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Hello, my name is Flo, a psychic from the UK and my personal journey into dreams started over 20 years ago. Since then I have discovered many wonderful and interesting facts about dreams of kittens from both spiritual and psychological perspectives. I am so excited to share all these with you! And, yes, I love nothing more than cuddling up to these tiny bits of fluff. 

The dream might be strange and include various twists or encounters. A kitten is a symbol means being innocent and pure. There is a spiritual notion that the kitten can also indicate the need for independence in life. Saving poor little kitty in your dream indicates that you will need power and control in a matter close to you. Perhaps the kitten was on a busy street, or just about to be squashed by a car. Such a dream can suggest that you are going to save something close to your heart in waking life. If you have just got a kitten in real life then this dream is sometimes common, especially the dream of losing the kitten. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Dreaming Of Kittens 

Now, let’s understand the dream of kittens in more detail from a spiritual viewpoint. It is a link to your feminine side and this is why this dream is normally associated with females. Cats or kittens symbolize women in your life. There is also a feeling of being self-sufficient, which may also be perceived as a kitten. To observe a kitten running in your dream is connected to independence, womanly instincts, originality, and supremacy. Unfortunately, this dream is also connected to difficult times and bad luck in ancient spiritual books. Did you also know that a kitten featured in your dream can also be connected to the goddesses Bast - the Egyptian cat goddess, representing the two sides of your nature and personality?

Dreaming of kittens can signify that someone may be untrustworthy or disloyal to you. Little kitty may not be all roses and light! To dream of an aggressive kitten signifies issues with the female side of your personality, but it can also mean that you will soon be dealing with a catty person in your life. So, what does it mean to dream of a fluffy kitten? Well, this shows your attitude towards a comfortable life. It is time to take care of yourself. 

If you are scratched or bitten by a kitten, this can imply that you are going to encounter a difficult situation with a female. To find yourself being chased or chasing the kitten spiritually can mean that obstacles are currently in your way. To run after a kitten suggests that you are going to find difficulties with a project in the future.

  • You Dream Of A Kitten = Happiness
  • You buy a kitten = Friendship in life.
  • You pet a kitten = This can suggest impulsive actions and rushing into a decision.
  • Lots of kittens =  Possible journey in life.
  • An aggressive kitten = New possibilities in life.
  • A fluffy kitten = This dream can indicate a friendly person.
  • You are scratched or bitten by a kitten = This is connected to how you feel about yourself.
  • A white kitten = Indicates peace and relaxation.
  • A black kitten = The fear of the unknown.
  • Kittens attack you = Someone will attack you in the future.
  • You run after a kitten = The kitten is focused on how you interact, are you running away from something?
  • You witness kitten fights = Problems in life will surface.
  • A kitten mewing = Indicates happiness.

Interestingly, we also need to look at where the kitten is in the dream. Is the kitten curled up in front of the TV? The way the kitten is portrayed is important, for the kitten to either run away or cannot be found in your dream then this indicates that you need to feel freer in life, perhaps you have been feeling trapped? If we look at the famous theorists of dreams, Carl Jung, he took a more object orientated approach to dream interpretation. This was, I think because his dreams were about houses and architectural symbols as opposed to Sigmund Freud who had more of an interest in dreams about the body. Both these psychologists collected thousands of dreams. Their approach to the study of dreams can be confusing. There is so much academic writing on the topic and both these psychologists have written famous books. Alas, they approached a dream like how a mathematician would approach an equation, missing out the "spiritual" meaning of the dream. 

The interesting thing about these psychologists is that there is a spiritual side of dream meaning, in both Freud and Jung books this meaning was never really discussed or believed. So what does dream psychology say about the dream of a kitten? Psychologists believe a connection between dreams and symbols in waking life. The Freudian theory states that many of our dreams are simply an enormous part of our subconscious mind, that we take in images every day that results in our dreams. So how is this associated with your dream? The dream of kittens from a psychological perspective is a communication which can be due to seeing a cat or kitten in the waking world. Kitten dreams are normally linked to how we feel about our lives and the control that we have. If you see a kitten tangled in wool or kitty can't get down a tree then maybe you are subconsciously unable to get something off the ground. 

To dream of a miniature kitten indicates that is time to stop and listen to your own voice. To witness kitten fights portends that you will have enemies who will go to any extreme to dampen your reputation and to cause you loss of material possessions. To listen to a kitten mewing means that you have false friends around you. To hear the kitten screaming in your dream suggests that somebody in the waking world has said something hurtful about you. Sometimes people say things in life which they simply regret or do not mean. It is up to you to forgive the person.

