White Dog Dream Meaning

white dog dream meaning

What does it mean to dream about a white dog?

White is a positive color and a dog symbolizes friendship and happiness. When dogs appearing the dream and indicate that your relationships with your friends or family are entering your subconscious mind.

White dogs, all walks of life especially in dreams are rather cute, that is of course unless they are attacking you! These small white dogs can include various breeds that appear in your dream. The white dogs could be a chinhahua, pomeranian, maltese, west highland white terrier, bichon fries, bull terrior or an American Eskimo. These are a list of popular white breeds. In order to understand this dream meaning we do have to look at the colors of the dog from a spiritual term. The white dog could in some older dream books mean that you wish to remain happy and content at the moment but seem to be working far too much. It is time for a breakaway.

I remember not so long ago seeing a beautiful white dog chasing marauding squirrels. The next day I spent considerable time researching what the dream could mean. The breed of dogs in the dream is equally interesting and if the white dog was a husky or even a rare pomeranian the dream will mean something. Dogs are all strong willed and the white dog in your dream can suggest your own willpower. To see a white husky dog pulling a sled can indicate that you will not have any hesitation to move forward.

What is the spiritual meaning of a white dog?

In terms of myth, many writers believed that some people really turned into dogs or sexual relations between dogs and humans. This is known as the term “cynanthorpy” which stands for believing real people will become dogs. In China, there was Dog Jung was supposed to have been created from a pair of white dogs. He founded the Jung race. To dream that you are turning into a white dog can indicate that you are hoping peace and contentment will be yours in the future.

What does dreaming about a small white dog mean?

White dogs that are small can include some of the breeds that I listed above. I am going to share some good news with you. To see a white dog in your dream indicates a tranquil period coming in your life (according to older dream books), however, if the dog was a small breed, it means that this period will pass quickly and you will enjoy your comfortable life.

What does dreaming about a group (pack) of white dogs mean?

To see multiple brown dogs in your dream denotes misfortune and a couple of failures in waking life. Nothing will go as you planned and it is best if you stay low for a while until the storm passes. After, you can start planning something new. Also, it’s not recommended to start a new relationship with someone or make new business deals in the following period.

What does dreaming about a white dog mean?

To dream about a white dog standing far from you means that you will stay out of trouble. This dream might predict some minor issues that you will find a quick way to solve. To dream about a white dog in your home suggests you means that you will face a peaceful time in the future. To dream of seeing white dogs in the distance indicates best friends and closest relatives will help you overcome the financial crisis. This dream also denotes some problem you have that’s keeping you from doing greater things in life. There’s a solution for everything.

What does dreaming about a white dog running?

To dream about a white dog running can indicate the loneliness you could be feeling inside. Seeing a white dog running in a field indicates the possible presence and finding excitement in solitude. This is much like the “retreat” card. Travel alone and you will realize that solitude is, in fact, your best friend. Once you turn into a lone wolf, there’s no turning back.

What does dreaming about taking a white dog for a walk signifies?

To take a white dog for a walk in your dream signifies the requirement for a real friend in waking life, and someone who will be there for you when something negative occurs. In some older dream dictionaries, this dream can suggest that there will be areas of your life that need reviewing. This dream also represents your control of every situation in life. Nothing can shake your balance and force you to take a wrong turn. Walking the white dog on a lead can indicate success - following a period of delay. I can conclude that life is prosperous for you.

What does dreaming about walking a white dog on a leash means?

To walk a white dog on a leash in your dream symbolizes your need to control everything and everyone. However, you must remember that people don’t react well to others who control their lives.

What does dreaming about a white dog growling foretell?

The growling white dog in your dream is warning you of possible danger just around the corner. Observe the people closest to you and detect the Judah. Not everyone around you has best intentions. I like to think that the white dog (if being aggressive) then you need time to retreat. There is a message here: be careful when making some business deal. Maybe it’s best you wait a little while before you start working on some new important projects.

What does dreaming about a white dog biting you represent?

If you dreamed about a white dog biting you suggests you need to keep an eye on your enemies and friends in older dream books. This leaves one with two choices: ignore and focus on your success. Or show others that you can achieve. If the white dog drew blood in a dream also denotes your openness. Are you sure that your secrets are safe with your friends?

What does dreaming about a diseased white dog foreshadows?

To dream about a diseased white dog in ancient dream lore denotes misfortune. There could be a wake-up call in life and that you may be consciously ignoring something important. Also, the dream symbolizes a neglected relationship in waking life. Are you paying enough attention to the people you love?

What does dreaming about a dead white dog means?

To dream about a dead white dog means things are likely to work out for you in the future. You will feel a little confused after going through some hard period. Your dream denotes disorientation of your instincts.

By Flo Saul
Apr 23, 2018