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Dreaming of a deck has a connection with tumultuous events, but also with the existence of ways and methods to solve difficulties in your life. This dream can represent the coldness of another person; somebody in your life is being uncaring.

A deck is most of the time a good sign in dreams. It can be a symbol of the connection between you and other people, or between you and your inner self. The dream’s context will reveal this connection. A deck is a good sign, suggesting that you will be free of worries.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen a deck on a ship.
  • Been on a ship’s deck during a storm.
  • Walked on a ship’s deck.
  • Seen a deck over water.
  • Crossed a deck.
  • Seen a house deck or open porch.
  • Fallen from a deck.
  • Encountered a broken deck.
  • Encountered a cement or wooden deck.
  • Encountered a deck under construction.
  • Encountered a deck made of stone.
  • Seen a decrepit, broken deck.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The deck is stable and well built.
  • The deck is used for a fun activity.
  • You are surrounding by family on deck.

Detailed dream interpretation

To see a deck on a ship indicates that there is a clear path to your success. If you are on a ship and there is a storm, and you find yourself on the deck, this indicates there may be some misfortune in the future. If you dream yourself walking on a ship’s deck with a person of the opposite sex, it means you will inherit some money. In general if you dream of yourself being alone or in somebody’s company on a ship deck, it is a sign that luck is coming your way and you will be able to help others.

A deck represents anxiety, unrest, fear of danger, and sadness, but it can also refer to good fortune in your romantic life. A deck over water represents insecurity, but also honor and glory. If you are crossing the deck, you will get rid of worries. Passing by a deck and seeing it while feeling insecure about it can refer to problems. Seeing a deck generally means change and salvation.

A deck of a house, an open porch in general means honor, respect, and luck in business. If you are falling from the deck, this suggests obstacles in business. If you see hay on the deck it represents quarrels in your house. If the deck is made of cement, you will have big ambitions in your future. A wooden deck represents a lack of will. A deck made of stone foretells that your ambition will pay off. Dreaming of a deck under construction means that you have a large imagination.

If in your dream you witness the fall of a deck, this suggests mistrust in your waking life. If the deck is broken, you will experience fear and hesitance in a difficult situation. A broken deck also foretells an imminent meeting that will be pleasant.

Decks represent aspect of yourself. An old and insecure deck is a sign of worry because of lost things. If you dream yourself crossing a deck alone, it means that you will overcome your current problems. If in your dream the deck breaks and falls down, it is good to be careful with your dishonest friends. Crossing a deck in your dream can also refer to experiencing a change in your professional life, or maybe you will move to another town. The dream is a good one if you cross on the other side of the deck without any problems. If the deck is broken or is under repairs, be very careful with what you are doing, and do not make big plans. Dreaming of a deck can predict that you will be appreciated by people in your entourage.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a deck

Happy. Confident. Alone. Bored. Content. Afraid. Hesitant. Appreciated.

By Flo Saul
Oct 12, 2012