Dream meanings Bear

Dreams About Bears

When we don't believe inside that we deserve good, or that we are not getting what we want the bear dream sometimes appears. This is what I classify as a dream building block or a spiritual foundation dream. The purpose is to lead you to set boundaries in life.

The story of goldilocks has been passed down for generations as a classic fairy tale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Dreaming of a bear is often seen as a sign that we need to pay attention to our own personal strength and power, and be mindful of how we use it in our everyday lives.

The story goes like this. Goldilocks enters the three bears' home while they are away and eats their porridge, she sits in their chairs and sleeps in their beds. It is understandable that the bears are upset when they discover that she has entered their home. In the end, the three bears chased Goldilocks out of the house rather than harming her. In this story, boundaries and respect are taught in an important way. In the same way that the bears did not like Goldilocks entering their home and destroying their belongings, we should not enter another person's space without permission. The story also emphasizes the importance of being mindful of what we do and how our actions can affect others. We can avoid causing conflict or hurt feelings when we respect others and their belongings.

In situations where your boundaries are being violated, you can assert yourself calmly and confidently. It may be necessary to remove yourself from the situation or even end the relationship if the situation does not improve. Of course, physical and emotional boundaries should always be respected. As a general rule, the dream of a bear could be associated with respecting other people's privacy, not invading their space without permission, and not sharing private information without consent. Creating a positive and harmonious environment for everyone is achieved when we all respect others, but in my experience, this is something that is hard to do at times.  If someone violates your boundaries, dreams of bears are common, it can lead to feelings of violation. Every area of your life has its own boundaries, and no one can cross them without your consent. 

Is this dream of a bear good or bad?

The dream urges you to be conscious of your own boundaries but in essence, this is a positive dream. If you dream of a big bear, you will get lucky according to old folklore. It is a dream that signals you may have positive rewards in life - if you dream of chasing a bear this can mean you are chasing something in life. In areas of self-doubt, this dream can be a sign that you are strong and courageous. In the Western tradition, the dream of a bear means arguing with friends. In the Eastern tradition, the dream of a bear suggests gossip: maybe someone is talking about you behind your back.

Any dream that features a brown bear is positive, but at times can be a passive-aggressive symbol. The bear (according to the dream psychologist Sigmund Freud) can be a representation of a human being who has the same traits as the bear featured. The bear is often seen as aggressive in dreams, after all, the bear survives in the wild and can easily get angry. Who is getting angry in your life? A polar bear is associated with teaching blessings in life. It means bears represent the female side of life.

What does it mean to dream of a bear attacking you?

Dreams of a bear attacking you symbolize repressed anger and rage. A feeling of anger may be directed at someone in your life who has wronged you, or it may be a general feeling of frustration and resentment. In your dream, the bear represents the primal, instinctual side of yourself capable of great violence. When you feel threatened or attacked, this side of yourself can come out. Keeping this part of yourself under control may be the message the bear gives to you in your dream. The bear may also be a metaphor for someone who is aggressive or violent in your life. You may be physically threatened by this person, or you may be verbally or emotionally abusive. It is also possible that the bear in your dream represents your own anger and aggression, which need to be dealt with in a healthy manner. It is important to take steps to protect yourself from harm if you are being threatened by the bear in your dream. It may mean staying away from the aggressive person, or it may mean standing up for yourself and setting boundaries. If the bear in your dream is a metaphor for own anger, you may need to find a constructive outlet for this. This could involve talking to someone about what is making you angry, or it could involve participating in an activity that allows you to release your aggression in a healthy way.

What does dreaming of a big bear mean?

Older dream books suggest that if you dream of a big bear, you will get lucky. It's all about…Your luck. Yes, you heard right! You will be extremely lucky if you had this dream. But wait.. this is not all that it means. Each specific action the bear undertakes in your dream is ultra important. Bears are deeply rooted in shamanic traditions and I will run over the key areas of the dream of a bear.

What do bear dreams mean?

