an essence of your own internal self and this is represented in the visuals of the snow.

Sometimes you might find yourself flying high above the ground and enjoying a bird’s-eye view of the snow. Other times, you may find that you are unable to get off the ground or want to fly. You can fly high if you have clear goals in life. It is possible to feel unfocused in life if you have many obstacles in your path and it is hard work.

What does dreaming of falling on snow mean?

You might feel anxious about falling down cliffs, drops, or terrains. At the moment, you might feel uncertain about your future one normally has a falling type of dream. Maybe you are looking for a safe way to cross the snow or to return to 'down to Earth'. To dream of falling down a cliff into the snow can indicate that you are figuring out what it is that you are resembling. Falling in the snow indicates it is time to limit what has occurred in regards to falling out with another person.

What does it mean to dream of big snowbanks?

Seeing big snowbanks in your dream could imply that, you are going to experience peace, contentment, and happiness in your life. Your desires and pleasures are going to come true because you don’t lust for the amassing of great wealth or gaining widespread fame. You are easy to please, you forgive your offenders easily, and your wishes are modest. Your life is simple, and thus, you life easy.

What does dreaming of walking on snow mean?

Seeing yourself walking in the snow is a sign that you are in deep affection and love that you feel for your partner or children. It is a dream that is trying to give you a focus on the fact that in life love overrules everything. Now, you should be grateful that you have someone who loves you and you love them back; this is a wonderful dream to have. To walk in the snow and be chased by the abominable snowman indicates problems in life, but you can overcome anything!

Walking on snow in real life can be slippy and exceedingly slow. Walking in deep snow can mean you are trying to find a way out of a problem. Walking up a snowy mountain in real life can help you get a better view of the landscape and the meaning is making sure you do not get lost in your thoughts. Walking is also a great way to get in touch with nature and keep fit. Walking across a snowy landscape in dreams can mean you need to review your life. Walking in a dream can suggest moving forward in a direction. The act of walking stands for your own present life and in connection with snow, you may find that walking in your dream is arguably the balance between both Yin and Yang forces (earth and snow). Therefore, walking in snow represents your own freedom and powerful associations with others. Remember, we all have an internal passion to focus on what excites us the most in life.

What do dreams of dying and snow mean?

It can be very scary to have a nightmare in which you see your death or the death of someone close. Sometimes it can be a warning sign. However, the death involved in the dream is not physical death. This is more psychological death. When snow is involved it refers to the death of old beliefs/stems, or ways of being. The death dream can be extremely empowering, and in dreams, the death connected to snow can suggest that it is time for a fresh start in life.

What does it mean to see both snow and ice in your dream?

Seeing snow and ice in your dream at the same time means in old dream books - you are a lucky person. It symbolizes a season of plentiful harvest after good farming. But, of course, these are older dream meanings. Your experience and hard work are in life is what is going to enable you to reap a bumper harvest. So maybe a new job is on the horizon?

What does dreaming of dirty snow mean?

Dirty snow in dreams is a rare dream, we have all seen on the ground black snow or covered in tire marks. To see dirty snow may indicate that you feel vulnerable, exposed, or under attack by others. It is possible that you have a pang of secret guilt about something. 

Snow falling irregularly in your dream?

Seeing snowfall at irregular intervals in your dream is a positive sign which denotes memorable moments and good times which you are spending with your partner. It seems you are doing good things together like sharing meals, watching movies, and this is creating a strong bond. The small things in life result in a magical experience with your loved ones. In case you are married, such a dream is an indication of being happily married, happy and peaceful, material abundance, and profound love.

What does the snow melting in your hands in your dream mean?

A scene in your dream where you see the snow melting in your hands denotes that, before indulging in a certain project, you need to know that things are going to work out well in the future. There is a focus on financial backing and a strong mind which will see you through the whole process of advancement! Alternatively, it could mean that you are developing a strong relationship that is focused on commitment, maturity, emotional and financial stability.

What does dreaming of snow at work mean?

Our work environment is often featured in dreams when change is coming. To dream that snow covers the office is connected to how you navigate life itself. Work is connected to how we focus on life, transport ourselves through earning a living in our everyday challenges. As snow is connected to new beginnings in a work context the dream could be associated with a new job, career move, retraining or alternatively a new co-worker or boss. This is a time of deliberation for you and that over time it will become apparent what the snow in connection with work indicates.

What does it mean to witness both snow and rain at the same time in a dream?

