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A dream of your partner is positive omen if the partner in the dream showed signs of love and respect.

If however the partnership was negative in nature, this suggests a level of uncertainty regarding one’s personal life, especially if the dreamer is a man.

All dreams regarding partners tend to be symbolic reflection of the relationship.

Dreamer is a man

If you are male and have a dream your partner is unfaithful this is symbolic sign of worry over the future of the relationship. Effort must be made to encourage communication. Be as clear as humanly possible so that all of the information and communication with your partner (in waking life) is clear and to the point.

For a man to dream of their boss is a partner indicates a promotion.

Dreamer is a woman

For a woman to dream of her partner probably represents the feeling towards others. The male partner in the dream is a key to identifying inner emotional insecurities. Any love interest in the dream indicates that a relationship needs to be explored and the partnership within the dream represented beliefs and how the female will shape her experiences in waking life.

If the dreamer is a woman and the partnership in the dream is of someone that is NOT their partner in waking life then this indicates delay in money matters. The dream may also include personal clues such as the building or the actual person in your dream is either familiar or unknown. All in all, any dream about a partner in a romantic sense means that you’re not communicating or expressing yourself correctly in a relationship.

The dreamer way feel worried about what is going to happen in the future. To dream of a happy, contented partnership then positive times are forecast.

Please note: We have assumed here that the partner in your dream is of the opposite sex. If however you dream of a partner of the same sex the meaning is the same.

In this dream you may have

  • Had a dream about a male to whom you shared a partnership = symbolizing foreboding and lack of forward motion.
  • Had a dream about a female to whom you shared a partnership = symbolizing new information coming and perhaps new opportunities.
  • Found yourself ending a partnership in the dream in which both parties agreed.
  • Not breaking up: willingness to work together and the willingness to vacate if problems are unsolvable.
  • Found yourself ending a partnership in the dream in which both parties argued mercilessly showing inability to work together to find solutions to problems.
  • Had a partner as a work colleague - such as a policewomen or policeman

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Your partnership was a long term one, in which you and your partner grow old together.
  • The partner presented a work or relationship opportunity.
  • You accepted a change in partnership status as a way of clearing excess baggage.
  • You found yourself focusing on future partnerships after vacating the previous one.

Detailed dream meaning

Another common dream of this nature is that you believe you know the partner in the dream extremely well. However, when you wake up and you are unaware of the character in the dream this is negative. It is quite a common occurrence and is reflected in your inner spiritual beliefs. The energy is represented by the character in the dream is important. This can mean opportunity.

We have touched on the male and female aspects of this dream but this depends on how you feel about the dream when you wake up. But in general, the sexual differences are because of the way that males respond to problems on a stereotypical level and the way that women responds.

If you were dreaming to finish a partnership which is no longer giving you satisfaction in the dream, this shows that if the situation is going to handle itself as time progresses, you won’t have to fight hard to end the relationship if you are aware of this relationship in waking life. To be unaware suggests there are some emotional wounds that you feel in the past.

If the partnership was a positive influence on you in your dream, this is symbolic that there is going to be some up and coming news which is going to affect the way that you see the relationship. This can be positive if you felt good about it, however if you did not, and you got a sense of foreboding, then there will be much for you to consider that you are not aware of at this time in the very near future.

To see yourself as a police woman or police man suggests that you have a partner to work with or a new boss and possible resistance at work.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...

  • Up and coming break ups.
  • Recent break up.
  • Different kind of relationship status.
  • Uncertainty partnerships.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of Partnerships

Commitment. Uncertainty. Vulnerability. Happiness. Acceptance. Wellness. Excited. Contentedness. Clarity. Clearing up old baggage to make room for new. Relief.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012