In the Asian tradition, the bear seen in dreams is associated with how we love one another. If you are being hunted by the bear the dream can indicate that you need to overcome some difficult obstacles in life. If you see people hunting or shooting a bear then this is associated with a person in the waking world who is projecting aggression. The bear color in your dream is important:

  • To see a brown bear indicates a new start. 
  • If the bear was black in color: a black bear in a dream can indicate that you need to look at people’s actions and try to understand what they are thinking. From a spiritual perspective, the black bear implies that you’re going to have an unhindered vision of how people are acting in the future. This will be your strength.
  • A white bear in a dream (not a polar bear): indicates that enemies are going to try to bring you down. The white bear in the dream state is also associated with nature and the requirement to face the facts and don’t carry any disillusion is about the future. The white bear if being aggressive in a dream indicates that a challenge will be coming soon. To see a white bear in the dream is associated with the inevitability of peace in life.
  • Being bitten by a bear: To be bitten by a bear in the dream state is associated with readiness to communicate with others. It is particularly common to see this dream when there is a relationship that needs to be reviewed. This could be a love relationship. There also signifies that co-operation is called for.
  • Chased by a bear in a dream: If you are chased by a bear running away (especially in wooded surroundings) indicates that there is a problem that you are not facing. The bear pursuing you can be a hidden obstacle in waking life.
  • To see a bear standing up in the dream: If a bear is being aggressive and standing on its hind legs in a dream then this indicates that you need security as a human being. It can, of course, be associated with financial rewards. The fact that the various showing signs of aggression can mean that this is what you need in order to progress in life. Especially in connection to work affairs. You know what you want and maybe you are too stubborn or do not have enough drive in order to get what you want.
  • The Grizzly bear attack in dreams: A grizzly bear attack in the dream indicates that somebody waking life was trying to deceive you. The dream itself can also be associated with your caring side.

What does the bear mean in shamanism?

In shamanism, the bear is a strong totem animal, which in some cases represents a spirit guide. In fact, based on some meditation practices, this animal can provide comfort, as it is centered to be connected to spiritual well-being. To dream of a polar bear (as long as you have not watched too much TV!) represents that there is a woman surrounding you who has become icy and cold. Handling the situation successfully will require negotiation and compromise. The polar bear according to ancient shamanism signifies a deep emotion that needs to be expressed.

What does it mean to dream of a brown bear?

Brown bears are often called grizzly bears and are known as Ursus Arctos. The most common dream of those that feature a brown bear is those whereby the bear is carrying out an action, such as chasing, attacking or hunting for food. Brown bears are found in many parts of North America and Asia and they are strong and powerful, for example, they can run up to 40km per hour.

Yes, they are fast. This dream is a lucky omen and it is a great sign from above in older dream books (as I have already mentioned). The brown bear in old dream books can indicate luck and is a happy omen. The bear can be rooted in many traditions. The bear in dream psychology indicates that they represent a person in your life. Bears can mean people around you who are getting you angry. Bears are often associated with strength from within, playfulness, patients, aggression, and also nobility. 

What does a black bear mean in a dream?

Black bears are smaller than the grizzly bear, the black bear is significantly smaller in size and has tall pointed ears compared to the rounded ears of a grizzly bear. To see a black bear in dreams is connected to darkness in life. Black bears are both positive and negative in association, they signify in dreams elegance, mystique, and prowess. When you see a black bear in a dream is connected to authority and intelligence. Metaphysically the dream is connected to a situation in life that is "back or white" what are you experiencing? Endings are also associated with the dream of black. The dream of seeing a black bear is connected to a new cycle in life and that you may be feeling vulnerable. 

What is the general 1930s dream interpretation of a bear?

I have many dream dictionaries in my home, and in these books the dream where you see a bear is generally positive. It could imply that there are rivalry and competition in your waking life. It could also mean that, in the coming days, you are going to be successful. When you encounter an aggressive bear in a dream it implies that there is something which is making you be angry in real life. My old dream dictionary meanings outline a bear is a prognostic of deceit. In some texts, it suggests "bitterest enemies will wear the garb of friendship."

If we look at how bears live in real life, they are associated with retreat and often lead a lonely solitary lifestyle. This is an indication that you might require rest and recuperation in life. Maybe you have been working too hard and been feeling that you are not representing your ideas in the best way? Therefore, it is very common to have a dream of a bear when you need your own space and time away.

