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Dream dictionary meaning Beach


A beach in your dream signifies enjoyable times ahead. The beach is very much connected to the emotional side of your personality within, particularly if the beach is deserted.

A deserted beach signifies that if you take some time to do something for yourself, such as vacationing for a couple of days, this will provide an opportunity for you to reflect on what is important in your life. It will help you understand what is required in order to provide yourself with enough time to make sure you can distance yourself from stressful circumstances, which you have been worrying about too much lately.


In your dream you may have...

  • Seen a beautiful beach.
  • Been on a beach.
  • Stayed at a cabin on a beach.
  • Been with other people on a beach.
  • Went tanning on a beach.
  • Seen an empty beach.
  • Lay down on a beach.
  • Been lazy on a beach.
  • Seen a deserted beach.
  • Seen a dirty or polluted beach.
  • Sat on a beach chair.
  • Been scuba-diving at the beach.
  • Been to a beach at night.
  • Been stranded on a beach.
  • Seen a beach from afar or from a sailing boat.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • The beach dream was relaxing.
  • You found love on the beach in your dream.
  • You were accompanied by people you love in the dream.
  • You were able to relax and let go in the dream.
  • The dream was generally positive.

Detailed dream interpretation...

If you dream of a natural (not manmade) beach, it signifies you may soon be able to take a holiday. This holiday will enable you to fulfill your needs and goals, whether by helping you reduce stress, lose weight, or just enjoy some luxurious pampering. If you are scuba diving during your visit to the beach, there are relaxing and adventurous times ahead.

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If the beach in your dream shows a dense forest and mountain range, this can suggest that you are searching for something attainable. However, this also shows you may encounter difficulties. You will not be affected by these obstacles as long as you are able to keep your goals steady and attainable. If you are happy and content on the beach in your dream, this is an indication that an important trip is on the cards.

If your dream features the beach at night, then this symbolizes the goals of others will be apparent in the near future. Emotionally, this is a dream of self-development and connecting with nature, and the message is to welcome relaxation into your life. If you were stranded on a beach, or if you were shipwrecked and the experience is not pleasant, then the dream shows you need to stand back and let people around you do some of the hard work for you. Learn to be okay with asking others for help when necessary.

If you see a varied range of eating spots alongside a beach, or even nightspots such as karaoke bars, then this symbolizes your need to socialize with others in order to have enjoyable times. If you find yourself walking in a wooded hillside alongside a beach, it signifies that excellent spiritual development would take place in the coming future.

If you dream that you are on a boat, and do not visit the beach but observe it from a distance, then this symbolizes your need for a more relaxed approach to life, sailing wherever the wind carries you. If you find yourself in a cabin looking out to the scenery including a beach, this signifies you will encounter a trip that will provide the pearls of wisdom to move forward. However, because you are only looking out at the beach, it means there will be some time before you can actually take the real trip. Save up some money in order to take a trip or a relaxing holiday. If your dream involves sand dunes or an extra long golden beach, then this signifies emotion between yourself and someone of the opposite sex.


Sitting naked on a beach is a sign that you are going to start a new interesting project. If you are wearing a swimsuit, you are trying to take credit for someone else’s accomplishments. If you dream of pulling a small boat onto the shore of the beach, this is a sign that you may need to ask someone for help in regards to money.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a beach…
Impressed. Happy. Relaxed. Enjoying. Content. Anxious. Feeling good.

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