When you witness snow and rain in the same dream, it is a sign that you are going to receive good news followed by some negative news, according to a psychic paper on dreams by Nicola Graham in the 1930s. Very strange right! This means that you will be joyful then followed by an awkward situation - in quick succession. Yes, this can cause you to have emotional confusion. It is a dream which foretells of receiving good news first which make you extremely happy. I am not sure, spiritually how much of this is true but if this happens then make sure you contact me!

What does it mean to observe snow whiteout in your dream?

A whiteout is associated with your visibility being affected by snow. Normally when driving. So, in your dream, this will result in heavy snowfall. But what does it mean in dreams? Dreaming of observing a snow whiteout is a sign that there will be a commotion in your social circle where there will be blame game due to blunders committed and nobody willing to bear the blame. Whether the issue is resolved or not, someone has to get blamed, and you emerge victoriously.

What does it mean to dream of snow in the summertime?

Snow falling in the summertime during a dream is a sign that you are going to experience pleasant surprises. It could be due to recent changes in your life to improve your situation; there are other changes that will occur that you had not foreseen and which is going to turn your life around to be in a better position.

What does dreaming of snow at Christmas?

Christmas is a time for family, thus, dreaming of snow at Christmas can indicate that you need advice from like-minded people. It’s useful to understand if you have any problems regarding communication with others then seeing family gatherings is common. The centrality of notions of the family is brought up in our dreams when we have to connect with our family members. The snow can represent family privacy and that you need to be private. 

In my view, there is an “ethics of care” especially if you dream of a Christmas tree covered in snow, this is about your family support network. Of course, we all have changes to patterns and trends in the family network. The rise of divorce and two-parent involvement have been lamented. The dream itself could be about the fragmentation of stability that you find in a support network. 

As human beings, we are reimagining our own families which has happened over the years and this has taken on a greater cultural significance. If you feel the tension in your family then dreaming of Christmas and snow is common. To dream of family members in the snow can indicate that you need to bear the weight of expectations and embrace the belonging the family environment can bring.

What does it mean to see footprints in the snow in your dream?

Seeing someone’s footprints fading in snowfall is not a great omen - meaning that, your inner thoughts which are clouded with skepticism and doubt that is likely to cause you to show antisocial behavior thus making you fall out of your social circle. You might end up shying off from your friends and family who have been supportive of you all this while, but you now view them with suspicion. There is a danger that is likely to grow due to this trait of yours as you might develop paranoia.

What does it mean to see an animal’s fresh tracks in snow during your dream?

To see dog tracks in the snow can indicate a friend will need your help. A deer tracks in the snow indicate care and spiritual enlightenment. Seeing an animal’s fresh tracks of snow foretells of you becoming persevering and persistent due to the prevailing circumstances around you. To see small tracks in the snow but you are unable to identify the animal indicates that there is going to be a long time until your success. Hard work The dream reminds you that there is nothing which can be too big or too difficult to prevent you from achieving your goals as long as you have a big heart and a determined mind.

What does it mean to struggle to walk in snow during a dream?

A dream where you are struggling to walk in snow is a sign of the struggle that is present in your waking life. It could be that you are facing problems or jumping through tough hurdles and obstacles in either your professional career or your personal life. This dream will come as no surprise if you have faced recent problems.

What does a dream of snow falling on the ground in a hot country?

If you see yourself observing snow falling on the ground in a hot country then it denotes a great change coming your way. You are going to undergo a series of changes that will be in connection with your physical appearance, career, marital status, project or business. The positiveness or negativity of the changes will depend on how you perceive life from your point of view. To see snowfall in the desert generally means a new change!

What does dreaming of snow inside or outside a house mean?

Is the house brightly lit or darkly covered in snow? This may reflect your mood - dim lights can indicate you are feeling sad, and if the house and snow were bright it if you feel happy. These questions can reveal surprising aspects of your current view of the inner self. You might feel vulnerable and insecure because the snow was covering your furniture. Perhaps snow is slowly rising to fill your living room. Do you have deeply repressed fears that it will engulf you?

The house in dreams is connected to our physical arrangement and well-being in spiritual life, you can make a comfortable or uncomfortable home. To dream of snow in your home indicates that you are feeling exposed, if it is snowing inside the house in your dream it can mean you feel isolated. 

