Camouflage dream meanings

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Camouflage is used to disguise tents, vehicles, and people from any distanced watchers. If you have a dream about camouflage, the judgment of others weighs heavily on your mind, and you are experiencing fears, doubts, and anxieties that should be addressed.

If you dream of wearing a camouflage outfit, or if you were in a camouflaged place then it shows you are hiding away from world. You have lots of things to give people lots of knowledge to share, lots of ways you can help people on this earth. However, you find it difficult to relate to people and work in large groups. It is time to let down your barriers. Don't be afraid of losing control; sometimes you need a bad experience in order to move forward in life.

In your dream you may have

  • Been wearing camouflage clothing.
  • Painted yourself or something or someone else with camouflage colors.
  • Felt the need to hide under camouflage.
  • Been in a room, tent, house, building, or vehicle that was painted in camouflage.
  • Encountered something camouflaged.
  • Seen camouflage or been camouflaged even though it was not well hidden or the colors were too bright and chaotic.
  • Camouflaged an object or person behind another object.
  • Found it difficult to find things or people because they were camouflaged too well.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Your camouflage stood out.
  • You were the only person or object who was not in camouflage or whose camouflage stood out.
  • You got rid of or lost some of the camouflage or camouflaged items.

Detailed dream interpretation

There are some ways in which the camouflage in your dreams can reveal things about yourself you did not know you were suppressing. Perhaps you are not trying to hide your feelings, but rather you have feelings hidden that you did not even know existed. Camouflage dreams may show that you need to find a way to dig into your past and find those hidden feelings. Perhaps you need to talk to a counselor or someone who can help you bring those suppressed, hidden feelings to the surface.

Sometimes you may see something else camouflaged in your dream. If you and the things/people around you are all camouflaged, then in the waking world you are surrounded by artificial people. Look at the group of people in your life who seem to be doing nothing for you, or who you have trouble expressing your feelings too. If you cannot solve these issues, it may be best to cut these unhealthy relationships out of your life.

If, however, the people around you were camouflaged and you were not, it is a positive sign. You stand out in the world and among your friends or coworkers. You are a shining example to all of those around you and you are looked up to and admired for your skills and sense of communication.

If, in your dream, you were wearing brightly colored camouflage, or camouflage that did not even come close to blending in with the surrounding area, then you are an open book. You share your feelings with anyone and everyone around you. Think about the dream itself. Was it a positive experience? If so, you are on the right track, expressing yourself and your individuality in the right ways. Was it a negative experience? You may be sharing so much of your life that you are becoming weak and vulnerable.

If you painted yourself with camouflage, it shows that you are not very comfortable in the skin you are in. Perhaps you are hiding a key part of your personality or your image. Body image is important here, as camouflage skin may show a fear of judgment and comparison with others.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Body image.
  • Communication with others.
  • Work life.
  • Friends and family.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of camouflage

Open. Closed off. Communicative. Scared. Sheltered. Hidden. Confused

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012