Fairground dream meaning

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

It happens when we are able to remember our dream. We try to seek for its meaning.

Dream interpretation does not end only in giving its meaning. These dreams are meant to give us inspirations in life as we move ahead with our decisions. Instances happen when dream foretells consequence of particular actions made. They are supposed to warn us on adversities that may come along with an important decision. Dream reflects of a real life situation. Dreamer may take reference to his or her waking life to find a suitable interpretation that will be beneficial in personal development which in turn serves as a factor in having a successful and prosperous life. Dreaming of a fairground has something to do with one’s relaxation and happiness in life.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen yourself enjoying in a fairground.
  • Seen the child version of you in a fairground.
  • Been with your family in a fairground.
  • Observed danger in the fairground.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You are enjoying in a fairground.
  • Family and friends are giving you company in a fairground.
  • You are being observant on the people in the fairground.

Detailed dream interpretation

Seeing a fairground in a dream has something to do with your feelings. It may be fun, happy, enjoyment that you will feel. Since fairground is a public place, this dream symbolizes the kind of life the dreamer has in the eyes of the public. To dream of a fair ground that is crowded with people, describes your feeling when you are surrounded by people. It is important to note your actions and emotions while you are in a fairground for it will help you in relating it to your waking life. Happiness in the fairground foretells an upcoming joy and pleasant events that will come your way.

Fairground is also a place for happy moments since the air can be filled with laughter where people enjoy the company of each other. To dream that you were a child and wandering in the fairground tells you of unsettled emotions in your childhood. It may be associated with the people you are with on that dream. This tells you to evaluate your past for there may be things that need mending. Subconsciously, you linger in that part of your life. Now that it surfaced, take time to consider understanding your relationship with that person in order to move on smoothly with your life.

To see yourself, your family and friends in the fairground is a symbol of happy moments that you wish to spend with your loved ones. The happy mood in your dream means pleasure and being grateful on the relationship you share with them. It is important to note if you are with different people in the fairground while your family is around. It means that you are becoming sensitive to their needs. Despite of being in a crowded place, you are still having joyful moments with your family. Aside from your family, you are also able to notice other people. This speaks of your ability to be responsive in your environment.

In contrary you see danger in the fairground. What does it mean? Notice those people you were with or you have seen when you noticed danger in the fairground. Beware. These people can be the cause of your worried and troubles in life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during dream of a fairground

Enjoyment, adventure, curiosity, persistent, responsive, cautious but sensitive, courageous, fearful.

By Florance Saul
Mar 21, 2013