In general, to dream of a kitten indicates that you are likely to be misled by others. It is very important that you want to avoid being influenced by other people at this time. If you dream of a black and white kitten it suggests that you may have some source of sadness or regret in the near future. If you are involved in business, this dream indicates that you need to put all efforts into making your particular business a success.

Now, some dream books have gone as far as saying that dreaming of a kitten can suggest you are immature and childlike. These are characteristics that you have, it indicates that you are feeling somewhat vulnerable right now. To see a long-haired kitten denotes a blissful time in life. Domesticated kittens seen in your dream indicates that you are going to embark on a new project at work. If the kitten is wild then this indicates that you are unable to show feelings easily may find partnership difficult. To see a pedigree kitten in your dream indicates that you need to stick to tasks at work.

Every single detail of the dream needs to be reviewed. Generally, the dream of kittens can mean that you are feeling childlike in your approach to problems. If the kitten was meowing in the dream then this suggests that you could be somewhat under attack from people in waking life. It is not uncommon for pregnant women to dream of kittens. They are cuddly and attractive in the dream state. The kitten can also symbolize great judgment and ultimately you will be facing a new phase of life.

Is the dream good or bad?

Ok, my cat melting heart believes this dream is positive unless of course, the dream was actually a NIGHTMARE. Yes, they can be portrayed as monsters, clawing, hissing fits and let’s not forget they might tip over something like your hot cuppa. I’m sure that your dream is for a reason so let’s explore it further. In order to give you a step-by-step breakdown of this dream interpretation we have segmented the kitten dream into further specific areas:

What does it mean to dream of a litter of kittens?

How cute is my first thought! Now, To see a litter of kittens in a dream indicates that you would like to have more fun in life. Perhaps you have been working too hard and you feel that is now time to rest and enjoy and recuperate? As we have already concluded the kitten can also signify independence. The kitten itself can also be associated with our own children in life, if you don’t have children then your parental and childcare traits.

What does it mean dreaming of saving kittens?

Are you the saver of the day! To see kittens in danger or if your dream contained somebody trying to drown kittens then this illustrates that you may feel you going to lose something important in life, as kitten dreams connected to independence it may result in you losing something important in life such as your job or material possessions. The good news is that to save a kitten successfully in your dream indicates that you will be able to retrieve your own financial independence.

What does dreaming of kittens and cats mean?

To dream of kittens and cats in a dream signifies your own caring nature.  Seeing both cats and kittens can imply happiness through your own independence. The cat itself is a good luck sign. To see the cat as a mother of the kittens and the dream indicates that you are trying to find your own weak spots in life. It is important for you to nurture what you already have achieved.

What does it mean to dream about kittens dying?

Ok, this dream can be rather worrying, especially if you were sad about the kittens dying in your dream. Well, to see kittens dying in a dream can be symbolic in nature. It suggests, in many ancient dream dictionaries that an exciting and unusual social event is likely to happen in the future. If you sense fear in the dream then this illustrates that you need to handle matters better in life. By the same token, if you see many dead kittens in a dream it indicates that you do fear the future. To see kittens drowned in a dream indicates that you need growth in order to progress in life.

What do fluffy kittens in a dream mean?

We all love kittens! Cuddly and fluffy kittens are generally associated with hard work but also play.

What about if the kitty was aggressive in a dream?

Kittens can sometimes hiss and hide when you approach them,  it is not unusual to find this in waking life. If the kitten was aggressive with you in a dream then this indicates that there is going to be a time where you will become much stronger. The aggressive kitten featured in a dream indicate aspects of yourself. Perhaps you need to be more aggressive at work in order to get what you want. Now, you prefer to work at an objective for a long time in order for it to succeed which I believe is a positive trait. The aggressive kitten featured in the dream indicates that sometimes your temperament needs to change in order to get what you want!

What does dreaming of kittens and puppies mean?

Dreaming of both kittens and puppies illustrates you're immature characteristics. On a subconscious level it can determine your own personality, as a symbolism, this dream indicates that it is a time where you should be acting immature. Maybe you need to think about what you want in life and be somewhat selfish? It can foretell in the distant past that you have been thinking about other people rather than yourself.

What is the dream meaning of an injured kitten?

Poor kitty! In my research, to see an injured kitten in a dream is connected to our own personality. It suggests that sometimes in life you do need to show motivation. Healthy well-adjusted kittens are a healthy omen in dreams. As we all know kittens just love to play with one another but if they are injured or have a behavioral problem during the dream then this can suggest that life has become somewhat serious. 