If the walls are completely covered in snow or only partially it can indicate that you are feeling exposed. Seeing snow falling in rooms of a house during your dream might mean there is an unexpected visitor in your house. The foundation of this dream indicates that your own human spirit, energy, and cosmic breath will connect with other people in the universe. 

Houses are considered places that are alive, and the house symbolism in a dream is a representation of you. There is a focus that when you see snow inside a building then you are moving from a materialistic to a spiritualistic view of the house. If the snow makes the house weaker then this is about minimizing differences. 

What does dreaming of skiing or snowboarding mean?

To dream of skiing or using skis gliding on snow indicates transporting from one part of life to another. If you have seen competitive skiing in a dream this can indicate undeveloped spiritual development. To jump on skis in a dream can suggest that you are trying to find a way to combat your difficulties in life. Skiing may be a sign of your emotional state. If you have a dream about a calm, large ski slope, it is likely that your emotions are calm. Consider the details of the dream, and consider how they could be applied to your emotional state of mind. To dream of snowboarding can indicate that you want to move into another phase of life. 

What does it mean to be trapped in a house due to snow in a dream?

Ummm. Spiritually, seeing yourself stuck in a house during your dream, due to the snow indicates you are going to go through a series of bad luck. There is a tough situation that is going to occur in your career, personal life or current project which will test your limits! You may end up winning the battle if you gather the patience you need! Try to focus on a positive solution in life.

What does it mean when it snows then rains in a dream?

A snow dream where you are trying to determine whether it is snowing or raining is indicative of your desire to lead a life that is based on your values and beliefs. It is a reflection of your resistance to the lifestyle of others and not being ready to venture into territories outside your comfort zone. According to ancient dream books happiness is yours if it snows then rains in your dream.

What does it mean to walk barefoot on snow in your dream?

A dream where you walk barefoot on snow is a sign of a worrying time - which is about to happen. Being barefoot in a dream is quite a substantial spiritual experience. It can suggest that you need to review your spending patterns. You could be of the opinion that just because in the past you have been working hard, you deserve to reward yourself and that is why you are spending lavishly. It is a dream which acts as a warning that, you need to slow down - when it comes to spending. Otherwise, you will lose track of your finances.

What does it mean to be a spectator of a snow-induced sports activity in your dream?

In order to define the dream, we need to return to older dream interpretations. Being a spectator of a snow-related activity or game is an indication that you need recreation or rest. It denotes that, very soon you are going to recuperate from your daily activities and go for a holiday just to relax and have fun, but it will be for a short period.

What does it mean to see a backyard covered with snow in your dream?

A backyard covered in snow is a symbol that there is going to be happiness in the family. You are going to rely on a member of your family who is very close to you. If in your dream you go outside and discover a snowman it means that the person whom you are going to lose is the elderly. You may encounter someone cold but sincere.

What does it mean in a dream to see your hair covered with snow?

Having snow-covered white hair is a sign that you are going to receive great pleasure in the near future. So lucky you! There is a possibility of receiving wonderful news or going on new adventures. You could meet new friends shortly. The dream is a sign that you are going to receive good news. Snow white hair in your dream or hair that is colored with snow is a sign that you are going to find a new skill. You are going to embrace a lucky time in life. It can foretell that you will become successful. It is the right time to start dreaming and putting your goals into reality.

What does it mean to dream of being a child in snow?

Seeing yourself touching snow in your dream, as a child denotes isolating yourself. If you're a child in the dream then this can relate to our inner child and the fact we need care. coat in your dream, it is a sign about the wall you have built around yourself for self-protection. Having snow on your end and rain on your father’s end is the realization of feeling stronger towards your family rather than distancing yourself. The image in the dream will automatically make you realize that it is important to be close to your family because that is where you will draw your strength from.

What does it mean to dream of clearing your driveway of snow?

A scene where it is snowing, and you clear your driveway is a sign of steady progress. You are heading towards your goals, and are trying to beat all the odds, using your own willpower and motivation to get where you need to be. To clear snow from your car indicates you will cease ruthless efforts and clean your outlook on life.

What does a snowman mean in a dream?

Snowmen in dreams is generally positive it means that you have the potential to deal with any emotional requirements. You must also give yourself permission to choose the way that you behave in life. The snowman represents a wealth of wisdom and experience. A dream where you are fighting with a snowman is indicative that you have fears in your waking life. If you see yourself trying to get rid of the snowman, or the snowman is running after you indicate problems you are trying to escape from in waking life. It means you are fighting back.