Random 1930s dream dictionary meanings of a bear:

  • A bear is a lucky omen in dreams in English tradition. The actual deeper meaning of a bear is a connection with our inner thoughts. 
  • The bear represents stamina and that you will undertake situations requiring mental and psychological strength. 
  • Seeing a bear in your dream could refer to a rich and powerful enemy, probably an adversary or a rival of yours. It foretells that you could soon be in a fight with your friends.
  • Seeing a bear in your dream is generally a sign of violence in real life according to Arabic traditions.
  • To see the skin of a bear means that you will successfully overcome any opposition.
  • Rivals will try to supersede you.
  • The dream could also denote situations that make you annoyed. If you dream of killing a bear, an enemy of yours in real life will experience a loss.
  • You will have positive rewards if you dream of chasing a bear - it means you are strong and courageous. To dream of a brown bear can symbolize that you will be moving into success.
  • A white bear you will focus on healing others in life. The bear can also symbolize that you need to heal from difficult times in the past.
  • Bears are the spirit of healing and emotional connection.
  • In ancient Rome, the bear was connected to the goddess known as Artemis and also the god of fertility known as Diana. Therefore, we can identify that the bear represents the fertile part of our life - maybe our inner connection to raising children and giving birth if a woman.
  • If the bear was hibernating in your dream - this is connected to moving away from others in order to think clearly and life. To see a bear in a wood is a suggestion that you do have the power to succeed in life.
  • In the Western tradition, the dream of a bear means arguing with friends.
  • In the Eastern tradition, the dream of a bear implies gossip: someone is talking about you behind your back.
  • Witnessing a bear in your dream is a reminder of the spiritual strength, power, and growth of the unconscious mind.
  • This dream of a brown bear running symbolizes that sometimes you need to remind yourself of your childhood and the happiness that you encountered.
  • If in your dream a bear attacks you, this means precaution is necessary. A brown bear means brutal passions, and enemies full of ferocity.
  • Seeing yourself running away from a bear is a good omen.
  • If in your dream you see someone killing the bear, your enemies will encounter losses, and you will generally win over them.
  • If you yourself kill the bear, you will be able to get rid of those that you do not want in your entourage anymore.
  • If you are the bear in the dream: this is connected to your confidence especially in the working world. It is associated with the hidden desire for promotion or financial gain. To create a bear trap of any description is connected to the warmth of the project on others. To be caught yourself in a bear trap suggests that failure may occur.
  • To see baby bears is an association of having influence over others.
  • To see the bear as a pet in the dream indicates possible aggression towards somebody in waking life. The advice here is that you need to listen to what other people have to say.
  • Panda bears in dreams: The panda bear is a very lucky omen. It is associated with what you can achieve in life. It indicates that your current goals can be fulfilled and that you will soon be able to be the mastermind behind any projects at work. You will try to get results or find innovative ideas. The key here is to try to work on yourself in order to remain at the top of your profession.
  • Polar bears in dreams: A white polar bear in a dream is connected to success and also acceptance. There may have been troubled waters in the past in this omen imagery indicates that you are going to move into a much calmer state of affairs. The polar bear is also connected to how we undertake relationships in life. It suggests that you need to work hard to make a relationship work. Due to the color of the polar bear, it also indicates peace, success in business matters, and the ability to overcome any difficulties in life.
  • Koala bears in dreams: The koala bear in a dream is connected to letting your head overall your heart or gut instinct in life. The koala bear can also suggest that you need to get to the truth of the matter, this means looking at your feelings.
  • Dancing bear in a dream: The dancing bear in dreams indicates that you may be in a situation that will require confidence. The dancing bear also indicates that you will not worry about what people think of you. When you see the dancing bear it is associated with being aware of your direction in life.
  • To see the mother bear in dreams: The mother bear in dreams is connected to how we connect with our own side of life. Consider that you have a deep connection with various females. The bear in this context also suggests a solid relationship with mother or grandmother.
  • If you see a bear in the distance, it could mean three possibilities: your hand will be forced, your enemies are in your way, or you have many enemies around you. If you want to succeed, you must make big efforts.
  • A calm bear is an omen of slander and gossip.
  • If the bear is big, this also means quarrels, slander, and gossip. In general, dreaming of a bear is a sign that you will be challenged in your business deals.
  • If a young girl dreams of a bear, this is an omen that she will have a conflict with people that are in her way.
  • The bear in the dream state is associated with how you express yourself in life.
  • It is associated with a fierce, aggressive wild animal. The bear can also indicate a caring nature.
  • If you dreamed of a teddy bear, then this provides a window to deepen your childhood instincts. The context of the dream shows that you will have to be further understood. However, in general, this dream indicates that sometimes it is easier to go back to the things that use to make you smile when you were a child. The key influence of this dream and the animal is that your childhood enjoyment has been lost, and it is time to go out into the world and have fun. So if a teddy bear symbol is digging around in your dreams it can suggest not only strength but also inner confidence.

