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Well, what a strange dream! Were you applying fake nails in a dream? A dream where you are applying acrylic nails could mean that you are not using your full potential in order to improve your life.

This dream could also suggest that you are ready to take an action and make a change. Dreaming of acrylic nails sometimes represents your inner discomfort. What your dream is trying to tell you is to face your own mistakes and forgive yourself in order to find peace. Hello, my name is Flo, a psychic from the UK and my journey into dreams started over 20 years ago. I am excited to share this dream meaning with you. We can all blame the nail bars or even Rihanna for the massive trend is acrylic nail addition. My nails looking at them right now are chipped, shapeless and really need some tender love or care. So, this dream you see yourself with those fantastic almond-shaped nails that are perfectly polished. Now, if you are a fake nail wearer in the waking world the dream could be just an archetypical symbol. Carl Jung’s theory applied to the fake nails to our subconscious mind. I can conclude that this indicates that your acrylic nails in waking life can just be due to your obsession with fake nails in waking life! To break a nail, yes it is in daily life a bit of a nightmare.

I experienced this dream twice in the last few years - and I don't even wear false nails. If you dream of breaking acrylic nails in your dream, it suggests that you need to stop telling other people how to live their life. It could also denote that you are in need of someone with whom you can have an honest conversation. That person will provide sound advice. You just need to listen! If we look at the psychology of dreams we need to turn to Freud who believed that every dream was a symbol. So my first question is: have you had your nails done recently? If not, then this dream can mean something. If you have it can just denote the fact that you are remembering recent events. Let's move on!

What do fake nails and acrylic nails mean in your dream?

If you dream of visiting a nail parlor or a shop for nail extensions, it could suggest that you will start enjoying your own company and learn that the only important person in your life is you. If you dream of your acrylic nails is falling off this is a great omen. Something great is about to happen in your life and change its course. Accept what’s coming and learn from past experiences. Right, what about wearing fake nails in a dream? If you dream of wearing fake nails it denotes that your inner discomfort is about to be exposed soon. It could also signify that you must stop dating people you don’t truly love. If you dream of sharp fake nails then you are close to achieving something you have always wanted. However, it could also indicate that you need to take some dangerous but useful actions in order to change your life for better. Stop hesitating and make the first step!

We all love to care for nails. To polish acrylic nails in the dream or apply polish implies that you're attempting to prevent any circumstance or seeking to escape a responsibility. To visit a nail parlor in your dream indicates much toil and little recompense.To see your fingertips reveals that you will take part in genuine work, even though it be rather boring.To see that the acrylic nails fall off indicates illness and failure in business.

If you have rounded false nails signifies happiness and attainments in life. If you see yourself removing false nails (or others removing them) predicts that you will work really hard, you'll have the ability to attain something that you thought was beyond your own reach. To see shiny or sparkly false nails forecasts unexpected news. A sign of social standing esteem and esteem or social happiness is predicted if you had a French manicure in your dream. If you could see a nail technician then this predicts good news. There is a worrying, apparently hopeless situation if you could see red false nails in the dream indicates a problem will be resolved. If your nails were missing in your dream then this indicates challenging work and honor (based on your material wealth). Protect yourself. For the false nails to be bright means you will enjoy your job. Bent or dull false nails suggests feelings of hopelessness and anger or you could be reflecting on challenging position at work.

To see a male wearing false nails may indicate your own awareness of your own assertiveness, whereas if you are female then the dream is focused on work and wanting more in life. To be cut by someone's false nails is a very good sign but you are avoiding something in waking life. To look at your false nails indicates that you are putting your defenses are up. Think about the type of nail you are wearing, the color (if appropriate), the illness, and the cleanliness of your hands.

If you dream that your false nails are too long then it implies that you're reaching out to other people, but you don't have their best interest at heart. You could be behaving in a manner that is disingenuous. To dream that a false fingernail broke indicates that you are currently attempting to escape a responsibility at work. The dream may reflect yourself. You're too worried about how you are perceived by others. To dream that you're polishing your fingernails signify glamour. To dream that you're chewing your false nails indicates that a challenge is too hard to deal with. You're not certain how to solve a situation.

To dream that a male has long red nails indicates that he's very connected with his feelings and sensitivity. It might also relate to issues of sensuality and sexuality. To dream of fingernails cut by scissors reflects feelings and ideas regarding self-image, confidence, achievements, and your self-worth. Nails' reflects just how positive or negative you are feeling on your own. To dream of getting false nails completely eliminated signifies reduced self-worth. Your assurance has been decimated. Painting your false nails signifies an increased feeling of self-worth or significance about your abilities. It might reflect conceit or vanity. To dream about having long false nails represents sensitivity about just doing what you enjoy constantly. To dream of filthy false nails indicates a very low awareness of self-worth. You may believe you're not good enough or not as good as others. To dream of clipping your false nails signifies personal attention to the way you look at other people. To dream about false nails on your feet may signify that others need to act more respectful. You need a more assertive or aggressive stance.

Other meanings

  • You saw a nail-technician: It could mean that instead of asking others for advice, you need to listen to your heart and make things right alone.
  • The nail-technician was foreign: You will face a busy period and although you feel insecure, you will manage to get everything done at the end.
  • What does it mean to have a strange shape of nail extensions in your dream?You doubt your friends’ loyalty and you need to analyze with whom you sharing your secrets in future.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of acrylic nails

Beautiful. Insecure. Fakeness. Fear. Discomfort.

Feelings of nails that are fake

There are a range of feelings you may get following this dream: worry, hassle, pain in the nails and stress.

In your dream state

  • You were polishing acrylic nails in your dream.
  • You visited a nail parlor in your dream.
  • Your fingertips were featured in your dream.
  • You wear fake nails in real life and dreamed you had fake nails.
  • The acrylic nails fell off in the dream.
  • You went to a shop for nail extensions in your dream.
  • Your fake nails were removed in the dream.
  • The shape of the nail extensions in the dream was: rounded, sharp, square and almond.
  • The fake nails were sharp.
  • You saw a nail-technician.
  • The nail-technician was Chinese.

By Florance Saul
Aug 12, 2017