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Afro dream meaning


The wonderful afro in dreams is so positive! Did you have an afro in your dream? Did you see someone with an afro?

Well, the good news is that I have decoded this wonderful afro dream. Even though you know deep down the dream is not real, to see an afro hairstyle in a dream can mess with your head. We all know this is just a dream right! But what is the spiritual meaning of seeing an afro in a dream? My name is Flo, I am here to help you. I have many years experience with dreams, decoding and understanding the spiritual side. So welcome. Let's crack on!

People who dream of anything related to an afro hairstyle will soon experience a change in their psychological state. Some famous people have had the wonderful afro hairstyle for example Billy Preston. Yes, afro’s were popular in the 1970’s. So, in definition, the afro is popular in the African-American community and is hair shaped as a ball. You could also have seen an Jewfro in the dream, which is basically a fuzzy hairstyle worn by jewish people. The same meaning applies.

This is a positive dream as an afro hairstyle is a symbol of freedom and creativity. So, if you dreamed of Afro hairstyle it implies that you will soon realize that freedom is a state of mind. You will also allow yourself to express your creativity in a way you never imagined. However, dreaming of Afro hair has several meanings, depending on your dream state.

So let’s get down to business now. If you are the one with the Afro hairstyle in your dream it foretells that you wish to be free. You will soon realize that freedom is a choice. Your choice. Make it and stop worrying about other people's opinions of you. People will talk about you no matter what you do, so you better give them something to talk about! Yes, this is a meaning from an ancient dream dictionary. To date someone or have sex with someone in the dream that has an afro hairstyle suggests false friends. However, if you had an Afro hairstyle in your dream, it also indicates your creativity that’s about to be revealed. You will allow yourself to go with the flow and let creativity take over your mind. Consider doing something artistic as drawing, painting, writing, singing or making music. You will be surprised to discover your new talent.

If you saw a person you did not know in real life have an Afro hairstyle, it denotes your anger towards people who are constantly complaining and don’t take things in their hands. You believe that destiny doesn’t exist and people’s choices create their lives. And you’re totally right. Try to teach others what you know instead of being mad at them for not knowing something. People often need someone to push them to open their mind and take the control of their life in their hands. Be the one who will push them to do it. Be the role model people will look up to and admire. Be their leader.

If you were wearing an Afro-style wig, it implies to your perception of freedom. You actually think that you are free but you’re not and you know it. Freedom is a state of mind and sometimes depends on the people around us. Get rid of people who make you feel uncomfortable and miserable and you will be truly free. Not only they take suck your negative energy but also your freedom by making you stay near them all the time.

If others were wearing Afro style wigs it implies that you are aware of people fakeness. You can’t stand someone’s presence anymore and it’s time to let false people go. You know who they are. You just need to gather the courage and walk away from them. Don’t be scared of loneliness. It’s better to be alone than surrounded by fake people all the time.

Quick Afro dream meaning: You were hanging out with people who have afro hairstyles: It denotes your wish to hang with people who are open-minded and positive. It also reveals that you are uncomfortable with your current friends. Try to find new friends who will understand how you feel and will never judge you. 

You went back in time and dreamed of the 1960s or 1970s: Don’t be afraid to lose the wrong people from your life. Be afraid of staying close to someone fake who lose your time and energy.

People with Afro hairstyle avoided you in your dream state: It reveals your fear of being rejected by people you see as positive and open-minded. First, learn how to be positive and open-minded yourself, and after, you can approach others. 

You visited the hairdressers and was given an afro hairstyle in your dream: If you wanted to get an Afro hairstyle in your dream, it foretells your wish to be free and open minded. For start, try meditating and letting go of people who transfer negative energy to you. Your dream is also telling you that you should expand your horizons and overcome your fears. 

Feelings that occurred during a dream of Afro: Freedom. Confusion. Comfort. Joy. Happiness. Loneliness. Anger. Fear. Weird.

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