Face Burned

Face Burned

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Having a dream that your face is burned denotes that your self-esteem is low and you probably don’t believe in yourself. It actually means that you may feel unattractive to people.

You may have a bad image of yourself. To see you face blemished can be rather concerning. The dream of the burn on your face or even in your whole body can also mean that you are feeling guilty and remorseful of something you did that was very wrong but you have to pay the price of your wrongdoing while everyone else is seeing.

Positive changes are afoot if

You have a dream that your face had scars of burns but suddenly someone comes and removes everything, giving you some oil to apply on your face then it becomes beautiful. This shows that you will overcome your fear of the past through a friend who will give you a helping hand and enable you to regain your self-esteem again. You dream that your face is on fire and is burning with pain and you struggle to overcome the fire in vain. This is a positive dream because it warns you to be very careful while doing something bad intentionally. This warning can change your life and make you turn away from your bad habits.

Detailed dream interpretation

Such dream can have several meanings. When your face is burning in the dream then this means that you may have been involving yourself into doing something bad yet you already know that it is a bad idea but you just continue to do it after all. It might be something that is very thrilling and enjoyable but you need to understand that something that is putting your life at a risk is not worth doing. It is just the same as a warning that you should not play with fire because you will get burned.

When you have a dream about a burned face that has a scar and is looking very ugly, it means that you have become very indecent and shameless. It also means obscenity if the person having the dream has the scars which show that he or she is indecent. According to Islamic interpretations, a face usually symbolizes decency and so when is not right then the person is indecent.

In your dream you may have

Seen a burned face that is scary and is considered "horrible." (this is a negative dream. This is an indication that the person in the dream may be suffering from low self esteem and you need to help to regain self esteem.) Seen yourself in the mirror. What you see is burn scars in your face and all over your body. This type of a dream shows that you have a bitter past that is still disturbing your life and you have not healed completely from your past. It can also mean that you are very insecure and this is preventing you from achieving your destined goals in life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of burned face

Scared, anxious, sad, pain, unhappiness.

By Florance Saul
Mar 21, 2013