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The first thing I’m gonna says oh what a dream!

Commonly, animals that get slaughtered are: lambs, deer, horses, chickens, turkeys, ducks, pigs, sheep and buffalo. I will try to cover all of these animals within this dream interpretation. I can imagine that the slaughter was rather powerful in your dream - for you to even be looking up the meaning! Welcome to the dream part of my website. I have been researching dreams are over twenty years and my name is Flo. At the end of the day, we do not know really why we have dreams. If you could see blood in the dream connected to the slaughter this indicates a new beginning from a spiritual perspective. Now, there’s been many scientific research programs and various dreams have been measured through laboratory studies. What I do know is that dreams themselves offer us a remarkable insight into our own hidden elements in our mind. I can imagine that the dream of seeing animals or people slaughtered can be somewhat distressing. Firstly, I am sorry that you’ve had such a disturbing dream. Try not to worry too much even if you keep living the dream in your mind. Scroll down for more on this dream meaning.

Firstly, if this dream turned out to be a complete nightmare and is still in your conscious mind and it is important for us to try to decode it. Generally, there are many different types of animals that can appear to be slaughtered in your dream. There may be different reasons for slaughtering the animals in your dream, it could be because they are diseased or alternatively for consumption reasons. The actual details of the dream should also be taken into consideration. Did you see carcasses or did you actually slaughter the animal yourself? Perhaps you were escaping and running through a wood, and you needed to eat so you slaughtered a deer. Alternatively, you could have actually seen a proper slaughterhouse and perhaps the butcher was slaughtering the animals? Whatever occurred in the dream, if you could see “slaughter” then this dream meaning will help you.

Ok, let’s look firstly at animal slaughter then move onto human slaughter in dreams. Sometimes we do not understand the slaughtering of animals, and since 1853 there has been a focus on humane methods of slaughter. For example, the development of stunning technologies has helped alleviate the pain of slaughter. If you saw any stunning equipment or machinery involved in the slaughter then from a psychological perspective this indicates that you are taking stock of your own objectives in life. If we turn to some of the famous dream psychologists such as Sigmund Freud or Carl Jung, they both believed that dreams were connected to our external impressions and visions in waking life. This means perhaps you saw the slaughter of people or animals on the television which resulted in this dream. Now, both these dreams psychologist did not believe in the spiritual side of dream interpretation.

What is it dream interpretation of slaughtered animals?

In ancient spiritual dream books slaughtering animals is connected to the aspects and betrayals of yourself. It is important to look at the actual details of the dream, in order to find the appropriate meaning. If you cannot define what animals being slaughtered in the dream it can suggest that you need to find time for your own space. Generally, in ancient dream interpretation books to see an animal being slaughtered indicates that there is a loss of connection in your waking life. I will go into the deeper meaning of slaughtering each specific animal in a few moments, however, the general meaning of slaughtering animals suggests that there were certain parts of yourself which are not yet discovered. Alternatively, the dream can also indicate that you are looking towards the future. It could be that you need to end a situation or problem in life in order to continue to prosper. This dream may be given new clues as to how you can use future events to the best possible outcome. deer, horses, chickens, turkeys, ducks, pigs, sheep and buffalo.

What does it mean to see a lamb or sheep slaughtered in a dream?

To see a lamb being slaughtered in the dream is associated with your own inner wisdom and innocence in life. Perhaps you heard the crack of the neck, all you could see a knife sliding down the carcass. It can be very hard to witness such a dream. Sometimes we forget about the actual slaughter of animals, we just walk through the supermarket aisles seeing the meat on polystyrene trays. We do not actually have the connection or stop and think about the slaughter of the Lamb. From a spiritual perspective, this dream indicates that they need to be more clarity in life. You have achieved what you need to but in order to progress, you need more wisdom. If we turn to the biblical meaning of the lamb then Jesus believed that the Lamb of God is connected to the greater good in life. Therefore, to see the lamb being slaughtered is a sign that there may be a hidden agenda and resolve problems or feelings need to come to the surface. As you may expect the lamb is also connected to our inner child and conformity aspects of life. The takeaway from this dream is that you should try to open up to others, achieve clarity within yourself and above all be vulnerable.

