Death of a Loved One

Death of a Loved One

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

A dream depicting the death of a loved one usually has a connection with something missing or going unrecognized in your life. The deceased loved one usually symbolizes a missing quality or aspect of your life that you would like to have.

The dream can also refer to a feeling you had for the deceased person that you are not willing to accept. But it can also refer to the fact that you are not yet at peace with losing that person. Generally, if you dream about the death of your parents, the meaning is that you are going through a transformation in your real life, because your relationship with your parents has reached a new stage. A dream about your mother’s death can mean the “death” of your maternal or feminine aspect. Maybe you should take better care of your own children or maybe you are feeling that you would like to receive more maternal care instead of being “killed” symbolically through hurting your ego.

Your dream:

  • Encountered the death of your mother.
  • Encountered the death of your father.
  • Encountered the death of a sibling.
  • Seen the death of a husband or lover.
  • Experienced the unimaginable death of a child.
  • Seen the death of a pet.
  • Cried over somebody’s death.
  • Felt apathetic or uncaring about death or somebody’s death.
  • Seen the death of a loved one that in reality is still alive.
  • Seen your own death.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The person is not dead in the real world.
  • The person was sick in the dream and received relief at death.
  • You were able to mourn the loss appropriately.
  • You realized it was the right time to move on.

Detailed dream interpretation

The dream of anyone that has already passed away, the death of a beloved relative, a parent, brother, sister, child or pet that has died impacts your waking life in two ways. You must distinguish between two types of dreams: 1) Dreams in which you are not moved by what you see. 2) Dreams in which you are generally showing some type of emotion. It is important to note that, if in the dream you are unable to experience any emotion, you should disregard this dream because it does not have any real meaning. If you experience the death of your father or mother, brother or sister, who actually died in your dream, but is still alive in the waking life, and you experience or express grief, then this shows that you need to limit showing your true feelings as this is likely to hurt others.

The death of a loved one suggests the fact that you are missing a quality that the deceased had. Usually, if you dream about the death or a loved one or an acquaintance, this suggests that you could also be missing a specific quality or trait displayed by the dead one. Ask yourself what is so special about this person and what is it that you like in him or her. The dream can also mean that, whatever that person may represent, he or she is not really a part of your life.

If you dream of your own death, this is a symbol of a transit period in your waking life. It is possible that you may try to avoid your daily duties and obligations. If you dream about the death of people you have met along your life, such delirious images could represent the suffering and lack of acceptance in regard to the real death of a loved one. In other cases, the pain generated by his or her death can be represented by a dream in which you are rejected, attacked or you are parting from that person. But this dream can also refer to your hidden feelings for that particular person. Do you have such a feeling or do you need to free yourself from some kind of subjugation in regard to that person?

A dream that captures your attention over the sex of the deceased person could mean that either your femininity or masculinity needs to be revitalized. The dream of a dead pet in most cases refers to a specific component of your being. It could be an instinctive impulse. This will indicate which part of you must die. For example, a feeling of guilt or an inferiority complex must come to an end. In other cases, such a dream can symbolize a suppressed aspect of your inner world that needs to come out, bringing the balance needed for your personality. 

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of the death of a loved one: 

Sad. Anxious. Teary. Insecure. Alone. Abandoned. Scared.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012