What does it mean to dream of a bear chasing you?

Like a dog, a bear has a predatory inclination to chase running things, such as people or animals. Grizzly bears and black bears are also able to climb in order to get to the target. In real life, it is advised not to run if a bear is chasing you, as they will chase fleeing animals and try to catch them. What are you chasing in your life? Are you chasing a relationship? Are you chasing others? Being chased by a bear is connected to representing those around you that you chasing. After all, a bear is a symbol of someone that could be aggressive. 

What do dreams about bears being aggressive mean?

An aggressive bear seen in a dream can represent someone in your life who is angry or worried about the relationship with you. You might have noticed how the bear is aggressive in the dream state and perhaps uses its own paws to attack you. Despite its large nose the bear's face with his eyes aligned to a frontal plane can often appear aggressive in a dream just by looking at you. This dream is purely based on your own aggression and perhaps you were hiding just like their hides in the wild.

If we look back to history ancient people began to perceive bears in various ways, often feeling the bears are primitive weapons and aggressive in nature. This is where stories such as Goldilocks and the three bears were created. In both Eurasia North America and the bear is a prominent aggressive symbolism in early cultures. The most important thing here is to note that an aggressive bear will have a special relationship with human beings, this is because bears have lived in proximity to humans for many years. Encountering an aggressive bear in the dream is a metaphor for somebody who is aggressive in waking life and this could be you. 

What does it mean to meet a friendly bear in a dream?

The bear who is friendly is a positive omen. Think about its large nose, cute bear face, and even its own feet seem almost human-like. Dreaming of the bear being friendly indicates that you are going to have social occasions of celebration. This is a positive omen in your life and can indicate that perhaps you have been hiding away from social interaction for some time. The friendly bear in a dream can also symbolize your own inner wants and needs. Do you need to be comforted? 

What does it mean to dream about a bear running from you?

The bear that is running from you in a dream can suggest that you need to trust your instinct. Perhaps you're irritated by the fact that you know things could be done better. Running dreams are very interesting, indicating that you are trying to escape something in life - or someone is trying to escape you in some strange way in the waking world. 

As I have already mentioned, running from a bear is never advised. In real life if you run from a bear it's inclined to chase you. There is another element of the dream, that I wish to address. Are you running because you are feeling that you wish to escape areas of your life? Perhaps you feel like you want to leave things behind in the past? sometimes as human beings, we can enjoy all many things in life, withstand challenges in all shapes and forms. 

What does it mean to dream of a bear cub?

What can I say? Bear cubs are extremely cute, fluffy and it is quite unusual to dream about them. Bears themselves indicate that you shouldn't try to confuse your own intelligence with maturity. This dream can also indicate that there is going to be a new start new beginnings. Over time your feelings might change for the ones that you love, but if understanding prevails then any relationship that you embark on can work.

The baby bear dream symbol can also be a metaphor especially if you are a parent, in this case, the bear cub is about moving forward with your relationship with your children to make it even more spectacular! The other area I would like to mention that is important is to see more than one bear cub means you should never to make somebody else a priority who makes you just in option. This is quite interesting advice, which I found in an old 1930s spiritual book - and the reason that I say this is if you had a dream of a bear cub is could signal that you are feeling vulnerable because people are taking advantage of you. If we look at how cubs interact they are playful - do you need to be playful?

To dream of baby bears can indicate that you need to clarify events in life in order to understand the true meaning. In older dream books the baby bear in a dream is associated with meeting somebody that you made love. A baby bear in dreams can often be associated with not only innocence but childhood traits.

What does it mean to dream of a bear talking?

If the bear is talking in your dream then it indicates that you need to be persistent in life. Knowledge and ability are sometimes not enough but persistence will get you to the right place. In life, we often overcomplicate our lives which is unnecessary. If the bear is talking to you, please be advised and listen to what it is saying. If you can't remember what the bear is saying to you just remember it is subconsciously communicating that you need to try to live your life to the full.

What does it mean to dream about bears in your house?

Many people have contacted me about dreaming of bears in the house is quite an interesting dream. If bears are featured in your house during the dream this can indicate that there is somebody passive-aggressive in your social circle at the moment. Try to think about how you can unfollow people who put you down. Perhaps you have a Facebook / or work friend who never stops complaining, or you are on Twitter somebody begins to argue with you. Open up your telephone and look at how many times you've had a conversation with somebody in the last two years. Are they still on your phone? This is about looking at bears in your house, meaning people are not bringing anything to your life at the moment. That's the key message of this dream.