What does the color of the kitten mean in a dream?

Well, here is a quick summary before I go into this color deeper. Ok, a white kitten signifies that you are currently experiencing difficult times. To see a black kitten means that you have some hesitation in determining what you actually want out of life. To see a brown tabby kitten in your dream signifies that you are going to receive some important news in the near future. Dreaming of a multi-colored kitten symbolizes many people working together to achieve a goal. Now, let's run through the colors in more detail! 

A white kitten in a dream:

In many ancient dictionaries dreaming of white kittens indicates bad luck. The white kitten denotes that it is important for you to become dominant in a situation in order to win. The white kitten from a spiritual perspective also indicates peace and tranquillity. On the plus side, this dream might foretell bad luck but you have the power to change anything in life.

Dreaming of black kittens

Superstitions denote that a black cat is associated with great luck. It is true to say that dreaming of black kittens carries the same interpretation. If we look at the kitten itself,  they learn at different modes of appropriate behavior by interacting with their siblings and also their mother. They are taught how to scratch and also bite when they are with others. From a symbolic perspective, dreaming of black kittens means that you may learn something from a group venture. 

Multi-coloured kittens in dreams

To dream of a multi-colored kitten illustrates that you are going to have many opportunities in the future. Each color illustrates that opportunity. Emotional freedom is required and you may not feel that you want to be tied to any situation. This is a positive dream and can also signify teamwork and the ability to ensure that you get what you want life.

Dreaming of ginger kittens

To see ginger kittens in a dream indicates the best choice will be presented to you. Seeing ginger kittens playing with one another indicates that in a situation that has been worrying you will work out for the best.

Seeing tabby cat kittens in a dream

We all love tabby cat kittens! This is not actually a breed but the color of the cat. The tabby cat can often represent swirls or dots and be brown in color. But what does this mean for your dream? The tabby kitten represents change and the fact that you need to approach a task very gently. It is most likely that you are going to be sensitive, especially connected to work. 

Dirty looking kittens:

If in your dream the kitten has fleas, parasites or evidence of not being kept then this indicates that there will be issues and problems in the foreseeable future.

Dreaming of being scratched or bitten by kittens 

A kitten scratching you in the dream then this suggests that somebody in your waking life is going to cause you complex problems. This is generally associated with work.  If a kitten bites you in a dream then need to try to take good care of yourself in the future.

What does being attacked by a kitten in your dream mean? 

To dream that you are being attacked by a kitten suggests that you may have difficulties in your relationship going forward. It can suggest that you are not satisfied with someone in life - or with your family at the current moment in time. If the kitten hurts you in any way then this suggests that somebody close to you is going to in waking life. To dream of attacks by a kitten indicates that is time to move on in a relationship. This relationship has become volatile, and you may end up arguing. If you are unable to move on in this relationship, it is time to sit down and try and sort out your differences. If kitty is shy in the dream then it this indicates you are likely to be sensitive in life. As we all know each kitten has their own personality and their own traits which make them unique. The kitten surprisingly has a mental age of a two-year-old when they are just eight weeks old. We have already concluded a dream of kittens is associated with our the actual “independence”

What does it mean to dream of a kitten fighting?

To see in the dream kittens fighting illustrates that you need to be very grateful for what you have in life. The fight itself is symbolic in that you have inner conflicts. You have a liking for freedom and also travel. The challenge is to try and balance everything in life so that you can achieve your own goals. If the kittens are fighting with one another and you are unable to stop the fight and this can foretell a very difficult situation. You may feel that your life is not moving in the direction that you want.

What does it mean to dream of a kitten meowing?

If the kitten is meowing in your dream then this indicates you need to stick with traditional and conventional relationships. It is a good omen in connection to work and it can also signify that you are ambitious and you do like to focus on power.  The kitten meowing at a door in your dream indicates an opportunity will present itself. If the kittens are meowing for food then this suggests that work is going to go well in the future. 

What if the kittens are screaming in a dream?

To listen to a kitten screaming your dream can be quite distressing! Symbolically it indicates that you need to be more sympathetic and understanding to others. If the kittens are screaming for food then indicates that your hopes will front is somewhat unrealistic. Right, we are nearly at the end. I have given you a quick spiritual overview of the kitten below from some old books I had knocking about my library. Don’t forget to check out my tarot section. In your dream you may have:

Positive changes are afoot if 

You were not attacked or scared by the kitten. Your dream was positive.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of kitten

Mellow. Soft. Relaxed. Loving. Kind. Surprised. Content. Amazed. Curious. Enjoying.

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By Flo Saul
Oct 12, 2012