backbiting dream meaning

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Backbiting refers to talking maliciously about someone in their absentee.

It symbolizes sabotage. So if a dream is about backbiting, it suggests that someone is about to cause harm to another without their knowledge. It is best to take precaution, especially when around strange people whom you are not familiar with.

In the dream

  • You are the one being backbitten.
  • A familiar person is being backbitten.
  • A strange person is being backbitten.
  • People are backbiting at work.
  • You see people backbiting and talking about you.
  • Other people are backbiting.
  • Colleagues talking about you in the dream. (behind your back)
  • Family backbiting.
  • Friends backbiting and gossiping in the dream.

Detailed dream interpretation

A dream where you see someone backbiting implies that you need to be alert because people are planning to sabotage you and it might cause you a lot of harm.

This might make you lose what you have been working for a long time to build. It might be a relationship which you have struggled to build is about to enter problems or someone is out to break it. Look out for the tale tell signs and stop them before they ruin you. It might be a business which you have struggled to expand and now you have an empire; someone is at it, trying to bring it down. Avoid any scandalous people whom you think could be the cause of your impending misfortune.

If possible, make sure that you only associate with people whom you understand and who are developmentally conscious. People who like talking about others should be avoided at all cost. At the place of work, make sure that you associate with the right people to enable you to gather the right energy to do the right thing at the right time.

Dreaming about people backbiting someone you know in the dream suggests that a familiar person is about to lose something due to associating with the wrong people in their lives. You are their savior as you are the only one who can advise them on the right thing to do in order to move forward amidst the negative forces of bad people surrounding them. After you have advised them to move forward.

To see a group of people in the dream backbiting others suggests that you need to shun evil people and try to associate with those people who add a substance to your life. Choose your friends and colleagues wisely to enable yourself to progress well in life. If you follow other people’s advice things will turn around for the better - in the shortest possible time.

Seeing people backbiting a stranger in your dream implies that you and familiar people in your life are out of danger of negative energies affecting you because you are surrounded by people whom you understand and who makes it possible for you to progress.

You are in each other’s progress and that has made it possible to help one another on the journey to prosperity. Continue with the same spirit so that, you will be able to be more prosperous in your life as compared to others. Learn from each other’s mistakes and correct one another as you continue climbing your ladder of success. To see friends or relatives gossiping in the dream state is your own worries about impressing other people.

Feelings associated with your dream

Successful, progressive, energetic, harmful, prosperous and worried about what others think.

By Florance Saul
Jun 11, 2017