Annoy Dream Meaning

Annoy Dream Meaning

When someone annoys you in the dream

Dreaming of feeling annoyed implies our wish to find a solution for our problems in the waking world.

If you found yourself being annoyed at somebody in the dream this can suggest that you may wish to seek other people’s advice in life. Being annoyed is a somewhat frustrating feeling. Especially if you cannot communicate with the person, item or people that you are annoyed with. Being annoyed at someone in the dream indicates that you seeking a compromise with that person in reality. However, instead of showing your true feelings, you tend to ignore them. And that’s why the feelings of being annoyed visit you in your dream.

In your dream

  • You felt annoyed in your dream.
  • Someone was annoying you on purpose in your dream state.
  • Someone was annoying you not on purpose in your dream state.
  • You annoyed someone in your dream.
  • You saw someone annoying someone else in your dream.
  • You got in a fight with someone who annoyed you.
  • Someone insulted you in your dream state.
  • Your lover annoyed you in your dream.
  • You tried to cheer up an annoyed person in your dream.
  • Your mother annoyed you in the dream.
  • Your father annoyed you in the dream.
  • You sister annoyed you in the dream.
  • Your brother annoyed you in the dream.
  • Your son annoyed you in the dream.
  • Your daughter annoyed you in the dream.
  • You annoyed your mother in the dream.
  • You annoyed your father in the dream.
  • You annoyed your boss in the dream.
  • Your boss was annoyed in the dream.
  • Co-workers annoyed you in the dream.

Detailed meaning feeling annoyed in the dream state

Most ancient dream dictionaries describe the following: “People who experience being annoyed in their dream secretly yearn for peace and acceptance. However, they tend to hide and neglect their feelings, which is wrong.”

The advice here is to learn how to solve one's problems before it becomes even a bigger problem. That way you can avoid unwanted situations and possible inconvenience is by open and honest communication with others. Feeling annoyed can also subject to to not only stress but also anxiety. From a psychological point of view, this dream is connected to how you are feeling in the waking world.

If someone was annoying you on purpose in your dream, it implies your dislike towards that person in reality. Disking someone is just a simple waste of time and energy. Ask yourself, do you really want to spend your precious time and energy on people who don’t matter? Forgive and forget. Let negative people go away. On the contrary, if someone accidentally annoyed you in your dream state, it signifies your need to always be right. You can’t always be right and you certainly don’t know everything. Only fools think they know everything and you’re not a fool. Respect people’s opinions and values.

If you annoyed someone in your dream state, it could imply that you think you need improvement in your behavior. Look at things from different perspective. Question everything. Respect other people’s opinions - but always share your own without fear that you might be laughed at or seen as peculiar.

Seeing someone annoying someone else in your dream indicates your inner fears. Deep inside, you are afraid that you might get hurt by other people. You also despise injustice and you certainly can’t stand people who treat others without respect. Let go of your fears and get close to people. They can’t hurt you unless you let them. And if they do somehow, you lose nothing but a dishonest person in your life.

Getting into a fight with someone who annoyed you in your dream state implies your inner conflicts. You always overreact and when you do – you do damage. That’s a reflection of your inner battles. Learn how to think profoundly before you do or say something. No one can ruin your peace if you don’t let them. A person or a situation may affect you, only if you “show a reaction.”

If someone insulted you in your dream, and you felt annoyed or sad and you feel underappreciated in reality this is connected to our inner peace and drive. If you find yourself being annoyed an ex-boyfriend injury this can interpret how you feel about a given situation in waking life. To be annoyed by your mother and father in the dream suggests that you are feeling low self esteem currently. It can also predict difficulties in that particular relationship, despite who you have a dream about, to be annoyed with them in the dream state can suggest that you are transferring feelings into your subconscious mind. However, you shouldn’t. You are valuable. And if someone you care about can’t notice that, it means that person doesn’t deserve your care and attention. Show your feelings and never suppress them in waking life is the true message.

If your lover annoyed you in your dream then this dream portends that you should stop feeling insecure in your relationship. Deep inside you’re scared that you might get hurt or cheated by your partner. And you shouldn’t because you also know that this person will never do something that might hurt you.

If you tried to rectify a problem that occurred in waking life where you were annoyed with a person in your dream, it reveals your true feelings about someone. You try to suppress these feelings in reality. However, feeling worried and insecure will occur in the waking life, in the near future. Feelings can’t be hidden too long.

If someone from your family, including your father, mother, brother or sister shouted at you in your dream, it means you have unsolved issues or problems with them in reality. This can transfer to waking life, is there an optimal solution? Sometimes in life, we get to the point where we can no longer have a relationship with our family. This can occur for a number of different reasons and it is quite common to dream of being annoyed with your family when there is continued conflict which transfers over to your subconscious mind.

If your son or daughter annoyed you in your dream, it indicates the pressure you feel is in reality. You need a break from everything. However, be careful not to show your anger or pressure in front of your children. You are responsible for your own mind. If you dream of arguing with yourself daughter this can suggest strained relationship in waking life. If in your dream you did not resolve conflict this can indicate hidden resentment. It is important to try to remain proud of our children no matter what life decision they choose. Arguing with your selling the dream can suggest either relationship broke down with your son, or a male in waking life.

If you annoyed your mother or father in your dream, it implies that you need to solve some hidden conflicting issues with them from the past. However, don’t let the past ruin your future. Talk peacefully and heal the old wounds without hatred or revenge.

If you dreamed of annoying your boss it could mean that you disagree with some decisions in your workplace. Feel free to point them out but with caution, trying to refrain from criticizing other people - especially your manager at work or work colleagues.

If you dreamed of an old boss annoying you this denotes that you feel under pressure in your workplace. You actually dislike your job and you may decide to look for something else - try to find a better position going forward in a company who value you. The other key element of this dream is to prevent suppressing your feelings and your inner knowledge. Listen to them instead. Deep down you know the way. To feel underappreciated or little value at work is connected to how you come across to others in the real world.

While focused on the subject of work, to see your current co-workers ;annoy you in the dream, this could be by gossiping, getting the promotion that you’ve always wanted, alternatively, generally talking about you behind your back. To experience any of this “negative behaviourisms” while in the dream state can be connected to how you feel inside. It could just be an anxiety dream where you’re being rather paranoid but there could be some deeper meaning to it. Therefore, try to assess the situation in waking life that is connected to work. If example, you do not work in waking life and you dream of colleagues annoying you then this could be purely interpreted has a stress dream which is connected to anxiety.

More annoy dream meanings

You annoyed an animal in your dream state: subconsciously this is directed at somebody in your waking life the animal could symbolize somebody close to you that you care about. To annoy a tiger in the dream suggests that difficult relationships are going to occur. To annoy a dog for example pulling a tail can imply that you will encounter worrying times ahead.

Animals annoyed you in your dream: It implies you feel uncomfortable in life and you need to learn how to accept someone in life.

You were feeling annoyed by some stranger: To be annoyed by a stranger in your dream indicates you will soon meet someone who’s going to become very important to you. Although they may annoy you at the beginning, eventually you will get to know the person accept them for who they are.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of Annoy

Anger. Power. Sad. Depression. Confused. Scared. Fear. Hopeless. Lonely.

By Florance Saul
Sep 17, 2017