What does it mean to dream of the bear biting you?

To see the bear biting you can often indicate that you are connected to lots of people. It's asking you to focus on physically spending time with people. If there's anybody that is negative in your life bringing you down this is a dream to focus your efforts especially if you see the large jaw of a bear biting your body. Perhaps your default mode in life is to always say "yes" to everything because you don't want to upset everyone, and this is a dream whereby you need to start slowly thinking about whether you actually want to do things. Start building up your confidence that you can do the things that you wish to do rather than what people want you to do.

What does it mean to dream of being dragged along by a bear?

If you are dragged along the floor by a bear in a dream (there have been many reports in the press of people being chased by a bear who has been dragged along) then this dream can indicate that you feel that you are stuck in the mud. Trapped perhaps. The dream itself is saying that you might be happier if you spend time with people who you get on with. Don't get dragged along in the rat race is the key message of this dream.

What does it mean to dream about hunting a bear?

Bear hunting has been around for many years, it's the act of hunting bears for meat and fur. Perhaps even for a source of food. There's a vast amount of history throughout North America and Europe and the hunting practices of bears vary across different continents. If you are hunting a bear then primarily this is about how you're going to protect yourself. Just like in real life the bear protects their body from dirt and debris and insects and this dream is how are you protecting yourself at the moment. Their meat was considered to be a beautiful dish in the Middle Ages, the paws and the thigh of the bear were considered to be the best parts. This may point you to your own diet and nutrition. Are you eating enough? Eating the right foods?

What does it mean to dream of showing affection to the bear?

To love and care for the bear during the dream is a positive omen it can symbolize that things are going to work smoothly for you go forward. Bears often have shaggy ears and are simply beautiful animals. They are cuddly. You could dream of hugging the bear or feelings of happiness in connection with the bear. Of course, we know they are adept runners and they use shelters and caves routinely. If you dream of kissing or showing affection to the bear this indicates you will have affection in your life.

What does it mean to dream of a bear in a cave?

Bears use shelter such as caves routinely, they make this their den. This dream is spiritually about your house. Are you feeling tension inside your own house? Seeing a bear in a cave can indicate that you may need to feel safe in life. Spiritually, when an animal visits us in the dream world we often feel that there is significance in terms of the fact they are our totem animal. Meeting our animal normally takes shape in a meditation where we enter a cave. This is important. The reason I mention this is that the bear could be a totem animal and can strongly suggest that you are hunting for the right focus in life. The dream could also be about protection, that you need to protect yourself in life. 

Did you kill the bear in the dream?

To kill the bear in the dream indicates overcoming some obstacles in the future. The bear represents the rational logical way you’re going to approach problems and decisions. It is a dream that suggests you’re going to have the inner strength to beat any enemies in the business environment. Ironically, if the bear is killed in a dream this can mean that we should not hide behind our own illusions. If you see another person killing the bear in your dream then this can imply that other people are going to be affected by your actions.

What does it mean to dream of a bear looking for food?

Bears are often hunting for food, especially the black bear. Due to their coat bears have an insatiable appetite and amazing sense of smell. They are considered a pest that roots through garbage to get food. They can eat anything that smells good to them such as soap, trash, ice chests, sunscreen, bug repellant. Many people take bear-resistant food containers when visiting a national park. If you encounter a hungry bear in the dream world - then this can indicate that you need a clearer understanding of your own creative expressions. Technology has given us the speed of communication. It provides us to declutter what is not important. Bears looking for food are much like you looking to converse with people for information. Think of the food as information. We now live where computerized voices guide us and can talk to others on games immediately. What information are you looking for? 

What does it mean to dream of a bear that is dead?

A dead bear featured in a dream can indicate a transformation for an end of a period in life that is important to you. A dead bear can also translate to a time in your life where things are somewhat challenging. If you see a bear laying on the ground and is unresponsive this can often mean that it's time for a new start or to change things in your current life. Death in dreams is a symbolic representation of a new start on a new beginning. It could be, that in the dream you killed the bear yourself alternatively you just come across a deceased bear. The details of the dream are equally important and you can have a look at some of the other elements that I have written down so far - in order to decode the other features in your dream.

