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You may notice in your dream leaves are falling from the trees.

Autumn is one of the seasons of the year during the months of September, October, and November. During this time fruits and crops are gathered and the leaves are falling off the trees. Depending on which hemisphere you are in, autumn happens in different months.

For those who live in the southern hemisphere, autumn happens between the month of March to May. For those who live in the northern hemisphere, the autumn happens between the month of September to November. It is a transitional season between summer and winter. Autumn, normally symbolizes balance between the positive energies and the negative energies. Seeing the autumn season in your dream has a symbolic meaning of self-reflection.

In the dream

  • You might be the one in the autumn season.
  • Someone you know might be seen in the autumn season.
  • A strange person might be in the autumn season.
  • You see leaves off the trees on the floor.

Detailed dream interpretation

If you happen to see yourself in the autumn season in your dream it suggests that you would benefit from a self-reflection of where you are coming from and where you are heading to.

If in your dream you are comfortable then this indicates you are content in the present and the future. If your present seems better than your past, then you better to concentrate on the positive energy in your life and make sure that the negative energies of the past should not affect your present and future. Your reflection of yourself should allow you to move yourself and projects in a positive way. Focus only on those things which make your life better; the positive energy, and forget about negative situations which will automatically derail you in life.

If you happen to see a familiar person in the autumn months it implies that you will need a friend or a relative to help you in reflecting on your life. They will try to analyze a problem for you and make it possible for you to have a smooth transition from the past to the present. You need to make sure that, whatever someone advises you, you follow it keenly and this will be your starting point to great things in life.

A situation where you see a strange person in the autumn months suggests that you will travel to a different location in order to have a smooth transition from your past to your present. It seems that your past life was surrounded with negative energy and thus, you need to travel away in order to attract positive energy. This will enable you to travel in the future and become a successful person.

To see a church (harvest festival) in your dream indicates a smooth transition to a new phase of life. Don’t let negative forces haunt you. You have to work hard in order to achieve what you need in life.

Feelings associated with your dream

Hard working, energetic, comfortable and focused.

By Florance Saul
May 21, 2017