What does the dream interpretation of a cow which is slaughtered?

I believe that cows are quite interesting when they appear in dreams. They can be associated with sacrifice or even a birth and mother nature. The cow slaughtered in a dream indicates you are feeling stuck in life. As a cow is a spiritual mother goddess it can suggest that you are contemplating the true nature of a current situation. I believe that the cow itself gives us special energy, especially as we derive milk from cows, this energy can be translated into the dream state. Now, in some religions the cow is also sacred, for example Hindu communities do not eat beef. Therefore, from a dream “spiritual” perspective this implies breaking away from something to ensure that you have the right space in order to think and take a more objective perspective on life. I had a very strange dream walks into a room and the cow was being slaughtered, there was blood everywhere but the whole dream seemed very calm and collective. When I try to decode my dream I understood that there was an issue that I had at work. I believe that the dream was in connection with the fact that "you" have to stand back and review the situation from an outside perspective. The cow I believe was a symbolism of the nurturing that I had to show the work context. There is also from ancient dream dictionaries the fact that cows also provide us with not only food and milk but also the symbolism of childbirth and fertility. It could simply be that the cow occurred in your dream because you are thinking about children getting pregnant if you are a woman.

What does the dream interpretation of a human slaughtered mean?

I’m going to say that this can be an extremely distressing dream. Seeing human slaughtered is connected to your fears and self-doubts in life. Obviously, this is from a spiritual perspective. It is important to look at your fears in the waking world, human slaughter generally happens when you are feeling that you need to find your own space in life. This will allow you to prepare for the future. If you saw multiple human beings being slaughtered in the dream it can suggest that you are feeling somewhat stuck in life. If you are an outsider watching humans being slaughtered this can be an extremely distressing dream, interestingly in many dream dictionaries seeing slaughtered people is actually a positive sign and can indicate material wealth. If you notice that a woman is slaughtered in a dream then this is connected to your own sexual desires. If we turn to the famous dream psychologist Sigmund Freud, he believed that most dreams were connected to our own sexual frustration. Therefore, if you see a female slaughtered it can indicate that you need to reach a certain point with a lover. if you notice that a man is slaughtered then this can suggest that you are going to encounter somebody who is going to be rather ruthless in life. If you see your family being slaughtered in a dream it can suggest that there is going to be a question about a relationship that is connected to your family life. Perhaps you need to break away from other people in order to get more space? Right, let’s move onto what it means to see a butcher slaughter someone in a dream?

What does it mean to see a butcher slaughtering in a dream?

If you noticed a butcher in your dream then according to ancient dream dictionaries, this dream is associated with running away from the truth. It can often be connected to a man in waking life running away from a situation, he’s obviously up to something secretive and also dishonest. So my advice is to watch out! If you see a butcher cutting up an animal or carcass in the dream this can suggest that you may be looking for a high-powered role or career move. Now, everything is possible in life and you can make anything real in yourself and others.

What does it mean to see a deer being slaughtered in a dream?

To hunt or to see a deer being slaughtered in a dream according to ancient dream dictionaries is a positive omen. This dream indicates it is time to take a reality check on your own progress in life. Think and step outside the box. What you achieved in life so far? Can you achieve more? There are many legends about the deer when researching this dream meaning I read many myths and spiritual associations. If we turn to the antlers, the deer antlers are associated with devotion. The actual color of the deer is also important. If you dream of red deer being slaughtered it can suggest that your own gentle nature may be challenged. If you dream of a brown deer being slaughtered then this can indicate you trying to exert your power over people. From a spiritual context, the deer is a representation of happiness, contentment, peace and also harmony in life. If we turn to Buddhism the golden deer often spoke to various men to give them advice. So, the dream could mean you need to listen to your own advice in life. There is also a focus that is there to solve problems. Obviously, deer's are animals found in the forest and from a spiritual perspective, it could indicate that your kindness will be challenged in the future.

