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Giving Birth dream meanings

Giving Birth.

To dream that you are witnessing the birth of a child tells that you will succeed financially. If a young woman dreams of giving birth she will feel happy.

What a wonderful dream to have! Often, upon awakening, we are left puzzled or wanting a real baby! Dreams of “giving birth” is about the transformation of your life. I have had many dreams of giving birth over the years and I am so glad you are here! The treasure of this dream spiritually denotes great luck. Firstly, if you are childless in waking life it is a symbolic dream of change. It is focused on seeing the interconnectedness of life itself. The actual details of the dream are equally important it can signify the support network around you. In dreams, this includes the relationship you have with others, your inspiration in life, the guidance given in life and also the connection that you have with your family.


Dreaming of giving birth indicates you will achieve a goal, so well done! It is normally connected to the energy of life force that it exists within us. This dream is very spiritual in nature it basically foretells the path which we wish to follow,  it is connected to awakening within our own body.  In order to understand the dream of giving birth further, I have created a step by step guide to possible appearances in your dream along with the meaning. Surprisingly, dreaming of giving birth can be common. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Flo, I am a psychic from England. After many months of research into the dream of giving birth - especially through psychic and psychological sources, my detailed interpretation is below so enjoyed and don't forget to check my other meanings of a baby in a dream by clicking here.

​​​​​​Here are some older meanings from ancient dream dictionaries on giving birth: A lonely girl dreaming of giving birth means she will hear rumors against her. If a man dreams he sees somebody giving birth, he will go through a difficult period both professionally and socially. If your dream is not connected to a waking pregnancy, this indicates that there are going to be some changes in your life. The birth means new occasions and new beginnings; big changes are afoot. This is spiritually a very powerful dream and it shows that you are going to transfer from one event in life to another. To dream of pregnancy means great events are on their way and new beginnings are coming.

Detailed dream interpretation: Giving birth is one of the most transformative elements of our life, for this to appear in a dream is extremely lucky. It indicates that you are embarking on a new life adventure. If you already have a child in waking life then you understand giving birth will change your life forever. A new mother normally has this dream as it is almost a prediction of the future. If you are pregnant and have a dream of given birth then this is connected to carrying your child over the nine-month period. In any pregnancy, your strength will be challenged and tested, especially in the finale from giving birth. It is not uncommon to dream that the birth itself is not going to go to plan. If you do dream that there is a problem with the birth of your child then this can also be connected to your own in our anxieties.  Giving birth is a life-changing experience,  followed by a joyful, excitement and a level of connection with another human being.

To provide you with the best step-by-step guidance what giving birth means in a dream we have broken down various dream scenarios connected to giving birth - so read on to find out what your dream means.

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What is the general meaning of giving birth in a dream? Giving birth could symbolize luck or good news coming from abroad. It means that you have a firm and decided personality; you enjoy good health and financial wellness. It is, however, a bad omen if the dreamer is a single woman. Finding out that somebody has given birth foretells salvation from a difficult situation. If in your dream you remember the day you gave birth it means you love. Hearing of a childbirth predicts success after waiting a long time.

Assisting with a birth represents honor and abundance. Celebrating a birth foretells a period of tranquility. A good birth symbolizes happiness and luck. Seeing a birth certificate means new life with greater creative powers. A difficult birth is a sign of major problems that must be overcome, but the results will be in your favor because of your practical and rational character. It can also foretell big discomfort. An unexpected birth means misfortune. A tiring birth is a sign of complications in life. Complications in the birth can denote difficult times in life.

Giving birth to a boy means lots of fatigue and for a girl foretells that you are going to be free from all troubles. However, giving birth to a child in your dream can mean misfortune. Having twins symbolizes wealth and giving birth to a child without being married first means sadness and then joy. If the woman is married and gives birth the dream is a good sign. An easy birth means joy and luck and that you have a high resistance to pain and suffering in general. Seeing someone giving birth in your dream refers to honesty, abundance and salvation from misfortune. Giving birth in a dream is the domain of everything that comes out of the human mind and hands, palpable results of your own ideas. The dream describes the possibility of how an event could unfold and you feel anxious for not knowing what to expect. If in your dream you are giving birth this symbolizes the necessity to display a new attitude in regard to your own efforts to take responsibility. If somebody else is giving birth this foretells new beginnings or new perspectives. An easy birth is a sign of creativity, constructive spirit and projects to be put into practice with rewards. A difficult birth means results, but only through lots of effort.

