Walking on water

Walking on water

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To walk on water in your dream indicates that you need to understand your emotions better.

This dream can also be a sign that you hold a fear that you will be "going under" in connection with your emotions. This dream signals that you have encountered an emotional time recently, finding it difficult to understand people and what lies beneath in regards to alternative motives.

Water can be both a friend and also an enemy. When dreams contain the powerful image of water, it will often create a sense of unease for the dreamer. Raging sea's, lakes without borders or swimming pools in high rise buildings often reflect being out of control of daily life. In a dream, it's important to recognize if you are in control. If it was your choice to walk on water then this means that you are in control of your emotions.

Detailed dream meaning

The consistency of the water in your dream can make a difference. Muddy water predicts problems with emotions and clear water is positive. What you may find is that during your waking life emotions need to be released. The particular body of water is the portrayal of one's life. To walk on a lake could function as a prompt that steady but very slow improvement in the direction of your own targets is the best plan of action. The ocean is an ominous symbol. To walk on sea water that is muddy means that sadness and depression will follow.

To see Jesus walking on water indicates a passion for life. You adore life tremendously and you need to take advantages that have been given to you. Have a lust for life! To view many people walking on water is a mark for fun summertime occasions - maybe you are planning a holiday? To walk on river water means that you have permitted your feelings to get in the way of your work. On the other hand, it is a sign that you're not questioning your actions or even placing proper thought into these. You're behaving without forethought. Walking on deepwater indicates a desire to produce happiness in your family life. To become Jesus and walking on water shows that an old psychological injury might be stopping you moving forward from possible delight. To sink after you have walked on water warns popularity of the past, especially regarding items that can't be changed. Water is a common symbol in dreams and in most cases, it is associated with the unconscious and emotions. If the dream involves large water bodies such as lakes, rivers, or oceans, then it is a true representation of the unconscious itself. Dreaming about drowning in water is a dream that is common to people who are under a lot of emotional and physical stress.

Without water, there will be no life and that is why it is normally taken as a symbol of regeneration and life. When you have a dream about walking on water, it represents the problems which you are currently encountering or just about to experience in the near future. The good news is that the problem is not major and normally, you will gain a solution. In my research, this dream means you need to fix the problems in your life. My advice is to help those around you!

What does water in a dream mean?

Water is a symbol of happiness so when you see a deep vortex of water in your dream, it is a promise of prosperity and joy in your life. If the water is clean, in ancient texts this is a promise of riches. Turbulent water in a river, for example, is an indicator that you are encountering a threat from a powerful and strong man. Seeing a boat floating in water is a sign that you are on the right track of life. Water filling your bedroom indicates that you should be ready for the arrival of a distant relative who is going to help you in sorting out some business issues. Waves on the water imply that there are evil intentions, which will come from a guest and which are going to disturb your peace.

What is the biblical meaning of walking on water?

According to the bible and the story of Jesus walking on water, it reminds us that, we need to have faith when going through the storms of life and trust that, in all of it, Jesus is still on the thrown and will definitely see us through. Peter walking on water after he told Jesus to allow him to walk has three life lessons:

  • Number one: That in life we need faith in God and trust that he is going to do whatever he promises to do for us. When we lack faith, it is hard to please God. Jesus walked on water because he had faith in God. Peter was able to walk towards Jesus in water because he had faith but started sinking when his focus moved from Jesus to the waves.
  • Number two: Doubt is what made Peter start sinking in water. Doubt is capable of destroying your faith which is tied to the promises that God has for you. When you start to doubt them, then automatically your faith will fail you.
  • Number three: Jesus is always there when you are going through trials and tribulations in life. So when you are going through the winds and waves in life, remember that Jesus prevented Peter from sinking into the water. Jesus is always there to provide a helping hand through life’s most difficult moments.

What does it mean to dream of gliding on water?

When you dream that you are gliding on water, it could be symbolic of feeling happy, feeling the need to ground yourself in some way. It could also suggest that you have a desire to cross the bounds of normality and transcend physical limitation. This type of dream could suggest plans, ideas, or relationships which you feel have already taken off. Alternatively, gliding on the water could mean that you are staying on the surface of an emotional issue instead of diving into it.

What does it mean to dream of walking on water in general?

A dream where you walk on water carries with it positive times ahead. It is an indicator that, in the near future, you are going to be somewhat successful in regards to whatever you lay your hands on. I believe this dream means you will be profitable and make you a wealthy person – either spiritually or materially. The dream portrays you as a lucky person in terms of money issues and thus, you shouldn’t waste yourself. Make sure that you invest wisely in opportunities and businesses which are profitable. During the same period, love will be in the air and it is up to you to ensure that things between you and your romantic partner go to the next level.

What does it mean to walk on a river in a dream?

Love will be in the air if you happen to have a dream where you are walking on a river. Your romantic relationship is going to improve and also a relationship with friends and family will be at its peak. Whatever problems regarding relationships will be sorted out and life will be great.

What does it mean to dream of walking on water with someone else in a dream?

