Ash Tree

Ash Tree

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So you had a dream about an ash tree? What a wonderful dream, let's decode it!

As you know if you visited this site before I have experienced many dreams which eventually come true. This led me into reviewing and analyzing dreams for over 20 years. My name is Flo and I'm going to help you understand your dream of the ash tree. It will be great to start with the definition! An ash tree is a very large tree which is found in the subtropical and is evergreen. Now, if you happen to see an ash tree in your dream spiritually it denotes stability, protection, solidarity, and union between you and those that surround you. It could also mean that there is someone who is willing and ready to give you stability and protection in life. If the ash tree is high in the deep forest, it is a sign that, you need to be flexible and communicate with your family. I absolutely love the ashtray I think it creates spiritual connection and is a great omen when appearing in dreams.

Now, if the ash tree is small in size and located in a garden in your dream you need to seek advice moderation and wisdom with colleagues at work after receiving news of a particular work project. A dream where you see an ash tree could also be a manifestation of personal matters that are complex in nature which will be tackled and solved by people around you. Dreaming of trees has always been symbolic of life and how one grows in different phases of true self and facing reality.

Detailed dream interpretation:

A dream where you saw an ash tree can denote that ;you are offered protection and stability by someone who is in command or authority. If you are married it could suggest that your partner is willing and ready to do anything to make sure that, you are protected from harm's way. You need to make sure that you bond more with your family. Have you sent a family an email recently? The way that we relate to our family can come across in dreams. Does a solid relationship exist between you and them? If not then you may need to take time for them - this could be why this dream has materialized.

If in your dream, you chop down a wonderful ash tree according to old dream dictionaries ;you are being forewarned of possible quarrels around you and that you need to avoid them at all costs! And, if you entertain them, these arguments might just affect your relationship with close family or friends. Victorian dream books state that dreaming of an ash tree could also imply that you are spending your money in a reckless way, using it on fruitless ventures which at the end of the day, you will regret. Yes, quite an old fashioned meaning but take note!

If you dream of other people cutting down an ash tree this can mean you are trying to keep your cool and maintaining a positive outlook in life. In this dream if the ash tree is on it's own it can also suggest possible relocation. Your advice to others can impact negatively on you and make it impossible for you to accomplish what you are planning. My message to you is to try to accomplish great things in life. This will impact positively on you in the best way! Now lastly, try to spend time with positive people and you will be surprised at how things will turn out for you. For deeper messages spiritually you must check my tarot section by scrolling down, grab a free tarot reading. Right, thank you for visiting and wishing you peace. Flo x

Feelings associated with the dream:

Excited. Impacted. Reckless. Entertained. Shocked. Happy. Determined. Strong. Great.

In this dream I covered the following:

You saw an ash tree. You chopped down an ash tree. Other people were cutting an ash tree.

By Florance Saul
Jul 2, 2017