What does it mean to give birth but you were not aware of being pregnant in the dream? If in your dream you give birth but you did not know that you were pregnant then this suggests that you will find it hard to understand somebody in life. You are too much in a hurry in order to make allowances for other people. There is a strong sense of independence and you also feel mutual attraction to another person in life. Not knowing that you are pregnant can also signify that you need to work on your own goals and money matters or to make a conscious effort to change your attitude in life in ancient dream dictionaries. To not know your pregnant but to give birth to a child indicates a new job offer alternatively a deep connection in yourself.


What does it mean to see yourself in the hospital giving birth? If you give birth in a hospital during the dream state this is a positive dream, it is connected to the support network around you. This is also connected to your inner care. Maybe you have not been giving yourself time in life in order to understand what it is you need. It can denote that you are usually happy and content with life itself,  the factual given birth in a hospital indicates that you need people around you in order to support you. You hate any routine job such as tidying up and cleaning in the present moment.

What does it mean to see a newborn baby in your dream? A newborn baby featured in a dream is a wonderful omen. It denotes that harmony, contentment, joyful bliss in happiness is coming your way you may have given birth in the dream and then seen a newborn baby alternatively held the baby. The gender of the baby in this context is irrelevant, it does however suggest that a new start is coming your way. This will require discipline at the same time will help you build your confidence.

What does it mean to see a large baby in the dream? To see a large baby, or to give birth to an adult in your dream can be rather strange. You may wake up wondering what has happened! Large babies or to give birth to children who were fully grown suggests that you need a new start in life in order to make you feel more excited. This could simply be a change of residence or a new job.  If the baby is deformed in any way then this predicts emotional dramas are on the cards. It can indicate that there is going to be somebody that you will dislike but in time enjoy their company.

What does prolonged labor in dreams mean? If you encountered prolonged labor in the dream or you could see yourself sweating while giving birth to a child,  this dream denotes that you’re going to have a profitable new business opportunity on the horizon. Think carefully before you make any decisions. What does an abnormal birth or baby signify in a dream? If the birth was abnormal in any way or did not go to plan then you should not listen to any gossip. It can foretell emotional problems especially difficulties in connecting with others. To dream of a deformed baby or a baby that has learning difficulties is a symbolic dream connected to your own hidden fears in life. Perhaps you feel that you have not been given the opportunities others have. To dream of having a baby with difficulties can intensify your own emotions. We all wish our babies and children to be healthy, but if they are not then we need to support and love them as they are the same.  To have such a dream indicates that you are feeling emotionally connected to others and this is a rather positive dream as it denotes love and joy no matter what happens in any situation.

What does it mean if your partner is not there during childbirth in a dream? If your partner could not attend the birth, or missed the birth during the dream state this indicates a missed opportunity on the horizon. You are usually happy and content with life but this dream can also suggest that you need more faith in your own ideas. The fact that your partner is featured indicates that there may be a lack of confidence in the relationship.


What does it mean by giving birth to an animal in a dream? Oh no! what a dream! To give birth to animals or to see an animal give birth in a dream is associated with the friends that you keep around you. Think carefully before you make any key decisions in life. If the animal gives birth to human then this is a warning to watch out for other people that are deceitful. What does it mean to see yourself be given an ultrasound? The ultrasound is a fantastic way to monitor the baby during pregnancy, so what if this crops up in your dream state? If you are currently pregnant and you dream of an ultrasound then this is a symbolic dream both anxiety. If you dream that you are told that your baby is dead during an ultrasound this could be a traumatic dream. From a symbolic sense, it means that you shouldn’t listen to other people’s gossip.