Dreaming of walking on water with someone else who is not your partner and yet you are single denotes that, you are likely to fall in love in upcoming days. There is a possibility that you have been searching for love and now is time for you to enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere as your soul mate is about to come your way.

What does it mean to see Jesus walking on water?

Jesus walking on water was recorded in Matthew 14: 22 to verse 36, John chapter 6 and verses 16 to 21 and in Mark 6 verses 45 to 56 is a miracle which he displayed after feeding the 5000 people with two fish and five loaves of bread. The miracle of walking on water is what really convinced his disciples that, he was indeed the Messiah, the Son of God. The point that comes out is that fear and faith cannot live in the same body. Because the disciples were terrified of the waves, they didn’t recognize Jesus and thought him to be a ghost.

Jesus was also testing the faith of his disciples and that is why he made sure that the boat was far away from the land, which was their hope before he walked on water. He walked on water to show them that, the very thing they fear like the seething and raging sea, was steps for them to come to him. In real life, this dream can mean that you fear experiences such as illnesses, the death of loved ones, and lack of finances to meet your life goals and there are these experiences which will definitely draw you closer to Jesus.

The other reason Jesus walked on water was to show that he was in command of the elements. After Jesus walked on water, the disciples called him the Son of God, meaning, they recognized the divinity and confessed their faith in him. He commanded the wind and it died down. The questions asked in Matthew 8 and verse 27 was answered in Matthew 14 and verse 32 to 33 where when questioned about walking on water the answer was that Jesus is the Son of God.

What does it mean to walk on restless water?

When you see yourself walking on restless water, it implies that you are going to encounter some problems in your life. Whatever it is that you will go through will involve either your business or personal life, so the dream is just to prepare you for problems in the future. After this dream - you may not wish to delay the start of a new business or be wary to indulge yourself in a new relationship because it is not going to work out. You are better off waiting until things cool down before you think of starting new things in your life. At the moment, you need to think deeply about your life.

What does it mean to see yourself run fast on the water in a dream?

Dreaming of walking or running fast on water could mean that, you have the urge to climb the ladder and make it in life, but you are just confused and don’t know how to do it. Alternatively, the dream could imply that even though so many opportunities come your way, you do not utilize them and now it is too late to think about them. After such a dream, you will need to rethink your life goals and focus on achieving them.

What does it mean to dream of walking on water with your friend?

Walking on water with your friend in the dream is an indicator that, that same friend is going to help you come out of a very tricky situation in your waking life. Your friend already trusts and respects you and it is through the upcoming situation that you will come to learn about the type of friend they are to you. The price to pay your friend is to make sure that you return them the favor when they find themselves in a situation they need your help.

What does it mean to dream of walking on water barefoot?

Be ready for the vulnerability in life. To walk barefooted on water can also mean that you may by accident hurt someone unintentionally in the next few days. The vulnerability will be related to those people who are close to you in waking life. During this time, try and take care of your family and friends and avoid hurting them. What would hurt you will most?

What does it mean to dream of walking on calm water?

Seeing yourself walking on calm water in your dream is an indicator that, your life is full of joy. Things seem to work out according to your plans and you are happy about life in general – good for you! If you are in a relationship this can suggest that things will go well no matter what. The dream is a reflection of the way your life is progressing and the happiness you are deriving from it.

What does it mean to dream of walking on an ocean?

A dream where you walk on the ocean is an indicator that, in the near future, you are going to be blessed with a great money earning the opportunity. Sometimes, I believe that these dreams appear when we wish to change our own destiny. Be on the lookout so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities. Meanwhile, prepare yourself to try your chance on a business opportunity which will definitely come your way. Equipped with the knowledge you possess, improve the opportunity and utilize it to your advantage.

What does it signify to see yourself walking on water with your partner in a dream?

When you have a dream where you are walking on water with your partner, it is a sign that, there beautiful things in store for you both. Things are going to work out for your good and if there is any underlying issues in your life, don’t fret as these will sort themselves out eventually. Alternatively, the dream could be a sign of an upcoming marriage. After beautiful moments together, you have decided that it is time to tie the knot and settle down as husband and wife. The marriage will come with great and wonderful moments which you should take advantage of.

What does it mean to dream of walking on water slowly?

When you dream that you are walking on water slowly is a warning that you are too slow in working on your life goals. You need to pick the right pace and get involved in everything that happens to you. Instead of complaining about situations in life, do something about them and live your life according to your aspirations. Avoid negativity and focus on the positive side of life.

What does it mean to dream of walking on water naked?

Seeing yourself naked and walking on water in your dream means that, there is something which is likely to happen to you and which will be exposed to the public. After such a dream, you will need to be careful with your words and actions as it might be used by others against you.

Expect some people to reveal some of your dark secrets and when it happens, don’t react. Just remember that, whatever it is, it is in the past and you don’t need to get worried about what others say of it. If you are a good person, remain so and ignore what is being talked about your past.

In this dream you may have

  • Walked on water.
  • Seen others walk on water.
  • Seen Jesus walk on water.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You walked on clear water.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of walking on water

Happiness. Worrying. Problems in connection with drowning.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012