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Dreaming of dirt or soil is explained by the Western tradition as being the omen of disease, trouble, confrontations, and a difficult period in general.

A landslide in a dream suggests that you need to work on your emotional stability and your fear of change. The landslide can also foretell a pleasant encounter ahead. To dream that you see dirt or soil suggests that you are going to encounter a friend who is likely to help you, or that could be getting married soon. This dream could potentially show that you may take a prosperous journey in the future. If you dream that you are dirty of soil, this indicates that you are not operating by your own moral principles.

In your dream you may have...

  • Dark color landslide.
  • A pile of dirt from a landslide.
  • You are covered in dirt from a landslide.
  • You fall in dirt during a landslide.
  • You are in dirt while a landslide is happening.
  • Dirt enters your house during a landslide.
  • You are stuck in the dirt of a landslide.
  • You are drowning in soil while a landslide is happening.
  • Dirt coming down a hill in the form of a landslide.
  • You see a landslide.
  • You are caught by a landslide.
  • People killed by a landslide.
  • A house under a landslide.
  • You are in the middle of a landslide.
  • You pass away in a landslide.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • Act by your own moral principle
  • Do not worry so much.
  • Trust more.
  • Relieve some difficult emotions.
  • Gain some control over your waking life.
  • Start looking after yourself.
  • Spend more time in the garden

Detailed dream interpretation

Dreaming of dirt means that you are acting upon others, or other people's advice. If you are covered in dirt or soil during a landslide in your dream, this shows that to some degree you are not at ease with your own bodily functions. The other meaning of this dream is that you have been encountering some evil and negative impulses in your life. If it is in relation to a spiritual meaning, this dream indicates that you have been feeling negative in some social situations. Additionally, you may need to listen to the warning that this dream could possibly indicate, that is others may not be all you see.

Dirt or soil means blockages, worries, privations, the incapability of going on, emotional instability, a difficult time ahead, lack of direction, and that you may feel trapped by some issues in your life. It could mean misery and serious difficulties. Dirt coming down a hill in the form of a landslide is the sign of happiness in your family. A pile of dirt means big trouble. Black landslide dirt means difficulties and troubles.

Being covered in dirt during a landslide could mean poverty. Falling in the dirt from a landslide tells you that there are intrigues and plots against you. If you are in dirt, with some effort you could become rich. If you see dirt from a landslide entering your house, it means secure affairs. Entering dirt is the symbol of spiritual purity. If in your dream you are stuck in the dirt coming from a landslide, this suggests that the health of a person you know may be in peril. Drowning in dirt foretells useless expenses.

To see a landslide in your dream indicates you are experiencing some kind of justice in your life. There has been a destructive force which surrounded you for quite some time now.

The dream of a landslide means that you may have hidden emotions in you that have not been expressed to others. If you find yourself in the middle of a landslide it indicates that you will be in a strange argument or a situation you cannot control. Psychologically, it is important for you to try to gain some kind of control over your waking life. This dream also indicates that you may see the position of danger.

This dream normally occurs when there are turbulent emotional times in your life. It is important to remember that you need to relieve some difficult emotions in order to move on in your life. This dream also indicates the need for you to start looking after yourself, and to maybe treat yourself to a new set of clothes or take someone away on holiday.

To dream you pass away in a landslide means you need to take care of people around you. In addition you may need to take things easy in your life. An impressive and inspiring landslide in your dream is an indication that appearance of others may be deceiving. You have become accustomed to the comedy habits of others. This means other people have been having some good times with you recently.

To dream of being stuck in a landslide means you have a need to become more vulnerable as life goes on. It is important for you to establish some sort of buffer between yourself and the rest of the world. This may be some type of physical or emotional barrier. The features of the rest of your dream are important to interpret. If your dream in general was a pleasant activity it indicates that you have the ability to construct a successful life, and equally be able to overcome the emotional problems in the future.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of landslide.

Fear. Confused. Alone. Exhausted. Distrustful. Amazed. Afraid. Worried. Unpleasantly surprised. Concerned. Disturbed.

By Florance Saul
May 20, 2013