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Agate is connected to the strength within

It is used specifically used to overcome nightmares. Many people put agate under their pillow during the night. Superstitions say that this will protect you at night. So pop this stone under your pillow for a great nights sleep.

What a lovely stone you could see in your dream. So your here to uncover why you had a dream of agate! Agate is an ornate stone and in dreams is a symbol of strength and success. People who dream of agate will soon experience success in their career. It also possible that their love life will reach the highest point of passion. You will feel fulfilled in any aspect of your life. Learn how to stay happy. However, dreaming of agate has a several meaning, depending on the color of the stone in your dream.

The colors could be any of the following

  • Agate was translucent in your dream.
  • You could see blue agate.
  • You could see orange agate.
  • You could see yellow agate.
  • You could see green agate.
  • You could see pink agate.
  • You could see white agate.
  • You could see gray agate.
  • You could see brown agate.
  • You went into a cave in the dream and could see Agate.

For the agate was translucent in your dream, it denotes that you will soon experience a beautiful relationship - that you won’t be expressible in words. However, it also foretells that you should be strict about what you want to achieve. If you don’t know where you’re going, you will never get anywhere.

Blue agate in your dream foreshadows mental and inner peace. You will soon find your peace and experience awakening. You will realize that everything depends on you and you are the master of your life. You are going to live your life the way you want, and not the way others tell you to live.

If you saw an orange agate this dream denotes that you should pay more attention to the family relationships. Thank your family for everything they have done or do for you. Think of a way how to repay them in a meaningful manner. You need to get closer to them to experience a profound connection again.

The spiritual meaning of yellow agate in your dream state reveals your jealousy towards someone. However, with time you will realize that you shouldn’t be jealous of anyone. You are unique and no one can be like you. Learn how to value and love yourself.

If you saw a green agate this shows you will be experiencing a major change in your lifestyle and diet. You will realize that everything you eat is related to the problems in your body. You may consider becoming a vegetarian/vegan and you will consider that this is the best decision you made in life so far. It also shows that you will clear your mind from negative thoughts and find peace in loneliness.

If you saw a pink agate in your dream it reveals your perspective of the world is clouded. If you dreamed of a white agate, it denotes purity. You will forgive your mistakes. You will let go of your past and live for the moment. You will realize that this moment is all you have. Yesterday is lost and tomorrow is not guaranteed. Spiritually, gray agate stone in your dream state, it shows you will be experiencing rough and beautiful moments. You will learn how to overcome the negative way is life fast, and how to enjoy the beautiful ones more.

If a brown agate appeared in your dream, it implies a new love. You will soon feel warm in the presence of someone new. You will be surprised to find out that you fell in love with a person a long time ago. If you dreamed of entering a cave and seeing an agate it foreshadows an unexpected happiness. You were searching for this happiness a long time ago and gave up on it. However, it will come to you when you least expect it. Learn how to enjoy it.

Hey, more agate dreams meanings

  • You saw agate stones in different colors: It indicates you will soon experience success on different fields in life.
  • Agate stone disappeared from your hands in your dream: It denotes your carelessness. Be more careful with what you have. Learn how to appreciate what you have and always aim for more.
  • You saw a giant Agate stone in your dream state: You will soon become a stronger person and will face a major success in life. Learn how to take chances.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of Agate

Happiness. Confused. Peaceful. Calmness. Joy. Surprise. Power. Melancholy.

By Florance Saul
Oct 23, 2017