What does dreaming of a snow fight?

Snow is a representation of isolation if used as a “weapon” therefore, in this dream it indicates, you feel there is a lack of support. If you see a snowball fight in your dream, it is a warning which foretells of a negative time that will be caused by financial decisions. It could be that you are surrounded by individuals who can support you.There is no limit to what occurs in our dreams. A snow fight is normally a time of happiness. This dream could indicate that you are suppressing feelings of joy and you will eventually be able to let out your fun. This dream could indicate that you will find happiness in a relationship. If so, don't ignore it.

What does it mean to see a log cabin covered in snow in a dream?

A happy life is predicted if you dream of seeing a log cabin surrounded by beautiful snow. It could be as a result of the people around you are somewhat exciting or controversial. If you look out the window of the log cabin and see snow - it is a sign that you are ready to move out of your comfort zone. The image of falling snow is indicative of you feel like a spectator while everyone else is living a vigorous, happy life. Seeing a roaring fire in the log cabin means that, there is a manifestation of the developments taking place in your life.

What does it mean to look out a window and see snow?

Observing snowy weather through a window in your dream is a sign that you are looking for answers, but the problem is that, as of now, you are not getting the answers to the questions you have. As you are behind glass in this dream it can spiritually mean that people who are surrounding you are not ready to share information with you. Until the weather calms down around you, it might be hard for you to get any answers.

What does it mean to dream of a car, a car accident, or driving fast in the snow?

Remember that everyone has the same right to live a peaceful life. If you dream of locks freezing up or that you run out of petrol during the poor weather - this can suggest that you are going to have a very positive future ahead. A car accident in the snow can indicate that you are going to fast in life and that you need to approach life smoothly. To drive fast in the dream of the snow means you are at risk of losing momentum in life. Maybe you are feeling depressed. Snow and ice mean our braking speeds should be less, a four-wheel drive vehicle in the snow will give greater traction therefore, if you see this as a symbol in a dream it can indicate that you are locking in your emotions. Dreaming of being on the highway/motorway in the snow can suggest that you are facing slippery conditions when it comes to another. Seeing snow, ice, and slush on the road in the dream can mean that you need to keep your emotions in check. If you get stuck in the snow this is connected to feeling “stuck” in life. Are you feeling stuck?

What does a snowy road in your dream?

A snowy road is an indicator that you should follow a better path in life. Roads in dreams are about our journey in life. For the road to be hazardous can indicate that you will encounter hazards along your life path. These can be easily overcome. If adverse weather conditions presented themselves as a dream it can suggest that visually you can't see what's coming next. If you have winter tyres for example, (which offers extra grip) this dream can suggest you can grip onto your life. If anything went wrong with your cars, such as your car battery going or your screenwash was not topped up then this dream can mean there may be an issue with a relationship. Remember that everyone has the same right to live another. If you dream of locks freezing up or that you run out of petrol during the poor weather - this can suggest that you are going to have a very positive future ahead.

What do trees covered with snow in your dream mean?

Seeing trees covered with snow in your dream denotes that, you are being forewarned of spiritual development. Trees indicate grounding and you need to focus on that work. You could be translating spiritual and cultural developments in your community. To see a row of snow-covered trees indicates the spirit of cooperation, unity, collectivity, and moral values of high standards.

What does dreaming of an avalanche mean?

Avalanches are falling masses of snow and can be a danger to someone in their waking life. Snowy avalanches in dreams about the conditions in your life. There are various types of avalanches in the world, depending on the terrain and the weather conditions in the dream. To see the disaster of an avalanche can suggest that something is going to slide in your life. Seeing snow slides or large chunks of ice or glaciers is largely a warning spiritually.

To see an avalanche of snow in your dream is indicative of receiving discouragement and disappointment in equal measures which are making you feel vulnerable in life. The dream is reminding you that your emotions are deep when it comes to change. Change your ways and make sure that you treat people the way you would want them to treat you in return.

Some of you have contacted me about this dream coming true. People experience a dream that appears to warn them of a potential disaster, such as an avalanche in real life. If this happens, it's best to cancel your trip if you are going to snowy terrain. This will save possible anxiety and worry about your trip, even if it does not turn out to be a disaster. Think about what part of the dream is most frightening to you. Sometimes, disaster dreams can be a warning sign that something is not right with a significant relationship.

What does it mean to brush off snow in a dream?