What is the dream interpretation of slaughtering a chicken?

Chickens are important animals in our culture. The chicken often appears in dreams when we need to think about how we respond to others in life. Now, in spiritual terms the chicken is connected to many different rituals, this is because the chicken is known as the “Hu Pig” which basically translates to “the calling of the soul.” Turning to ancient times the chicken was often used in rituals in order to gain a wider perspective on life. Chickens were generally associated with helping shamans find a soul in life and protect from evil doings.

In order to define what the dream of slaughtering a chicken we also need to look at the other aspects of the dream. Were you starving hungry in the dream? Was a chicken in your backyard? Did you see a chicken in the slaughterhouse? Think about all these aspects of your dream. The chicken is a representation of an attitude in life. Sometimes we have to share our feelings with more than one person, the chicken being slaughtered in the dream represents your ability to things in life. Perhaps you are happy to give out joy information to other people. This dream is all about the spirit of joining in with the community. It is celebrated inclusion in life. If you kill the chicken in your dream it can indicate that you are having a battle with your conscience when you are finding it difficult to control the situation in life.

What is the dream interpretation of slaughtering a pig?

To see the slaughter of a pig is connected to our inner power and approach to tasks and goals. This dream often occurs when we are worried about the future. It can be a possible career move or you will change direction in life. To see the pig in a slaughterhouse indicates that you are holding yourself back up in life. The pig can represent that you will close your heart to love. The good news is that the pig slaughtered in a dream could possibly be a new job alternatively a new relationship on the horizon. There is also a question of motivation if the pig is hanging up in your dream.

What is a dream interpretation of slaughtering a goat?

I'm going to first turn to the spiritual meaning of a goat in this dream interpretation because it is important to understand how the goat being slaughtered in your dream affects your subconscious mind. The goat itself is sometimes quite difficult animals to understand. If we look at the goat as a spiritual symbolism it is often connected to how hard we work in life. The key traits of the goat are gentleness, happiness, and contentment so how do these connect to your dream? Goats themselves can symbolize how you deal with your social relationships. Why? Because the goat is very different than rams or sheep. Why? Because groups of goats normally reside together on grassy hills - spiritually the goat is associated with your own independence. Goats are also connected to our own achievements, as I said in the opening paragraph they are connected to work and how we approach our work situations. Goats are rather curious, they also symbolize the fact that you are going to think about how you connect with others. More commonly how you gain the respect of others. Therefore, the dream of a slaughtered goat indicates that there will be a problem in the future. The dream can suggest that perhaps you have fallen out with people in your life. Have you found difficult to gain respect? Slaughtering a goat in the dream state indicates that you have seen a problem in motion. If you see others slaughtering the goat it indicates you are contemplating various events in your life. From dream psychology perspective, it is often thought that we often dream of something we see in our waking life. For example, you may have seen a goat in a field and this is the reason for the dream. The slaughtering action can, according to Freud connect with our inner ego.

Final thoughts on the dream of slaughter

I consider myself half psychologist and half spiritualist and I hope you enjoyed this dream meaning of slaughter. In summary, the dream of slaughter can help solve some of our problems in waking life this dream represents your own higher self and also the wisdom within. The details of the dream are equally important, if there is an animal that was slaughtered but not covered in my dream meaning above then please email me. What you can take away from is that the slaughter of anything its repressed feelings you could be feeling victimized in some way. Yes, the slaughter itself is a representation of your subconscious mind. Don't worry too much as this dream is not as negative as it first seems. My last interpretation of the “general” dream of slaughter is that gypsies related slaughtering in dreams to be great luck so it could also be a prophecy possible happiness or lucky endeavor in life! Blessings, Flo x

By Florance Saul
Nov 22, 2017