A Bag Filled With Tobacco or Cannabis

Bag filled with tobacco

Tobacco Or Cannabis In Dreams

In dream lore, tobacco in your dream means that you will be lucky - now or in the future.

A dream where you see a bag filled with tobacco denotes money and luck are on your side. Now, this is from older dream books. The good news is that your finances are going to increase tremendously. If you are in business, it might be that you are about to earn money from a project which will result in a lot of money at once. If you work for someone else and you are an income earner there is a possibility that you are going to receive a promotion which will come with a salary increase. It might mean that there will be an increase in the amount of work, responsibility, and growth of your business. This will increase your wealth and result in your becoming prosperous. You are about to lead a life of abundance and prosperity.

What does it mean to see tobacco in your dream?

A situation where you happen to see a bag which was filled with tobacco suggests that you will be in luck and money is on its way. Your life has been blessed and you will be successful and prosperous. Use your prosperity to bless your family so that they too can experience the joy that comes with having money. If the bag in your dream was full of drugs, it denotes that, you are a lucky person because the investment you placed in your life has born fruit and you are now enjoying financial liberation.

What does it mean to see a bag of drugs in your dream?

To lose a bag of drugs means that your finances should be reinvested so that, you continue to have enjoyed a dream of cash flow. This will make your life and that of your family, comfortable and full of abundance. If the bag of drugs to be stolen denotes difficult relationships with others. If you see the police chasing you with a bag of drugs, it means that someone is not happy for you. You are surrounded by people who are envious of your financial breakthrough and they are plotting to bring you down. You have to be wary and make sure that, you take precautions when you are around people, especially those you don’t understand well.

If you see the police chasing somebody else who is holding a bag of cannabis, it means that, though you have been working hard and searching for a financial breakthrough, it seems to be evading you and making life miserable for you. Others seem to be blessed with several financial breakthroughs and it is resulting in you being envious of them. The best you can do is to approach those that are successful and ask for their advice on how to make it in life.

A dream where you hold a bag of tobacco denotes that, you are in search of a financial breakthrough and if you continue with the same zeal, it won’t be long before you become wealthy. You are on the right path to success; just press on and you will not be disappointed. To buy tobacco in a shop in your dream's suggests that you like to be organized in life.To walk in tobacco fields indicates that you hold a distorted view of the world. Tobacco fields in your dream indicate the need to mellow out and enjoy life much more.

To buy tobacco from a tobacconist indicates that good news is on the way. To buy rolled up tobacco suggests that you are going to face a challenge to go forward in life. Purchasing tobacco cigarettes indicates that when life throws you a “curve ball” you find it difficult to move forward. This indicates if the situation is challenging you will find it difficult to resolve. A dream where you feel that whatever you are carrying is dangerous means that you are treading a delicate path in your search for wealth.

This is making you take several risks which might lead you to problems; but because life is all about taking risks. To see somebody smoking tobacco suggests that you will never know if that will lead to a breakthrough into financial success.

In the dream, you may

  • Have seen that the bag was filled with tobacco.
  • The bag in the dream was full of drugs.
  • The police were chasing you with a bag of drugs.
  • The police were chasing somebody else was holding a bag of cannabis.
  • That you had a bag of tobacco.
  • Was dangerous whatever you were carrying.

Feelings associated with your dream of tobacco

Breakthrough, success, wealth, risk, unhappy and breakthrough.

By Florance Saul
May 14, 2017