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Shaving your face is an unmasking process in dreams.

It means that if one gets rid of an unwanted veneer or facade then good times are planned for ahead. Men shave their faces every day, and women shave other parts of their bodies (legs, arms or underarms). If you dream of experiencing “a shut shave”, try not to take a lot of risks. Spiritually speaking, shaving smoothly symbolizes openness and honesty in dealing with other people.

In your dream

  • You are shaving your face.
  • You seen a man shaving.
  • You seen a woman shaving.
  • Someone shaves you.
  • You shave someone else.
  • You are thinking of shaving.
  • You cut yourself while shaving in a dream.

Positive changes ahead if

  • You manage to shave yourself nicely.
  • You do not get hurt while shaving.

Detailed dream interpretation

Shaving in a dream has different meanings, depending of whether a man or a woman is displayed shaving. For a man - dreaming of shaving represents the daily routine, and for younger people, this represents their fear of being shaved by somebody else. For a woman, a face shaving dream could mean that she wants to acquire masculine qualities. Shaving other parts of her body indicates her wish to display a smooth facade to the world.

Shaving objects in a dream have their own meaning. A razor has similar meaning to a knife, and it is an omen that some risk is required in order to obtain good results. Shaving is also an omen of analytic thinking. If you cut yourself while shaving in a dream, this foretells a wrong behavior in the waking life. Shaving another person in a dream portends an act of charity ahead.

Seeing other people being shaved in a dream means that you should always keep yourself clean. Shaving yourself tells you to not deceive yourself, but remain alert to avoid becoming weak. Being shaved by another person is also an omen of a possible deception. If in your dream you are thinking of shaving, you will soon make a good business plan, but you might lack the right energy to bring it to completion.

A shaving dream can also portend profit. You might have to pay for a previous mistake. This dream indicates that at the moment you are in control of your business and private life. Shaving a person in a dream means that you have recently made a wrong commitment, and you should be careful and avoid suspicious business endeavors. Seeing a clean and shaved face in your dream is the sign of equilibrium in your waking life.

Dreaming of a woman shaving means that she is afraid that a man will turn her away. This dream can also portend a loss of property. Shaving someone means you will be challenged, while shaving yourself portends uncertainty and possible monetary losses.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of shave

Clean. Surprised. Content. Amazed. Curious. Enjoying. Satisfied.

By Florance Saul
Nov 22, 2012