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Hazmat Suit Dream

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For most emergency services and doctors it is not uncommon for them to wear protective clothing such as Hazmat suits. Sometimes these appear in a dream and I am here to help you decode what that means.

Firefighters often wear hazmat suits and there are essential three layers: an outer shell, a moisture barrier and finally a thermal barrier. Typically, this suit is often accompanied with boots and a jacket. There is also two hazmat suits depending on the degree of protection. Both are equip with breathing apparatus. They are known as level A and level B. Level C and D are normally associated with suits that old breathing equipment. To dream of a hazmat suit, boiler suit or breathing equipment all has the same meaning. This dream is about protection.

To dream of being trapped or wearing a hazmat suit can indicate that you need to think about patterns of behavior and spiritual protection.

  • Chemical agents - to wear a suit or see others in them due to a barrier of materials indicates that times in the future may require you to review how you are communicating with others.
  • Nuclear agents - to dream of radiation or shielding against any chemical warfare indicates that you need to think about retention of relationships around you and they do not just explode!
  • Biological agents / illnesses - to see others or yourself in a hazmat suit due to a high-risk disease or virus indicates that you are worried about your health. It maybe a good idea to focus on yourself for a while.
  • Fire - the commonest Hazmat protective suit is worn by firefighters. To dream of a fire can indicate that you are involved in some difficult situations.

Dream of a Yellow Hazmat Suit

Yellow is a happy color spiritually. Dreaming of being “sealed in yellow” can denote future happiness. Also the suit retains moisture so therefore you will find you will be happy in the days to come.

Dream of doctors in hazmat suits

It can be quite scary seeing doctors or the military wearing these suits. Dreams are said to sometimes be a sign of a problem, event or something in our life. Our dreams are produced by the human nervous system. Normally dreams come to us when we are feeling tired all worried about the future. Dreaming of this suit can indicate that you are feeling mentally worried about your future. Perhaps you are afraid of something deadly or you are just suffering from general anxiety the most important thing is to be relaxed and not worried about the future.

Dream of a radiation suit

If we think about physics and radiation itself is connected to waves and energetic particles. There are different types of radiation such as x-rays, ultraviolet or even high frequency additionally there are things like radio waves and microwaves. Seeing radiation in a dream can suggest that you need to think about nonphysical protection. I always feel that having a dream of radiation is very similar to spiritual radiation. In the Bible, radiation is normally identified as the Holy Spirit and the law governs the spiritual properties. Dreaming of protecting yourself against radiation can mean that you are looking for love and light to enter your life.

Dream of a protective suit

To dream of wearing a boiler suit or protective suit of any description is in my opinion associated with healing. The first question I'm going to ask you is: are you aware of the devastating damaging effects of negative energy from other people. The most important thing of your life is to protect yourself against emotionally unbalanced people . Negative energy normally attracts negative energy and this can intensify if other people feel they are against you in any way. Protection is very important and meditation and listening to positive music can help clear any difficulties or negative energy around you. Dreaming of a protective suitable clothing can indicate that you must immerse yourself in positive energy. Try to resist listening to bad news and protect yourself from fear.

Why did I dream of a deadly virus?

The goal of any virus is to multiple - get bigger. Infect more people. The result of there human body is death in the worse situation.

In conclusion, to dream of any type of protective gear can indicate that you need protection in daily life. To dream of a virus or doctors wearing these suits could be an insight into the ftuure, fear of a virus outbreak or simply the need for you to protect yourself in life. I do hope this dream meaning has helped you.

By Flo Saul
Mar 22, 2020