Dreaming and meanings Bank

Bank Dream Meaning

Banks symbolize energy and activity and this could be reflected in your emotions in the waking world. To dream that you are the bank receiving coins from the teller is a sign that you will become rich. If you are the one giving away the coins, then you are sometimes too charitable, open, or generous with others. If there is no teller at the bank, you might encounter difficulties in business or at the work place.

A bank or a secure environment where cash is kept represents consciousness of your resources in the waking life. This dream may also indicate there is an exchange of power and influence taking place in your life at the moment, and the bank represents the controlling part of your personality. It is important that you can act upon this power in order to execute responsibilities. If you see a robbery in a bank, this dream can suggest an unresolved desire for attachment to a situation which is beyond your control.

What does it mean to dream of a bank?

If you dream of money and personal belongings being placed in a bank it indicates security around you. In a nutshell, the bank is representative of the authority figures in your life. You need to consider these elements in your own life and make sure your security is in place. This dream does not always indicate money problems or worries. The bank is a power force and influence behind your waking life, therefore this symbol demonstrates that you need to be careful in managing your resources in the real world.

Seeing a bank in your dream could foretell a modest gain (perhaps financial) coming your way, but it can also be a bad omen. For example, making a money deposit in a bank can be symbolic of a lack of security. If a deposit of a large amount of money is made, you should seek protection from outside sources. This can be moral, physical, spiritual, or emotional protection. Think about the most pressing situation in your life at the moment because this is what you need protection from.

Seeing a bank in your dream could foretell that luck is coming your way, but it can also be a bad omen. For example, making a money deposit in a bank can be the symbol of your lack of courage and security in life. If you come out of a bank with money in the dream, it is a sign of a favorable situation. A robbed bank predicts an unexpected visit of a friend. If you feel your credit is being stolen, the message is that you should be content with whatever you have at the moment. If in your money is not returned to you after a transaction, this indicates compromise. If you are in a bank and you withdraw the deposited money, this suggests that your social position will not change in the near future.

What does it mean to dream of a bank statement?

Dreaming of a bank statement (I had this dream last night) is connected to the relationship with money or finances. This dream often appears when our financial situation may be causing stress and anxiety. It's imperative to examine how emotions factor into the dream and how you felt in the dream.

In general though, when looking more into these kinds of "bank" dreams, it can indicate that things are changing or developing over time (just like an actual bank statement changes). Whether something positive or negative appears on your bank statement in the dream - such as debt payments being made - this could mean or show internal aspects are growing (maybe finding more purpose) or hopefully more money. A positive bank account dream (where you have money in your account) is a positive omen and often shows wealth in the future. Dreams about our bank balance often represents our inner strengths and weaknesses; so if odd things happening in regards to payments in the dream (maybe you got ripped off) this can mean you are feeling out of control. 

In your dream you may have

  • Been at the bank.
  • Seen other people in a bank.
  • Seen people you know in a bank.
  • Been with someone at the bank.
  • Witnessed or took part in a bank robbery.
  • Deposited money in a bank.
  • Come out of a bank with money.
  • Made a deposit or a withdrawal.
  • Seen other people making deposits or withdrawals.
  • Seen an empty bank or one without money.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You received money at the bank.
  • You encountered no issues while at the bank.
  • You were given money by another person in your dream.
  • The bank was secure and safe.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a bank

Confident. Upset. Anxious. Worried. Troubled. Happy, Content. Unsure. Sure of yourself. Proud. Impressed.

By Florance Saul
Oct 4, 2012