What does preeclampsia mean in dreams? To dream of experiencing pre-eclampsia or for your feet to expand during a dream then this indicates you are highly inventive. You will be performing great deeds and ambitious tasks in the future. What does blood mean in the dream of giving birth? To see blood or miscarriage during dream indicates your life force. It can suggest that you need to focus on quitting before anything gets out of hand. This could be distinctively related to a project or work. To see blood during the birth of a child in your dream foretells that you need to think very carefully about how making any national changes. It can also suggest that there will be much pressure on you in the future.

What does giving birth to a dead baby mean? This dream can be quite traumatic. Given birth to a dead baby or to see a stillborn baby in your dream state indicates that something is going to end soon this could possibly be a relationship or a job.  To see a dead baby can be somewhat traumatic, it can also symbolize that you are going to commence working on a project or something in life. A baby represents new possibilities and freedom and also rebirth. A dead baby indicates that you are trying hard in life in order to survive, the dream itself can be traumatic many people that have such a dream wake up crying. There is much emotion surrounding dream of a dead baby.

What does it mean to give birth but see this from the outside looking down at you in a dream? To see yourself giving birth as the third person is known as a prophetic dream, it illustrates that there are situations around you that are moving you in different directions. We should guard against any sudden change in impulsive attachments that have no real basis of affection. What does experiencing pain during the birth mean in a dream? To experience pain during given birth is rather common, we all know that gas and air or an epidural sometimes used in order to alleviate this pain! So what does this mean from a spiritual perspective? This dream is a suggestion that it is a representation of your own desire for something in life. If the pain was immense then this can suggest that you will have some future discoveries especially about yourself.

What does giving birth to multiple babies mean in a dream? To dream that you are giving birth to twins, conjoined twins or triplets indicates that you will be engaged in a relationship. Babies after all considered to be new beginnings in life.  To dream of giving birth to many babies is positive. You will find someone to help you resolve issues at work.


What does seeing a midwife in a dream mean? The midwife represented in a dream is connected to a powerful person in waking life who will push you to success and freedom. If the midwife in the dream was helping you deliver the baby then this indicates that the person will for you provide great advice and you should listen to it.  To see yourself surrounded by midwives in a dream illustrates that you will be guided by other people going forward. This could be family, friends, work colleagues or somebody who has an interest to helping develop further in life. To be the midwife yourself in a dream and to deliver a baby foretells great news is going to come your way. This could be a promotion at work alternatively a new baby. It can denote that you are feeling broody if you do not yet have children. To see the midwife in the dream that treats you poorly argues with you or is unable to deliver the baby in the dream state this can indicate somebody is going to hinder you in the future.

What does having a vaginal birth in the dream mean? To see yourself give birth naturally in a dream is a sign go good luck, it is connected to a high mountain of hidden desires and beliefs in a dream. It suggests you are a powerful person and can get what you want. What does feeding a newborn baby after giving birth mean in a dream? If in the dream you have given birth and are feeding the baby a bottle then this can denote that a situation will end well. Your sex life will go well and it indicates success money wise. To breastfeed a newborn baby in a dream suggests a new start. If you forget to feed a newborn baby in the dream this indicates a new job.

What does labor induction in a dream mean? To be induced in a dream means that you may encounter embarrassment in the future.  If you are overdue in a dream then this can suggest that there is a situation you can’t simply win. What does encountering a cesarean during a dream mean? To see a cesarean section being conducted in the dream, or to give birth via cesarean section indicates that you will have an imaginative and romantic time in the future. The good news is that we have a specific dream interpretation for a cesarean section.  Dreaming of having a C-section indicates that you are being somewhat stubborn. It symbolizes guilt and also unresolved complications. Please click here to open our dream meaning on the c-section to understand more.