What does it mean to dream about bear traps?

A bear trap is often a representation of feeling trapped in waking life. Although this might seem obvious it does allude to how you could be feeling in waking life. The bear itself indicates that it is time to uncover what it is you really want in life. Bear traps themselves can take all different shapes and forms. A metal trap can indicate a new focus but that you will feel trapped in life. A wooden trap or netting can indicate that the people are going to be trapping your thoughts in the forthcoming months. The bear itself indicates that it is time to uncover what it is you really want in life. Bear traps themselves can take all different shapes and forms. A metal trap can indicate a new focus but that you will feel trapped in life. A wooden trap or netting can indicate that the people are going to be trapping your thoughts in the forthcoming future.

What does it mean to dream of a bear attacking a dog?

This is quite an interesting dream, forbear to attack a dog can indicate that a friend will attack a friend. The dog is a representation of friendship, the bear indicates someone that is somewhat aggressive in life. It is also important to note that if the dog is a pet of yours then this could suggest there will be conflict or problem. 

What does it mean to see bears fighting?

To dream of two bears fighting each other can suggest conflict in life. It is a sign that you to understand that other people may "fight" going forward over petty and trival matters, if we turn to the bear itself they communicate by being dominant and intimidating others. Bears will not fight unless it is absolutely necessary, therefore from a dream perspective, this can indicate that there might be conflicts in waking life. Think about this for a moment how can bears represent your life if in the wild. Do you feel that your life is out of control (wild) at the moment? There have been many scientific observations of bears interacting with each other and they normally communicate through odor signals and vocalizations. If in your dream you saw two brown bears fighting and this can indicate that you will encounter somebody that is going to teach the rules going forward.

What does it mean to dream about a group of bears?

A group of bears in the dream, often known as a pack of bears. Multiple bears in dreams can routinely represent your family or those people in your social circle. Bears themselves are indicative of a new beginning and a new start, as well as somebody that is aggressive.

What if you shot the bear?

If you shot the bear or hunted the bear down the bear in your dream then this is a positive omen. It indicates that the work that you have been putting into place will harvest. But there is a huge question of what’s next. A bear hunting you down or chasing you indicates that if time is about how you are going to succeed in life.

What about a bear running after you?

In dreams, a bear running signifies that there are difficulties in your way. If you are hunted or trapped by the bear in your dream then this can suggest that you are going to have many different obstacles in your way. To be the one that actually sets the track for the bear indicates that you need peace and solitude.

Are you bear in the dream?

This is the most unusual dream that one can have. Actually in order to understand what it means we need to look at the characteristics of a bear in your dream. This can feel quite unusual, suffice to say this is a very rare dream. To take on the role of the bear to see yourself as a bear in your dream is the suggestion that other people are controlling you. It indicates defiance and also self-belief. While in a position to stand your ground in life and being the bear in the dream implies that you need to assert your rights. Also look at the 1930s meanings I have detailed above.

What does it mean to dream about an injured bear?

Bears wounded in dreams can indicate that your feelings have been hurt in some way maybe there is somebody that has caused upset between you and other people. The injured bear is a spiritual sign to say that despite everything you can always overcome your battles, there is also focus on how you are perhaps feeling injured by people's words or actions. 

In life, we are often hurt by those people who love us the most. Ultimately this explains why navigating relationships and life always end up so difficult. If you help the injured bear - perhaps care the bear, or maybe, in fact, you injured the bear can represent that if you have not been offended by somebody recently and you may be offended going forward. A hurt bear in a dream is about how we communicate with people. If the bear was shot this can indicate a certain difficult period in your life. If the bear was hunted down by multiple people in the dream state, this can represent change coming, and maybe you're frightened of change. It is not uncommon to be. If the bear has been fighting with you in a dream and subsequently you injure the bear such as shoot or stab this means you can move away from aggressive people easily. If any injuries are sustained by yourself this dream simply means that there is a fresh phase that is coming into your life. Such a dream of an injured bear is a positive omen.

What does it mean to dream about seeing a bear from a distance?

It is common in dreams to see people, objects, or animals from afar you notice the bear in the distance. What does this mean? This can represent there is somebody in your life in the distance. They have some sort of problem they are going through a storm, the fact is, if you're seeing the bear from afar this often represents somebody that is not your social friendship circle or somebody from the past. Also, take note of what the bear is doing in the distance. If the bear is simply standing or laying down then new changes are coming. My question here is: what are you trying to change? As human beings, we are naturally worried about change, but to see something from afar in a dream can often be a symbol of positive influences in life. The questions I have for you are as follows: What are you scared of? What do you hope to achieve? What will be the ramifications of your actions going forward? These are all areas that you need to review if you see a bear from afar during your dream.

