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Action dreams are quite rare. What is an action dream? It is when you dream that you are in an action movie or there is a large amount of action in the dream state.

Many people have dream that involves so many events or is “action packed” We need to section the interpretation down to the details found in the dream. What were the reasons for the action in the dream state?

In your dream

  • You had a dream of action - one event after another in the dream state.
  • You were in an action game.
  • You were in an Xbox game in the dream.
  • You were in a play station game in the dream.
  • You were in an action film in the dream.
  • You were writing an action novel.
  • You were the action hero in the dream.
  • You could see much action - such as shootings or running around in the dream.
  • Other people had bad or worrying actions in your dream.

Detailed dream meaning of an action dream

Were there lots of movement of action in the dream? In the dream state we often dream of action packed dreams when we are feeling stressed or worried about someone or something. Being in a computer game such as the Xbox or play station has an effect on our mental state and our dreams. I remember having vivid dreams after playing halo on the Xbox, but as I am a psychic I knew that these dreams were just a projection of my game state of mind. Therefore, if you have played the Xbox or play station before bed it is normal to have crazy dreams.

How video games (Xbox, iPad and play station) effect our dreams

If we look at the famous psychologist at Grant Mac Ewan University, Gackenbach conducted research on how playing a video game effects one's dreams. This was carried out in the 90s. Basically she concluded by using her son’s gaming habits that if one plays video games for two hours or more they will effect the dream state. It is really odd how being in another reality (in the dream) and in the game will effect the dream itself.

Now, moving onto real dedicated gamers further research by Gackenbach concluded that lucid dreams are apparent after playing excessively. She also associated that the actual control over the game itself was enough to provoke lucid dreaming. Is this because the dreamer / gamer is in control of their own reality in the waking world, gaming world and thus, the dream world!

Because of the violence that is associated with many games the “nightmares” we experience being someone that does not play games means that you can handle it better in your dream state. So, to conclude on this dream meaning. Playing a video game in a dream is common if you do so in the waking world. Looking from a more broader aspect games are use to dealing with stressful realities, nightmares are not as horrifying as non-gamers will perceive. Gackenback also identified that many who play such games have crazy, weird dreams. They are use to a more “lucid” sense of dreaming. Her research, is interesting and she is now looking at how our world such as the iPad is affecting young children.

Seeing yourself in an action film in a dream

To see yourself in an action film in a dream is associated with excelling in life. It is really a “win win” dream. It can be associated with moving forward on a deep level in life. To be the action character - say for example “James bond” or “Jason Bourne” is associated with our own self-concepts. You want to succeed in life. There is a focus on passion and control if you dream of the movement of action in your dream. It can also suggest a massive amount of energy needed to succeed in life.

To dream of being in a war or lot’s of action indicates stress in life. Remember that you need time for “you” to relax and think about the future and your goals.

Dreaming of action is a positive dream to have. Dreaming of being in an action scene in a dream reflects a new beginning. To be on set in a dream suggests that a new start is predicted.

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Feelings associated with the dream of an action

Power. Courage. Control. Trying to succeed. Rescuing someone in the dream. Being the hero in the dream. Happiness.

By Florance Saul
Aug 9, 2017