What does a dream of a premature baby denote? If in your dream you deliver a premature baby this is connected to the fact you are finding it hard to understand somebody close to you. This is generally in a work context, you will excel at work but you won’t be interested primarily in material gain. You are particularly interested in education. In the future, care should be taken in the actual profession that you choose. What does a birth that was difficult in a dream mean? If the birth was difficult during the dream then you have a natural desire to help others. It can be an indication that good fortune will be yours - but you must be patient and persistent. You are idealistic at heart and your love for moral and intelligent freedom will often keep you focused in life.  If you dream that your baby is in distress during the birth then this can indicate that you need to have more patience in life. If you encounter fetal distress or that you are unable to deliver the baby then this indicates that you need more enthusiasm in life.

Dreams of a cervix during a dream of giving birth - what does it mean? To have your cervix examined or that there is a problem with your cervix dilating during the dream then this is connected to your positional life. You generally have a position of authority and dominance over others but try not to be critical in life. What if the baby is in the breech position in your dream? If the baby is in a difficult position in your dream, such as a strange position, sideways, bottom or feet first then this can suggest that you are feeling pressure at work. Consequently, if the baby is in an unusual position it foretells that we are unable to give birth. In a subconscious dream, it indicates that you are feeling you are unable to achieve a new start and perhaps you need to communicate with others,  your concerns.  if the baby eventually turns around in your dream and you are successfully able to give birth then this dream implies that you are strong willed you are able to assert yourself as and when needed.


What does a dream of a vacuum extractor during the birth mean? To dream of a soft suction cup placed on the baby’s head, indicates that you need to manage your friends better.  The vacuum extractor is a symbolic omen of moving relationships into other phases of life. What does cutting the umbilical cord in a dream mean? Cutting the cord is very spiritual. It is associated with cutting ties and an element of regeneration if seen in your dream.  There are many meditations whereby you can spiritually cut people off who have given you pain in life and this dream is symbolic of that. Are you trying to get rid of people in your life who do you wrong?

What does the umbilical cord wrapped around the baby neck mean in a dream? This is a common symptom to find - this is due to the fact that just over 25% of births have this complication. To see your baby have the umbilical cord wrapped around his or her own neck illustrates your need to share knowledge with people dog the reason you had such a dream may be that you feel strangled or controlled by others. What does it mean to dream of giving birth to the placenta? The placenta is a symbolic omen of life and death. To give birth to the placenta after the actual birth of the baby is associated with your own inner desires in life. If we look at the actual word it can be translated to jacket, it indicates we need to make sure we fit in socially.  This drinking also suggests you have been having problems with friends lately. The placenta is also the organ of life it gives our baby food and can indicate that you have the power of endurance.

What does it mean when a baby’s head is too big in a dream? If your baby's head is too big in a dream, leading to difficulties giving birth then this dream is focused on the needs and desires of others. It can signify a big project on the horizon. This dream is also a representation of your desire to move forward in life, especially in a work context.  If the baby’s head is too big to give birth then this indicates that you are seeking your own independence in life. If the baby’s head is deformed in any way in the dream then it indicates you are going to meet somebody “influential” in the future.The act of seeing a baby be born is associated with not only the actual physical act but also the emotional act. 

In your dream, you may have: given birth which indicates hope. Seen somebody else giving birth that is connected to progressing in life. Heard that somebody has given birth means social acceptance. Remembered the day you gave birth indicates success in life. Been assisting at a birth can suggest a new start. Seen a good birth means people will turn to you for advice. Gotten a birth certificate means something will work out in the end. Encountered a difficult birth indicates moving forward. Encountered an unexpected birth can suggest problems in life due to something not seeming real. Given birth to a girl can mean possible inheritance. Given birth to a boy can suggest a problem with a family member. Given birth to twins (or several children) can indicate new beginnings.

Positive changes are afoot if: The dream is positive. The birth is expected. The birth is timely and not premature. The birth produces a healthy baby. You are a parent in the dream anxious to give birth.   Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of giving birth…Happy. Fulfilled. Tired. Amazed. Disgusted. Jolly. Content.


Sources: Dream Meanings, Occult magazine (1910), Interpret your dream, London Times (1880), The Jungian Dreamwork Manual (1980) Strephon Kaplan- Williams, Dream Alchemy (1991), Dream learnings (1923) author unknown, Dreams and the occult (date unknown paper and magazine)

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