A dream of cleaning or brushing off snow can denote hardships, conflicts in life. If you brushed the snow from your car it indicates a change in life. Now, to brush off snow from your body indicates a positive change is on the cards. When you dream that you are washing or rubbing snow from your body, it means you are a lucky person. Your aspirations, ambitions, dreams, and desires regarding your career, personal life, your undertakings, business, and everything will go well for you!

What does it mean spiritually to get stuck in a snowbank in your dream?

When you visualize yourself stuck in the snow in your dream, it implies that there are a number of positive events which will shadow your life. The good news is that your businesses will prosper, your plans will work out, and you are going to progress well in your projects. Everything will work out as you expect. To see yourself deep in a snowbank is actually rather positive. The great news is that happiness is coming your way unexpectedly, and this is creating a joyful atmosphere in the future. So lucky you!

What do snowballs in your dream mean?

Shapes such as circles in dreams indicate that you are going to be transformed into a new phase of life. This dream is connected to energy, beginning, and a new phase in life. Snowballs represent that something is completing in life and that you are looking for a new start in life. Think of the circle going round and round and that you need to move to grow. To dream of large balls of snow indicates a time in life where you need to focus on yourself. Snowballs can represent the fact you need to step away from problems. To be a target of a snowball fight is an indicator that, you are going to encounter issues with your relatives concerning money. Old dream dictionaries denote that seeing small snowballs could result in a task that will take time and drain you of your energy.

What does it mean to dream of flying over a snow-covered ground in your dream?

A dream where you see yourself flying over a vast landscape of snow implies that you are going to succeed in a partnership. You, together with your partner will be bringing out the best in one another regarding skills and talents which will in time complement both of you. If you see yourself looking down at a snow-ridden landscape in a dream - it can indicate that you will create harmony in your working environment - you will gain more success and happiness.

What does a snow-covered ground in your dream mean?

A dream where you see snow covering the ground without any footprints is a sign of unrewarded efforts. You may be in the process of seeking answers to questions that are in your subconscious mind - or you are taking an interest in an evasive person or elusive object. It could also suggest that you are trying to get to know more about a mysterious phenomenon happening in your life. Are you interested in psychic affairs?

You could be trying to develop a business enterprise, but it seems all your efforts are not being rewarded - keep on trying - this is the spiritual message when you see snow on the ground. Seeing valleys and landscapes covered with snow denotes the end of a long season of misfortunes and bad luck that have been present in your life. After a period of misery and suffering, you are about to enter into a season of plenty and empowerment.

To see the snowy terrain in your dream indicates that you are feeling that you want to develop yourself.  If we look at the images and perhaps even stories that are focused on snow this can translate to grounding our inner child, due to snow on the ground exciting children. Snow on the ground in a dream is associated with both the inner child and our own internal love. Perhaps a dream is telling you that feeling worried about forthcoming situations. The point is, that this dream is about viewing your own inner child and developing a spiritual foundation that will help you protect that child from the snow, keep that child warm in all conditions.

What does it mean to dream of a wall of snow?

Financial stability in your life is the key message when you dream of a wall of snow. This is a great dream denoting a higher position regarding a career, wealth, ownership or career advancement. Due to your wisdom, you are going to use whatever you receive to invest in profitable projects and businesses for the future stability of your family.

What does it mean to dream of a blizzard?

A blizzard is basically snow that has fast speeds of around 30-35 mph and it is considered rather a severe storm, we often notice that your visibility is lost when encountering a blizzard. But what does it mean in our dreams? There are two types of blizzards, firstly a severe one which reaches around 45mph and a ground blizzard that is more focused on strong winds. So, it might freak you out after waking up to seeing a heavy blizzard in a dream. It can mean that you are feeling things are unsettled and difficult at the moment. If you see the storm blow down power lines, houses and trees it can just be a reflection of how you are feeling in life. To struggle in a lizard is basically energy from our psyche that is locked away. It can mean you are trying to gain control of your life to focus on your own habits in life. There is conflict but you can overcome anything!

What does it mean to feel snow touch your body in your dream?

If you feel snow touch your skin, foretells sexual fulfillment and satisfaction. If you are in a romantic relationship or have met a new partner then this dream can indicate your sexual fantasies.

What does it mean to dream of snow glittering in the sun?

To dream of seeing snowflakes glittering in the sun, it implies that you are going to embark on a new job possibility. The sun shining on snow in a dream indicates a possible wedding, a birthday or a family reunion. It is a rare occasion, but when this dream occurs, you will enjoy the warmth and togetherness of being in the company of people who are on the same wavelength as you.

