dice dream meanings

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A dice in your dream is a sign of an organized life. A die makes you think of luck and gambling right away.

The dream guides you to believe in a providential chance. Seeing yourself playing dice means that you are taking some risks, and you are playing with your fate. Dreaming of many dice can indicate a risky situation. Dice in dreams usually refer to your fortune. Dreaming of them could mean that your success will change in the near future.

If you are playing with a dice in your dream it indicates you have been playing with something serious in your life and you have been taking chances that you should have considered very carefully. The dream is a warning, so take it seriously. You should probably stop taking chances and risking your assets on a regular basis.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen someone play with dice.
  • Played with dice.
  • Cast a die or more than one dice.
  • Seen somebody casting dice for you.
  • Seen large dice.
  • Seen a pair of dice.
  • Seen lots of dice.
  • Had dice in your pocket.
  • Carried dice with you.
  • Had only one die.
  • Had a big pile of dice.
  • Seen dice showing a specific number.
  • Seen small dice.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You roll doubles on dice.
  • You roll a one or a six.
  • You roll the number that you needed for a game.
  • The dice are colorful or whimsical.

Detailed dream interpretation

A die represents an organized life. Dreaming of casting dice means that somebody in your family will have problems. If in your dream you are casting dice and you get a good combination of numbers, it suggests that you will have temporary luck. Seeing a die lets you know that in the near future you could experience a huge financial gain. It means that you are taking risks in your waking life and this is bound to bear fruit at a point. But it can also refer to a risky situation that you should probably avoid.

Dice in a dream represent your capability of taking decisions and the way you imply yourself in something. It represents firmness, determination, courage, and risk-taking. It shows that you base yourself on adventure. Remember, however, that the force of chance is more powerful than your own force. A die in a dream is a sign that you put yourself in the hands of fate. It can also refer risky and insecure approaches that you take in many situations. It can refer to a feeling that there is nothing left to be done about a problem, and that things are already decided and cannot be changed.

Playing with dice in a dream suggests that you are taking risks that you should pay more attention to things in life. Playing with dice can be a sign of luck as well, or it can suggest that you have lots of illusions and you are haunted by insecurity. A dice game means difficult times ahead. If you are playing dice and you win, this refers to enmity. Large dice means you will overcome a problem. Lots of dice tell you that you are using your knowledge in the right manner. Having dices in your pocket means you will escape a big trouble. Only one die represents useful acquaintances.

If you are a gambler and you dream of dice, it could mean that you should take a break from your tumultuous life, or there might be trouble coming your way. The dice does not predict financial gain, but rather problems with people in your life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of dice

Worried. Happy. Fortunate. Anxious. Playful. Proud. Scared.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012