Dream About Arranging Shoes

Sorting Shoes In Dreams

Dream About Arranging Shoes

Arranging shoes in dreams is about how you take on the world. The fact that maybe you saw yourself arranging shoes in your closet, or even arranging shoes in lines is all about your journey in life. The other area that I want to mention for this dream is if you are male or female the shoes will differ, arranging male shoes denote being formal and female shoes informal. We love to arrange in life. Think about it, our shoes get us from A to B and to arrange shoes in a dream can be a positive omen that you are arranging something important in life. If you see yourself in a shoe shop (maybe arranging the shoes on the shelves) indicates there is great things ahead according to older dream books.

What does it mean to dream of arranging shoes?

I assumed from above you arranged your own shoes in the dream, but the meaning will change depending on who’s shoes were being arranged. New shoes being arranged is a great omen, old shoes and this is about our own goals in life. In essence, sorting out your own shoes in dreams is about splitting different paths on a spiritual front. I can remember once I got my cleaner to arrange my shoes. I never could get to grips with trying to organize things, this could be the reason you have had the dream - that you need to arrange things!

Arranging anything in a line is positive in a dream, it means that you are lining up your options. I also feel that this dream is about arranging something important in life. If you don't see a person wearing the shoes or you yourself is not wearing any but instead arranging them, it means that you are not able to see the true meaning of a situation. To dream of a closet full of shoes can indicate that there will be channelling times ahead. To have a nightmare about arranging shoes into pairs can mean that you may be feeling off-balance. Remember each shoe is in pairs to balance each other. This dream could be a way to get your attention to something more important in your life.

What is the general meaning of arranging shoes in a dream?

Shoes are not part of your daily clothes in some societies and it is important to look at this key symbol from a dream perspective. Yes, it is true to say, that shoes generally serve a practical purpose. The bible is full of scripture about shoes and I am here to let you know that shoes have a profound spiritual and cultural significance in other cultures.

In Greek culture, for instance, it is considered highly disrespectful to go into a home with shoes on, the same being in Muslim (mosques) and also throughout Arab culture. So what can we take from this from a dream perspective? This means that you are not respecting another while wearing shoes - this is also true for the bible.

Shoes as dream symbols are an important fashion symbol - we only need to look in modern magazines in order to see how much shoes are valued. Shoes themselves represent a person’s status in life - also a sense of fashion. In our google age, I am sure you are aware that shoes are relatively cheap. Many are made in China compared to the more victorian focus on hand-made shoes. If you have read the story about shoes “the elves and the shoemaker” you will see how much work it used to take to make a pair of shoes. Anyway, here in this dream meaning I am concerned about arranging shoes. On a more negative front, shoes can also be a symbol of negativity. I do feel that arranging shoes is about your own goals in life. 

What does it mean to tidy up a pile of shoes in a dream?

This symbol of a pile of shoes is about the mess we sometimes find ourselves in life, as one would expect from a dream - you are cleaning up a matter. The dream depicts married life. Mother and father place the child between them. Seeing a large pile of shoes in a dream can indicate that you will be focused on goals and paths in life. 

What does it mean to dream of arranging pairs of shoes?

Shoes come in pairs and sometimes these get mixed up, I am sure you have found that you cannot find one shoe and you don’t know where you have put it. To not be able to find one shoe in a dream indicates it is time for a change. This is a fantastic dream to have. Arranging shoes in pairs is also about goals in life. Your goals must be clear, concise, and written down with deadlines.

To see yourself arranging a child's shoes or maybe putting these together, collecting shoes from around your house is about your inner child. As a child, your intentions, your decisions, and your actions determine your success and happiness.

There are a lot of options in life. A typical American store offers over 20,000 products, which is a far cry from the selection available to us in the past few decades and to those living in other parts of the world. Think about this - each product needs to be placed on the shelf - normally lined up.

Imagine going into a superstore without knowing what you want or how much you can afford. How confused would you be? This would be a total mess. The shoes represent being like a scattergun, firing shots in every direction without knowing what you might hit. When you know which shoes in the dream will bring you the most joy, satisfaction, and pleasure, making decisions becomes much easier. This is the meaning of your dream - to make an end to self-doubt, unwillingness, and stressing about your future. 

Conclusion - Arranging Shoes Dream Meaning

Every shoe in our dream indicates where we are supposed to be on our life journey. I also feel that arranging shoes in a dream is about sorting out your priorities. It is important to take a stab at most things in life. Shoes are wonderful dream symbols. 

The inability to arrange your shoes or boots indicates that you are having a difficult time. In this dream, you may be feeling out of control in certain areas of your life. You should review things before it's too late. Poorly fitted, dirty, or smelly shoes may indicate weakness or a slow loss of energy. Most likely, you haven't taken the time that you need to sort out what is important to you. Arranging shoes in a dream encourages you to slow down, reassess and improve your life. It might be necessary to take some time to reflect on your priorities and refocus and recharge. This will enable you to make better, more informed decisions and help you strengthen the areas that are most important in your life.

By Flo Saul
Jul 4, 2022