What does it mean to dream about a bear in a circus?

Particularly, in the 1930s bears in circuses were very common. Some would argue that it's inhumane to keep bears under these conditions. However, in our modern world, especially in Spain, Russia, and Asia circuses with bears performing continue, with of course better conditions. If the bear Was featured in a circus the bear itself was doing tricks then who is doing tricks on you? Seeing a bear in a circus during a dream is about tricks in real life. It means you need someone giving you importance, so my darling, make sure people do something for you. 

What does it mean to dream of hiding or escaping from a bear?

Hiding and escaping bears in dreams are common. Escaping from the bear in your dream is associated with trauma. Even those of us who are blessed with income, resources, and perfect relationships often have comprehensive losses all around us, and hiding or escaping from bears in dreams represents the loss of something important in your life. The dream itself is often connected to the difficulties we face in life, uncertainty, anxiety, and grief. Escaping and hiding is the fear of not facing what we really truly must in life. It is an amazing world that we live in, and we connect with millions of other people around the world through the internet, it can often indicate this kind of dream comes to our mind when we are trying to hide away from the world and escape the reality.

What does it mean to see bears sleeping in a dream?

Bears sleeping vibrates a spiritual message of the power of stillness and life possibilities. The power of communication in a world often results in many different types of accomplishments. For example weapons, wars, and heightened awareness can be instilled upon us without us even knowing. What are you sleeping from? What is important in your life? Remember that wisdom remains within you and you do have the power of communication and command your personal interactions. Dreaming of bears sleeping often represents that we are sleeping in life and we are not waking up to the possibilities that we have.

What does it mean to dream of bears in their natural habitat?

Bears naturally live in wooded areas. The American black bear is found in central Mexico, Alaska and the majority of Canada. The Rocky Mountains are another popular area for the black bear. Interestingly, the black bear is quite a timid animal but to find a bear in its natural habitat indicates that you need to relax and enjoy your home life at the moment. The surroundings of the bear in the dream should be interpreted along with the details that you see, if in the natural habitat it can indicate that you need to value yourself more. You need to be with someone who makes you fulfilled. Hope that resonates.

What does it mean to dream of bears that are playing with each other?

Grizzly bears and black bears often play with each other and this is the result of great abundance, if they are playing and enjoying each other in the dream then it can suggest that you will embark upon a task of significance. Perhaps you've been playing around for too long and it's time to really take notice of what it is you really need to do. Bears are notorious for being aggressive but of course, at times can be playful. Do you need more fun?

What if you could see a cute cuddly teddy bear in your dream?

To see a cute cuddly teddy bear in a dream indicates that friendships are gonna be important to you in the future. This dream can also mean that you are reaching a turning point in life. Things can only get better, friends and acquaintances help you turn your life around. Often one would dream of a teddy bear when we are realizing that the only way is up in life. This dream can also indicate you’re going to have some great friends in the future. Like I said before, it is connected to childhood fun. I feel the dream of a cute bear can mean you may need more fun!

Did you hug the bear in a dream?

Hugging a bear in a dream is associated with intimacy and the emotional connection to others in waking life. It can suggest that you are feeling difficult times are on the horizon of a relationship. The bear itself represents your power and strength from within. Are you having problems with your partner? Hugging the bear shows the need for affection, it is a transformation type of dream of how your feel emotionally inside. Perhaps you are feeling lonely? 

Did you feed the hungry bear in the dream?

The hungry bear is connected with your own inner strengths and you’re probably wondering what this means to you. The bear itself implies that things are moving forward in life and to feed a hungry bear a dream indicates that you will prosper in business. There are a number of different steps that you need to take in order to take advantage of a business proposition in life.

What does a teddy bear mean in a dream?

If you dreamed of a teddy bear, then this provides a window into your deep childhood instincts. The context of the dream shows that you will have to be further understood. However, in general, this dream indicates that sometimes it is easier to go back to the things that use to make you smile when you were a child. The key influence of this dream and the animal is that your childhood enjoyment has been lost, and it is time to go out into the world and have fun.