What does it mean to shovel snow in your dream?

To dream that you are shoveling snow is an indication that you are involved in a project or activity which needs your devoted energy and time. To see yourself clear away snow from a sidewalk, or laying salt in your dream indicates that a problem in life will leave you feeling drained physically and emotionally. Alternatively, it could be symbolizing legal issues involving you and other people in your circle.

What do large snowflakes in your dream mean?

Each snowflake is unique, no two are the same. Sometimes we have particularly strange dreams. A dream where you see snow falling in large flakes can denote a problem in life. The good news is that you will overcome these problems or issues. Seeing large snowflakes also reveals an opportunity to take a more integrated approach to achieving your goals.

Falling into snow in your dream?

A scene where you see yourself falling into snow in a dream foretells of the sporadic and temporally period of difficulties in your current business or career. All you need to remember is to spend wisely as you wait for things to stabilize. A scene of fluffy powder snow falling on the ground in your dream is a sign of happiness.

What does it mean to dream of seeing yourself caught in a snowstorm in your dream?

To see a massive snowstorm in a dream can indicate a time of great adventure. If you notice sleet then this indicates a new phase of life is on the horizon. Accumulating snow in a dream can indicate extreme approaches to problems. After reviewing many dream dictionaries to see yourself caught in a snowstorm is a sign that you are feeling emotionally depressed and stressed.

What do recurring dreams of snow mean?

If a dream of snow is repeated over and over, it is likely that your unconscious is trying to get a message across to you. However, you aren't receptive to this. Your unconscious is trying to relay the message in slightly different ways, but still keeping the same basic theme. The snow theme often relates to deeper-seated anxieties and fears that can sometimes be due to your own beliefs and attitudes that you have carried into adulthood. 

Sometimes, your dream can be telling you that it's time to take a look at these beliefs and discard those which don't serve one's purpose. Snow is about being reflected. Now that the snow has been brought up by your unconscious, you can look at it in a more mature way and maybe even be more accepting of yourself.

What does it mean to dream of someone in the snow?

Dreaming of someone in the snow is connected to your own archetypal figures. Archetypes can help you identify and address issues you may need. Maybe you should be more like the person you want to be. Perhaps that figure in the snow is preventing you from growing personally. The archetype person in the snow often points out to you a role in your life or a role you could benefit from. To see a family member in the dream can indicate that you might need to improve the relationship. The archetypal energy of males is both assertive and intentional. Females in the snow are passive and receptive. Both of us have energies focused on our psyches. An unknown person or people in the snow is generally a reflection of the archetype figures.

What does dreaming of playing in snow mean?

This dream can occur due to the repetitive nature of children's play in the snow in waking life. Is it snowing outside? I believe, if it is snowing or not you could be feeling stressed and need some fun. To go outside, in your dream, to play in the snow with children or alone is about your connection and relationships with others. If you see your children playing in the snow this means you are thinking about the role of Father, Mother, or Carer in your life. The dream of playing in snow indicates that you may want to 'break free from the mold' and focus on caring for others.

What does it mean to dream of snow at school means?

If you dream that your school is covered in snow or it begins to snow while at school this dream is about your learning and view of education at the moment. When a person projects snow in a school setting this normally relates to childhood and how one continues to grow throughout one's life. If the dream is misunderstood, or a nightmare in any way this can mean there is confusion and problems in relationships. 

What does dreaming of sledding mean?

Sledding in a dream can indicate that you are going forward to focus on success in life. The best way to animate your goals in dreams is through the roles they play. They can also be identified by recurring dream people who are sledding, a feeling of happiness when sledding, or sledding appears time and time again. Keeping a journal of your dreams will help identify them. 

In your dream you may have:

  • You see snow.
  • The snow is indoors.
  • You walk in the snow.
  • You are covered in snow.
  • A mountain covered in snow.
  • Snow sports.
  • The snow melts.
  • A snow fight.
  • Walking through deep snow.
  • Snowflakes.

Positive things will happen in life if:

  • You enjoyed the snow.
  • You felt good in the dream.
  • The snow was clean and sparkling.
  • You felt happy to see snow.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of snow

Happy. Cold. Afraid. Upset. Surprised. Content. Amazed. Curious. Enjoying.


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By Flo Saul
Nov 22, 2012