Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

In dreams, the background is quite significant.

In many dreams we encounter it is sometimes difficult to see the background imagery. For example you saw a beach or the sea and this indicates that you are encountering emotions at the moment. It can also signify that you will have an innovative nature but will require plans to be carefully laid out. If the background on your dream is black and this suggests that you will have to show resilience in the future. Each background can be distinguishable.

In your dream

  • The background was the sea.
  • There was a fantasy background.
  • Someone carried out a background check on you.
  • You carried out a background check on somebody else.
  • The dream background was black.
  • The dream background was blurred.
  • The dream background was a computer animation.
  • You could see tall buildings.
  • You could see your own home in the dream.
  • You were in a wood in the dream.

Detailed dream meaning

To dream of a background that looks like a computer animation or fantasy suggests that you have to be broadminded. There is also a connection with our inner spiritual development. To see the background of a bar or pub within the dream state indicates that you will need to be more flexible in the future. If you see tall buildings surround the background in your dream it can be a suggestion that we need to have good balance between emotions and your mind.

If you notice that you are in a wood and could see many trees as the background of your dream in this indicates that you may need to go back to nature and understand yourself and your inner desires more. If you dream of your house as the background then this can suggest that it is important you do not make any mistakes in life.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You understand the meaning behind why you could see the particular background.
  • The background did not scare you in your dream.

If the background dream is misty in the dream or blurred in any way this suggests that you may encounter a period of depression. Trying to look for ways of cheering yourself up. This could be possible shopping trip all spending time with friends and family.

The combination of various backgrounds featured in the dream indicates that you are going to be bored in the future. Are you constantly seeking change? To see the sky as a background in your dream indicates that you need to have discipline in order to get in shape.

To be investigated or to carry out a background check on somebody else is a suggestion that things may not be as they seem. You may wish to open your eyes up to people that aren’t necessarily who you think they are. If the background check is carried out on you then it can indicate a possible false friend. Try to remain tactful when dealing with them. You are a wilful person and you should try to hold down the relationship but be aware of the consequences if you trust this person.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a background

Happiness. Joy. Freedom. Oppression. Sadness. Difficulty. Victory. Comfort. Sadness.

By Florance Saul
Jun 15, 2017