What does seeing a female bear mean in a dream?

In dreams, a bear featured can indicate not only the characteristics you are portraying but also a female who has such traits. The female bear in some dream dictionaries has been associated with a sister, mother, or even grandmother. The mother bear in dreams is often connected to your protective side in life. 

What does a picture / or symbol of a bear in dreams mean?

To see a picture of a bear in a dream is associated with feeling extremely excited about the project that is soon going to take shape in the waking world. This is a positive dream, the picture could be on a card, wall, or just a photo. Seeing a bear symbol in any shape (apart from the flesh) can indicate that you are protected from someone in your waking life.

    What does a dream about a hibernating or sleeping bear mean?

    To see a sleeping bear or a bear in a cave is associated with merging different perspectives of life. It indicates that you need rest and recuperation in order to understand what is forthcoming. Focus on any questions you have in life. It might be that you are at a turning point and this is why you see yourself having to shut everything out in order to understand the truth and accept responsibility.

    What do groups of bears in a dream mean?

    To see a group of bears in a dream is associated with changing circumstances and also difficult relationships with others. It could point to the fact that you are confused about the next phase of life. Try to engage in change.

    What does a sloth bear mean in a dream mean?

    The sloth bear in dreams is connected to a situation that seems somewhat slow. You have to try to let go of any resentment or anger in life. This sloth appears in dreams when an important decision needs to be made in order to take the next step of self-awareness. It can also indicate that there is a female who is kind and tenderhearted arranges. If you see the sloth bear walking in the dream - then this suggests that you need to slow down your actions.

    What if you see mountains and bears in your dreams?

    To see a bear near a mountain or if the dream is connected to a mountain indicates that you are willing to commit yourself in order to help others achieve their goals. The bear in this sense indicates you need to consider whether you are too emotionally involved in the situation. On the deepest level of interpretation, this dream can also indicate that you may need to recuperate in life.

    What does shooting a bear dead in a dream?

    To hunt and shoot a bear in a dream indicates that you need to review your goals in life. If you are hunting the bear then in the dream state this means that we find it hard to express ourselves. The bear itself can tell us a lot about the influence and impact others have upon your life. A bear shot in the dream is associated with focusing on strength and the ability to overcome any obstacles.

    What do mating bears in dreams?

    To dream that two bears or more mating is a suggestion of inner conflict in life. We all go through different phases and the bear's mating illustrates that sometimes your pride just gets in the way. This symbol can often indicate a future outcome of a relationship will result in happiness and union.

    What does it mean to dream of panda bears?

    We all love panda bears with their black and white coat, generally adored by the world and considered important in China. Seeing a panda bear in your dream can indicate that you are going to encounter a female who will help you, remember female pandas can grow up to 200 pounds. They are heavy, powerful, and nurturing animals. Of course, they are endangered. Black and white in the dream can indicate opposites to each other. Who is offering you advice? Is this opposite of what you are really thinking?

    Conclusion of dreams about bears

    In summary, bear dreams can have a wide range of meanings depending on the details of the dream. In life, we all have ups and downs and most of the time it can sometimes seem exhausting. A bear featured in the dream from older dream books denotes bears are a good luck omen. This is a positive dream. Bears hibernate in the cold months, and this represents departure and removal in some way. During this time they become more in terms of spiritual development in these months they do not eat, and their weight shifts. After the hibernation period, they come out refreshed in the springtime. This spiritually means that you are about to embark on a new transformation and focus.

    Dreaming of an aggressive bear in your dream can mean there are uncontrollable emotions at the moment. A bear figure in the dream could be a frightening omen and is a concept of choice if the bear runs away and does not approach you. Interestingly the bear is a powerful cultural symbol and represents that good luck is coming. Commonly, most people have an adverse dream about bears and there will be some issues going forward but you can overcome obstacles in the future. I hope all my dream meanings have helped you in some way.

    Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a bear

    Scared. Terrified. Worried. Anxious. Upset. In control. Pushy. Cuddly.


    Since 2015 I have reviewed 3,000 dreams about wild bears, bears chasing people and even cuddly teddy bears. My users have sent me many different dreams which we helped me add to this article.  Good news for you… Four percent of these dreamers wrote back to us to tell us what happened since they dreamed of bears, it seems from my research that the bear can imply that you will require a time of “peace and quiet ” in order to create the strength to face life with a different perspective.

    By Flo Saul
    Oct 4, 2012